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#NewBloggers 101 comes back! Litsy – A Bookish Social Network Have You Ever Heard Of Litsy? Erica Robyn And Me Will Introduce It To You!

So I thought we have not had a #NewBloggers 101 post in a while. Which is why today me and Erica Robyn @ Erica Robyn Reads will be talking about Litsy, a bookish social network you might have not discovered yet! And before we dive into it, here are the older #NewBloggers 101 posts if you need to catch up:

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Evelina: Before we start talking about it, let me update you on where you can find Litsy! Technically, Litsy is a phone app social network, so you can’t really access it through the computer like you would with Goodreads, but you can download it here, or simply on the Play Store, or the App Store.

Erica Robyn: The Litsy app is like a combination of Goodreads and Instagram, so of course I am obsessed with it. It’s very clean and simple, which I absolutely love.

Posting On Litsy

Erica Robyn: When posting, you can select one of of three categories; Review, Blurb, or Quote. Review, as I’m sure you can guess, is for posting reviews, complete with the following rating options: Pick, So-So, Pan, and Bail. Quotes is the option for featuring quotes. Then Blurb is kind of the catchall used for everything else you may want to post; TBR updates, little Litsy surveys, your shelfie, and other such things.

litsy review

Evelina: I feel like Litsy greatly simplifies star ratings! You really don’t have to think about it too much. You either like it, or you think it’s meh, or you hate it. There’s even a rating for DNF! We need a DNF option for Goodreads, I feel. All of this makes posting on Litsy much quicker than on other bookish social networks, but of course, you won’t find such an in depth structure as Goodreads either. They’re both very different in their own ways – and I love both.

Erica Robyn: After selecting one of the three categories, you’ll select the book that you want to post about. Just a quick heads up: not all books are available in the platform. If you run into that, I recommend using the book “Read This by Hans Weyandt” as the title. You could just select a random title, but doing so does clutter up the feed when you search by book and frustrates many Litsy users. After that, you can upload an image and write a short amount of text. Each category only allows you to use a certain number characters, which helps keep things from becoming too cluttered.

litsy post review

Evelina: yep, that’s another thing about Litsy – it’s kind of like Twitter, in that regard. You have to be concise, so talking about books on this social network happens much faster than on others!

The Way Reading And Marking Books Works On Litsy

Erica Robyn: There’s also a feature that allows you to add books to one of three stacks; To Read, Reading, and Have Read. These stacks can be viewed from your profile page.

Evelina: a cool thing about it is that you can actually stack a book from someone’s review! That also counts towards that person’s Litfluence, which is sort of their rank in the app, which is kind of a cool way to motivate people to make more friends and be more active on this social network:


My Litfluence is really, really small! 😂

The Litsy Newsfeed

Erica Robyn: One of my favorite features of this app is the main page, which only shows the posts from the people that I follow. I love this because I’m not seeing posts from accounts that I’m not really interested in!

Evelina: yeah, it’s much like your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed where you can catch up with everyone. One thing I found quite interesting is that Litsy has A LOT of their own cultural memes and hashtags! (Yes, it uses hashtags much like Twitter). Litsy members call themselves “Littens” (which is incredibly adorable, in my opinion!) There are also a lot of groups buddy reading books, and they mark them with certain hashtags, and weekly or daily prompts for posting content on a certain topic that people are posting about. I don’t take part in these too much, but I would love to if I had the time!

Erica Robyn: I also love that you can simply tap on the book title in the post header and you can see a feed of all the posts that tag that book. Tip: You may want to avoid using this feature unless you have finished the book first in order to avoid spoilers. That being said, most people in this community are really great about tagging their posts with the spoiler warning. And the spoiler warning graphic is adorable!

litsy spoilers

So that is all me and Erica Robyn have about Litsy for you! I think you should just go sign up and find out for yourself what it’s like there. And, if you do, you can find me and Erica Robyn through our handles – @avalinah and @ericarobynreads. Please add us! You might not be aware if you’re not using this social network, but recently Litsy has been acquired by LibraryThing, and they’re paying a great deal of attention to the community and the way it’s feeling, so they’ve reached out to us and created a Facebook group were we can all talk, ask questions and give suggestions. If you are a Litten and don’t know about this, join up!

Have you heard of Litsy? Will you be joining? Or maybe you’re on it already?

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Vee @ Under The Mountain
Vee @ Under The Mountain
3 years ago

I’ll be signing up! I think I joined it a long time ago but didn’t keep up with it.

Deanna Reads Books
3 years ago

Okay, I definitely resisted this one, and i think part of it was that it wasn’t available for android at the time I looked into it so I forgot about it! Also, I use too many apps, but maybe I will start on this one since you two love it so much.

3 years ago

Thanks again for explaining something I didnt knew about the bookworld yet!

Also, isnt litten a pokemon also? Ahah from pokemon Sun/Moon first thing I thought about when I saw the name

Destiny @ Howling Libraries

Great post! I’ve been on Litsy since fall of 2016 and it’s gone through so many changes! I kind of fell off of it for a few months there, and then right as I went to come back, they changed servers and now it’s been SO glitchy for the last few weeks, but I’m being patient and am so excited for once they work out the kinks and I can start posting again! (Most of my posts won’t go through right now.)

Destiny @ Howling Libraries

Yeah, the entire merge with LT has been a bit of a nightmare on the user end of things! I’m in the Litsy facebook group, and it’s really sad, how many people have actually abandoned the app altogether because of the issues. I hope they will come back after everything is sorted! I feel bad for the team working on it because I can imagine it’s gotta be super frustrating to keep hitting snags like this! I’m @howlinglibraries, what’s yours? 🙂

3 years ago

I kept hearing about Litsy but hadn’t really investigated it yet, so this post was timely! 🙂 I’ll have to check it out and sign up. Thanks guys!

JJ @ This Dark Material

I think one of you told me about Litsy when I first started blogging! Adding another social network to manage feels like a little bit much right now, but I’ve bookmarked this post so I can come back to it later 🙂 You’ve got so many good tips and I definitely want to come back to them when I do set up an account! ♥

3 years ago

This sounds pretty neat! It’s fascinating what can be found via social media these days, and thanks for taking the time to explain how it works ! Happy Saturday and Hugs…RO

Bee (Quite The Novel Idea / Novel Ink)

I’ve never heard of this app but it looks so much fun! I’ll be checking it out this weekend. 🙂

Aj @ Read All The Things!

This sounds really cool. Thanks for telling us about it!

Stephanie Jane
3 years ago

Shame it’s just an app as Litsy sounds fun. I’ve only got my Kindle tablet though so I’m pretty confident that, like instagram, it wouldn’t work for me.

Sophie Eloy
3 years ago

First time that I hear about it but honestly I am already struggling to follow on WP, GR, IG and FB so I don’t think I will join 😉


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3 years ago

i never heard about this before. totally downloading now. thanks so much

3 years ago

I keep hearing about it, especially in some Facebook book groups, but I never really knew what it was. So thank you for the explanation! I usually prefer things that I can do on my computer, phone and fire because who knows what I’m using at the moment lol, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind!

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

Nice post, Evelina and Erica. I used to use Litsy last year but then I stopped. I am quite active on Instagram and Goodreads and I feel like there is nothing new to Litsy for me. It just felt like adding another social media to my list and I don’t have time to use it too.
But nevertheless, it is a good tool for the beginners and I like their UI 🙂

Jackie B
3 years ago

This is a great post. Thanks for sharing all your awesome experience, Erica Robyn! I got Litsy about 1.5 billion years ago (I think the week it came out? All my librarian friends were freaking out about it). I love all the features you’ve identified above. However, I have more or less stopped using it in the last 8 months. Why? I think it’s a personality thing. Social Media doesn’t grab me. I get bored with it! I don’t find joy is flipping through things and just interacting with a like or whatnot. I need something more substantial! This is… Read more »

Dani @ Perspective of a Writer

I think I joined it a while ago. Will have to go back and see the new changes. Like the idea it’s just for the phone. Thanks for the heads up!

3 years ago

i tried it last year i think but i couldnt findanyone i knew using it… do i com eback just for you???? maybe :smirk:

3 years ago

I heard about it but never thought of joining it until today! Gonna download it asap!

Ashley in Wonderland
Ashley in Wonderland
3 years ago

Thanks for this post! I had never heard of Litsy but I’ll check it out :)!

Ivyclad Ideas
3 years ago

Huh. I’ve never even heard of this. I’m not sure I can keep up another social media right now though. 🙁 Not to mention, I really prefer computer sites. Still sounds cool though – something to keep in mind.

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

It sounds like the ratings system on Litsy is awesome. I just don’t know that I can keep up with yet another site, and since everybody’s already on Goodreads I’m sticking to that for now. We shall see what’s ahead, though!


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Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

Thank you for this! I have the app downloaded but I never really used it. Maybe I will give it a bit of a try now.

Cat Palmer
3 years ago

This is fabulous!! I will be signing up!