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My name is Evelina and I am a book blogger and reviewer. Let’s get the boring out of the way – I’m in my 30s, I work as a digital marketer. In my spare time, I work on this blog. In the past, I have been part of a lot of communities to help out new book bloggers, but right now, as time has become more limited, I’m just a reader and occasional blogger.

About review copies and my availability:

I am generally not open to review copy requests now, but do try your luck and message me. Very occasionally, I’ll accept a review copy! I still do request on NetGalley and Edelweiss sometimes too, but I try to limit myself.

The way I review now is this:

  1. if I liked the book, Amazon and Goodreads reviews will be submitted, but a blog review may not
  2. I post a review on the blog as well if the book has been stellar or otherwise caught my attention – needed support or had an important, relevant topic, or just was close to my heart. Most of the time these books will have a star rating above 4
  3. books lower than 4 stars rarely make it on my blog. I want to make this clear – if I reviewed your book and gave it less than 4 stars, keep in mind that there was never any promise to put it on the blog. Time is limited. Life is short.
  4. But either way, I always post Amazon or Goodreads reviews! Books I loved may also appear on the Instagram.
  5. The only case when I may NOT post a review on Amazon is when I have DNFed it or gave it 2 stars or less. In that case, I sometimes refrain from posting the review on Amazon, cause it might do more harm than good. However, I will post some 1 or 2 star reviews to Amazon if they book has been particularly problematic.
  6. If I DNF, I do not rate. That is why I don’t post DNF reviews on Amazon. However, I post DNF reviews on Goodreads, without the rating and explanation on why I DNFed.

As for reviews, my preferred genres are general fiction, fantasy and scifi, as well as nonfiction on important topics like equality, disability, fair treatment of individuals. I also love middle grade reads. If you wish to contact me for reviews, these are the genres I might accept review copies in:

  • general and literary
  • fantasy (but not epic fantasy please – princesses, knights, elves and dragons are a no generally)
  • scifi
  • nonfiction
  • middle grade
  • humor

DO NOT contact me with review requests for these genres, because I do not really review them (at least for ARCs):

  • horror and gore
  • thriller
  • anything erotic
  • zombies or vampires
  • murder or mysteries
  • poetry

You can find me and my reviews on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Litsy, Pinterest. If you’d like to contact me, please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you!

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