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5 Hopefully Not Deadly Sins of Book Blogging It's High Time To Confess

So, blogger buddies. How’s your #bookish conscience? You know what I mean. Anyone running away from this question yet?

This time I’m here to talk about 5 Hopefully Not Deadly Sins of Book Blogging (I mean, I’m sure there are more, but that’s where you all come in.) I know I must confess of at least a few! And no, I’m not talking about spilling your coffee on your book or filling the spine up with crumbs (you monster!) Those are awful, we will all agree, but they’re merely #bookworm sins. We are talking about #bookblogger sins today!

Sin #1. I’ve Downloaded ARCs And Haven’t Read Them

Okay, so we’ve all said Oh my god, I’ve got so many unread ARCs once or twice a lot of times.

But trust me, when I say I’ve got tons of unread ARCs, it’s not the same. When you say overdue ARCs, you’re really saying “I have like two books I should read but haven’t”. When I’m saying it? I mean, it’s in the double digits. Sometimes I look at those numbers, but today?

Nope, not looking at them today. I don’t want to feel those #feels today. There’s an evil special day in the month for that and it’s called wrap-up time.

So basically, I probably have more overdue ARCs than you do. (I probably have more overdue ARCs than the entire world…) That’s except for 2 or 3 bloggers that I know! I’ve even started a meme to help handle this situation! So if you feel like it’s a sin you’re guilty of, join the rest of us sinners. They say it’s better in numbers.

Sin #2. I’ve Posted Reviews On Goodreads Instead Of Blogging About A Book

That’s a GIF of me. Escaping my responsibilities.

Most of the time when I get an ARC, I both blog about it and post my review on Goodreads. However, sometimes… Sometimes the book is boring as hell not at all what I expected. Sometimes I kind of regret reading it, but it’s not really bad enough to receive a scathing review?? (Re: We are getting to that sin of blogging) So what I do is I’ll just post a Goodreads review, leave the link on NetGalley/Edelweiss and just… scuttle off and hope for the best.

Sin #3. I’ve Written Mean Reviews

You know I have. I know you have. YOU KNOW YOU HAVE. We all have. (Is this that point where you say a verb so many times you forget its meaning..?)

What is it about a mean review that feels so bad though? I know I always juggle between “Should I really say what I mean?” and “But what if it is mean to the writer”, and also “But what if it isn’t true to the readers of my blog and the other good books I’ve read?”

I know I always try to cater to the reader of my blog, and nobody’s just going to read a negative review for the sake of it. It’s gotta be a fun post to be read! And fun often means scathing, if the book is really bad. So I confess: I’ve written this scathing review. And this one. And this… Woo. Off my conscience!

Sin #4. I’ve LOVED an ARC… And Didn’t Post A Review For Months.

In fact, my biggest heartache with this one is All Day. I loved that book more than I can say, it dealt with so many important issues – Black Lives Matter, the commercialization of American prison systems, the inequality in society, the way teaching can make or break someone’s life… Many things! I loved it, it made me cry, I was going to champion it to the ends of the world. And..?

What happened is that I chickened out. I believe I will still write that review, but I just can’t. The book was just too good! I feel so pressured to write a review that’s as good as the book, and I fail.

Instead, I hope to make up for it by mentioning it time and again, so you’d still know how awesome it was and how much you need to read it. So go read it. Really, PLEASE DO. Go put it on your Goodreads. Go buy it.

5. Are We Even Going To Talk About Shelved And Unread Books We’ve Bought?

Thought so.

UPDATE!!! We have a Goodreads group now to help you deal with at least part of these problems! It’s called #ARCsAnonymous and it’s there to help you cope with your hopeless NetGalley and Edelweiss addictions. Come join! You’ll find it here.

So do you have any bookish sins of your own? Confess them to me! Misery looooooves company.

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Paul Liadis

Those are some quality .gifs, especially the two cat ones. Well played.

I need to read that book All Day. I had a germ of an idea that turned into part of a novel that dealt with commercialism of the prison system.

Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium
Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

haha! yup I’m the worst of sinners then! I’ve done all of this and MUCH MORE! Great post! welcome to the Discussion Challenge! Looking forward to more! [did I ask about boyfriend already? why is he slacking?? Men! smh! tell him to get to ti! LOL [winks!]

Brian Joseph

Great post on a topic of so much interest.

I occasionally get offered ARCs. Some seem like things that I might like. I turn them down because I have a feeling that I need to read them right away and review them if I accept them.

Utopia State of Mind

This post is everything to me. I’m joining up next month because I want to be with other people who are being drowned by commitments! Hi My name is Lili and I have way too many arcs.


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Sim @Flipping Thru the Pages

My sin level is probably same as yours 😀 I can’t agree more. I have like tons of unread ARCs that I requested from NetGalley. Now I am officially on ban from NetGalley, I don’t know for how long 😛


I always forget to post my reviews on Goodreads because I post them on my blog first and then just… forget to post them anywhere else haha. I had like 3 books from NetGalley to read, but then they all expired before I could read them! One I started and wasn’t enjoying, though, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Aj @ Read All The Things!

I don’t have any unread ARCs, but I do have a shelf full of unread books. I think I still have a book from last January on my shelf. I was very excited to read it in January, but now, not so much.

Sophie Eloy

Well I’ve sinned but only with your last one 😉 I’m not mean, I always review my ARCs on time (I have to rein myself in and not ask too much), I leave reviews on GR and my blog… but I’m certain I have other sins! But shhhh LOL

Anne Logan

hahah this was a great post! I’ve got waayyyy too many books from publishers on my shelves that are just waiting to be read. Eeek!

Grab the Lapels

Come now! There’s a special place in book blogger hell for those who don’t do their bloghopping regularly!
Erm, this is a funny picture, but I can’t really post it in the comments because teh internet doesn’t support that:

Nicky Guerrero
Nicky Guerrero

Oh em Gee this is so me right now! When I first started my blog I went so far as to add my profile to tweetyourbooks so I could get an arc every once in a while but I did not expect my email to get BOMBARDED with dozens of arcs every week
Now I’m committing aaaaallll the sins you mentioned. I need Arcs anonymous so please let’s make that a thing


Each one of them is my life! I couldn’t agree more, especially about ARCs…


Totally guilty of #1 and #2. You know, part of the reason I have so many eARCs is because my requests pend for so long, I think I am getting rejected, so I request more, and then I get like 20 at once. I fell behind recently (too many September/October releases!), but I do read a lot of books (263 so far this year), so I am confident I will catch up. Because I read so much, I will often post on GR and not my blog. BUT I always mention the books on my weekly wrap-up, so I sort… Read more »


#1 Sin on my list is all the unread books I bought! I started a tracker this year and …. nope. Didn’t even make a difference because. I seem to operate under the philosophy that if a book looks good, you should just buy THAT book and read it THAT second and forget about all the lonely books you already bought on the kindle 🙂 (Oh – and I love seeing scathing reviews. Not because they’re mean, but because they’ve kept me from buying books I’ve been interested in. No one has time for bad books. I’d look at it… Read more »

Laura Thomas

I had a blast reading this post! You slay me with your comments and those gifs. LOL These are my sins too but you say it so much better than I could!

Di @ Book Reviews by Di

Ha ha ha ha. I love this post. I was extremely entertained. 🙂

I hear you on the ARC issue. Not because mine is out of control right now – I’m feeling actually like I’m in an OK place with that right now… But I have seen your list. YIKES.

Posting reviews only on GR is totally acceptable, especially if you didn’t really like it!

I too have soo many books that are just… There. And that’s Okay, right? One day I’ll get around to reading them all……….. What? I WILL!!!!!!!

Sophie @ Blame Chocolate

Argh, this is so relatable! And nope, no need to talk about it hahaha
Great post, Evelina 🙂


Oh my gosh, the unread ARCs. YES! Especially ones that are from long ago. I have two that I was given back in January. Ummmm it’s October. It’s almost been a year, eeks. They’re part of a series and I enjoyed the first book but I’m super nervous that I’m going to hate the next two depending upon who she chooses. I really should read them and review them but *hides face*, I’m too nervous to jump back into that world because I’ll hate them. Logical, hmmm maybe, practical ummm totally not. Fabulous post and thanks for making me not… Read more »

Karen Blue

Haha! I relate to almost every one of these. I don’t post to Goodreads without posting to my blog though. I am definitely guilty of buying books and then not reading them. The shame is real. Thanks for sharing all of these “sins”. It is nice to know I am not alone.
Also, I joined the Goodreads group. I hope to be able to contribute something there at some point. I am pretty bad at social media.


OH LORD!!! It feels like you have revealed all my secrets!!! I have so many unread ARCs rn! So many times I finish a book and post the review after ages!!! I used to be scared of writing mean reviews but now I write them with full passion! Don’t judge ME! I can’t sugar coat anymore *evil laugh*


#2 made me lol…

And #5, they’re all sat on my bookshelves, leaning against each other for support. I can hear their sobs in the night

One of my sins – having a week of prolific posting… Then a week where I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. Continuity!

Sophie Alex
Sophie Alex

We bloggers and readers have an extense list of deadly sins. Writing a mean review? You should totally give your opinion. It’s okay to have some gripe about books we dislike sometimes too. I hope you didn’t offend anyone, though. Requesting and being accepted for Arcs and then not reading them is almost part of the job. But we’ll get to them eventually… I also not write reviews for books that I LOVED, like Warcross most recently, but we just got to make ourselves do it. The start is always tough, but then we actually get into it and enjoy… Read more »

Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

Girl, you are by far not the most behind person when it comes to ARCs. I mean, I tend to hold around 15-20 unread at any given moment (it seems I take them in at about the same rate I read them), and I feel like that’s a good number, considering I know other bloggers who are in the triple digits lol. And only a few of them are on NG, so my percentage is safe 😉 As for those books that are so amazing I don’t even know how to review them, I just dive right in and ramble… Read more »


Cats are so .gif-able lol I…have a few unread ARC’s but I just posted feedback saying they weren’t my cup of tea *cough* which is partly true. I DID start at least try to start them and just couldn’t get past the first few pages. If an ARC doesn’t grab me by then I spend the rest of the book wondering why I’m reading it when I could be reading something better :/ I actually like reading negative reviews. Not mean ones, as such, but ones that are constructive and point out things that were wrong with the novel in… Read more »

Geybie's Book Blog
Geybie's Book Blog

Haha… I 100% agree. It’s like our fate as a book blogger. Lots of great looking books released every week and you know we are just human. Who can say “no”?
Awesome discussion, hon. Love this! ❤️

Thannya @MyLovelySecret

I’ve committed all of the sins mentioned – although it doesn’t happen with ARCS since the very few I receive, I try to be on track with reading/reviewing. Sometimes I love a book so much and I don’t review for months (I will probably not even review it because it’s really difficult for me to review a book I love with all my heart and soul). I think I probably have one hundred e-books to be readon my Kobo. They just stay there unread… and no matter how much I tell myself I shouldn’t download more, my brain just doesn’t… Read more »

Jackie B.

First of all: All these cat memes. Yes please forever and thank you. I love these. If I had to put gifs in my posts I’d probably spend hours lost in searching for gifs which are appropriate. You have quite a gift! (HA! Get it? GIF-t?! I am so funny.) Let’s go through these sins together, shall we? 1: Tell me about it. You have WAY more ARCs sitting around than I do, but the stress is so real. I’m far too involved in book clubs and reading buddy opportunities to even get to them. I should just… be banned… Read more »


I’m especially guilty with the last one. I still have physical 50+ books lying pathetically on my bookshelves (I don’t even bother to count it anymore) that I haven’t read yet and not to mention all the books that I bought on Kindle on impulse just because it looks pretty.

Nikki @ The Bibliophibian

It’s okay, I’m riiiiight there with you with sin #1. Double digits for me, yupyup. Honestly, I’m close to triple digits.

Darque Dreamer

All except #4 for me. I feel no shame either. This is a hobby and is supposed to be enjoyable so sometimes things get put on the back burner while we do other enjoyable things or posts.

Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA

I agree with 1, 2 and 4! But mean reviews? Maybe you mean a negative review? Because there is a difference between mean and negative. With mean reviews….I think that is just wrong.

Lashaan Balasingam

I actually love mean reviews. 🙂 Guess that makes me a happy sinner!! Oh, and that last one… Let’s just not talk about it.

Olivia Roach

I CAN RELATE. Really, I can to especially three of those. When I say I have a lot of unread ARCs I am right up there in the double digits with you. I read them, and sometimes I even love them, and then it takes me ages to post a review. When I review I try and go all out across instagram, twitter, youtube and my blog so it takes effort to get the reviews out there… so they might be on a waiting list. And about shelf space? That ship sailed long ago…

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

I have lots of unread ARCs too, and it makes me feel so guilty. I really WANT to read them all, but sometimes it gets overwhelming and I just can’t. Sigh.


This is hilarious! I can totally relate. And yes, I believe my unread ARCs are in the 50s or 60s… I think yours is still more than mine, but ALAS. TIS NO SMALL NUMBER. Sigh. Sometimes past me is not my favorite me. *squints*

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Ahahaha, I’m with you on Sin#1! I have SO MANY ARCs that I’ve downloaded but haven’t read yet!! I need to work on that ASAP tbh. Is Sin#2 actually a thing?? I didn’t know that it was a thing! Hopefully I haven’t done this.. Sin#3; I’ve indeed written a bad book review. I try to leave bad reviews short and to the point because I don’t want to hurt the authors’ feelings too badly.. D: Sin#4; Oh my gosh, I have something similar to this. I actually totally forgot that I had an ARC of a book and then rediscovered… Read more »

Mridula Gupta

This is really great. Publishers in India need to know whom to send books. The ARC and Review copy scenario is horrible here right now 🙁


Well… Okay… Guilty at all points. I actually have so many books on my shelves that I somehow haven’t read for years that I even started a challenge so I would read them all. I thought I’d read them faster if other people were joining. Well… I’ve read like one since it’s partly because recently I’ve traveled a lot and it’s so much more practical to bring a Kindle everywhere… but I have to admit, at least to myself, that I could’ve read at least a couple more. I’m SO bad…


I’m in control of the ARCs on my shelf it’s the Amazon freebies that I download that are clogging my storage! Lol! However, I feel that my criteria may be too tight; PNR or UFR only but no YA or NA thank you very much, yuk! and no smut for the sake of smut.

I do think that I used to be guilty of not reciprocating comments left on my blog but I’m getting better at that now. Not perfect but better. 😉

Brooke Lorren

I have many unread books. I normally buy them on sale though, so it’s probably better than if I waited to read them? I’m reading some of them this summer though.