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Bookish Resolutions For 2018 And Some Stats From 2017

So I was reluctant to do a 2017 wrap up post. Because… It’s been such a long year! So many good books read. (No, but honestly. When you read 100+ books, it’s kind of tough to choose the best ones!) So instead… I’m going to do a Bookish Resolutions post!! So let’s see what I want to achieve next year…

In 2018 I will…

1. Read More Feel Good Books

Yes. I am done with feeling down! (I know that’s far fetched, but go along with me.) I know I read a lot of important books, and blogging about sensitive topics is super necessary! But mental health is ALSO necessary. Which is why I’ve decided to read more feel-good books! Not entirely sure how I will achieve that yet… Any recommendations?

2. Request Less Books

Has she been saying that throughout the entirety of 2017, or has she been saying that just IN THE LAST DECADE?? I know I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it. (No, but for realsies.) I will still request books of course, no way that’s not going to happen, but I’m seriously tired of my ARC numbers not going down. Which is why it’s also important to mention…

3. #BeatTheBacklist!!

There are just so many good backlist books (that I’ve already bought too…), and I just got so carried away with ARCs last year. I’m getting tired of that. Which is why I’ve joined #BeatTheBacklist! I want to read at least 36 books from my backlist this year. I’m sure most of you have already joined, but if not, just sign up here. Now, to the important matters – who is in my team?

4. Push Myself Less With Challenges

You might be wondering why I said only 36 books for the backlist challenge, when I read over 100 books this year and went over my Goodreads goal. But I just don’t want to subject myself to that all over again… Next year, I will be free to read however much I want. Reading more books does not make you a better blogger. It just makes you a more stressed out one!

5. Continue Working On Communities

You might be aware that I’ve just started two thriving communities: The International Bloggers Group and The New Bloggers Support Group (which you are free to join, if you want to, just ask me in the comments.) I want to keep working on these communities and building them up! The International Bloggers group is active on its own, but I have big plans for the New Bloggers Support Group. Me and a couple of other lovely bloggers will be putting together a series of posts to help newer bloggers make sense of the whole experience of blogging, so it will be a lot of work! I am going to have fun with it. And hopefully, I’ll continue meeting awesome people along the way!

6. Publish Regular Discussions

This is like the funnest discussion linkup, everyone! Not only do you get to linkup your own post for others to see, but you get the full layout of each month’s discussion posts by everyone else for you to read, and also a giveaway every month (I’ve ever won one this year!) I usually just have the month’s linkup open as a tab the entire month, no kidding, and just go reading from there. The challenge is hosted by two lovely ladies Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight! If you want to post more discussions, I do suggest linking up too – it’s a great motivator.

7. Keep On Top Of My State Of The ARC

State of the ARC has received more love in the past months than I expected it to! And I’m very glad. Despite my somewhat pathetic attempts to actually make it smaller, I’ve really enjoyed the meme, and it seems, so have you! We will be continuing with the linkups and knocking down those bricks like we’re nuts!

As For 2017…

I know some of you have said you’d like to see some stats. I was reluctant to look back, but… Here we go!

I have reached and gone over my Goodreads goal for 2017! That makes me super happy to know that I can, but it will also be enough to just know, but not exercise that next year 😉 chances are, I will read more than the challenge I am planning to set, but might not reach 100. And that’s okay!

I have also reached and gone over my Mount TBR of 36 books that I bought before 2017. I won’t be doing this challenge next year, as I’ve already picked #BeatTheBacklist, which is a pretty similar kind of challenge.

I also won’t be doing the Blogger Shame challenge, because I already have my own State of the ARC to track my progress. I had not planned a specific number of books to read, just as many as I can, and as you can see, I didn’t do too badly, although one could definitely improve:

And now let’s look at some blog stats…

2017 stats

Some Of My Favorite Posts…

international book blogger  be positive about your book blog this year
blogging is not a stepping stone  scifi language barrier
scifi hope about humanity  
  spoilers in book reviews
5 Hopefully Not Deadly Sins of Book Blogging  

And Some Books You Shouldn’t Miss

Fantasy And/Or SciFi

The Creatures of Will and Temper An Unkindness of Ghosts The Ocean at the End of the Lane Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom: A Novel of Retropolis
The Library at Mount Char The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth #1) The Punch Escrow Red Rising (Red Rising Saga #1)

Middle Grade And Young Adult

Omnia His Dark Materials Felix Yz Things I Should Have Known

General Fiction

The Impossible Fortress Faithful When the English Fall The Gargoyle


The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women All Day: A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Rikers Island, New York's Most Notorious Jail Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery

That’s about it for this year! I must say, I am really happy with all the numbers, and I could have never expected my blog to go this far in 2017. I can only hope next year will be just as great, or even better! And what are your new goals and resolutions?

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3 years ago

Hey there, fellow book bard! 😀 I’m so excited for the BTB challenge, haha. Those are some amazing goals you’ve set for yourself, good luck for all of them. I hope this year would be great for you, especially with the helpful groups you’ve set up <3

3 years ago

Me neither, though we have the whole year ahead of us so that’s a lot of time to bond with the team, haha 😀

Marta Pascual Pérez
3 years ago


Good luck with your bookish resolutions, I hope you are able to accomplish them. Mine are also about relax and not be that stress about reading that much.

Happy 2018!!!

Anna @ Adventures with a Book Nerd

Wait, so we’re both Book Bards and we’re both doing the Discussion challenge? I can already tell that 2018 is going to start off good. 🙂

3 years ago

Congratulations of surpassing your goals. That is awesome! So many good goals up there. The feel good book thing is a must for me. It helps me cope with the world. I am too addicted to requesting books, but I have been trying to limit the number per publication month, so less than half of my monthly reads are ARCs. I really want to make headway with my shelf-love. You had an impressive year. Cheers!

3 years ago

Good luck with all your goals! I really want to read more backlist books and less ARCs this year. I might join the #beatthebacklist challenge too. xD

3 years ago

So I just got back from my vacation and have a lot of plans for my blog (including buying a domain, finally). Haha. I’ll probably join the challenge too. xD

3 years ago

I’m hoping for the best, haha!

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Good luck with your goals! I’m doing the Discussion Challenge, too. I think that’s my favorite challenge in the whole blogosphere. Happy New Year!

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

You had an incredible year Evelina. I am quite impressed (You know right? 😀 ) And the new resolutions? Well I am yet to write that post (I am just being too lazy, you know 😛 ) but yes many of these resolutions are also on my list especially requesting less books 😀

And hi-five for joining #BeattheBacklist but I am team Sorcerers 😀 But I hope we all will enjoy it 🙂

Wishing you a great year ahead and hoping that you will achieve many more milestones this year 🙂

3 years ago

Sounds like you had a great 2017! I hope 2018 is even better. Happy New Year!

3 years ago

It sounds like you had a very productive 2017. May 2018 be the same for you. 😀 By the way I got The Three-Body Problem for Christmas. 😉

Jennifer | Book Den
3 years ago

Good luck with your resolutions and challenges this year. I hope to read even more back list titles this year.

3 years ago

Wonderful resolutions! I have a few reading and blogging related goals for this year, but they are more low-key than in previous years. This year is going to be a very busy one in my outside-of-book-blogging world! 🙂 Happy 2018!

Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

Looks like you had an amazing year! I’m not doing a “resolutions” post this year because mine are always so repetitive, but in my head I do have some of the same goals as you. Requesting less review books is always #1 and one I always fail at, lol. Happy New Year!

Jenea's Book Obsession
Jenea's Book Obsession
3 years ago

Wishing you good luck on your Bookish Resolutions! And a Happy New Year!

Laurel-Rain Snow
3 years ago

I love those resolutions! I like the idea of “going with the flow,” even though that’s not how you phrased it…that’s my “hippie” way of viewing it. LOL.

I am not joining ANY challenges this year, and only participated in ONE in each of the last two years. But I will continue working on my TBR….and requesting FEWER books. Let’s see how that goes.

Happy New Year, and thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy the day and the week!

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

I love that you are doing the same challenges as me! I’m doing the Beat the Backlist challenge, my first reading challenge ever, and the discussion one as well, SO EXCITED 😀
Best of luck for all of your goals for 2018 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful new year xx

3 years ago

What a superb set of results – no wonder you are pleased with your 2017 reading year:). Here’s hoping that 2018 is every bit as successful – Happy New Year!

Literary Feline
3 years ago

I love end of the year posts. I’m not sure why, but I find them so much fun. Your 2018 goals all sound really good. I enjoyed the freedom of no challenges in 2017, but am jumping in the bandwagon again this year. I can’t help myself. 🙂 I’ve been following your news of your new blogger community, especially on Twitter. What a great idea! I am so glad it is coming together well for you and everyone. The book blogging community is so much bigger than when I first started blogging 11 1/2 years ago. It’s nice to have… Read more »

3 years ago

Congrats on all you have accomplished!! I have never been one to read books that are ‘heavy’. Books like that are important, but I read to escape and I find reading heavy or angsty books is draining!
I hope you have a wonderful and successful 2018!

3 years ago

Good luck with your resolutions! I hear you on challenges- I’m doing exactly none in 2018 lol. Taking a break. 🙂

Omnia was fun and I need to read The Punch Escrow.

Have a happy New Year!!!


[…] Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books – For constantly encouraging me and being the blogging bestie I always needed. […]

Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

I’ve been in a feel-good mood lately and quite a bit this year, which is weird for me since I generally prefer dark books. But it’s been a stressful year! And sometimes feel-good is what you need.

I don’t do any challenges, except the GR one (which I set low anyway), because they stress me out. Oh, and except the discussions challenge because I love that one!

Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year 🙂

3 years ago

This is a great list of resolution for the new year! I hope you’re able to accomplish them all! Happy New Year! 🙂

3 years ago

Great job on your reading this year. I hope that you can get a lot of backlist books read in 2018; that’s a big reading goal for me too. I’m hoping to also do the discussion post challenge because those are posts I love and need to focus on more!


Carole @ Carole's Random Life in Books

Good luck with all of your 2018 goals! I lowered my Goodreads goal in 2017 and I actually ended up reading more. There is something to be said about just removing stress from all of this. You had some great end of the stats and a lot to be proud of for the year. Happy New Year!

Wendy @ Falconer's Library

Your plans look like a lot of fun! I agree that the Discussion Challenge brings out some of the best and most interesting blogging to read. And that it’s stunning how many books one can read and STILL make negative progress on one’s TBR. Sheesh.

Enjoy your reading and blogging in 2018!

Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum
3 years ago

Congrats on a productive 2017! I wish you best of luck on your 2018 reading challenges and resolutions. I have to get working on some of those books you recommend 🙂

3 years ago

Looks like you’re going to have a great start to the New Year. You 2018 Bookish Resolutions sound wonderful. I considered joining the Beat the Backlist challenge, I saw it posted on FB in a reading group and it’s one challenge that I would like because I have so many books that I want to read. You had a fabulous reading year Evelin, hopefully 2018 will be an even better one. 🙂

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

You had a terrific year! Lots of good books, lots of good posts… I’m impressed by all you’ve accomplished. I didn’t know about the Beat the Backlist challenge until recently. I’m running my own, The Backlist Reader Challenge — you could do both and have your books count for both challenges! Good luck with all your resolutions for 2018. I am still thinking about mine. Truthfully, I’m feeling a bit burnt out as a blogger, but I’d like to figure out ways to make it fun again — and less time-consuming. Happy New Year, and I wish you a terrific… Read more »

3 years ago

This is an amazing post. I saw it in my email and I just had to come here to your blog and tell you that. I hope you achieve all your goals in 2018 and well done for doing so much in 2017. Happy new year!

Ellie @ Books at the End of the Alphabet

Love the resolutions, especially #4 – sometimes all the challenges can take the fun out of whatever it is (reading, writing, fitness, whatever), so finding that balance between ‘things that encourage you to do the thing’ and ‘things that stress you out’ can be really difficult. Having said that, I might sign up for Beat The Backlist as well, as most of my 400+ book TBR list are things which have already been published, so it would be nice to make some progress on getting through that list.

Ellie @ Books at the End of the Alphabet

I have signed up, and am apparently a Book Bard – need to start tracking things now!

Ellie @ Books at the End of the Alphabet

I don’t think I am! My Twitter handle is elzbellz23.

3 years ago

Oo I hadn’t heard about the 2018 Book Blog Discussion challenge but it sounds right up my alley! I love reading discussion posts on other blogs but I don’t think I’ve ever actually written one (?!)

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

I really need to request less ARCs in 2018 too. Especially if I go to any bookish events like ALA. Those kill my TBR and then I can’t keep up. I NEED to be better about it!

3 years ago

Can I have more info about The International Bloggers Group? Though I don’t know if I count as international, heh, or if it means all countries or not (heh). Last year, I low-key partook in challenges, but am attempting them this year! I joined ones that are a bit similar, so hopefully it’ll help things go easier. I didn’t realize I could read as much as I did last year, so I’m rather impressed with myself. I thought it so impossible, because reading adds up into a tedious endeavor, but…I did it. 😮 Good luck to you in reading for… Read more »

3 years ago

Awkward—I never replied to this. D; Gyah. Last year, I read 56/17 intended books. This year, I’m trying for 52 books…I do count all books, so manga and children’s (’cause I read to kids sometimes) is included up in there.~ I made a recap-ish post about it. ^^; As for the group, I’ll email you my Discord username. 🙂 I didn’t realize it was different in that department! I’m not primarily a book blogger, but a lifestyle blogger. I’m used to not being able to do various sponsored posts due to being in the US and not within Europe. Feels… Read more »

3 years ago

Heheh. I am used to reading on the phone/PC, ’cause of “webtoon” manga! I will eventually buy physical copies of the manga I read, but…I’m pushing it with having LGBTQ+ books where I live. I don’t do any of the audio, ’cause I’m hard of hearing and comprehend written things better…I love television and movies, but I’m constantly rewinding even with closed captioning. Heh. I’m in! It’s been educational for me, ’cause I haven’t had the best impression of what new bloggers need help with, so I haven’t been able to really help them when they’ve asked. A lot of… Read more »

Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium
Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium
3 years ago

yay!we are going to be in two challenges together! What a year huh? Proud of you! You did great things one of my fav is the the book blogger support group. I’m taking tons of notes for that post about rebranding.

Barb (boxermommyreads) @ Booker T's Farm

What a wonderful wrap up. You’ve had a great week. I may have to check out your groups. The blogging support one sounds so nice. Hope you have a great 2018.

3 years ago

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I’m absolutely in love with your blog so far.

Good luck with your 2018 resolutions. I’m a big fan of the one about not requesting new books to review. Ah! Will I ever catch up? To be sure, I’m checking out your State of the ARC.

Happy New Year!


3 years ago

Reading more is definitely on all of our list. And with the number of books we all want to read and the ones we add to our TBRs I am sure we can all give up sleeping altogther..

3 years ago

Good luck with your resolutions and challenges this year 🙂 I’m sort of hoping to request zero ARCs this year, we’ll see if my willpower holds out (I didn’t make it a resolution because I don’t trust myself haha)

Tânia @MyLovelySecret

Happy New Year Evelina! Good luck fulfilling all of your goals. I hope blogging-wise you’ve a great year as you did in 2017 (well, even better 😉 ). Thank you for all the communities you created. <3 Sadly, I'm not on your team – I'm part of the Novel Knights. =P I want to read seventy books this year, however I'll not pressure myself to reach that number. As you mentioned, reading more books doesn't make you a better blog. Reading is supposed to be a hobby and I don't want to feel stressed because I can't read as many… Read more »

Aimee (Aimee, Always)
3 years ago

These are some AWESOME resolutions, Evelina! <3 Mental health is SO important–in the last year, I've had a couple of friends who've experienced a few anxiety attacks, and that just made it even a bigger thing for me to promote. Reading for good mental health is absolutely wonderful. And I am so in love with how you're building communities! I would love to be part of the international bloggers group if you'll have me.

Here's to a great, bookish 2018! (Ps. you've definitely earned a new follower in me!)

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

Good luck with all your goals and a happy new year!
I definitely want to read more feel good books as well and only pick up books I’m really excited for 🙂 I also tried to reduce the amount of challenges I participate in, but I cannot say if I was truly successful xD
I’m really looking forward to your discussion posts! 🙂

3 years ago

yeahh !! A fellow Book Bard ! 😀 goodluck with all of thoses resolutions ! xx

Lashaan Balasingam
3 years ago

Wonderful wrap-up, Evelina! I too really hope I’ll be able to go through more of the books I own instead of requesting. Gosh, I knowingly request when I know I have books that I’m sure would end up being favourites if only I gave them my time! 😛 Hope you get to respect all your resolutions and enjoy the books you’ll be reading in 2018!!! 😀

3 years ago

Aaaaaaah, I wish you all the best on your resolutions! Although it seems that you won’t need any of the luck. Given how well you fared with your goals in the past year, you’ll definitely slay 2018, too!

Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch

P.S. As promised, I’m leaving ✨✨ in my wake. Happy New Year!

3 years ago

I am so excited to read your posts for the New Bloggers Support Group – and have I thank you enough for the International Bloggers Group?

I wish you a great year, and to read as much as you want and as many feel good books as you need!

Cait @ Paper Fury
3 years ago

Ahh I love reading resolution posts and this was great! I also adored The Things I Should Have Known eeep. And your goals sound really good and also really wise.I’m still trying to figure out my goals for 2018 but I really want to tackle some books that’ve been on my TBR for…um…ever. I also want to slow down with my reading but that seems hilarious and probably won’t happen haah.

Happy new year!!

Geybie’s Book Blog
Geybie’s Book Blog
3 years ago

Wow, awesome. I plan to beat the backlist this year too and be more picky in terms of books I want to read. I hope this year is awesome for you, my friend. Happy reading. ❤️
Happy New Year.

Olivia Roach
3 years ago

Okay, I have decided you are officially queen of the perfect gifs for blog posts. Those first two gifs were perfect and made me laugh me so much 🙂 I think all of these resolutions are doable and sound so good to me! I really like that they are mainly focused on pressuring yourself less when reading, enjoying the books more and then trying to get to some backlist ones. Community is something I am always working on too.

3 years ago

Good luck with your goals! The International Bloggers Group sounds interesting! Where can I find more information?

Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

Amanda @Cover2CoverMom

It looks like you had a wonderful 2017, and are gearing up to continue that on in 2018! I am also guilty of needing to ready more “feel-good” books as I have a tendency to naturally pick up the heavy & darker books…

The Ocean at the End of the Lane was a favorite of mine for 2016 🙂 Have you read any of his other books? I highly recommend Neverwhere and Stardust.