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Be Positive About Your Book Blog This Year <3 Take What You Need From This Post And Spread The Love

2017 is nearing its end, and as I read many book bloggers’ wrap-up posts, I am noticing a sad trend… Examples:

“This dumpster fire year is finally ending…”
“No more of this 2017 nonsense…”
“Maybe 2017 will finally leave us alone with all the Twitter negativity…”

And it makes me think. Okay, 2017 was not an easy year. But how much longer can we keep hearing this stuff and not break down? And how much longer will we keep saying it?

To top it off, there our usual book blogger insecurity. Stats, likes, comments, shares. We’re not good enough. We’re never good enough! You’ll turn a corner and see someone better! Or maybe you don’t get any ARCs? Enough ARCs? (Maybe you’re international? Then go read this.)

Well, I don’t want 2017 to look like that. And I don’t want amazing bloggers to keep feeling crap about themselves. (Yes, I often feel like that too. I don’t really want to keep feeling that way.) So let’s look at a list of things that we should be happy about! Let’s try to find positivity in the act of blogging!

Book Blog Positivity And Love ❤️

#1. The Community

Small blogger, big blogger? I don’t care! You’re welcome in the community. And you’ll find sub-communities too! YA bloggers, librarian bloggers, diversity bloggers, international bloggers… There are many different groups that will accept you and warmly welcome you. (Give me a shoutout in the comments if you’d like to join the international bloggers group and I’ll arrange that!)

#2. Your Voice

Your blog is an outlet for your voice, and believe it or not – nobody else HAS that voice. That’s if you’re being true to yourself! Don’t copy other bloggers, don’t try to be like them! We NEED your unique voice. It’s what makes our community diverse! And also, by searching for your voice, you are searching for yourself. You are embracing yourself and finding out what you didn’t know about YOU! If this isn’t positivity, I don’t know what is?

#3. Yes, Your Stats

Actually, your stats will be the thing that most commonly give you anxiety, probably (amirite or amirite? If you don’t fret over your stats, I bow down to you in great respect! Teach me your ways!) But I say (even to myself…) that we should stop paying that much attention to stats. So I don’t have as many followers. But you know what? Most of my followers engage and comments, and I value that so much! It basically means that even if I don’t have a ton, the ones I do have are gold! YES, you heard me. YOU ARE GOLD. Go frolic.

But back to the topic. I suggest, on Dec 31st, to take little post-it notes, write down your follower count, your total comments and your number of posts during that day, and put it down somewhere. On your wall. In a scrapbook. Photo album. Or even somewhere you can see. And BE PROUD of what you have achieved this year! Even if it’s 6 followers! You HAVE achieved them! You probably know those people! You have this many friends who care to hear what you say. Isn’t that great?

Also, keep in mind that up to this point, this is how many posts you wrote. This is the number of times you sat down and spoke up. This is how many times you’ve been heard and maybe even heeded! Is that not worth a lot?

Let those numbers remind you that they’re not a measurement of popularity, but rather a stone to the steps you have built to reach where you are standing now. (Complicated sentence much, huh…)

#4. Blogger Besties

I already said community, I know. But even aside from that, there will also be those 3 or 4 people whose messenger contact you’ll have. You’ll message them at night for any kind of non-blog related thing. Even if they’re all over the world! If their day is your night, even. They might even send you treats and books (with international shipping!) If that’s not friendship, what is?

(You know who you are.)

#5. The Fact That You Know What’s Going On

Before I started blogging, books were just books. Libraries and bookstores held them. They were something of a mystery. Now? I know only the Western scene of publishing, which is a little bit different from where I live, BUT. I will go into a bookstore now and I will not need help. I will go like “oh, this has been published here now… And this. And this, go Lithuania!” Basically, I know what is coming out and when. What people might like it. Why I might dislike it, even. I might even know actual author names. Tell me what layman does that? Nobody knows names! The best they’ll know is the name of a book (that’s usually a classic as well, so it’s been around.) Meanwhile you? You, my kind Lady or Sir, know all the new releases. You cannot be trumped in any bookish trivia. My hat off to you!

#6. Communication With Authors

So what about that time when your favorite author tweeted you? Or, okay, liked your tweet maybe. What about that time?? How awesome did that feel? None of your workmates, classmates or friends have probably ever had ANY sort of contact with the people they admire (possibly movie stars or whatever you’ll have it.) You? You own the place. I’ll bet if you blog for at least a year, you’ll have had contact with more than 3 authors you like. Or maybe even more than 5. What I’m proud of? My name being on the special edition of the ARCs of Senlin Ascends. #lifegoals

Senlin Ascends ARC Cover

(it’s there on right under the author’s last name!)

#7. ARCs

Hey, even if you’re a small time blogger, even if you’re international – you’ll still get SOME ARCs! And that’s definitely a thing to be happy and positive for. Do I need to explain?

#8. Education And Diversification Of Reading

Chances are, before you became a book blogger, you just sort of read whatever you found or what was popular. Do you now? I mean, do you really? Or do you choose, based on what you should read more of? Like, diversity? PoC? LGBT? Discriminated groups of society? Maybe war? Maybe just other cultures? I’m sure you read more of that! You wouldn’t, had you not started blogging. I’m sure of that.

#9. You’re More Goal Oriented

So, we fret about our stats and popularity a bit. But you know what that makes us? It makes us work and fight to get better! It makes us reach for newer and higher goals. And that, in the end, makes us better people. You’re always bettering yourself, if you have something to strive for.

#10. Insert Your Own Reason!

And now it’s time for your own reason! I know you’ll have ones I didn’t list! So tweet a link to this post with YOUR REASON of how blogging has been positive for you this year, or maybe in general. Or you can just comment and tell me! Spread the love, share the post and tag the ones you want to also take their own positivity from this. Or if you know that someone has been feeling down about their blogging game, tag them and tell them they shouldn’t!

And just please keep this positive vibe throughout the holidays! Happy upcoming holidays, everyone!!

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Sim @ Flipping Thru the Pages

Another great post Evelina! Sometimes I think, how do you manage to write such amazing sentences? Have you done your degree in literature? Well you just write amazing things that really inspire me ❤️ So one point that I would definitely like to add is that Inhave learnt a lot in this community anf have got so much inspiration to move forward. Also, I have come across amazing people like you.. the moment I get your post in mail, I read it at that time (obviously if I am not changing cities ). You inspire me in such a way!… Read more »

3 years ago

I love this post. I feel like since this is my first year of blogging I haven’t really had a chance to be negative about it. Since I’m new the only way to go is up. I love the book community, I’ve already started talking to really great people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Darius Jung
3 years ago

This is great! I love all your encouraging posts, especially for new and “small time” bloggers like me. Enjoy the holidays. Keep doing what you’re doing in the new year!

3 years ago

Thank you for this lovely reminder! <3

Jenea's Book Obsession
Jenea's Book Obsession
3 years ago

What a great post! Thank you for the inspired words and reminders. I think sometimes we get so caught up in getting arcs and have g these amazing stats, and we forget why we really started blogging. We love to read and want to tell others about it. ☺ Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Tânia @MyLovelySecret

This is such an inspiring post Evelina. <3 Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for always spreading positivity in such a dark and gloomy world (Internet is such a negative space that it's great to meet someone who always encourages others and does not try to get them down). No matter what I tell myself, stats will always give me anxiety – when barely no one reads that post that took hours to write or takes a moment to comment, I'll wonder why I keep blogging. I do love to share my opinions/thoughts, but blogging is time consuming… Read more »

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

I’ll confess that I’ve been a bit of a Debbie Downer lately—2017 hasn’t been a stellar year for me (partially because of the political climate and partially because of some things that have been going on with me personally). BUT book blogging and the blogging community has been a bright spot in my universe—you guys are what keep me going, and I’m so thankful for that!

3 years ago

I can feel the words coming from your heart :’) Such a great post, Evelina!

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

This post is amazing and just what I needed to hear (and probably others as well) It’s important to focus on the good things at the end of the year and appreciate what you have! You already mentioned many reasons that came to my mind as well 🙂 Another reason would be the international bloggers group that you introduced me too, it’s amazing that such a thing exists

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

The group is great and I’m glad that we’ve got something like that for international bloggers 🙂 I Happy holidays to you as well! 🙂
Oh I think I’ve seen this, but I was a bit busy this last week. I’ll definitely check it out 🙂

Sophie Eloy
3 years ago

yes to all that you’ve said (and add me to this international blogger group please 😉 ) and I would add thi: I’m proud of what I’ve done. I began blogging one year ago and I did not know how to make graphic, use Canva or PicMonkey. I had never used Instagram I had never learned CSS or html or… So I’m proud of all that I’ve learned! I became more daring too as I spoke with many US friends and they dare! So I dared contacting one author I love to ask for an interview and she agreed! It… Read more »

3 years ago

I needed this! As usual, you just won my heart, Evelina! There are supportive bloggers out there but not everyone’s vocal and once in a while, it’s nice to read posts that appreciate everyone, no matter the stats or popularity. Kudos to you for taking out the time and compiling this perfect list of reasons to be positive about my book blog <3 Definitely agree on the changes that I've seen in myself, from a mere reader to a book blogger; I've definitely opened my eyes to varied genres, unpopular opinions and loads of undiscovered books. Nothing feels right than… Read more »

3 years ago

You are definitely one of the nicest persons I met this year. Your post has inspired me enough to open my draft and start typing a damn post. Holiday Cheers, babes <3 <3

Ivyclad Ideas
3 years ago

I needed this today. Blog stats? They don’t bother me. ARCs? I don’t go in for them because I can’t guarantee I’ll get them read. But my reading stats ARE important to me. I have nine books left to read to reach my Goodreads goal and, looking at my two-star and below reads, this hasn’t been a good year for reading. So yeah, I needed this.
Thanks Evelina. Have a happy new year. 🙂

Aj @ Read All The Things!

I love this post. This year hasn’t been great for me personally, but I actually feel pretty good about my blog. I managed to keep it going all year, and the pageviews are higher than last year, so that’s a success.

Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

Well after reading this post I feel like I’ve had a boost and I kind of needed it. I admit I am glad to see 2017 end but just because the past year hasn’t been the best I refuse to let it bring me down, instead I am excited about what 2018 holds. A new year can only be a good thing. It’s easy to be negative about your blog so these little things are great things to remember.


[…] from AvalinahsBooks inspires positivity in bloggers as she lists the various things to be happy […]

Mia @ Pen and Parchment

This is such an inspiring post!! I often feel discouraged by my small number of followers and lower stats, or the fact that I don’t really get ARCs the way other bloggers do. But at the end of the day, all of the points you made are SO true! My experience as a blogger has enriched my life as a reader by so much. I do get to interact with my favorite authors! And I know all about upcoming releases! That’s some priceless stuff that I never would’ve had without my blog. Great post! ❤️

TT @ IntroToBlurb
TT @ IntroToBlurb
3 years ago

This is actually such a lovely blog post – it’s so refreshing and genuinely needed to see a breather from the typical content to take a step back and appreciate what we’ve all personally and collectively achieved. I flit in and out of activity like nobody’s business, and have only managed to post like 3 blogs this year (after a really great 2016 where I really surprised myself with how dedicated I was and rewarded I felt). I think once personal priorities replaced my blogging mojo, I lost my steam and felt a bit as if there was no point… Read more »

3 years ago

This was such a great and uplifting post! Sometimes I do get lost in the stats, although I always say that this blog is for myself and the numbers do not count, it can affect me. But you are right, the community is awesome and probably the best part for me, although I am fairly new and shy here!

Thank you for such a great post, it really made my day!

Happy Holidays!

(this might be a double comment, but when I tried to first comment I got a weird error… sorry)

Elise @ Roaming Reader
Elise @ Roaming Reader
3 years ago

Such a great post! I not gonna lie, I kinda needed this post right now bc I’m always super insecure about my blog.There are times when I find myself thinking if I should stop blogging but then I read great posts from some of my favorite bloggers (like you) and I remember how much I love this community and how I don’t want to ever leave it 🙂

Elise @ Roaming Reader
Elise @ Roaming Reader
3 years ago

Gosh darnit why does school have to make it so hard to blog XD
Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement! You’re so sweet and you blog is also amazing! I’m glad I’ve found your blog and that I have you to ramble about books with

Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA

Well, just to be honest, there is a lot of negativity in the blogger community which is why I’m not as active as I was last year. I guess I’m over all the drama. I’m in my early 30s and this nonsense feels so juvenile.

I love discussing my stats but I also don’t get too anxious when I don’t meet my goals. I’m pretty much a laid back blogger and stressing out over things that I can’t control.

I guess I’m just enjoying blogging and reading without all the drama and negativity.

My Week in Review 2017 #51 | FIT Kitty Mama: Life Among the Pages
3 years ago

[…] The Broke and the Bookish dropped some big news. Evalina shared some reasons to be positive about your book blog. […]

3 years ago

Like I told you, you’re a blessing to book bloggers (me). This post is just what I needed to hear. (read)

The Sunday Post #1: Christmas Eve – Cheeky Lines
3 years ago

[…] Be Positive About Your Book Blog This Year by Avalinah’s Books – really made me smile and feel good about all my accomplishments in the blogging world this year. […]

3 years ago

This is the bestest bestest thing I have read in a while. This is so good. I loved the post-it note advice. I don’t know why (maybe I am weird) but that part had me in teas. Wonderful post! <3

3 years ago

It has been a good year for my blog. I wrote a series of outside columns, which helped build my audience. My page views in general have steadily been growing. I settled into a regular posting scheduled (every Tuesday and every other Thursday, with ample exceptions), which I have found to be less stressful than more random postings. I managed to get a lot of posts–and substantive posts–up, and experimented with some success with some series (my Big Read of the Dark Tower series and the Summer of Conan). I was a good year for me personally too. I started… Read more »

The Orangutan Librarian

What a wonderful, positive post!! LOVE it!!

Lashaan Balasingam
3 years ago

Beautiful and much needed post for the community, Evelina. 🙂 2017 was a shitstorm in real-life, for a lot of countries anyways, in regards of their political climate, but man.. I’m sure we can all put some light into 2017 and showcase all the positive things that we’ve accomplished on our blogs!! 😀

3 years ago

I absolutely love this one, good job ! ​ I’ll surely come back to it as a reminder xx Merry christmas, dear :3

Olivia Roach
3 years ago

I think a lot of people needed this blogger positivity post! I love this post. I think of my stats as a great thing. I’m always kind of surprised that even one person bothers to take the time to read my blog, let alone comment. And yes, reading is diversifying all the time, and I am glad it is happening more and more! Communicating with authors is the ultimate best – it’s one of the things I really love about blogging.

3 years ago

Such a sweet post. I love your blog, it’s a place that feels welcoming and positive. You have raised some really great points here. I have been part of the book blogging community since the tail-end of 2016. Before that, I did not really know where I’d fit in. But, like you said, it’s nice because each community has sub-communities that are more specific to who people are and what they want to accomplish from their blog. I guess the trick is to actually figure out one’s identity first, which is SO HARD OMG. Ahem. Not that I’m struggling or… Read more »

3 years ago

I like that you are focusing on the silver lining. My stats are trash, but I still enjoy writing my posts, and I have read a ton of great books this year. So, I have no complaints.

ioana @dragonwaffles
ioana @dragonwaffles
3 years ago

Ahh I love the positivity!! I am sending you virtual hughs through the Internet! I really feel like we need to be more positive about ourselves. Even if my sense of humour is very self deprecating I know we shouldn’t go down that rabbit hole. If we keep saying how bad this year was and tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough we will start to believ it more and more. Sometimes it’s good to get a cookie, a cup of hot chocolate, think about everything YOU’VE achived and realise that “hmm…you’re actually pretty great”. Also the whole community is… Read more »

Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra

I love this post so much. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the negatives, so it’s lovely to be reminded of all of the positives. I love the blogging community!

3 years ago

Such a lovely post! You’re amazing 😀
I definitely need to have a reflection on what I’ve achieved this year at some point too

Jackie B.
3 years ago

100% Yes. It always makes me super sad when I hear people beating themselves up for not achieving all their dreams. That’s not how this should work! We are all amazing, wonderful, unique snowflakes. Yes, we can compare ourselves to each other, but no one will ever be us. I love learning from everyone around me and seeing all the awesome stuff they are doing. I am constantly getting ideas from other people and trying to incorporate them. Because everyone is AWESOME! One of my goals for 2018 is to be grateful for what I have and who I am… Read more »

Jackie B.
3 years ago

Haha– this is why we need each other, Evelina! We are going to be amazing at this *together*.

Hana Bilqisthi
3 years ago

Thank you so much Avalina for the reminder 😀 I really like this post 😀

3 years ago

YES! Bravo!!! Great post!

3 years ago

Great post! I find it hard to think positive but my blogging has helped me to connect with fellow book lovers and it’s got me reading more books and helped me to gain acess to ARCs. 2018 hopefully less ARCs and more books on my tbr. (ARCs from Netgalley).

3 years ago

Thanks I’m not planning on reading many ARCs this yr but instead wilk read from my tbr list. I requested something recently but haven’t heard back. And I need to read books I’ve bought.

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

Great post, Evelina! I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out and unenthusiastic about my blog this year. (And to some extent, more generally as well. Besides the political situation, I’ve been dealing with empty-nest feelings and a bout of mono last spring, from which I haven’t completely bounced back yet.) Your post encourages me to look at the things I do enjoy about blogging, and see if I can’t restructure my approach a bit to make it fun again.

Kester from LILbooKlovers

Thank you so much for this post! I truly needed it. Right now, my blog stats are dropping since I’m posting way less than I did a few months ago (I went from like 4-5 posts a week to 2-3), but this definitely reinforces how I need to just forget about stats. I’m happy for all the connections I’ve made and all the opportunities I’ve been given this year! I wish more people commented on my blog, haha, but knowing someone’s reading my posts still means something.

Kester from LILbooKlovers

It is! Last semester and summer I had a lot of free time, but it’s so scarce now in my junior year (of high school) that two works the best!

And yes, I’m making it a resolution to make at least one comment a day (which will be 365 for the entire year)! Comments are way more important that we realize–it’s so hard when you have such little time to do so!

Kester from LILbooKlovers

That’s so true! Definitely! All it takes is a couple of minutes! Good luck to your resolution too! 🙂

Karen Blue
3 years ago

This is such a nice post. I agree with everything on your list. My blog has actually inspired me to follow a long time dream of mine to pursue a career in books (details coming soon). Thanks for sharing all these positive vibes!

Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous)

This is such a fantastic post. It’s so hard to not get bogged down in negativity when you are a blogger. One thing I learned a few years back is to not look at my follower count or stats. I know a lot of people would be horrified by that because how am I to know what draws my audience in? That’s great and all except, every time I looked at my stats I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I wasn’t doing good enough. So, I just stopped paying attention, and I blog about what I want to. 🙂

Louise @ Dickens Does Books

YASS positivity! It’s so easy to be hard on yourself as a blogger, and I have guilty of this too. BUT I just love how welcoming and supportive this community is 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration – it reminds me why I started my blog in the first place – for the love of books!


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