Book Blogging Is Not Just A Stepping Stone! And Neither Is It A Half-Baked Identity

So this is going to be one tough topic to talk about. But I think it’s time to set one thing clear for people who are misled in this community. And that thing is…

A Blogger =/= An Author Wannabe

This is a thing that causes me great anguish at times. We are going to be talking about our identity as bloggers, and while this might not concern the ones among you who actually are gearing up to become writers (go you!!), this is incredibly relevant to people like me, who are just blogging… To blog. That’s all. We blog cause we like it, and we like reading. Blogging is not something we are aiming to graduate from.

And you know what? I don’t want my identity to be mistakenly called something “half-baked”. I don’t want to be constantly asked “what will I write when I grow up”. I just want to blog! You know..? And be taken at face value, maybe..?

So let’s look at why this misconception arises in the first place:

  1. It is fact that quite a lot of book bloggers are either writers, or are gearing up to be writers. Or might just be dreaming to one day write a book.
  2. Book blogging is definitely more writer-y than just being a bookworm. I mean, there is regular writing involved!

And that’s absolutely fine!!!


But let’s get something straight here.

Book blogging. IS NOT. A stepping stone to writing. It’s not “a lesser writing”!

And people need to stop assuming that if I’m book blogging, one day I will write a book. Or that my book blog has no meaning, if in the end it will not turn out a book.

It’s also not alright to say “don’t worry, you just need to try to write a story!” It’s so horribly annoying when people assume that I secretly really want to write a story, to become a part of some elite (???) that is the people who write books, or, worst of all… That I’m not complete my ‘merely’ being a blogger. That I want something more. That book blogging is merely a stepping stone to ‘becoming your true self’. And worse yet – that I need to be encouraged to do that, cause I clearly don’t trust my own ability. (As if I don’t write, you know, weekly. On my blog. Four times a week.)

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if I went to the library and told each person who had a book in their hand, “hey! I see you like books! When will you write your own?”

Now that sounds totally ridiculous. Doesn’t it?

Yet why is this constantly said to book bloggers? We’re just readers! Who like discussing bookish things and stating their opinions! Some of us may secretly be hoping to publish. Some of us have or are publishing. But that is SO not the majority of us. The majority of us might actually be doing NaNo. But that still doesn’t mean that their only dream is to be published! Or that the rest of us who don’t don’t matter.

Embrace your #bookblogger identity! And let’s stop people assuming that we’re just unfinished writers in the process. We’re not! I am complete being ‘a mere book blogger’, thank you.

This post was inspired by Beth’s post at Reading Every Night about Why Book Bloggers Would make Good Writers, and Why They Wouldn’t. Thanks Beth!

Are you tired of being told you should be someone you’re not too? Share your woes! Share your opinion. Even if you ARE gearing up to be a writer, have you noticed this happening to other bloggers? Talk to me!

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ioana @dragonwaffles
ioana @dragonwaffles

I AGREE!! I don’t know if i want to be an author but I definitely love writing so I BLOG! This is what I ENJOY DOING. If anybody asks me “what i want to write when I grow up”…well I still want to write blogposts. We aren’t “lesser” authors we are good “bloggers”. 2 ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

I’m with you, Evelina, I do not dream of becoming an author one day. I’m very happy reading my books, reviewing them, and chatting about them and other things with other bloggers. And while I do know some bloggers who wish to write a book and publish it, I don’t think that’s the majority of the bloggers – at least not the ones I know. I did NaNo last year – to write my Master’s thesis 😀 It worked, too – it was so nice to have that ticker with the word count and all. But I don’t think I’ll… Read more »

Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

I have never had anyone ask me if I wanted to be a writer! I didn’t even know this was a thing:-) But I agree with you, blogging is completely different from writing a book, I don’t know how anyone would be confused about that. Unless you are a writer who is just trying to establish a platform online while you’re working on your craft, and you start a blog to talk about your journey.


Omg yes. I am tired of people thinking I can or want to become a writer. Let me just talk about the books I love, FFS. I have never wanted to be a writer, or do I ever intend to (I’m a horrible storyteller, tbh). I just love to read, and love to review books, and I am good at the both, if I can be proud of anything in my life.


Ah ! i haven’t heard of that one yet! although im rather new so that don’t really tell anything, haha. But yes, good point ! Although I *did* wanted it when I was younger, I just came to blogging to express myself and gush about books with someone you know ! without needing to be all proffessionnal and everything .. I just wanna be me !
very good post xx


Oh, how much I love this “Blogging is not something we are aiming to graduate from.”

Funny enough, I was only asked about becoming a writer by people who know about my blog but do not read it. I am mainly using my blog as my own place to share my thoughts on books (and other things), but I do not intend or dream to publish a book.

I know there are some bloggers that wish to become writers, but I am pretty sure even after that they will continue to blog.

Sophie Eloy

Well authors asked me when I would write my books way before I began blogging! I’m a beta reader and sometimes re-write some scenes hence their suggestions. I feel good in my blogger’s skin. Great even so no, I don’t feel lesser as a blogger.

Jenna @ Falling Letters

I had no idea this was an issue! I would definitely be annoyed if this happened to me. Thankfully, most of my acquaintances know I want to be a librarian, so that makes more sense to them as a reason for book blogging, rather than ‘wanting to be an author’.

Camilla @Reader in the Attic

It never happened to me to hear something like that but I get why you’re so annoyed. I’m a blogger that also writes and want to be an author, but book blogging… is book blogging.
Sometimes I talk about writing too, because some people share the same passion but still, a blog is a blog and book blogging especially.

Lara @ Words With Lara

This is so true! I would love to write novels one day but that is definitely not the reason that I blog. And if I ever get to write books for a living then I want to continue blogging. Some people do use blogging as a stepping stone, but for me it’s definitely two separate things!! Great post!

Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous)

I love talking about books, but I have no desire to write one myself. I know there are a lot of book bloggers out there who are looking to write their own novels, I’m just not one of them. Thankfully, I’ve never had anyone assume that my love of books and blogging were anything more than that. Then again, I tend to keep to myself so that could be a factor. LoL


[…] Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books chats about how Blogging Isn’t Just a Stepping Stone. […]


Yes, yes, YES! Thank you! Everything you said were my exact thoughts put into words. I love reading and talking about books but I never have aspired to be a writer. It’s just not for me and never will be. I didn’t realize the day I became a book blogger that the majority of people just assume you want to be an author as well. I don’t. I just love reading. It’s my hobby and that’s the end of it. Great post!!

Olivia Roach

I TOTALLY agree with this post. But then, I also have to admit that the only reason I started my blog was because I am an aspiring writer and on all the sites it said a good step toward getting a deal is creating an audience through a blog… BUT I totally fell in love with blogging and it has developed into a whole lot more than that now. If I never got a writing deal I would still be blogging. I love it. And in NO WAY is it lesser writing of any kind. It’s a different form of… Read more »

Cait @ Paper Fury

Oh wow I had NO idea this was a thing. I’ve never seen a blogger talked about as if they were less for not wanting to be a writer?! I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience that. It seems completely stupid to me?! Like just because I enjoy food doesn’t mean I want to be a chef. Although obviously I can’t talk tooooo much here because I blogged solely for the reason to end up being a writer. But I agree it’s not for everyone and blogging should be a way to express love for books with no like “Huge”… Read more »


You are spot on. We write b’cuz we like to talk about books. We may be able to write or narrate stories well, does not mean we have to or even we want to, right? You so got it, girl.

On the other hand, I find it as annoying when *few* authors try to turn into book bloggers just to meet reviewers and for their own promotion. I don’t mind more book bloggers, in fact I love it. But it annoys me few, not all, authors do it as a means not an end.

Aj @ Read All The Things!

YES! I once saw an author on Twitter say that book reviewers are just failed authors. Um . . . what? I’m not blogging because I failed at writing books. Or because I want to write books. I’m blogging because I like to blog. Why is that hard to understand?


I love to read and fangirl about books. Blogging gives me the outlet. I have no desire to write a book. I don’t have any stories in me, but I appreciate the talent others have.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

YES. I have no desire to write a book. I just want to devour them all and share my thoughts so others read them too. I am a book pusher and proud of it.

Lilyn George

Exactly! Well put 🙂 Would I like to be able to write a book at some point? Well, yeah, sure, who wouldn’t?

But is that the reason I review books?



I blog about books because…I like reading and I want other people to like reading too. And I like talking about books.

That is all.

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

This is such an interesting post! I never had people asking me if I wanted to be a writer because I had a book blog, or that I was just trying to become a writer and that book blogging was a way to… get onto that road? I don’t really understand this way of thinking, I mean, to me, book blogging and writing are two very different things. The only thing in common is that we write words?! Hahaha. If I’m being honest, I would dream of being a writer (emphasis on the dream, here) ; but that’s not the… Read more »


I never considered blogging as a side thing. I enjoy the work of it and in time hope to turn into something more full time. It’s annoying when people consider it “just a phase”; maybe for some it is, but for me it’s similar to work! (It helps that I studied Journalism in college haha) Such an insightful post <3


People assume this? Huh. That’s so weird to me. Because book blogging is simply about our love of books (or so I thought!) I certainly wouldn’t want to *write* one! I don’t have the talent for it, for one thing. And I’m working toward a career in science (and don’t want to do academic writing either, it is the worst, lol)


[…] Book Blogging Is Not Just A Stepping Stone! […]

Karen Blue

There is quite a bit of writing in blogging. I honestly hadn’t really thought about it until my daughter asked me to look at her English papers and give her some feedback. She said, “you write almost everyday, why wouldn’t you be able to tell me if this is good.” I kind of aspire to write. Maybe. One day. I don’t participate in NaNo because I am not really interested in taking too much time away from my blog. I might never write and that’s okay. I am a better reader right now then writer. I totally agree that not… Read more »

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

I once wrote a discussion post somewhat along these lines called “Am I a writer?” I spend a lot of time and care writing my blog and even though I don’t get paid in a conventional way, I do get a lot of creative satisfaction from it. I think blogging should be considered a legitimate form of expression — and it’s a pretty unique and cool one, with all the interaction we can have with our readers. That’s maybe my favorite part.


Great post! Although I’m one of the book bloggers that like to write and is aiming to become an author myself, I completely understand what you’re saying! Not all of those that read like to write! They might be associated with each other, readers usually liking to write, but not all.

Tânia @MyLovelySecret

Do I dream of becoming a writer? Ever since I was a child. Will I probably become one? My hopes are really low – I don’t think I even hope any more. Anyway, I didn’t create my blog as a stepping stone to one day have a chance of being a writer. In fact, I don’t think having a blog improves your chances of becoming a writer (especially when you’re an international/non-English blogger). It’s crazy that people think that just because you blog about books you want to be a writer. A book blog doesn’t make you a writer, but… Read more »

Lashaan Balasingam

This was interesting. I’ve never been asked if I was going to be a writer because of blogging. I felt like people understood that I was blogging in order to share a passion for literature and other forms of entertainment hahah I do like the idea behind this post though. People should just understand that every blogger has their own goals and purposes for blogging. 😀 Thanks for sharing, Evelina. 😉


What a great post! Hugs..and Happy Monday! RO

Jacqueline @bluejaybooks

I actually really would like to be an author and hope to become one some day, but I see your point. Blogging is legitimate on its own and can be just for fun. I don’t know if I’ve ever had anyone ask me if I want to be an author because I’m a book blogger. I’ve more had people ask why I’m not published yet when I seem to be writing all the time. It’s because writing takes practice. Just because something is written doesn’t mean it should be published any more than someone’s first blog post should have millions… Read more »


Oh, I love this. I do want to publish a book someday – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I didn’t become a book blogger because of that. Honestly, it would probably be easier to write for my own personal gain if I DID NOT blog because blogging is a form of writing and it takes a lot of time. I do it because I love it though, and I don’t want to stop, even if I do get a book published someday. And people that don’t want be published shouldn’t feel like they are less than or… Read more »

Victoria Grace Howell

I’ve never heard this said to a blogger, but I never thought anyone would. There are all sorts of blogs and so many people make their careers out of just blogging. I’m a writer and I blog, but that’s my thing and not everyone has to write a book for their writing to have worth. That’s just so silly that anyone would say something like that.

Nikki @ The Bibliophibian

Wait, is this really a common thing? Ughhh. People!

herding cats

Interesting. I=n 6 years of blogging full time I’ve not had that issue at all. I had one person who thought I was a novelist but really she’d just had me confused with someone else. lol


Ahhhh yes I totally agree with this! I mean, maybe one day I’ll write a book? But people are CONSTANTLY asking me about it and I’m just like EHHH??? I don’t consistently write right now… Creatively anyway. Sometimes I’ll be “INSPIRED” but I’m just NOT a writer? That’s okay. I’m perfectly happy experiencing everyone else’s beautiful stories. I swear.

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

I’ve always wanted to write, but it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I believed I could really possibly become a published author. When I started blogging, I never expected it to lead in the direction of writing, and I was fine with that. I don’t assume that most book bloggers also aspire to be writers, but I do see how our natural affinity for books makes it more likely than, say, fashion bloggers! 🙂


Hi Evelina!! Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned/tagged you in the booktuber book blogger tag. Love your blog! 😉

Jackie B.

So, this might be a bit embarrassing, but this is a new concept to me! Not once has someone interacted with me which implies I’m “lesser” being a book blogger or that I should be a writer. But, that might have to do with my complete lack of social media interaction. I don’t mean to be in a social media black hole– but I cannot be bothered to spend that much time interacting with people using Tweets. I also don’t get into Insta or FB or any of that really (more on that later)…. Have you personally run into this?… Read more »


Indeed! Embrace your inner blogger, in whole. Blogging can be it’s own career, and writing books is certainly a different career.