5 Ways To Have Book Related Insomnia Or just another way to make your life harder, but so, so much sweeter

As you might have noticed, I have finally started writing discussion posts. It’s been a loooooong time that I’ve wanted to actually start, so I’m glad the huge list of ideas on my little notebook app is finally being put to good use (Hint: there are so much that I can’t actually see the real life stuff I wrote down on it.)

So this time, I’ll be talking about all those hours of sleep you’ve missed because of a book. Raise your hand if you have! (Of course you have. I can basically hear the chorus of you all shouting “aye!” from the future through the vortex of time while writing this.) Top Five Ways To Have Book Insomnia!

1. I’m reading such a good book I can’t pry my eyes or my heavenly soul from it

Well, okay, let’s be obvious here. Of course it was going to be this one! Do I need to elaborate? Every single one of you who’s reading this right now has been through this. Isn’t it great??? Not the next morning, though.

But it’s much more interesting to talk about all the other ways to not be able to fall asleep. Shall we?

2. Books are just so nice to think about, let me not sleep for 2 more hours

So you had to go to bed earlier. Perhaps you have an exam or a class tomorrow. Or a class to teach (as is usually my case). A smart person goes to bed early before such occasions, but you still find yourself twisting and turning, because you couldn’t have you just one more chapter and it’s really killing you to find out what was going to happen.

Really, wasn’t it worth it to just stay up and die in the morning?

You know it was.

3. Should I request that one or not? And the other one?

I don’t know if you have this one, but I sure do. Trying to keep my TBR below absolutely insane soul crushing amounts is hard as it is, so I try my best to think my decisions through when I request.

I mean, I’ve been trying. As of lately.

So what I’m saying is, that often when I look through NetGalley in the evening, it just stays with me, and I keep wondering, should I get that one? Or maybe I should just let it go? That has kept me up more nights than it should have.

I mean, some people don’t sleep because they’re wondering if their crush will like them. Just sayin’.

4. God save me, how should I start/finish that review.

I don’t know if you’ve had that one. Oh, who am I kidding, you totally have. I’ve heard more than one blogger complain about the fact that they don’t know how to even start this or that review. I struggle with this at least once a week. I’ve also noticed this correlation:

review easy to write

For those who don’t like maths and graphs: the better the book, the more scream-inducing the review writing process will be. I’m sure most of you will agree with this. NOW DON’T WE JUST WISH THERE WAS A SOLUTION FOR THIS??

5. Raging at <insert here>

There are quite a few things we could rage about. Be it a bad choice made by a character, or someone killed off that you really think shouldn’t have been, or even a terrible love interest of the MC. Heck, I’ve stayed up because of raging about bad sequels! (Although I will admit, the one that keeps me up most of the time is the terrible love interest or some really transparently bad romantic behavior of a favorite character!)

So, do you stay up a lot because of books? And what are your most common reasons? Share with me!