Discussion: Crave Book + Buy Book = Put It Away? Or how do I finally start reading that one??

Now I know this is going to resonate with some of you strongly. Jackie @ Death By Tsundoku has a whole blog named after this phenomenon. Cait @ Paper Fury has mentioned to me time and again the intricacies of her delicate relationship with Gemina as well. I could pull up more examples, but you all know what I’m talking about here – this post will be about the phenomenon of craving a book first and then… somehow never getting to it?

So I’ve decided to look at it through the seasons of the book. Yes, I’m just trying to be fancy here.

sir cat

In more simple language, I mean to go through the stages we all experience when this phenomenon takes place and see how much you can relate. Mmkay? So let’s go.

Stage 1. Crave book madly

give it to me

We go through this stage regardless of us being able to get a book later on or not. It’s one of those we just must acquire. Our lives depend on it, and help us God if we don’t somehow make it possible for ourselves to obtain the dream.

Stage 2. Invest time/money into getting book

throwing money

Once we finally make up our minds we’re getting it, no matter what/how much it costs, we waste no time to get to action. It’s as good as ours now.

Stage 3. Embrace book, Bookstagram it, dance with it

disney princess dance

I would venture to say that this could be the happiest moment you’ll ever have with the book. You caress its beautiful pages and cover. You carry it around with you as if it was a wee lass, entrusted to your care. You pet it like a kitty. Might as well dance with it when the shades are drawn. NOBODY WILL KNOW. But you don’t start reading it. Oooooh noooo, not yet. Have you no decency?

Stage 4. Stare at book for 2 weeks

I've got my eyes on you

This is the bit where it starts getting confusing. You wanted the book. You have the book. You are not reading the book. What..? Your system doesn’t quite compute, but you are too puzzled to fight yourself over it. So you try to just wait it out. “The time will come.”

Stage 5. Fail to start reading it

But the time doesn’t come! It’s been a month, maybe… Maybe even more! You’re getting truly uncomfortable now. You’ve taken all the possible Bookstagram pics from any angle you can conceive of, you’re tweeted every single detail about it (…and how you crave to start reading it, any day now…), but… The time just doesn’t come. You quietly put the book away. Lest it stare at you at night. And silently move away from the shelf. #theshame

cone of shame

Stage 6. Wonder about self

This bit should really happen to any single one of you who still has a #bookworm heart. If some of you don’t reach this stage after leaving the book all alone like that, then… You either deserve respect, or pity. Cause either you’ve dealt with your bookish conscience so well you don’t need no man… err, anyone telling you how to live. Or, you just don’t have any #bookish heart anymore.

grinch heart

So these are the stages of getting a craved book, but never reading it. Have you experienced those? Maybe I missed one? I want to hear all your opinions of it. And share my post please!