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Quick Q&A With C.G. Drews, AKA Cait @ Paperfury! Are you excited??

So I have been promising you some MOAR @Paperfury content since posting my review of A Thousand Perfect Notes. Since me and Cait are SUCH GOOD FRIENDSblogger buddies … OKAY since Cait is so cool she’s gonna answer a few questions on my blog today!

So the idea was a quickfire Q&A, but honestly? If you know me… The word ‘quickly’ just doesn’t really work with me. I even have a little story for you to illustrate it. I don’t play games much, but sometimes I try. And so, I was trying to play one of the favorite games of me and my boyfriend, Dishonored, and everything was going fine, I was actually doing well, and then… There was a timed mission. Now this is roughly how timed missions work with me:

But I wasn’t really consciously aware of that as I was going, and everything was actually proceeding just fine. And then my boyfriend made a crucial mistake.

He said, and now do this really simple thing QUICKLY.

At which point, I dropped the unconscious NPC I was holding, jumped and fell off a table, jumped onto the ceiling ledge several times and fell off, all the while shouting something along the lines of “OH NO NO NO NO NO!”

So that’s how ‘quick’ things go down with me. Which is why! I might be taking this Q&A slightly more slowly than you’d expect ;D

But there’s one thing I can promise. It’s definitely going to be RANDOM.

So let’s start! I’ve got Cait here with me, and let’s give her a round of applause for joining us today!

Okay, so, Cait – your book is about music. And it goes in depth! Without a lot of effort, one can come to the conclusion that you have been taught music in your life. So my question is, what was your most hated thing to learn/do when you were being taught an instrument?

Yes! I am in fact a pianist although I swear I had a lovely time learning in highschool unlike my character, Beck. (SORRY, BECK.) I was mostly self taught, so it was only when I started taking actual lessons that I discovered that I absolutely HATED doing scales. (I mean, who does like scales. Seriously.) I also had horrible stage-fright and any time someone said, “So we’re having a performance,” I would be 98 kilometers out the door before they finished speaking.

Okay, and now let’s change the subject. Cait, why, why, WHY does August not wear any shoes? Do you have sadistic tendencies? What if she steps on glass! Or a needle! The kid lives in a bad neighbourhood!! I was incredibly worried about her throughout the whole book 😀 (and while your at it telling us WHY, can you also tell us HOW you came up with that?)

I think this is a cultural thing for Australians. Not saying ALL Australians don’t wear shoes (obviously!) but it’s a huge thing. There will even be signs in some business or shopping centres that say “must wear shoes!” because we often don’t. August’s family is very free-spirited and hippy so it’s her culture. (I also lived in a town that is 100% August’s vibe and that’s why I wrote her like I did.)

(Evelina is going OMG this is so cool and I absolutely didn’t know that!!)
But seriously. HOW do you manage not step on something evil tho..?

This is going to be random, but have you ever had a sworn enemy in life? It can be anything – a person, your local postman, a koala outside your window or even broccoli.

Ohhh yes haha! I actually can hold a grudge for a long loooog time. If someone crossed me 11 years ago, you better believe the rage fires still burn STRONG.

If there’s any chance you remember… can you tell us about what sparked your dream to become a writer and when it started? I say ‘if’ because I know some people have been dreaming of something all their lives! Either way, tell us more.

I have a super humble origin story haha! My little sister started writing stories and was getting way too much attention for it, so I joined in. I was about 12! It took off after that because I couldn’t get enough. I’ve always been hopelessly in love with books (the ultimate book monster who was always hungry for more) and making my own stories was a special sort of magic! I got serious about it at 15 and decided this was going to be MY THING.

Cait, you definitely know that A LOT of wee bloggers look up to you, like, A LOT. I also did when I started out (squee, and now you’re on my blog!!) I feel I must ask this question, even though it’s been asked before, probably – but my blog is a place where a lot of #NewBloggers come for advice, so I feel that it’s relevant. What is something you would recommend to a new blogger, just starting out? How can they easier find themselves and their place in the vast blogosphere?

I think being friendly is so so important!! My followers didn’t find me at first – I spent years finding them! I would spend (literally!) hours per day just commenting and commenting on hundreds of blogs. I was friendly! I was encouraging! And I put out content that made people feel good so they’d come back.

Thank you Cait for joining me today! Now just let me take off into the sunset to fangirl about having @Paperfury on my blog. You can also visit Cait’s blog here, follow her on Twitter or Instagram, and of course, of course! Add her book, A Thousand Perfect Notes, on Goodreads, or buy it on Book Depository, Amazon UK or Wordery. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to read my review of A Thousand Perfect Notes!

What are some questions you would like to ask Cait? You can always ask in the comments! And I’ll just poke her till she comes back and responds! XD