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Recommend Me Some New Releases! Get Me Back In The Loop

Hey everyone! This is going to be a short post, but you might enjoy it, because I’m totally giving this one up for you all to be the stars of it. Because I have a, um, sort of a problem and I think you can all help me out!

Long story short:

  1. I have been busy, ill and all sorts of things
  2. I have also been working my hardest not to go on NetGalley and request books, concentrating on my old ARCs with my State of the ARC meme and all that
  3. I have been traveling through the entirety of August, then overworking myself till November, and then there came the holidays


I have 0% of an idea of what’s coming out right now.

A GIF of a kitten, covering his mouth in what looks like surprise

So I need your help.

Obviously a lot of you know what’s going on. Cause you’ve stayed in the loop, and somehow you’re awesome like that! Would you be my good pals and tell me what new releases you’d recommend for me to look into? Maybe steer clear of YA, fantasy, horror, thriller or mystery, cause those are not my favorite kinds of stories, but I’ll want to hear about anything new that’s exciting in scifi, general lit, literary, women’s, nonfiction and anything else I might have missed mentioning. Would you please leave the most exciting new releases I can still request (coming out in 2-6 months) in the comments? If I get a lot of awesome recommendations, I might even do a follow-up post with a list of all of the books you’re really looking forward to and why you are recommending them!

A GIF of six books alternating between open and closed, sort of like butterflies fluttering their wings

So what new releases would you absolutely recommend to me and others? And why? Please tell me in the comments and share the post!