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A Tour Of The Past With Schiffer Books For When You Want To Travel From Your Sofa

This time I have a sort of an unusual review post here. One day when I was browsing Edelweiss, I found a delightful publisher of books, primarily focused on photos, but also some info on the places they’re from, or mainly just history. So I grabbed three books and I’m covering them all in one post. All three of them take you on a trip – some through space, but mostly through time. So if you like ghost towns, mysteries and old photos, this is for you.

Ghost Towns of New Jersey: A Tour of Our Forgotten Places

This one I really loved! Reading this book kind of makes me jealous of not living in New Jersey, because it’s just such a good road trip resource. It’s got quite a few chapters, every single one dedicated for an abandoned town (or, ghost town) – all complete with a layout, multiple photos in the location, a short history and even visiting hours and planning tips. This book is good for both planning your visit, or just taking a trip from your sofa, as the photos are wonderful and tell you quite a lot. It was certainly very interesting to get acquainted with old colonial times architecture and even some vintage photos.

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Darlings of Dress: Childrens Costume 1860-1920

This was a truly delightful book and if you’re into crafting, crocheting or knitting, you would enjoy it as well. The book is filled with photos of children’s clothes, starting with Victorian fashion and upwards. It also talks about the trends and history of certain types of children’s clothing, how they came about, what they led to, why they were even used. The part I enjoyed the most, of course, was the photos, especially as a lot of the photos are vintage, pulled out of old drawers and saved for years and years. I truly enjoyed reading this book.

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Cincinnati Cemeteries: Hauntings and Other Legends

This is the one I liked the least. It was supposed to be a book about cemeteries, along with some real and creepy stories, gathered from the people who have lived around those parts. I was expecting for something similar to the Ghost Towns book, but it turned out nothing of the like. Not enough photos, the ones that are there aren’t too interesting, and the stories are not worth your attention. Well, unless you want to hear crime tales from the 1800s, but I’m really sort of… not into that.

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I thank Schiffer Publishing and Edelweiss for giving me a chance to read these books in exchange to my honest opinion.

So I hope you will check out at least one of these books, cause the two first ones were definitely lovely!