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Book haul #2 and some reading stats What's new and interesting on my shelf in February

Hi everyone! A bit late maybe, but I’ve decided to do a book haul post this month after all. I didn’t get as many books in Feb as I did in Jan, so I wasn’t going to do one, but then I got inspired by Aoife’s lovely post about all the books she got from her friends, and decided to do a book haul post after all! Thanks, Aoife.

So, this is the moment I find out how many books I got this month! As I did my last haul in the middle of January, there will be some January books as well, so here’s to hoping it’s actually less than in the first haul.

A friendly reminder: that was 17 books in 15 days. Yes, I have a problem.

So here are the ones I bought:

 Redshirts Envy of Angels (Sin du Jour, #1) Blood Rose Angel The Town in Bloom
Surprisingly (never happens), I have already finished Redshirts and Envy of Angels. The reviews are due this or next week, so keep your eyes peeled, if you’re curious! As for the others, Blood Rose Angel was recommended to me a long time ago as a really good one (despite the not-so-good cover choice), and I’ll read anything I can find by Dodie Smith after I read I Capture The Castle, so naturally I grabbed The Town In Bloom as soon as it was on a discount. The Castle was so good, that now I can’t believe I have not given it a review (did not blog at that time). I think I might have to give it a reread!

Here are the ones I got for review:

The Nix The Slip Miranda and Caliban 4 3 2 1
The Nix is a very long book, but it’s about hippies and uncovering family secrets, so it got me interested. Unfortunately, I missed the club discussion for this because I was so busy with others, but I guess you can’t get it all. The Slip is about a professor who says something he shouldn’t have on the TV show, and the book is about all the mayhem that follows. (Funny that both these books are about professors! Just noticed that.) Miranda and Caliban is a retelling of Shakespeare’s Tempest, I have already reviewed it and blogged about it here.  And 4 3 2 1 is another loooong (880 page) story and it was a NetGalley wish granted! That’s a first for me and I was very excited. Currently reading it, but it’s so long, it’ll still be taking me a while. It’s one of those slow-burn books, not an easy read intellectually, but totally enjoyable.

Ones I got for free:

Dead Man (Black Magic Outlaw, #1) Daughter of Nothing (The Scion Chronicles #1) Normalized (Part One: Superfluous) A Monstrous Place (Tales From Between #1)

Some of you might laugh at (some of) my free book choices! But.. FREE BOOKS! Dead Man is about a guy who was brought to life as… some sort of undead, and he’s in loads of trouble. The reason I downloaded it was because it had an unbelievable blurb. (Yes, I do understand that the cake might be a lie here.) Daughter for Nothing, well.. Let’s just say I can also be a sucker for beautiful covers sometimes and call it a day. Normalized is about a super hero brought down to the level of a normal life, which seemed funny, so I grabbed it. And A Monstrous Place is part #1 of Tales From In Between, and one of those stories featured in my last book haul, so I was happy to get the first part.

So that’s my book haul! And I am glad this is so much less than last time! #goals

Some reading & challenge stats:

It doesn’t seem like I’m doing well on that Blogger Shame there. But I’ve got roughly 73 to cover, so I don’t think I’ll be able to do that this year. However, I’ve read at least several from last haul! A little bit behind on my Goodreads goal as well, but maybe I just need to stop it with those 800 page books and hit shorter ones.

So have you read any of these books? Or are you curious about them? I’d be happy to hear about it, so share in the comments! 🌞