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State of the ARC #6 What Even Happened, I Just Published #5!

So, uh… Time flies. I’m sorry to say I have not peeked into my #ARCsAnonymous group even ONCE this month. Too busy! But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be doing State of the ARC. Nope, that’s a must.

~ For Those Who Are New To The Meme ~

Anyone is free to participate in this meme! If you want to, just link up anytime during this month and refer to this page as to the rules of what to put in your post and how to link up. The next State of the ARC post is going to be on February 26th (cause Feb is a short month!), so if you can’t make this one, mark it down!

~ My Current State of the ARC ~


So! As it seems, I have finally taken care of almost all of those books that I had read and not reviewed! NetGalley is also getting so much better, and Edelweiss is totally not due, and clean and happy. However, January seems to be a month when I had a significant review request dump from authors contacting me, and it seems I can’t say no? Those are all due pretty much RIGHT NOW, so they’re not doing wonders for my stats. Oh well!

~ Bricks Knocked Down ~

It seems this month wasn’t bad after all! I read 4 ARCs – two of them were old overdue ones (yay!), and two were current 2018 ones. Not so bad, considering this month I was concentrating on backlist books! I also seem to have reviewed 3 of them, and only one still remains, because I read it early and it’s not due for like two months yet. Good results!

These are 3 of the books – the fourth one was so terrible that there’s no way I’m giving it any space on this post! Actually, House of Shadows was pretty bad too in one regard (and you can read about why in my Goodreads review), but more like problematic, than outright bad that the book we’re not going to mention. Meanwhile. The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock and Rosie Colored Glasses were really nice books and I can recommend them both. Read the review for The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock here and as for Rosie Colored Glasses, I will be reviewing it in February, closer to when it comes out.

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock House of Shadows Rosie Colored Glasses

~ Let’s Get Motivated! ~

The Girl: Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch, and the Birth of an Unlikely Feminist

I am reading The Girl: Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch, and the Birth of an Unlikely Feministwhich I’ll admit isn’t coming out till May, but I just couldn’t resist starting it right after I snagged it off NetGalley! It’s a very good book too (not to talk of the #coverlove!) I know I have always admired Marilyn Monroe and felt like there’s more to her personality than we could glean from her most popular films, and this book presents exactly this side of her. It’s about how despite being a sex symbol, Marilyn was a feminist and fought for her (and other women’s) rights in the incredibly sexist world of the 1950’s Hollywood scene. Some pleasant surprises in this book include facts about Marilyn that make me happy I have always felt inspired by her – she was no dumb blonde, unlike most of the unfortunate roles she was cast – she was an avid bookworm, preferred high-brow literature and was very honest and even shy. You can’t help but adore this woman’s charm when you read about how she was always underestimated, labeled and misjudged. I can truly recommend this book!

That’s my ARC January! What has yours been like? Any good ARCs snagged? And did you make a dent in your numbers? I’ll be waiting for your links!

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

59 thoughts on “State of the ARC #6 What Even Happened, I Just Published #5!

        1. Right?? What’re the odds? And then I was trying to think back on how we stumbled across one another’s blogs to begin with and I could not remember! Was it from Goodreads? Or a Top Ten Tuesday? It’s been a while!

          1. I really have no idea 😀 how could we remember all the bloggers when we don’t even remember all the books we’ve read! 😀 haha… Definitely not TTT, cause I don’t do that meme, though 🙂

          2. Oh, I meant Stephanie – I was trying to remember how she and I first stumbled across one another’s blogs 🙂

  1. Great job with still getting stuff DONE admist all of your busyness! Your commitment to this and your groups is commendable! I’ll have my post up this evening.

    1. Yeah, I never did go on an Edelweiss spree, after all 😀 the Marilyn book was great! Definitely recommended. Oh, I’m glad that your current State of the ARC is better than last month 🙂 will be glad to see you link up next time!

  2. Congrats on finishing four ARCs! That’s outstanding Evelina 🙂 My ARC numbers actually changed right after posting my own State of the ARC Thankfully it’s a title that won’t come out until June, so I don’t have to worry about it…yet!
    JJ @ This Dark Material recently posted…state of the arc #1My Profile

  3. YES! I also adore Marilyn and I like how the dumb blonde was just an act that lots of people fail to spot what is behind it. I am excited to start this book to, but I am trying to get through some ARCs that will be published soon. I decided to join the State of the ARC too and plan to publish my post this week – hopefully.

    You made me quite curious about the really bad one… probably not your intention but I cannot help it!

    This month I read a lot of children’s books and a lot of 2018 as I do not have yet older books since I recently discovered NetGalley – but I went quite crazy with requests. Whoops!
    Andreea recently posted…Otaku Sunday #8: Cold, Rain and CampingMy Profile

    1. I have already finished the book! It was great, and I’m really glad that I found it on your blog 🙂 such a great read, and totally unplanned and unexpected.

      I hope your health gets better and you really do publish that State of the ARC 🙂 uh oh.. Especially because of your NetGalley spree 😀 hahaha

  4. I’m so happy to be here – if there is one thing I definitely need, it is to keep better track of my ARCs! Happy Reading all!

      1. Oh yes, I am definitely sticking with this meme, and have already started my post for February because this is forcing me to confront the fact that I got way too far behind. Given that motivation, I’ve already made a lot of progress.

        1. I’m so glad you’re planning to stick with it 🙂
          Oh, by the way – you might want to fix your website link in your forms autofill function on your browser – because you’ve entered your blog as “.VOM” instead of “.com” 🙂 I fixed it in the last comment, and I’ll fix it in this one for you, but if this keeps up, people will not be able to reach your blog from your comments 🙂

  5. I have so many overdue ARC’s I still have to read, it’s insane. Every single time I think about *just* how many, I get so overwhelmed. ^^; — I wanted to start doing the State of the ARC’s this year but I don’t think I’ll be doing a January one. At least until I get my long, way overdue books read.

    Great post! I love seeing these monthly posts from you. 🙂

    1. Well… It helps if you make a list 😀 somehow then it gets to the “action” part instead of the “worrying” part 😀 and then you can cross items off the list!
      I hope you get to do the next State of the ARC! To help you plan it, I will be posting one on the 26th of February, on the Monday 🙂
      And thank you!

  6. I am late to the party, but I’ve joined you in this wonderful meme! I love it and I think it would help me keep track of all the ARCs and reviews that are overdue… I’m not too good with them, but I really try to do better, from now on! At least now I have more motivation, yay!
    So, thank you <3
    Susy recently posted…State of the ARC #1My Profile

    1. Oh, you’re not late 🙂 people will keep joining for about another week! It’s a monthly meme, so it’s absolutely fine to join anytime up to the next one 🙂 and I’m glad you joined, and hope you will join next time too 🙂
      Thank you! Yeah, I find that State of the ARC does help a lot with motivation and milestones. So I hope it can help you too 🙂

  7. I still have no idea how you made that graph (it’s so cool). And I don’t want to stress you out too much, but that is a LOT of overdue ARCs XD. I will never take as many ARCs as you are taking right now because there will be no way that I’ll have enough time. You’re such a good blogger *sobs*
    Anne Clarence recently posted…ARC Review: Wintersong by S. Jae-JonesMy Profile

    1. I made it with infogr.am 🙂 it’s an app, you sign up and it makes the graphs. But I think you can also make similar ones with canva.com too.
      Yup, that’s a lot of ARCs xD but I don’t think I’m a good blogger 😀 if I was… I would have no overdue ARCs, and certainly not THAT number :DDD lol

        1. Hahaha, becoming a real blogger now lol (I am kidding, of course, you were always a real blogger 😀 it’s just that we all seem to struggle with numbers of ARCs!)
          Oh yes! Please do a State of the ARC with us next time and link up! We are doing the next one on the 26th of Feb 🙂 or you can do one now and link up to this one! I would love to see your State of the ARC 🙂

          1. Awesome! Don’t forget to come back and link up when it comes out 🙂 I’m already excited to see it.
            I’m sure you can’t possibly do it wrong though 😀
            Awww thank youuuu <3 and I will try to give even more support, if I can :D

  8. Congrats on knocking down those bricks! I still have trouble with my ARCs/requests but I hope to start managing them as well as you seem to 🙂 You are now my number one inspiration hahaha <3

    1. Thanks, Carole 🙂 oh wow, that’s a lot of NetGalley books, almost like mine 😀 maybe you want to join State of the ARC on my blog? 🙂 it could help you battle the stack 🙂

  9. I just linked up my State Of The ARC. I could definitely use the motivation to catch up on some of the ARCs that are embarrassingly overdue.

    1. I saw your post, and welcome! 🙂 Really glad to have you, and I sure hope it will be able to motivate you. The best thing about following your own ARC stats is that it brings you to your mind and you just don’t forget them, so you end up reading more ARCs 🙂 good luck!

  10. You’ve got sooooo many Netgalley books! And you also tend to read so many great books, so I can already imagine a lot of those unread ones are great ones too! Happy reading, Evelina! 🙂

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