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It’s Explosive, It’s Blue, It’s In Space… It’s GEMINA! Let's Pretend You Haven't Already Heard Everything About This Book

5 Reasons To Read Gemina!!

What is Sci-Fi Month without an incredibly popular YA novel set in space? And even though I’m sure there is no way I’ll be able to possibly tell you anything about Gemina you haven’t heard yet… I’ll try my best.

Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2)

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★★★★✬  4.5 stars

Question. Have you read Illuminae?

  • YES -> Then you don’t really need to know what this book is about
  • NO -> Go and read Illuminae. I will not spoil. It’s a sequel!

Alright, fine. If you insist, Gemina is a pretty combustive YA story, set in space, mostly about teens saving their lives in the most improbable, yet very exciting ways. Happy? 😀

So that’s out of the way. Now let’s resume to the review. Reasons to read and love Gemina!

It’s Impossible, And Yet You Gobble It Up

Me: these are two 17 year olds and a paralyzed 15 year old, kicking the butt of 24 army trained spec-ops, armed to the teeth.

Also me: BUT IT’S SO DOPE!!!

And that’s pretty much how the entire idea of The Illuminae Files series. You absolutely know you’re being duped into believing what’s outright ridiculous and impossible. And yet you love it. Gemina was no different from Illuminae in this regard, but please, Kaufmann and Kristoff – just please keep it coming!

It Doesn’t Start How You Thought It Would

So you’re expecting to hear more about Kady, Ezra and AIDAN, maybe. Think again. This isn’t what the story is about. At first I was disappointed, but in the end? It’s worked out so well. The story has more angles this way, and in the end you’ll just be dying to know what’s about to happen in the third part.

Typically – The Twists

Hey, it wouldn’t be The Illuminae Files without the twists, would it? Course not. Admittedly, I guessed almost all the twists. Almost all. And I feel like guessing the twists is part of the fun in this series, isn’t it? And especially, when you think you’re predicting it… You’re really not. Not all of the times. And even if you are? Well… We come to Reason #4.

The Suspense

Kaufmann and Kristoff do not fail to keep up the pace in this one, just as they did in Illuminae. They will not let you down. You will read the entire 600+ page monster at the edge of your seat. Possibly – in a day, two at most. You will not be kind to those who wrenched your attention away from the book.

Laughter In The Face Of Adversity

There is just something about the humor in this series. All the humor and banter along with this cold plate of plentiful death. Somehow? It works! In this one, what I enjoyed the most, must’ve been the recurring dumb song, playing in the most inopportune moments, like people dying or people being super annoyed. It was priceless.


There is nothing negative that I can say about this book! Apart from maybe the fact that I really disliked the main character, Hanna. She is your typical little rich brat who thinks only about make up and hair when some serious stuff is going on. Busy with getting drugs for a party when it’s really not the main thing. Feeling all sorry about herself for living in a boring place… She’s just living her own life, I guess, but in the big picture, it looks so silly. However, I must admit, that Hanna did have her personal growth as a character, finding out who she is and who she should her, where her true virtues lie.

If you’ve read Illuminae, chances are (and they’re really high) that you loved it, and you don’t need me to persuade you to read this book anyhow. You’ll get everything you’re expecting from the sequel, and possibly even more. For once, I must say, the sequel did not fall flat! You, bookworm, know how rare an occurence that is. So get at this series.

You can buy Gemina here at Book Depository. Buying through this link also supports this blog.

If you’ve read Gemina, share your thoughts with me! Any recommendations for similar books? If you haven’t, tell me how this wonderful and fun series has evaded you for so long.

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

46 thoughts on “It’s Explosive, It’s Blue, It’s In Space… It’s GEMINA! Let's Pretend You Haven't Already Heard Everything About This Book

    1. Interesting 🙂 I actually couldn’t say I loved it more, just about the same. The illustrations were a little bit too anime for me, just a personal preference, I guess 😀 but I’m definitely SUPER excited about Obsidio!!

    1. Out of order! Wow, that must be an experience for sure 😀 but it happens! I guess a lot of questions should be answered to you if you read that one now 😀 either way, congrats!

    1. Thank you! So I take it, you have read Illuminae? 🙂 it also took me a while to get to this book, but that’s mostly because I was waiting for a colleague to ship it for me from the actual remoteness of Australia! 😀 I am not kidding. And I think I might do the same about Obsidio cause he will be going there again 😀 (I know, I am so absolutely insolent :D)

      1. Yep, I’ve read Illuminae and enjoyed it thoroughly (considering that I rarely read YA too, I’m pretty glad I picked up a good on there). Oh, you gotta go whatcha gotta do to read! 😉

    1. I know right 😀 when you think you have got this book down and you’ve seen through it… it just does THAT 😀
      Oh well, at least Obsidio is coming soon. You will probably get ARCs early too! I will be biting my nails 😀 a friend is visiting Australia this spring, I bet I will ask him a big favor again 😀 (he actually brought me back Gemina!!)

  1. Gemina was such a great sequel to the Illuminae Files, it was really CRAZY ahah. I thought that Illuminae was already pretty crazy, but Gemina… well, it took things to a whole other level and… I admit that I found it a bit creepy, at times, yet I couldn’t stop reading and rooting for the characters, wanting them all to be okay. I also thought that Hanna went through a great growth during the story and I ended up loving her 🙂
    Lovely post, I loved reading your reasons to love it here 🙂
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Review: This Is How It Happened, Paula StokesMy Profile

    1. Yeah, you’re right 😀 rarely does a sequel actually get better, or at least stay on the same level as the first book 🙂 Gemina was great in that regard.
      And thanks!! 🙂

  2. No… I haven’t read Illuminae – but I really want to! I’ve been shockingly sci fi deprived recently and I plan to fix that just as soon as I can. A great review:)).

  3. Entertaining review as always! Yikes, I’m so far behind. Don’t know when I’ll get around to even starting Illuminae, but sounds great!

  4. Great review, LOL. It took me a ridiculously long time to read this book (we’re talking around six months here), but that wasn’t because of the book. It was because of the timing. This is such a fun series 🙂

      1. I went on vacation right when the story started getting good. I get motion sick, so there wasn’t much time to read. I had an intense summer class starting a day or two after vacation and that combined with the fact that I was reading an ARC without many of the pretty pictures made me have to put it on hold. In the next few months, I experienced one of the worst, if not the worst, reading slump I’ve ever had and just wasn’t able to get into any book for several months period.

        I felt terrible not finishing that ARC before release date, but I think that if I posted about it then people would have been able to see the passion wasn’t there. At least I had the book marked “currently reading” all that time, so I figure it must have gotten some publicity through that. 🙂

        Yes, can’t wait!

        1. Well, these things sometimes happen and we can’t change them 🙂 I think this book got so much hype that you really shouldn’t worry too much about not posting a review before the release 🙂

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