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Discussion: Fear Of Reading Up All The Good Books Cause What If There Are No More Good Ones After That??

Alright, so. Time to talk about something completely illogical, random, and yet very real and possibly relatable. #BookwormProblems time! Yes, I’m talking about the idea of running out of good books in the world. *gasp!* Namely, I mean running out of amazing books to read in the world, realizing you’re stuck with the mediocre ones from now on, apart from every once in a blue moon, when another super amazing one comes out. Yes, yes – I know:

I mean, how could we possibly ever run out of good books to read? Aren’t our toppling TBRs already threatening to bury us under an avalanche? Aren’t books released at the pace where you’re constantly worried you won’t ever be able to request them all, much less read them in time..? Or in a lifetime..?

And yet! Let’s consider this a moment. This is a very real fear! I won’t be surprised if a lot of you say you’ve at least experienced it once!!! Isn’t it a scary prospect to read up all the good-book-lists and be stuck with 3 star reads?? Let’s look at this logically and try finding situations in which it could be true that it’s possible to run out of epic books to read! And then, let’s look at the points against this ludicrous murderously terrifying aspect of our bookish paranoia.

Points In Favor It Could Be True

What if…

you read all the good famous epic books like Harry Potter and His Dark Materials or The Illuminae Files and there’s nothing like it left??

What if…

the current publishing industry fails to release really, I mean, really epic books that fast??

What if…

the apocalypse comes and you’re stuck with the books that are currently released, and you’ve already read all the good ones?? (I mean… Let’s focus on the real issues here.)

What if…

I know we always find tons of 4 star and even 4.5 star books, but just HOW common are the 5++ star ones? Not that common, eh?

What if…

gems don’t just come out of the ground every day, you need to wait another decade for something of the scale of Harry Potter to be released again? (Let’s face it, this one might actually be true!)

Points In Favor That This Is An Evil Conspiracy

Point 1:


Point 2:

Just look at your TBR.

If that doesn’t help you, look at the rate you’ve been conquering it. If that doesn’t help you… I’m sorry. I’m out of options, friend!!

Point 3:

Come on, there is no way you could already know all the good ones, right? There are so many of us, and we keep finding new good books on each other’s blogs, right?? Right..?

Point 4:

We can always hope for the future!! There are more and more writers every day, there are SURE to be some geniuses hiding away behind their desks and screens. We just need to wait them out!

Point 5:

You could always explore a new genre, couldn’t you?

Point 6:

Insert <blank> in comments

Take Aways?

  1. #BookWormLogic =/= actual logic
  2. We both want and don’t want to conquer our TBRs??
  3. God forbid we actually run out of epic books
  4. But there doesn’t seem to be a way of preventing it other than constantly pushing really anticipated and hyped titles deeper into our TBR stack
  5. Which seems to be what most of us are doing anyway, so maybe we’re fine??

Now! Your ideas. Your ideas are what I need! Have you ever felt that way? Have you, in fact, woken up from a nightmare of feeling like you’ve read up all the Harry Potters of the world and you’re stuck with 3 star reads from now on? I want almost scientific proof it isn’t true!!