My 2018 Dewey’s #Readathon TBR! What Will You Be Reading?

So why the seaside picture, you ask, for Dewey’s? Well… Let me just pull out this oldie, but goodie for you – a picture I made literally during my first week of blogging:


Do you like it?!!! I know you do. You’ve GOT TO like it. It’s just SUCH a pun.

*blushes over awkwardness of self*

And this is literally what my Dewey’s will be this year! Because, although I was planning on just sitting on my beanbag and reading all day, unexpectedly – I am at the seaside, and although the weather is cold – I am loving it, and I am SO hell bent on still doing the readathon tomorrow!

I know it won’t be easy, out and about! But I have my loveliest boyfriend to safeguard me while I walk and read, and he’s promised to take check-in photos or me! So we’ll see where this goes, and it might even be more fun than I thought it would be! Bring it on.

And meanwhile, I’ve laid out a little TBR for myself. It contains… Only 20 items! Hold your horses, I won’t be reading them all (or will I?) – I just wanted to have some choice in what I read. I also followed the rule of “pick short reads for a feeling of accomplishment” – so I did! While my books are all electronic, both because I’m traveling and because those are basically 90% of what I own, so I can’t give you a nice TBR bookstagram photo, I’ve arranged them in little groups based on the type of read they are!

~ The Sweet Reads ~

Beacon (Lantern #2) Torch (Lantern #3)

~ The Emotional Reads ~

Mindless Tess and Tattoos Zeru Wife in Name Only

~ The Fantasy Reads ~

Odd and the Frost Giants Spinning Silk Once Upon a Time in the North (His Dark Materials 0.5) A Monstrous Place (Tales From Between #1)

~ The Scifi Reads ~

The Machine Stops In the Year 2889 The Huge Hunter, or, the Steam Man of the Prairies

~ The Fairytale Reads ~

Hansel and Gretel Beyond the Glass Slipper: Ten Neglected Fairy Tales To Fall In Love With

~ The Nonfiction or Historical Reads ~

Florence Nightingale: A Life From Beginning to End Hospital Sketches Maggie, a Girl of the Streets The Green Unknown: Travels in the Khasi Hills Above Parr: Memoir of a Child Prodigy

19 of these books are backlist, so they will be able to count for my #BeatTheBacklist challenge, and 7 of them are ARCs, so they’ll also count for this month’s State of the ARC! Let’s see how many of these I can read tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Will you be participating in Dewey’s? And what will you be reading?

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3 years ago

Of those I’ve only read 2once upon a time in the north” but I really enjoyed that one. Good luck with the bookcation!

Chloe @ Book Dragons
Chloe @ Book Dragons
3 years ago

Aaah my TBR post isn’t up yet xD it’s going up tomorrow haha, but woooo for having so many backlist books – and your boyfriend sounds lovely offering to take check in photos for you 🙂 Hope you have fun tomorrow girl!

3 years ago

Good luck on your readathon, happy reading!! I won’t join tho because the idea of 24hrs readathon is kliiling me

3 years ago

Wait, this is how much you plan to read? OMG! I though I was ambitious with my four books. But I do understand the need for more choices. But I do like your approach of picking short books. Hmmm… now I feel like rethinking my Dewey’s TBR and I might even write a blog post (still in a blogging slump).

Enjoy your vacation! Looking forward to seeing your check-ins and more vacation pics maybe! I miss the sea.

Flavia @ Flavia the Bibliophile

Ahhhh I respect you for being able to participate in readathons! I always fail and then feel crummy about it after 😛 so I stopped trying hahaha

Flavia @ Flavia the Bibliophile

Aweeee it happens! And what are pre-readathons? Hahaha

Sim @ Flipping Thru the Pages

Your TBR is so.. ambitious? If I am not wrong, it’s only a 24 hrs readathon, right? And tou chose so many books and that too while being on a vaction? Well, you are really great! Seriously.. I can hardly finish a book in a day.. only if it’s a poetry
Well, all the best Evelina for the readathon I am sure you would be able to do it. Also, enjoy your vacation ❤️

3 years ago

Sounds like such a great plan! Enjoy your bookvacation 🙂

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

Ohhh I’m sure it will be super nice to read at the seaside, it’s a secret dream of mine to sometime read at the beach
I definitely hope you get to as many books as possible! I sadly cannot participate because I have a long seminar, but maybe another time 🙂

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

Oh no 😮 But I totally get it, I have a hard time concentrating when there is a lot going on! It’s amazing that you still read a few smalls books, reading something is what counts! 🙂

Brian Joseph
3 years ago

Every year I say that I am going to participate next year. I need to take an extra day off work to do so. Next year I must plan ahead.

I have read The Machine Stops. It seems a bit odd that E. M. Forster wrote a science fiction novel, but I thought it was very good. I also was impressed that Foster predicted something very similar to the internet in 1909.

Have fun with the Readathon!

Jackie B
3 years ago

I love this TBR! Actually, 20 books looks pretty small when it’s all spread out like that… 😉 I won’t be participating in the Readathon (as it’s already happening…) but I will be cheering you on from the States! What books are you MOST excited to read? No, you cannot pick all of them. 😉

I like going to the beach when it’s cold, actually. I find I get the most reading done because I don’t want to get in the water! XD

3 years ago

My Readathon TBR contains a lot of shorter reads {100-250 pages} and some books that I’m already working on. And because I’m me and like to have a huge list, I added several alternates to the pile as well.

Laura Thomas
3 years ago

I hope you remember to look up and sea the ocean! And how awesome that your boyfriend will be taking pics. Can’t wait to see that post! Good luck and have fun.

3 years ago

Wohooo!! You’ve got your options ready, Evelina! I can’t wait to read so much in one day LOL. I’ll definitely be trying to finish off books like When Dimple Met Rishi and probably get some poetry done because it’s national poetry month and I’ve sucked in terms of reading in April so yeah. Also, have fun on your vacation <3

Cahleen Hudson
Cahleen Hudson
3 years ago

Looks like you’re all set. Have fun and don’t run into any trees!

3 years ago

If I were you, I’d probably get overwhelmed by the amount of books I’d be able to choose from and pick something entirely else, haha.

Never heard of Dewey’s readathon until today! Not really sad that it’s over, since I *wish* I had a whole day to allocate to reading books…. but seems fun!

3 years ago

Ooh, thank you for the tip! Thought it was once-a-year thing. I think I will manage to participate in October! o^o

Tizzy Brown
Tizzy Brown
3 years ago

Strangely never heard of this challenge before, but it sounds good fun. Your reading list is ambitious, I’m looking forward to seeing how you got on.


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JJ @ This Dark Material

Omg Once Upon a Time in the North!! Did you read it? If so, did you love it?? I still haven’t read that and the other novella since they aren’t very common in bookstores


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3 years ago

I’ve been thinking of participating in this readathon but have yet to do so. I like the categories you set your books into. I hadn’t heard of many of them, I hope you enjoyed them!

Lucy //