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A Cozy Wind In The Willows Type Of Read! Skunk and Badger by Amy Timberlake and Jon Klassen

Skunk and Badger was such a delightful read – right from the very first pages. If you were at all a fan of the The Wind in the Willows, you will love Skunk and Badger. It is definitely different, but there is something in the vibe, something I can’t pinpoint – that they have in common (apart from the obvious Badger!)

This book made me immediately cozy, just as soon as I started reading. It’s just one of those stories!
Skunk and Badger was such a delightful read – right from the very first pages. If you were a fan of the The Wind in the Willows, you will love it! Click To Tweet

Skunk and Badger (Skunk and Badger #1) by Amy Timberlake, Jon Klassen

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★★★★☆ 4 stars
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Badger is happy, living in his aunt Lula’s borrowed house. In his own mind, he’s a very important rock scientist, even though he’s just graduated and doesn’t actually have a place to work. If he could, he would shut out the entire world and live in an oblivious bliss.

But his aunt whose house he’s living in has other plans for him – and the house. In her big heart she’s got room for others – and she thinks Badger will as well.

So one day, Skunk shows up at the door. Badger thinks he’s just an annoying salesman, but little does he know that this tiny fellow here is planning to move in and be his roommate.

So starts a story of friendship – and a story of Badger opening his eyes to the wider world.

Badger Is A Loner And He Likes It That Way

Badger is this really introverted person (er, animal?) who thinks he’s his own best company and anything else at all is an intrusion. That goes to the point where he even shuts out his aunt whose house he is kindly being allowed to live in.

Badger is the best, he certainly knows best and nobody else interests him. Nothing apart from his hobby and purpose (rock science) interests him at all. Badger is perfectly happy eating the same thing three times a day and not talking to anyone, thank you very much.

So perhaps Badger is perfectly happy. But he doesn’t know he could be happier. He also doesn’t know that other people also have things to offer and to teach.

And Then… Enter Skunk!

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So naturally, being this self-sufficient, Badger thinks of Skunk as a nuisance and an unwelcome annoyance. But day after day shows him that maybe letting someone into your life isn’t that bad. Maybe they’ve got something useful to share. Maybe they’re even willing to listen to your stories, not like anyone else has been so far.

Maybe, just maybe life is actually a little bit more pleasant with this new person around?

Badger is perfectly happy alone, but he doesn't know that other people may have things to teach... Skunk and Badger, a cozy story with a good moral: Click To Tweet

Skunk Suffers From Prejudice

I really liked how Skunk’s character was written as well. Skunk can’t find a place to live and stick with it. It’s not really his fault – Skunk suffers from prejudice. “Not many people want me around, seeing as how I’m a skunk…”

It’s not explained what exactly it is about Skunk’s kind that makes people not want his company. He even says he’d never spray people, if that’s what you thought!

But does this even need to be explained? A lot of people suffer from prejudice and labeling without good reason. Same for Skunk.

You really feel sad for him, and you really want Badger to just come round and understand that Skunk IS a great roommate to have – so that he can have a good ending too, for once.

A cozy story that explains prejudice in an accessible, sensitive way. Skunk and Badger is a family read I would recommend to anyone: Click To Tweet

A Cozy And Short Read

Skunk and Badger is a very short, but very cozy, atmospheric read. I wish it was longer! Happily, I believe this isn’t the last book – it’s listed on Goodreads as book #1, so I really hope I’ll get to read some further Skunk and Badger stories! This is one of those books I’d like to see as a box set – which would be a perfect addition to any kids’ rooms, in my opinion.


Skunk and Badger was really sweet, beautifully illustrated, and had a nice moral to the story without being too obvious about it. It’s a perfect read for families, or just people like me who like such cozy stories. Absolutely recommended!

Skunk and Badger was sweet, beautifully illustrated, and had a nice moral without being too obvious about it. Perfect family read! Click To Tweet

I thank the publisher for giving me a free copy of the ebook in exchange to my honest review. This has not affected my opinion.

What are your cozy read favorites for the autumn?

Skunk and Badger (Skunk and Badger #1) by Amy Timberlake, Jon Klassen

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