#NewBloggers 101

As you might or might not be aware, I am championing a cause – that is, that any New Book Blogger should be able to have access to all the material that can help them learn faster, easier and also have access to the help of the community! Ways that I do this:

  1. #NewBloggers Support Group – it’s a Discord group, and if you want to get in – anyone’s welcome! Provided you are a book blogger, or are planning to become one. We love both a new book blogger and a seasoned one! If you are interested, message me through my messaging form, or contact me on Twitter, and I will send you an invitation.
  2. I am releasing weekly #NewBloggers 101 instructional posts! Some of those are mine, some of those are guest posts, but they should all be useful to you, because they are all geared towards a new book blogger! You can find them all on this list:
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  3. In every month’s update since January 2018, I share a list of useful posts by various people – especially for #NewBloggers. You can just search my blog for “stats fever” and you should be able to find those posts. Look at the end of every post!

If you are unsure, just sub to the blog for weekly content for #NewBloggers! You can find the sub buttons or email field on the sidebar on the right. Thanks for reading!

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