About Me & Contact

My name is Evelina and I am a book blogger and reviewer. Let’s get the boring out of the way – I’m 30, I work as a digital marketer. As a blogger, I am the creator and owner of three (private) blogger groups:

  • #NewBloggers Support Group: 300+ and growing
  • #ARCsAnonymous group: 100+ members
  • International Bloggers: 50+ members and growing (Yes, I am also international. Please don’t make offers you can’t go through with.)

I am active in these communities and I enjoy helping people out. I am also involved in creating content to constantly help out new bloggers. That is at least a third of the content on my blog.

As for reviews, my preferred genres are general fiction, fantasy and scifi, as well as nonfiction on important topics like equality, disability, fair treatment of individuals. I also love middle grade reads. Feel free to contact me with review requests for these genres:

  • general and literary
  • fantasy (but not epic fantasy please – princesses, knights, elves and dragons are a no generally)
  • scifi
  • nonfiction
  • middle grade
  • humor

DO NOT contact me with review requests for these genres, because I do not really review them (at least for ARCs):

  • horror and gore
  • thriller
  • anything erotic
  • zombies or vampires
  • murder or mysteries
  • poetry

You can find me and my reviews on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Litsy, Pinterest and Amazon. If you’d like to contact me, please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you!