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Book Blogger Etiquette: How To Get Comments? Part 3 of #NewBloggers 101 post series

Today we are talking about a VERY important part in a blogger’s life – the secrets of book blogging etiquette, or… how to get comments! As I felt that this topic might be a little tough to navigate alone, I have enlisted the help of my lovely advisor Shruti @ This Is Lit! Do check out her blog. She is awesome and hilarious <3

As you might or might not be aware, I have recently started a #NewBloggers 101 post series, mostly meant to go with our support group in order to help all those new book bloggers who have just started out! Keep your eyes on the blog on Fridays to see other posts in the series. If you want to find all the other posts in the series, expand this list:

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This time we’ll be talking about how to get comments.

Why do you even need comments? Shruti obliges:

  1. They help you interact with the book community.
  2. Comments help you assuage engagement of your blog posts.
  3. They help you draw traffic from other blogs (NOT from links you leave in the comment but from your site’s link WP automatically adds)

So what IS the commenting game?

What are you even talking about, Evelina? Comments are for when people have something to say about your post. I comment whenever I want!

Don’t I..?

Have you ever wondered why some blogs have loads of comments, and some don’t? While some of the actually cool-looking and interesting book blogs might have zero on every post, you’ve all seen some 90’s design poorly aligned ones with weird font choices that seem to have 25 comments on each post. How does this even work, huh?

And this is what I’m going to talk about today.


Most people catch into this very fast! But there are people who just don’t. And believe it or not, a lot of those who HAVE caught up on that in a timely fashion, will think those other people are super rude or just full of themselves. But what if you’re just not in the know? Well that’s what I’m here for 😉

The general rules are fairly simple:

  1. Want to get comments? Visit others, and first GIVE to then RECEIVE.
  2. Someone commented on your blog? DO visit back. And ALWAYS comment back. If you can’t at the current moment, write it down. (Make a list. It works!)
  3. Can’t comment back right now? Like their comment. But do come back later. Shruti whispers that it’s very helpful when you just set aside a block of time in a day to do this. It’s a full fledged task! (*Now, liking a comment is optional – for example, my blog does not allow me to like people’s comments, purely technically. I’ve seen people assume it’s rude to not like comments though.)
  4. Don’t answer some people’s comments on your blog but leave others hanging. People might think you’re labeling. It’s best to always answer people in batches.
  5. Did you participate in a linkup? Don’t just drop your link and run to get comments. Visit other people’s links! Or better yet – come back again tomorrow to visit those who linked up AFTER YOU. (I will talk more on linkups in a later post!)

So you think these are simple rules. But you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow them!

Want to be even more sophisticated? Shruti advises:

  • Join some really cool comment challenges! One here, one more here, and one here – if you’ve got more, drop me a link, I’ll put it here! People sign up for these to make a promise that they definitely comment back. But if you join, don’t just join and then ignore comments altogether (people actually do that!) Go forth and comment on others’ posts to get some yourself.
  • Write comments that add value to the original post. Don’t leave generic comments that just add to the noise, be relevant!
  • Don’t leave spam comments. This is just for all the Spammer Sams out there. I once received a comment that just said “follow me”. With no punctuation. And nothing about my post.

So Why Should You Visit Back?

Have you ever noticed that the biggest, coolest bloggers VISIT YOU BACK? For example, Cait @ PaperFury or Alyssa @ Eater of Books ALWAYS visit back and comment on people’s posts. Should we think we write such awesome posts that they roll over their heads to read us? Well, some of us might, but definitely not all of us! But they visit back for ALL of us. Which brings us back to what…

Book blogger manners 😉

Bottom line: want to one day be as big as PaperFury? COMMENT BACK. ALWAYS.

I find that I am also often aggravated about how people ditch linkups. I can understand once or twice, you’re busy – that’s alright, everyone has tough times. But I have been in a linkup for over a half a year and dilligently visited everyone on the list, even those who link up after me. Some of those people have never deigned to visit me. NOT ONCE. That? Incredibly rude. So don’t do that. It’s mean! Shruti pokes her head in through the door and says: I know I won’t have time to visit every link in a linkup which why I don’t participate in them. If you can’t do it, DON’T.

So just remember – if you put your link on a list somewhere, you owe it to the people to visit them. At least the ones who were there before you linked up. If the rest visit you, you will visit them back if you’re following the second rule of book blogger etiquette! It’s simply following the Golden Rule – treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

Now there are a few more things when it comes to comments. Good etiquette would require you to not link drop on other people’s blogs. Some people will drop a link to their own comment. This is generally looked at warily and I suggest avoiding that, unless the author of the post specifically asked you to, although it is generally deemed to be good for blog SEO. While I might be too nice to point this out myself, Shruti helps me out by saying that a lot of people will mark these kinds of comments as spam, herself included. However! There can be exceptions. Apparently, not all people know how to set a link to appear on their commenting profile for Blogger blogs, so if you don’t have that set, you should leave a link, because the blogger you’re visiting might find it hard to comment back otherwise. However, don’t do this on WordPress blogs, because your link will automatically be on your name in the comment.

There’s also another thing that you should consider putting on your own blog to  make it easier to get comments, and that is…

You might have noticed that when you post a comment on my blog, you can tick the CommentLuv box and you’ll be able to pick one of your newest posts! For those of you who have the ability to install plugins (this goes for self-hosted people), I suggest doing this because people love leaving their own link on someone’s blog, especially if it’s a new post. So if you have the ability, definitely install this plugin. For some, the older CommentLuv plugin doesn’t work – then you can try NoseGraze’s CommentLuv version.

And that seems to be all for commenting! Have you heard of inferred any of this stuff? Is that how you thought you actually get comments? Maybe you have something to add?

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

222 thoughts on “Book Blogger Etiquette: How To Get Comments? Part 3 of #NewBloggers 101 post series

  1. Thanks Evelina for tips, it was really helpful. Thanks to your older post I created an Edelweiss profile and got 2 books approved so far. Looking forward to read more

    1. I got this plugin which shows me which comments I have not replied on my blog (which is incredibly helpful!) and then I also click the person’s name or link right after replying the comment and the tab stays open until I reply xD so if I didn’t, I would have 40 tabs open all the time 😀 it’s effective lol

  2. I agree with all of the points above! As a commenter, I’d feel a bit bad if the blogger that I commentated does not reply my comment. I’m not expecting a comment on my blog posts as my blog is not exactly commentable but I’d expect a short reply.

    Talking about comments, don’t you find that some of the blog posts are difficult to comment? Like a totally personal post (eg: battling depression, mental illness) or book review that I’m totally uninterested in?

    I’ve tried commentluv before but it doesn’t work so I drop the plugin lol. Would love to use Disqus but a majority of my blog commentators do not own a Disqus account.
    Rasya recently posted…8 Things You Must Do In Seoul, South KoreaMy Profile

    1. I agree 🙂 and hey, your blog is perfectly commentable 😀

      Yes, though, I do agree that some blog posts are hard to comment on. For me those are sometimes book haul and wrap ups… especially if they read a genre I don’t read at all, and so I know none of the books or authors… and have nothing to say. Surprisingly, I have less trouble commenting on a personal post! But yes, yes to a book review for a book you’re not interested in – that’s why when I write book reviews, I try to make the reviews as funny as they can be, so even people who don’t care about the book will find something to say 🙂

      Oh, that’s too bad that CommentLuv didn’t work for you. Did you try both the plugins? Cause there are two versions. And yeah, I think a lot of people don’t like Disqus for some reason..

  3. So basically… be a decent human being! I will always comment if I have something useful or relevant to say. If I don’t, I always try to make sure I like their social media posts and try to interact with them that way 🙂

  4. Ayyyy, bomb post, Evelina! xD I’m loving the “While I might be too nice to point this out myself, Shruti helps me out by…”. Haha! Someone needs to say it!

  5. Loving this series! I definitely agree that commenting on others’ posts and responding to comments on your own is so necessary to improve your own blog’s image. It’s also just so fun to interact with others and make friends~

  6. This series is fantastic. What I find difficult is sometimes I say ‘this sounds great’. I don’t mean to be spammy, but it might come across that way. I think knowing when to wait until you’ve got more to say can be the hardest thing. x

    1. Thank you 🙂 yes. I agree! Sometimes there are posts you will not be able to connect with, we can’t really relate to everyone and everything. I’ve also said “nice post” on some posts in my life 🙂 but in the end, we book bloggers get so good at small talk, I think 🙂 some posts will be like that though, and you can’t change that. In the end, I think it’s still better to say something than nothing at all 🙂

  7. I always try to comment – both on my post, and visit the commenter on their blog. It’s part of the fun interactions, yeah? However, I have to admit that sometimes, I feel a bit overwhelmed – especially if I’ve had very busy weeks at work. The main linkup I participate in is Stacking the Shelves and the Sunday Post. I love both – and I love visiting other blogs. I have been lagging a bit this past month or so – but I promise to do better 😉
    Great post, Evelina <3
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Up Close and (un)Conventional – Children’s BooksMy Profile

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely part of the fun 🙂 I remember you’ve always visited me back though, so you always stick with this rule faithfully 😀 unfortunately, I feel like not all of the Sunday posters do. It makes me sad sometimes. I have also failed to return and comment a few times though, that’s for sure. Once or twice is human 🙂 but now when I look at the linkup list, I could poke my finger at the people who have not even visited me ONCE. I don’t visit them anymore either xD xD apart from that though, I truly do love the Sunday post 🙂

  8. I like to comment to try and spark more conversation and make new friends. I try to ALWAYS reply when someone comments on my blog, but always seem to have trouble getting to theirs. I don’t know if it is because I use Disquis or what. Does CommentLuv send you a message when you have a comment, then alerts the commenter when you’ve replied?

    1. CommentLuv doesn’t do that, it’s not meant for that – it’s meant to leave a link to your post. But you won’t be able to use it with Disqus. But you don’t need to be alerted to the comment anyway, if you’re on WordPress (CommentLuv is for WordPress) – WordPress notifies you and puts all your comments into one place so you can just check them all weekly, see who left them and visit them back. And yeah, if you use Disqus, it’s harder to visit back because it also doesn’t leave a link in the name field… I guess people should leave their links too on Disqus comments then. Maybe I should consider that, although I think my Disqus profile should have a link 🙂

  9. These are such good tips. Nothing drives me more crazy than someone just commenting ‘check out my blog’ – like, there’s a reason this is called a bookish community. It’s because there’s participation involved.

    I am really looking forward to your post about linkups because I have no idea what those are. I’ve been kicking around here for like 2 years now, so I probably really should!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the series 🙂 yeah, those types of comments are just hilarious 😀 😀

      As for linkups, since it’s a guest post and my friend is currently writing it, I can’t say when exactly it will be up, but it will be up 🙂

  10. Some great advice here. However, I am going to have to respectfully disagree with one of your statements. I do not feel joining a link-up requires you to visit EVERY post on the link up! That’s just crazy. I would never expect to hear from every single person on a 200+ blog link up! Anybody with that kind of time, well kudos to you, but I certainly don’t have time to do that. I’d much rather spend time leaving meaningful comments on blog posts that speak to me, and working on my own blog. Link ups to me are OPPORTUNITIES to visit other blogs, not hard and fast requirements.
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted…THE SKY IS YOURS by Chandler Klang Smith – ReviewMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I would agree about the 200. What I mean is more like… visit the 20 you found before you. And then visit back everyone else who visited you (it won’t be 200, but it’s fair, I think, to visit back.) What annoys me about linkups is that I actually take the time to visit 100+ people and only 20 visit me back 🙁 that’s just wrong! Why don’t people visit back? Which is why I stick with visiting the ones before me, and then visiting back the ones who visited me from the linkup. That way, I don’t have to visit the people who didn’t care to visit me, but I still visit everyone who took the moment 🙂

  11. Great advice… I definitely learned this through practice… Only got followers and comments on my blog after I started doing the same on others blogs….

  12. Hehehe you are a dream team! As you said it’s basic etiquette! I keep Shruti’s advice to note it somewhere as I’m really busy during the week and can’t comment as much as I’d like to. Fantastic job Ladies

    1. Blocking aside a set time is the only way I can keep track of comments! Another thing that helps is the voice in my head that goes “shame! shame! shame!” every time I skip commenting back on at least a post of all the people who spent time commenting on mine. xD

      1. I have lost the shame by now. I dread opening the WordPress notifications screen on my blog. Today I found 215 unreplied comments, and I only stopped ANXIETYing after I remembered that quite a few of those might be Shruti’s, cause she co-wrote some posts with me 😀

  13. This is such good advice, I try to leave comments, but I know I need to try harder.
    I’ve also signed up for a discussion post link up this year and I’m trying to follow good etiquette there. I’m starting small so that I don’t over-commit and then fall short.

    1. Thank you Rosie 🙂 yeah, comments are tough, they take a lot of time, but then again, you know you spread the love by commenting – it’s like appreciating other people’s work, after all.

      Oh yes, the discussion linkup is so awesome! Which reminds me – thank you – I have not been linking up my links xD let me go dump them 😀

  14. I’m pretty good about staying on top of the comments on my own blog/social media, but don’t always have the time to click through and visit the blogs of commenters I don’t already follow. That’s going to be something I’ll work towards doing more consistently in the future 🙂 Lovely post, as always ♥
    JJ @ This Dark Material recently posted…between daemons: new year, old favorites?My Profile

    1. Yeah, it truly is time-consuming, I will agree. But I feel like if I pick and choose who I’m going to comment back to, it’s not very fair, or nice. So I just visit everyone 🙂 or at least try to. There must be a few I miss because I do get a load of comments… But you know 🙂 I try!

      And thank you!

  15. Very useful post as usual Evelina! And I loved Shruti’s inputs as well. It’s such a simple thing, commenting back, yet one forgets it’s an etiquette every blogger needs to develop!

  16. I am a newbie blogger but i was commenting back even before i read your post. I just felt that is how it should be. someone writes to you, u appreciate the effort and comment back. If you read something you like, you show appreciation. That was just my go to thoughts .
    But after i read your blog i realized how true it is to grow your community. I never thought of it that way and now when i see it, it is indeed a really really great advice!
    Regardless if someone does or not, you should definitely take the initiative. A community doesn’t build on its own!
    Great blog will definitely check out your other blogs too. I landed on this by mere chance via twitter.

    1. That’s great that you did that! Honestly, commenting back means just being nice – and a lot of people (like you) catch up on this really, really fast. Because it’s just the nice thing to do 🙂 but some people don’t know this, I’ve met some people who were surprised that commenting back is just good manners. They thought there was no reason to 😀

      I’m glad you always commented back. And I’m also glad that I’ve been able to open up a broader sense of community with this post 🙂 thank you, I’m glad you liked reading it. You are right!! A community really does not build on its own 😀

      Thank you for your appreciation! I’m glad you landed from Twitter, I am always wondering if Twitter really brings that much traffic from people who have never been to my blog… It’s usually only friends who come from Twitter 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! <3

  17. This is interesting!
    I don’t have the option to like peoples comments on my blog 🙁 But I always comment back! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I also can’t like comments back! That’s why I don’t 😀 as I said, it’s optional. But you will receive some emails from other people liking your comments, I guess 🙂 I don’t know, at least on WordPress I do. So now you know why people do that 🙂

  18. Wow, I didn’t know that something like comment challenges exist, such a cool idea! Thank you for this post, it was really helpful 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jo, I am super happy the post was useful 🙂 yes, you should sign up for some of those challenges, they really do motivate you to comment more, and they’re fun 🙂

  19. One thing I’ve noticed for other people’s WordPress blogs is that I DON’T get an email notification if they reply to my comment, but I DO get an email notification if they Like my comment. So the Like notifications are how I know to go check for replies to my comment.

    The WordPress App, on the other hand, notifies you of replies to comments on other blogs. I just downloaded the app for my iPhone, but I am finding it super convenient (if a little redundant in addition to email notifications, which I may just turn off).

    I reply to most comments on my blog, I think, but responding to every. single. comment can get a little banal. Which is one reason I like the Like button. I do try to Like every comment as just sort of a “hey, letting you know I read your comment and appreciate it” thing. But I might not do that if comments got crazy enough (I sometimes avoid it on Twitter because it creates a bunch of unnecessary notifications).
    H.P. recently posted…Vintage Science Fiction Month: What The Beastmaster lacks in Fidelity to the Source Material, it makes up for in WeirdnessMy Profile

    1. Yeah, that happens to me too. But I think that’s a default setting – you can change that in your WordPress account (or app). The likes must be default (although god knows why? Who would prioritize likes by default, instead of comments? xD)

      As for the WordPress app notifications, I am still not sure if people get a notification there when they comment on mine. JetPack support says they do. Some of my friends don’t though. So I don’t know how to find out, and if I can even solve it. That’s why I have a separate notification plugin installed. It just emails people.

      I try to reply every single one, because I’d feel sad if my comments weren’t replied (well, unless it’s short ones like “enjoy your week” xD)

  20. When I first started blogging, I didn’t get any comments. But when I’d done things like Book Blogger Hop, top 5 Wednesday, prompts where you have to interact with each other, that’s when I started getting more comments and gaining more confidence as a content creator. Because there was more of an audience to look forward to reading my stuff. 🙂
    Danielle recently posted…#BOOKBLOGGERHOP (January 19-25): Folding Cover Backs, Are You CRAZY?!My Profile

  21. Commenting back is definitely a good way to get regular commenters. I always try to do it, though I might miss the odd one from time to time.
    I’m pretty bad with link-ups myself. I always comment back on the people who comment on mine, and I get a few other people off the list too, but once it gets past about 20 posts, I’m definitely not going to get to them all. Sorry!
    Ivyclad Ideas recently posted…A Curse By Any Other Name (All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater)My Profile

    1. Oh yeah, I think everyone misses an odd one, can’t be helped 🙂 I think it’s alright if you at least comment back on the ones in the linkups who comment on yours, though. My biggest problem was with the people whom I’ve visited 20+ times and yet they’ve never once visited me. Do they think they’re better than me or something? Ugh. Ugly feeling!

  22. You make it sound like it should be easy, but like, I’m furiously scribbling notes here, haha! Thanks for the tips, and I’m going to attempt to be more mannerly!

  23. Great post, Evelina! You seem to have tackled some of the most important commenting issues and I hope newcomers and veterans alike can appreciate your tips 🙂 Very helpful.
    I always comment back, and if I can’t right away I’ll do it whenever I get the time. It’s just a way to show appreciation and let others know you care about their content just as much as they care about yours. It’s not only polite, but I think the biggest part of the whole experience: connection!
    Sophie @ Blame Chocolate recently posted…Feel Me Fall – Book Review (Spoiler-Free)My Profile

    1. Thanks, Sophie! I am glad you think so 🙂

      Oh yeah, I’ve definitely noticed you always return the comments! <3 oh yeah, tell me about it.. I'm also late with my commitments this week, but as long as I come back eventually and comment, I am telling myself it's okay :D

  24. Those first two points are key:
    “1.Want to get comments? Visit others, and first GIVE to then RECEIVE.
    2. Someone commented on your blog? DO visit back. And ALWAYS comment back. If you can’t at the current moment, write it down. (Make a list. It works!)”

    I remember doing this quite a bit when I was chasing comments to get on my blog. Back in the old days 🙂
    Paul Liadis recently posted…To Scale: The Solar SystemMy Profile

  25. This is super helpful! I didn’t know there were comment challenges, but I will make more of an effort to return comments and comment on other people’s posts. I’ve unfortunately gotten into the habit of reading and not commenting. How did you come up with all these post ideas? They’re a really good idea!

    1. Thank you, I am glad it’s helpful 🙂 yeah, I’ve been struggling on returning comments lately too (4 days just yielded 216 comments. I am not kidding o.o)
      Reading and not commenting is still fine, of course 🙂 but when you comment especially on a smaller blog, the blogger knows they’ve been appreciated! 🙂 it’s just the best feeling.
      And how I came up with the post ideas… Well, I have made a community of people (it’s a chat – are you in it? If not, ask me to send you an invite), and we have a special room for people to say what they struggle with. I just asked, and they told me what they want to know 🙂 but this commenting bit I just came up with myself, as some other posts too – it was something I remember from my early blogging days. Just something I wondered about and learned the hard way 🙂

  26. Yaay ! My comment etiquette seems to be on point ​

    some times however, I don’t find anything interresting to post a meaning comment to (or some time harder to find one I havent already commented on !) woops.. ​ happens, right ?
    Im already excited for your next blogger 101 post ! Im loving them, thank you so much for teaching us, lovely !
    Kristina recently posted…In a dark dark wood, by ruth ware ☆ reviewMy Profile

  27. This is all great advice! Thank you for sharing! The only problem I’ve found with some of the really huge blogs that do comment back is that when you respond, they’ll usually not continue the conversation unfortunately (obviously not things like “Thank you!” “You’re welcome” but actual convo), so sometimes it feels a little forced. Which is understandable, but also a little disheartening because you want to have awesome bookish conversations, no matter where you’re talking!
    Vicky Who Reads recently posted…How to Get Access to Books (Legally!)My Profile

    1. And thank you for reading 🙂 yeah, depends on the blogger, I guess! I can understand them though – I logged in to my blog to find 215 comments unreplied today, and that nearly gave me a panic attack. Can you imagine how long it takes to reply them, AND visit back? I wouldn’t blame some of those bloggers for not giving in depth answers. Sometimes life is just overwhelming 🙁 I also never figured that’s the way it truly is, until it happened to me.
      But rest assured that some of the big bloggers will still answer your comments and keep up the convo 🙂 for example, I’ve had 4-6 comment long convos with Paper Fury 🙂

  28. I always comment back on every comment I receive. I soooo appreciate comments as I’m one of those looks super pretty but doesn’t get a ton of comments, lol. I figure though its because I’m a little odd. I don’t do a ton of blog hopping … that’s because its actually taken me all year (2017) to even THINK about what to say to many comments let alone posts. I’m a ton better at it now but even so many times I get a “thanks for visiting” comment to my indepthful one, lol. *shrug* I am trying to get faster at commenting back so that I can blog hop more. I do enjoy it. <3 great beginner suggestions Evelina!
    Dani @ Perspective of a Writer recently posted…The Last Girl on Earth Needs An Attitude Adjustment // A ReviewMy Profile

    1. Yep, comments are pretty great 🙂 really, you don’t get a lot of comments? :O but I love your blog! Trust me, I would read you more often, if not for #life and #othernuisances xD well, but hey, at least you know I MEAN to visit your blog. That must mean something 😀

      Oh yeah, getting over the whole “what to say” bit gets tough! I mean, we book bloggers get incredibly good at small talk in the end, don’t you agree 😀

      One thing though, in my humble opinion, that makes it quite hard for me personally to comment back on your blog… Is because whenever I click on your blog link (the main one), I can’t ever find the newest posts. It’s just the general menu, and categories. But I don’t know if your most recent post is a review, or a discussion, or where I should even click. Adding a “newest post” widget could help? Cause I don’t want to comment on a two-months-old post like an idiot 😀 what I do instead is open your blog on the WP reader, so it would pull up the newest post for me automatically. But that could be why some people just don’t know where to go and fail at commenting back. Oh, and I know CommentLuv has a post link when you comment on my blog, but you can’t open these links from the phone (for some stupid reason it only pulls up a post image), and also, I often reply late, so it’s not your newest post anymore.

      Thank you! 🙂

  29. Hi there! Thanks for working so hard on the Blogger 101 series. I just started my blog a few weeks ago and still have no idea what I’m doing. I’m also wondering how far I really want to take this whole blogging thing, since my first love is reading and blogging means less time for reading (plus I homeschool 2 kids, very little time over here). But your series has been so helpful to me and given me so many ideas! I find that most bloggers will at least like my comment or reply, but I get almost no comments back. I’m guessing it’s because my blog is so new, I only have 4 or 5 posts so far! Do you find that you need to have a certain amount of content before people actually comment back? I was also wondering if it’s because new bloggers don’t usually have ARCs, so a lot of the books they discuss might be old news to the more established bloggers. In any case, I’ll continue to observe and learn and do my thing. And by the way, yay for us international bloggers! =)

    1. Aww thanks for appreciating 🙂 I truly hope my posts can help you get your footing in the blogging world. Some of the things are hard to figure out at first. At least I remember that they truly were for me 🙂

      I think you can regulate the blogging VS time thing by deciding on how many posts you will post. Only you make the rules 🙂 I’d say, start slow and see how much commenting and blog hopping you have to do, and if it’s not too much, you can increase it. But, with your committments in life, I should say, start with 1-2 posts a week. It’s obviously only my experience, but 4 posts a week has greatly increased the stress levels for me, and I’m thinking to going back to 3. Because more posts = more work + also more comments.

      As for you getting no comments back… Let me see, are you on Blogger, or WordPress? If you’re on blogger, that could be why. People probably don’t get your own replies on your blog too, caus blogger is tough with that. Then, they also don’t get notifications on their WordPress systems. But it could also just be that you’re choosing the wrong blogs to comment on (read: unfriendly people xD)

      And no, usually people will be commenting back no matter how long you’ve been blogging – if it’s the right people. Also, have you tried commenting on your blog yourself? Does everything work? Does it randomly spam people for no reason? I’ve seen a few blogs that wouldn’t even let me post a comment.

      ARCs are definitely not the only things that we want to read about 🙂 quite on the contrary! People more often enjoy reviews of backlist books because it’s a bigger chance they’ll have read them. Also, if you want more comments, try writing a discussion post. Try a commenting pod or link up. You will see the difference 🙂

      Yes, yay for internationals! Wait, are you in my internationals discord chat?

      1. Thank you for all the feedback! This post definitely seems to have resonated with a lot of people. I’m starting to see how much work book blogging is, and I I’m definitely okay with having a slow-growing little blog and not getting many comments for awhile. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong! ha ha. I think you’re right, 1-2 posts a week is about all I can handle. 4 a week definitely sounds like a lot, especially when you have to reply to so many comments! Your posts for new bloggers have been really helpful to me, so thank you for all your hard work. I’ll go look for your international blogger chat thing now! =)
        Cahleen Hudson recently posted…Weekly Books: Meditations on death, survivalist Mormons, and the book that’s ripping my heart out.My Profile

        1. Yeah, haha, judging by the number of comments – it did 🙂 (I still can’t believe it!! WOW! Never happened to me before.)

          About blogging though, I believe you choose how busy it will be – beacuse you choose both how often you’ll post, and how many people you’ll visit 🙂 so it doesn’t have to be that much work. You can just post less. Of course, that means smaller results too, but if it’s enjoyable, why not? 🙂

          I’m really glad my posts have been helpful, it’s wonderful to hear that 🙂

          And if you want to join the international chat (and are not from the US), shoot me a Twitter DM and I’ll send you an invitation 🙂

          1. Ha ha, I tried Twitter for about a week before I realized I would never have time to read and continue to take care of my children if I stayed on there. So you are definitely right about deciding how busy you want your blog to be! I think I’ll need to focus on making a good quality slow little blog until my kids are older. Thanks for helping me feel okay about that! And please take care of yourself and don’t get too stressed. Personally, I get overwhelmed by blogs that post a ton because I feel like I can never keep up with them. Do whatever gives you that reading joy without becoming a chore! Love from an American expat in Taiwan.
            Cahleen Hudson recently posted…Meditations on death, survivalist Mormons, and the book that’s ripping my heart out.My Profile

          2. Yeah, I absolutely agree. If you have children, I don’t even know how you manage to blog at all, and I’m so proud you do 🙂 Twitter can be fun though to just peek in once or twice a day! I sometimes browse it for 10 minutes when getting up (helps to wake up, instead of just snoozing all the time), and then like when I sit down or get a random thought I will post it. You don’t have to spend more time than that, if you can’t spare it 🙂

            Thank you!! <3 I do hope you can find a good schedule for yourself, and KEEP BLOGGING! I'm sure the community will still be fun to hang out with and provide a good distraction from some of the more boring days :) we can be true fangirls (and fanboys)! Sometimes you need that kind of push :)

  30. Nice post Evelina. Comments are such a crucial part of blogging. I would say Iw as not good at all with blog hopping in past year but this year I am trying to do better It really feels bad when people don’t comment back specially on the linkup memes because it takes a whole lot time to go through each blog and comment in them, and naturally you expect a favour.
    But I hope this will help all of us
    Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages recently posted…An Interview with D.E. Night | Author of The Crowns of CroswaldMy Profile

    1. Thank you! Yes, comments help build the community, that’s what I think 🙂 I think you were actually pretty good with blog hopping, as you started out! Because you had quite a few comments quite quickly 🙂 it took me about a half a year to even figure out that I SHOULD do it. I guess because there was no handy newbie post to tell me I should xD I guess I was slow to figure it out 😀

  31. Just wondering… is it weird if someone commented on my post (of course, I reply back on it) then I comment also on their blog. I mean, would they find it annoying if I appear a lot on their notification or something?

    1. Which brings me back to what I just wrote you in that Twitter DM xD at times I now think, commenting back might be harder than the actual blogging. But such is life! When do you manage everything though xD

      But yes, absolutely true! Best people ever. I LOVE the book community!

      Thank you, Cait 🙂 coming from you, this is an amazing compliment, and I really really appreciate it 🙂

  32. This post is super helpful and full of some really important points! One of my resolutions for 2018 was to comment on people’s posts more often and share other people’s work that I’ve enjoyed online, so I’ll be using these tips 🙂

  33. Great post! I am making a concerted effort to stay on top of my commenting this year. I often get discouraged by being snowed under so I am trying to be more methodical. It’s working so far!

    One problem with CommentLuv on Blogger a couple of years ago: I found it only worked in desktop view for visitors. Mobile view would default to Blogger’s own comment system plus, if a person commented via Blogger on mobile, any already existing CommentLuv comments vanished! Exasperating!!
    Stephanie Jane recently posted…What She Left by Rosie Fiore + ExtractMy Profile

    1. Thank you 🙂 yeah, commenting can be tough! But it is rewarding 🙂

      Wait, CommentLuv CAN be on Blogger at all? I thought it was only for WordPress! Live and learn, huh. But yeah, there are a lot of other problems with Blogger on mobile, when it comes to commenting… So yeah.

    1. Thank you, Aj 🙂 oh, you’re right – writing commentable content is definitely a thing. For example, I hate it when some people do their Stacking The Shelves with just the images of their books. Like, what am I even supposed to say? LOL

  34. Great post. Commenting is one of the things I fail at most. Whilst I totally understand comment etiquette finding time to both reply to comments on your own blog and comment back is hard. I do make an effort to comment back though because I know how appreciated it is but I have to hope bloggers are understanding that it may take me about three weeks to do so. It’s definitely something I didn’t grasp as a newbie blogger.
    Becky @ A Fool’s Ingenuity recently posted…My Blogging Problems // No Pressure and Fewer Expectations (It’s OK To Be A Bad Blogger)My Profile

    1. Thanks, Becky 🙂 yeah, it IS hard… It’s hardest to find time. Lately there have been so many comments on my blog (probably due to this series) that I always have a buffer of 100 waiting to be replied and I’d have to visit 30 blogs daily, which I’m just not managing. So I get what you’re saying!

      But yeah, I feel like it’s best to tell this to new bloggers early so they knew how things work and why 🙂

  35. Thanks for your post! I find it really helpful, especially if you’re not sure how to start 🙂 I’m always trying to comment back when I can, but lately things have been more stressful so I’m sadly not able to do so daily. However, I find it a good idea to have a certain time of the day dedicated to comments 🙂 I’m regularly linking up with the #T5W meme and try to visit many links that people post in the group – not only do I get to see what everyone else has chosen for this week’s topic, but I get the most interaction with different blogs & discover new ones 🙂

    1. I know what you mean! I also can’t comment back daily, but I think that’s alright. I try to comment back on weekends 🙂 I’m glad you’re having fun with a meme! Yes, memes are great ways to get a little bit more confidence, traffic and community 🙂

      1. It’s comforting to hear that someone else doesn’t reply back daily, because I sure cannot do that 😮 But commenting back on Weekends is a great idea, because then you typically have the most time to 🙂 I love memes and Readathons & I feel like I always interact a lot when I join them 🙂

        1. Oh yeah, I mean, if we replied daily, we would have no time to sleep 😀 with a fully occupied life, I’m not sure it’s even possible to have time. Oh, and yeah, readathons are awesome 🙂 I would love to participate in one sometime soon, but it’s hard to make time.

          1. That’s true, there are always comments incomming 😀
            Readathons are my favorite thing ♥ I gladly always have a bit of time to participate in Readathons, but it sure can get hard if you have lots to study or work!

  36. I definitely don’t feel as strongly as you that commenting back is necessary, in that I don’t find it rude if someone doesn’t return my comment. I still return comments religiously myself though and I’m much more likely to follow a blogger if we have a back and forth relationship where we both comment on each other’s blog. And I agree completely that commenting is the best way to get comments and that comments shouldn’t be spammy and should almost never include links.

    I do have to admit that I don’t visit every other link in a link-up and I don’t expect everyone else to visit mine. For some link-ups, like Bout of Books, it’s nearly impossible because they’re so large and with specific book review links, I prefer to only comment on posts to which I can reply with something substantive. For me, that is obeying the golden rule – I’d rather get no comment than one that doesn’t really say anything 🙂

    Great post series! Comment etiquette seems like a great thing to introduce to new bloggers, especially since there are some unspoken expectations.
    Katie @ Doing Dewey recently posted…Nonfiction FridayMy Profile

    1. Well, I will agree that I don’t feel it’s too rude if someone doesn’t return my comment once or twice, but when they don’t return A SINGLE ONE in a half a year after me visiting every week? THAT is rude xD although maybe it’s not really rude of them, but stupid of me to keep trying to be their friend 😀 haha.

      Yeah, maybe you’re right – it depends on the KIND of linkup. And yet, since this is a post for new bloggers, I think it’s better to tell them they should do them all ;D since new bloggers usually have less comments, more time and more motivation, it’s easier to make relationships if you simply give more. Plus, it contrasts with the idea of “linksdropping”, which a lot of newbies do just because they don’t know better.

      I also don’t visit everyone on the discussion challenge, BTW. But I visit everyone before me on the Sunday post, and anyone who visits me after that. So I guess, yeah, it does depend on the linkup!

      And thank you 🙂

  37. If I could give newbies one piece of advice it would definitely be this! Always comment back and go and comment on other peoples blogs. I recognise the people on my blog who always comment and I always make an effort to reply to everyone and comment back on their blogs. I usually sit down a couple of times a week and dedicate a certain amount of time to reply to people and go and check out their blogs. It definitely helps! (Also you can definitely tell when someone hasn’t read a post and has just left a generic comment so do actually read the post!). I’m loving these newbies101 posts!!
    Lara @ Words With Lara recently posted…Finally A Holiday || Many Mini Reviews and (maybe) A Holiday PicMy Profile

  38. What a very good post! I think it takes a while for new bloggers (usually) to get into the commenting game and know the relevance of it! Commenting on others peoples posts, and always commenting back just creates new connections with bloggers and it usually blooms into a friendship as well, which is even more valuable than just getting comments! And I’m so behind on commenting back at the moment but I SO going to catch up…
    Olivia Roach recently posted…6 Reasons You Need New Cool Socks!My Profile

  39. Awesome post as usual. And I love how you both collaborated and made this post fun. I agree with every point you mentioned. I love how you actually every person that comments on your blog. Thats something I learnt from you and I have been trying do that as well.

    I am also participating in the commenting365 challenge, where we attempt to find 365 blogs in 365. It is hosted by Nori from readwritelove28.
    Gayathri recently posted…Spotlight Sunday: #03 One with ‘I am too excited to think of a title’My Profile

    1. Thank you! <3 BTW I miss you. Let's talk when you get back from that trip!

      I'm glad I could teach you something 🙂 I always feel like people probably know all this stuff already and I'm just making a fool of myself, saying it all 😀 but I'm glad it's not so.

  40. This is such a great post! My big thing about commenting is that I need to feel like I have something to say, not just “hey great post”. If I don’t have that, I generally don’t leave a comment. I do try to comment back as much as I can, and I try to visit everyone that comments on my blog at least once a week.

    Can’t wait to see what you’re going to write about next.
    Ruby @ Ruby’s Books recently posted…Blog Tour Book Review: Batman: Nightwalker by Marie LuMy Profile

    1. I know this problem, I used to have it too 🙂 I think a lot of bloggers have it at first. But then I joined the Sunday post and somehow commenting got a whole lot easier 😀 practice makes perfect, I guess! 🙂

  41. This is such a great post, thank you for taking the time to write it!! I’m definitely making sure that I respond to any comments I receive on my blog, and trying to check out those people’s blogs as well and comment there. I do need to get better at keeping track of blogs though – I’m following people, but need to be more proactive about going and reading their things!

    1. Thank you! Oh yeah, I know what you mean. But it’s not always easy to do, because of time, mostly. I’ve noticed that blocking off just 5 minutes a day when you’re commuting, waiting or just drinking tea helps immensely 🙂

  42. I’m one of those who always comments back for every comment I receive. So even if it takes me a week to reply, cause of my crazy life, I make sure I do it when I have plenty of time to visit and comment back on every one else’s blog. I always thought this was just how it was, but I’ve found plenty of other bloggers who don’t comment back and well it is what it is. But to me, there’s nothing better than making connections that way – commenting back and forth again and again, it’s one of my favorite aspects of blogging.
    Jen recently posted…BOOK REVIEW: Furyborn by Claire LegrandMy Profile

    1. I agree 🙂 it’s just nice to return the comment. Maybe some times you can’t visit twice when you are visited twice… but hey, at least visit back once. At least that’s what I strive for too 🙂

  43. I’ve stopped taking part in link ups because I realised I never have the time to go back and actually visit all the links, even though I promise myself I will. I feel bad for it after, so I’ve just stopped participating. Now I try to at the very least comment on the posts I find interesting for the blogs I am subscribed to.

    I try, I say, but I don’t always succeed. It’s a work in progress.
    Ara @ Open Pages recently posted…recipe; baked couscousMy Profile

    1. Yeah, linkups are soooo demanding at times. Well, most times 😀 maybe it’s best not to commit, instead of feeling bad later. Or maybe just participate every so often, like once a month or so 🙂

  44. This is a great and really helpful post, I loved it 🙂
    I think it’s so important to acknowledge the comments we get and I am big on commenting back as well. It might take me a little while to get back to everyone and sometimes I know I might forget some people, but I am doing my best. Blogging is all about sharing the bookish love and everything else and comments are an amazing way to do that 🙂
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Books I can’t believe I haven’t read yet (and neither will you)My Profile

    1. Thank you, Marie 🙂 I know you have posted something similar lately too! I think I will be including that post in my January wrapup, where I’ll be listing all my New Blogger posts, and any good posts on the topics that others have posted (like that one of yours, which I have yet to read, cause omg #time). I am missing your blog though, despite the inability to visit you or anyone lately! Been thinking about dropping by a lot, but then time just runs out and goes somewhere, lol.

  45. This is absolutely essential advice! Replying and commenting back are the top ways you can build up a blog following, especially at first. I taught a Blogging 101 class last year at our homeschool co-op and this was the toughest thing to get through to them. They wanted people to magically find them without them putting much work in to build into the blogging community—and they found that they weren’t all that successful because of it. It was frustrating to me!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry: Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    1. WOW, you taught a blogging 101 class!! That’s SO cool!! Yeah, haha, I know… I work in marketing and advertising, and people also always make a website and think that they’re instantly going to have loads of people thronging to their site, as if it’s been posted on some huge ad screen of the internet just by appearing 😀 it’s kind of funny.

  46. Really awesome post, Evelina. Definitely the 101 guide to getting comments. I’ll never leave any comments unreplied since I always love hearing from anyone, especially when I acknowledge that it takes time to read my stuff, to think of what to say and to type it all up for me to see. I appreciate anyone who does it. I’ve tried blog hopping on new blogs for a while until they tried to check out my stuff to see if it would interest them and sometimes I’m saddened by those who don’t bother at all. I just stop and move on though. Connecting with people is no easy task. Especially when you add in the whole blog hopping thing for your favourite bloggers that have always been there for you. Time management is really everything hahah Again, great post, Evelina! 😀
    Lashaan Balasingam recently posted…Borne by Jeff VandermeerMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Lashaan! Yeah, I also really appreciate comments, although lately I’ve been having trouble replying in a timely fashion 😀 they seem to keep catching up to me. This post? 172 comments, holy hell, how and where did they come from?? I am utterly puzzled 😀

      Yeah, I guess it’s true that it helps to separate the people who want to be in the community and who don’t really, um, ‘get it’ 😀 or maybe don’t have the time, that’s also fair.

      Thank you, Lashaan! 🙂

  47. Great post and I love all of the tips you shared. Commenting back and paying return visits to the bloggers who comment on your posts is wonderful not only for the traffic, etc., but also for what I love the most — getting to know my fellow bloggers more, building those relationships that make me love being a part of this community.

    1. I know right, it took me a while as well 🙂 yeah, commenting DOES take up a lot of time. I’ve been struggling with that too! But I’ve always appreciated it especially about you that you always take time to come and comment back 🙂 <3

  48. I’m afraid I don’t have time to comment back on every single person who visits my blog and I think most bloggers understand that. On occasion I do try to go back through recent comments and visit back, but I don’t feel like we need to advocate a quid pro quo model of blogging. My comments are freely given because I’m interested in the post or want to be friendly. I don’t expect anything in return.

    I also prefer quality comments, not comments from people who feel they need to comment back for the sake of commenting back. I can tell some frequent commenters didn’t actually read more than the title of my post. I prefer interactions with people actually interested in the discussion. When people comment and they obviously didn’t read the post, I feel like my answer to that comment is a waste of time because I assume that they won’t read my comment, either.

    1. Some people will feel like that, but most bloggers agree that they don’t experience blog growth before they start reciprocating (sometimes religiously so). I do agree about the time issues though. I am soooo behind on my comments right now for that reason. But I still like to come back and give back to the person who took the time to appreciate my blog content.

      Hm, not reading more than the post title is kind of mean. I always take care to read the full post. What would be the point otherwise? But you’re right, such people exist.

  49. I have had a blog for eight years, and honestly, this is the best form of social media in my mind. Its the best way to not only get more traffic on your site, but create a circle of blogging and bookish friends and there is such a wonderful community out there for bloggers to discover. Commenting though is so VITAL and that has not changed since I started my blog years ago. Its the best way to get new friends and get plenty of comments especially if you do it consistently and with relevance. I also try to take time when I comment though. Because you want to do it sincerely and you will get the same in return!!

    Lovely post you have here.

    1. Yeah, definitely 🙂 and you’ve got that right, not all big blogs do… although I guess it must not be easy when you get so many comments. I can’t even imagine how Cait manages 😀

  50. You are absolutely right that it is standard etiquette to reply to a comment (even if I really don’t know what to say). I really like your suggestion of adding the commentluv plug-in but I don’t think that’s possible with my WordPress version. It really helps though because I often see another interesting blog title that makes me visit another blog!

    1. Yup, the plugins are only available when you’re self hosted (or maybe at least the paid version of WordPress). Yeah, when I was a little blogger, I found a lot of great blogs to follow by following through those links 🙂

  51. Great advice, and by someone who is so good at visiting other people back to comment! I’ve always appreciated that about you. I also get frustrated at being in link-ups and working hard to fully participate and not getting the same consideration from others. Excellent post, thanks so much for this!
    Alyssa recently posted…Book Review: Forever by Judy BlumeMy Profile

    1. Awww, thank you! I’ve always felt like I still miss some people, and I always worry that I do 😀 you set me at ease 🙂 which link ups is it for you, BTW? I guess not everyone has time for linkups.. lately I’ve just been visiting the people who have visited me in the past. I don’t feel like visiting folks who don’t care about me anymore 😛

      1. Even if you do miss a couple, that’s okay. We all have lives and I think we all understand that. 🙂 There were some small monthly review linkups I used to do about a year ago, but I was annoyed because there were only about 20 or so people participating and I still never heard from many people on that list. My thing is, don’t sign up for a linkup if you’re not really going to participate.

        I think it’s fair you only visit people who visit/visited you. Sounds like you’re kept busy with all the replying! You can’t live on the internet and visit every blog. :p
        Alyssa recently posted…Book Review: Gates of Paradise by Melissa de la CruzMy Profile

        1. I’m glad 🙂 thank you!
          Oh man, 20 people and nobody visited? That’s a sucky linkup. You shouldn’t give up linkups altogether though 🙂 maybe try a bigger one, like the Sunday post? But I totally agree. Linkups can be demanding. But they are worth it 🙂
          Yeah, tell me about it 😀 I have been replying comments for two hours… How do I still have 80 unreplied ones? O_o

  52. I am bad at commenting because of being super busy – I am bad at blogging because of being busy, but I always comment back and even if it takes me a week to get back to a blog, when I do I read all the posts I missed and try to comment on them all.

    So there is always a way to make it work and there is no excuse to not return the comment. Also, I keep an excel sheet with the blogs I have to visit in order to make sure I get to them.

    I admit I still have to get better at commenting on all the posts I link up with, but they are also on the list so I am getting to them!
    Andreea recently posted…26 Before 27: Update #2My Profile

    1. I know what you mean, I’ve also been struggling with the comments to lately, especially as there have been quite many on my blog in these past two months xD blogging is tough mostly because of the time constraints! But yeah. Weekends it is! And yeah… linkups can be tough, but in the end, I guess we get so much back from them, don’t we 🙂

  53. I’ll admit that I don’t always have the best comment etiquette (sometimes it takes me ages to comment back, ugggggh), but thankfully I’ve avoided most of the more egregious commenting habits on your list. “Spammer Sam” is a great phrase too — there are some people whose comments I see *everywhere* and they simply say “great review.” Even when the post in question isn’t a review
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly BlackMy Profile

  54. This post is helpful in many ways. Such a great tips for beginners, and for those who want to get comments in general. Thank you for that post, really! 🙂
    I always try to see the other links of those who left their link before me on a linkup, and I try to always write something that has some quality and it’s more than 3 words, but I don’t like comments where you just do it because you’re going to get one on your posts too. I write comments because when I have a new one on my blog it makes me happy so I want to make others happy as well. I just do it for the fun of it 🙂
    Yulia @ My Unprofessional Blog recently posted…Top 5 Wednesday: I didn’t like it, but gladly will talk about itMy Profile

    1. Thank you! I’m glad my post was relevant and helpful 🙂
      Yeah, this “rule” is definitely based on just plain old “being nice” and making people happy 🙂 yeah, I agree that it’s kind of pointless to comment when you have nothing good to say… But when I am visiting back and commenting, I would stil rather write a short comment and showed that I care and I visited and read stuff, even if I am tired and don’t have much to say at the moment 😀 it’s better than silence 🙂

  55. Great advice overall, and I really appreciate the point about visiting AND COMMENTING when people visit and comment on your blog. I was recently mortified to realize that someone who comments frequently on my blog that I never commented back on her blog because I somehow thought she didn’t have one DOES have one. So now I’m trying to read and comment frequently.

    On the other hand, there is no way I would visit and comment on every single blog in a link-up. Personally, I’d rather have no comments than an obvious, “Great post!” that makes it clear the reader didn’t actually have anything to say. I do make a point to set myself a goal (usually between 3-10) of number of posts to visit, and from those, a minimum (usually 3-5) of posts to comment on based on whether or not I have something genuine to say. The exception is the Discussion challenge, where I usually visit the vast majority over the course of the month, because they are always so interesting.

    I love the feature on some blogs where you can see if the blogger responded to your comment without having to either subscribe to ALL the comments, or having to remember where you commented and go check back to see if they answered. It’s probably the only thing I actually regret about choosing Blogger as my platform.

    1. Thank you, Wendy 🙂 oh, you have blogspot – so I can see how it’s harder to follow people back to their blogs – it’s too easy for us WordPress people, as we just sort of click on the name, and that’s that. Not always so with Blogger.

      I, sadly, don’t visit almost everyone on the Discussion challenge, cause it’s just too much. But I visit anyone who has ever visited me on the weekly linkups, cause they are time based (the discussion challenge is different in this regard). So I guess I am also a bad guy with some linkups ;D but I always try to visit back when they comment on my blog, so I would like to believe that I still see those people’s blog posts 🙂

      Yeah, it’s so annoying that Blogger does that reply thing! Hey, you could get Disqus – it’s a good option for Blogger that is both really fast and also automatically notifies people of comments replies 🙂

  56. Such practical advice, but you are so right, many don’t follow. I don’t mind when someone leaves a link on my blog IF it has something to do with the post. For example, if I have a book review, and someone posts that they agreed or disagreed with me and link their own review. I don’t mind.

    I don’t participate in many link-ups, but when I do I always note that other leave their links on my post. I always go and visit & comment on those links that are left on my blog. I have to admit that I am not great at going to the actual link up page and commenting on random blogs. I really only participate in Top Ten Tuesday and Top 5 Wednesday, and the amount of posts are overwhelming. All of this on top of the blogs I follow and try to comment on weekly. Blogging is so much more involved than I ever anticipated.

    1. Thanks, Amanda 🙂 yeah, I agree with you – if people share their review of the book I reviewed and they’re commenting on it, or maybe a related book – that’s great! I’d even appreciate that. It’s more annoying when they just drop their random posts or general blog link. I have CommentLuv installed.. Why do there need to be three links? Aren’t the name CommentLuv fields enough? LOL

      Yeah, I would agree about TTT because that’s a MASSIVE linkup, I don’t think anyone would be able to visit everyone. I also don’t do these huuuuuge posts. Partly because why even link up? Most people there do not know you… Any clicks are probably random, and your own followers will learn about the post from your blog anyway.

      And you’re right! It IS so involved!!

  57. Totally agree Avalina 😀 I get comments if I visit and comment on other blog too 😀 Just found out about comment challenges 😀 thank you for the info 😀

  58. I think a lot of ‘seasoned’ bloggers need to read this! XD

    I think the general rule needs to be: be nice. As much as is possible, do the nice and/or generous thing; if it doesn’t pay off, at least it wasn’t because you were acting like a jerk!

    And yes, make a list of people to comment back to. Even if you tend to look at it, find you’ve only written the first name of the blogger, and then try to remember who you’re talking about (nope… never done that… *shifty glances*)

    I read far more than I comment to though – I think we need to not be shy about commenting, but not feel bad if we *genuinely* have nothing worth saying! It’s better to leave without commenting than to say something just for the sake of saying something! 🙂
    Cee Arr recently posted…Comics Wrap-Up – Vying For Attention From a GirlMy Profile

    1. Haha 😀 thank you! Yeah, it is true that some experienced bloggers also need to know the comment etiquette better.

      You’re absolutely right abou “be nice!”

      Haha, when I make lists, I just copy paste the URLs, so I never really forget where I need to go 😀

      Yeah, you’re right – not being shy about commenting helps, but hey, I’m glad you still read, cause we know there are always those silent readers, but we’re not sure who they are 🙂 but you’re right, if you are not in the mood to comment, then it’s probably better not to!

  59. I always really liked the commentluv option you have on your blog and couldn’t get the plugin to work before, but it seems to work now so I’m installing it. All around good advice, I try to comment back and visit blogs somewhat regularly, but I fell out of being social the last few months. I’m hopping back on the bandwagon though!
    Jamie recently posted…Auschwitz: True Tales from a Grotesque LandMy Profile

  60. I definitely agree! I believe commenting is also a great way to meet (network?) new people and I have formed great friendships through this.

  61. Thank you so much for the tips! I love how the book blogging community embraces and helps newbie book bloggers! I know I appreciate it so much. 🙂

  62. I’m not surprised this is such a popular post! Well written, ladies! There are so many amazing tips in here. I am completely with you on setting aside time to reply to comments. I struggle to make time during my work week, so Sunday nights are typically when I spam all my friends. Oops! I challenge here is that I sometimes don’t see all the comments in my WP Reader. I’m so annoyed with that darn tool. Once a month I have to cycle through my own blog posts to double check I didn’t miss anything!

    Link-ups are great, but they overwhelm me. I only really participate in Top Ten Tuesday. I will admit, I am a bit of a platform snob– I don’t like dealing with the Blogger format, so I avoid commenting on Blogspot blogs via link-ups (unless someone comments on my own blog!). But what’s more important to me is the dialogue. I appreciate it when people come to my blog and reply to my comments, but I want to interact more than a single reply. Those are the bloggers I fall in love with (and probably why I prefer WP or Disqus when I am blogging!) and will keep with me forever.
    Jackie B. recently posted…#AnneReadAlong2017 : Rilla of InglesideMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Jackie 🙂 I can’t believe the number of comments though xD almost 200!!! Like WHAAAAAA O_o

      So, needless to say, I struggle with these amounts too, currently!

      You should install the “Missing reply” plugin though. You wouldn’t have to cycle through your own blog posts that way. It just shows you which ones you’ve not replied! I don’t know what I’d do without that plugin, considering the numbers of comments lately, khm.

      Really? I don’t notice any difference between commenting on a WP blog and a Blogspot blog. I wonder why you feel one? Because once you log in with Google, it just sort of remembers you, and that’s all.

  63. Hello! I have just read your blog from my tweet at @charlotteanndaw thank you so much for commenting your blog! I love it!

    This post was very helpful to me as I’m just starting out still, the only problem I have is finding other book blogs… I don’t want to sign up for Bloglovin (not sure if I like it)

    Thank you for your post!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you visited and like it 🙂 and I’m super glad the post was helpful. Wait, I think I added you to our new bloggers support group? Because if you’ve joined, you probably won’t have the problem of finding new blogs anymore 🙂 also, you can just search for #bookbloggers (the hashtag) on Twitter, and you will find many new people to follow 🙂

  64. Getting comments on my posts is rare for me but when it does happen, I’m overjoyed! I always reply back, even if it’s just to say thank you. And I love commenting on posts because I like to think others also get a bit of joy out of seeing a comment on their post!

  65. This is incredibly helpful. I have been blogging for quite a while now, though this is my first serious attempt at it. I will admit that I am still just getting the hang of commenting back. I’m pretty good at responding to those on my own blog (95% of the time…like I said, work in progress), but am horrible at remembering to visit back. I used to have CommentLuv when my blog was on Blogger but I have switched over to WordPress (not self-hosted yet because oh is that ever scary! lol) so I can’t install that…I don’t think. Anyway, lots more to learn and I am bookmarking your site for future tips. Goodness knows, I need them 🙂

    1. I’m glad you have enjoyed the post 🙂 yeah, commenting can be tough to grasp at first, especially if you’re not very active on social media – that’s where most of the ‘community stuff’ happens 🙂 if you don’t spend a lot of time here, sometimes this info might not reach you.

      I also struggle with responding on my own blog though xD as you can see, cause you left this comment a week ago, and here I am… But time is finite, alas 🙂

      Thank you for bookmarking my site! I am glad I can help, if at least a little bit 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I think nobody knows ths stuff when they start out 😀
      As for linkups, there should be a guest post sometime in the coming months about them her 🙂 with more info!

  66. This is such amazing advice Evelina! I really love how simple you made the post, and how straight forward it is to follow – it’s going to help SO many people! You’re an angel of a blogger you really are! 🙂

  67. What a great post – love this series!

    This is me, by the way, commenting back from oh, let’s say 2 months ago??? Ha ha. At least I’m still coming back! 🙂

    I agree to so many of these things and one of these (linkups) is the reason that I’m not going to do a lot memes any more – because I just don’t have the time to visit everyone on the list! And even when you do go out of your way to visit loads of people, often there’s little to no reciprocation OR there’s a lot of generic kind of comments. Like – Have a great week…. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, but really – I’d like some actual valid interaction… Just saying.

    Anyways – hope to keep getting back to you more regularly! You’re not only a blog that I visit back, but one that I actually FOLLOW and visit for the fun of it! xx
    Di @ Book Reviews by Di recently posted…Review: Traitor to the Throne – Alwyn HamiltonMy Profile

    1. Awww thanks Di 🙂 haven’t seen you around for a while! Glad you’ve surfaced 😀

      Yeah, memes can be hard – that’s totally understandable 🙂 I remember you struggling with the commenting 😀 I mean, if it makes real life harder, then it’s just not worth it 🙂 and yeah, you’re right about generic comments, that is true, unfortunately. I also always wonder whether I should post it on some weeks (when I’m really busy), but I’m so attached to the Sunday post right now, I can’t imagine my blog without it sometimes 🙂

      Awwww thanks! I’m very happy to hear that 🙂 that must be because I’ve always tried to leave meaningful comments on yours 😉 (not, but really – I have!) I’m really glad you’re back, and I definitely haven’t forgotten your blog 🙂 actually, pretty recently I saw a list of bloggers who started in 2016 (me too!) and I was surprised to see you there – I thought you’ve been at it much longer than me! Go figure 🙂

  68. This is such a cool post and I think it’s so important to comment back whenever you have the chance! I think newbies should also know that commenting on other blogs when you’re first starting up is not only nice and supportive, it’s also very helpful because people start to know you and will most probably check your posts and comment back instead of waiting for someone to notice your blog and comment first.
    I admire so much what you do for everyone in this community, you’re so involved! Go you!!! <3

    1. Thank you 🙂 glad you appreciated the post! Oh yeah, you got that right, it’s helpful not just because you start getting into the community, but first and foremost, start having a deeper understanding about blogs – topics, voice, content… Otherwise it’s pretty hard to start out, I think. Learning by example helps 🙂 you find your favorite bloggers and you decide on what you want to become, what you want your voice to be.
      Awww thank you Marta <3 thank you so much, your kind words mean so much :) they really do!

  69. Thanks Evilina for this post! I’m one of those people who is still struggling to get comments, and still fairly new to blogging. Love all of the ideas for getting loads of comments, and the idea of comment challenges was something I didn’t even knew existed. And I’ll definitely be bookmarking this post and coming back to it.

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