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[Discussion] Do We Create Too Much Content? Should We Just Breathe Already? Or..?

So lately I’ve been getting sort of tired of my #NewBloggers 101 feature, and all the calendar based properness of my blog. It’s just.. it’s tiring. Want to know why #NewBloggers is tiring? While I appreciate people helping out and writing guest posts so much, and kudos to the ones who did a wonderful job (you know who you are!), sometimes it can get… a little much. First of all, if it’s a group post, it means you’ll be juggling conversations for WEEKS. If it’s not a group post… It can still be a hassle. For example, right now, I am stuck about one post – a person has left me hanging. It has already been pushed back twice. I don’t know if we’re even posting it anymore. And even if it goes cleanly – I still have to format and schedule, and.. it’s still a lot of work.

So thank you again to all of you who made it super easy for me and sent everything in real quick. But I think I need a break. I hope you don’t mind?

I know some of you have looked forward to the #NewBloggers features a lot, but… I’m tired. And my blog’s starting to feel like a chore. So I’ve started thinking…

Do We Create Too Much Content?

I know someone’s already talked about it. There was a post, I think it might have even been Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts, but I don’t have the link currently. But my thoughts stray from that idea a little bit… I do believe that some of us (*points at herself*) might just be doing a little too much work. Cause… I know it’s fun while it’s fun, but if it starts feeling like work..?

And there’s another thing to consider.

What If We Wrote Less, But Socialized With Each Other More?

Don’t roll your eyes at me! I know creating content is important, but hell… We write all this content, but do we have time to read what others have written? Do we appreciate it? Or are we just running in the consumerist cycle, too fast to notice anything?

One of my good examples here could be Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books. The amount of love she extends to others by blog hopping truly impresses me, and that’s why I think it’s a good model of blogging. And it’s a way to reach out and make it about others rather than making it about yourself.

I’m starting to become bored with writing and not having time to respond to my comments. And with having three different readers and never having any time to read your posts on them. So I’ve decided, for the upcoming weeks, you might be getting less posts from me. They might be less on schedule, more random. More when I feel like writing them, unless it’s a scheduled review. I miss the times when I posted whenever I wanted.

And more than that, I miss visiting you all. What I want to do right now, is remember the blogs I loved. Return to reading what you all have to say. Instead of worrying about my schedules. I hope that won’t cause you to forget me. Hopefully you’ll see me more at your side this way!

We’ll see how this works. What are your thoughts on this?

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

37 thoughts on “[Discussion] Do We Create Too Much Content? Should We Just Breathe Already? Or..?

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you feel this way, Evelina! ❤ I truly understand this feeling, this last month has been especially pressuring for me when it comes to writing posts as well. I guess it gets a bit overwhelming at times and it’s okay to take a break (in any way) from it ❤
    I hope it works and that you feel recharged, you do a lot for the community and I hope you know that we appreciate and love you!

  2. I honestly agree so much with this post. There comes a point when even something you love can start to feel like a chore and I’ve been feeling that way about blogging. All of the deadlines and stress associated with writing up posts and scheduling them means I spend less time enjoying the process. I’ve also been spending less time blog hopping and seeing what everyone else is up to and it seriously sucks! I totally understand why you are taking a break and you deserve it! ❤

  3. Valid points. I think once April is over and I’ve scheduled everything I’ll be rejigging my schedule. Since I’m not going to keep up with posting every day sometimes it’s twice a day. Like I’m a fast writer and everything but sometimes I want to do other things, and the schedule I set myself was insane. BUT that all said I’m glad I experienced it, so I can better find a schedule that suits me. Loved the post though 🙂
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  4. Some of my favorite bloggers are people who post once per week, or even once per month. Their posts always have far superior content, and they always comment on my blog posts, too. I think creating so many smaller posts make it hard for readers because they have to choose between reading the post, skipping posts and feeling guilty, and wanting to be engaged with deep, meaningful content. How meaningful are the comments on a “fluff” post anyway? How deep into a conversation do readers want to get when they know a new post will pop up tomorrow and the blogger isn’t really focusing on any one conversation?

  5. It’s called burnout and it happens to all bloggers! I used to think it was the end of the world if I had to take a break because life got in the way, or I just didn’t feel like writing reviews (!!) but now I just realize that it’s better to blog less or even take a week or two off completely, than to post content that isn’t really “you.” Taking a break always helps me recharge and then I get super excited to blog again! And sometimes it’s nice to just visit other bloggers without worrying about your own blog:-)
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted…The Friday Face-Off – PanoramaMy Profile

  6. I completely agree with you, I have been feeling the same way for some time now. I feel like I produce so much content every week that I take away time from responding and blog hopping. Especially with working another job full time, it’s hard to keep up with it all. I think it’s great what you’re doing!

  7. This is a great discussion! I get it. You’ve been gangbusters with #NewBloggers 101 (and kudos to you for that, I think it’s been GREAT for new and old bloggers alike) but yeah, I’m sure it’s a ton of work too! Give yourself a break- you’re right, this is supposed to be fun, and about talking to each other about books, and shouldn’t seem like a chore. It’s easy to happen though. And visiting… like Tammy said, sometimes I just like t visit some blogs and worry about posts later. 🙂
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  8. I most definitely know where you’re coming from here! For a while I was posting twice a week, but that meant that I didn’t have much time to interact with other bloggers. Now I post once a week and have wayyyyy more time to blog-hop and comment on other peoples posts and reply to the ones on my own… I’m still trying to figure out the perfect balance but I’m slowly getting there!
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  9. Ooh I definitely see where you’re coming from because nooo I DON’T have enough time to read tons of blogs. *cries* I only post 3 x a week (and reviews aren’t hard because I review everything anyway haha) but I often end up on my off-blogging days just recovering and still not getting a ton of blog reading done. Whoops. I feel like lots of comments have dropped off too?! And maybe it’s because we all just don’t have time to create + interact. Although I get sad when my faves don’t post…so HOW DO WE WIN.
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  10. I love this idea! I know for a fact that I’m bone exhausted from juggling school life and blogging life and I just lost my line of thought. Wow.

    There’s a lott of stress, is what I’m trying to say. Do what’s best for you!
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    1. Thanks 🙂 yeah, we all just try too much I think. And this is the season when it gets too much, I guess xD the summer should be easier for you at least, I hope, cause there will be some sort of a vacation or time off, won’t there 🙂

  11. I think you bring up a really good point! Since I started book blogging I’ve struggled to find the perfect balance between publishing posts and also visiting blogs. I love to talk about the books I’ve read but I also love discovering new books through the awesome blogs I read. I think it’s a good idea to slow down and enjoy the blogosphere!
    Anna Pittman recently posted…5 Sequels I can’t believe I haven’t read yetMy Profile

    1. Yup, balance here is the keyword 🙂 god knows I haven’t found mine, I opened the blog to 258 unreplied comments from the past two weeks xD gosh 😀 no balance here xD but I’m trying to figure it out 🙂

  12. Oh wow, thank you so, so much for thinking of me in your post, this means a whole lot <3 <3 <3
    I get where you come from, it is so hard to find the right balance between putting ourselves out there, writing original content, writing what we love, but also sharing the love around the community, visiting blogs and everything else. Really, for me, commenting, visiting other blogs and spreading the love is just as important as putting my content out there and such an integrant part of book blogging and feeling part of the community 🙂
    Really, best thing to do when you are feeling a bit burn-out like that, is to take a step back. You are doing amazing and doing so, so much, it's also important to step back, maybe publish less if it makes you feel less stressful, take your time with everything blogging and try not to rush with everything. That's something I am trying to do lately, more and more and it makes me feel less stressed 🙂 x
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Talking about my WIP in GIFs (and sharing! snippets!!)My Profile

    1. Thank you 🙂 of course I will always think of you! I really admire your blog, although perhaps I don’t visit often enough 🙂

      And thanks for saying that! But I always feel like my blog is kind of a failure – bloggers who have been blogging the same amount or less than me have double the followers, and my stats seem to be crawling up at a snail’s pace, so I’ve always felt like I just fail at this. It’s kind of silly -.- I’ll definitely be publishing less now – or rather, I think it’s just the schedule that is killing me. I might still be publishing a lot some weeks, but I won’t push myself to do it when I don’t feel like it. It’s not worth it! Just makes me tired.

      And I think I’ll also be blog hopping more 🙂 cause it’s fun…

    1. Thanks 🙂 I actually still haven’t come up with a plan on how to do this in reality xD (I am facing 230 unreplied comments so far xD)… I don’t know if I’ll actually post less, cause review copies will be review copies, but still 🙂 at least there’s less mental pressure to always be on time. Sometimes decisions make a world of difference 🙂

  13. I was thinking today that Evelina hasn’t posted on Monday and neither today, is everything fine with her? And I opened Feedly and here was your post Somehow I didn’t get your notification.
    Anyhow, I can totally understand your feeings here. I too was feeling a lot liek this lately and almost dropped this Monday and Thesday posts.. but ended up writing them last minute yeah yesterday’s post was published at 11:45 PM
    I don’t know why this feeling is there.. I know my time is really limited but yet within that time too, sometimes I don’t feel like writing anything. And I too feel bad about not returning the comments. I even turned on the notifications for the #shareyourposts channel in out discord group in the hope thag as soon as anyone would post there, I will read that instantly. But yet I am failing because most of the time I am in office and in between some imp. work
    I am glad you mentioned Marie. She is really amazing with the blog hopping thing and I have learned a good thing about her commenting system and even Cait follows the same thinb. As soon as a person comments on my post, after replying I try to go to that person’s blog and comment on their latest papt. In this way, I don’t have to find separate time for blog hopping

    But I feel it is okay to take a break. I can understand hiw difficult it is to manage guest posts. I too thought about contacting you for #newbloggers series but I actually didn’t because I was not sure if I could give you the content on time. Because ai am not even able to schedule my own posts, I write them instantly. However, if you would like to tell what’s that topic that’s postponed, I can try if it’s in my niche

    And most importantly take a little break and enjoy. I hope you come back more refreshing ❤️
    Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages recently posted…Ten Beautiful Libraries I Want to Visit (If I ever get a chance to go on the world tour)!My Profile

    1. Aw, that is incredibly sweet of you 🙂 thank you for remembering me!

      I think I am going to take it easy (easier xD) with the posts because it’s just not fun anymore sometimes. I just want to bring the fun back into blogging 🙂

      I understand what you mean about commenting. It’s also too hard to blog hop, especially when you’re full time like you are! So I think you shouldn’t push yourself – you will lose your love for the blog, and that’s just not good. Better less quantity, but more quality 🙂 and also, selfcare and free time is very important too – I think you’re reaching a breaking point, just like I did – it’s just not worth it to keep pushing yourself. You have to have fun 🙂 otherwise you won’t be able to carry on!

      Oh, I would love to have a guest post from you 🙂 what topic were you thinking about? We can just make it relaxed and take it easy and not set a date for your guest post, but post it when you are done 🙂 since now I have my own discussion posts as well. If you would like to guest post, just write me a message, email or DM and we’ll figure something out 🙂

      1. Haha yes, I am going to take it down really slow now. If I am about to miss a post on a particular day, I will just let it be 🙂
        Hmm I have no idea right now, but I will think of some topic and will get back to you. But please consider in advance that my English is particularly not that good, so you might need to do a heavy editing 😛
        Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages recently posted…Editions Club #2 | Penguin ModernMy Profile

  14. I love this and you make some excellent points, Evelina! I’ve found that I work harder to schedule in blog hopping and commenting than I do writing posts, which I peck away at when I have the time. And I’m definitely posting more content now than I’d like to in an average month, just because I know that schedule isn’t sustainable long-term. Thankfully I’m already eyeing the summer as a time to re-organize and prioritize, particularly with reviews! I think some of it stems from a fear of being overlooked or forgotten? When, when I think about it, is kind of silly because if you take some of your blogging time and spend it reading, commenting, and talking with other bloggers then it’s hard to forget about a person! There’s an undeniable pressure to produce content, even if we mostly place it on ourselves, but hopefully by talking about it we can alleviate it at least a little 🙂
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  15. Amen, Sister! While I *have* a document I use to schedule my posts (thank you for that!), I don’t stick to a firm posting schedule. Instead, I stick to a set of posts I’d like to publish each month. Where they appear, they appear. Sometimes, life is too hard! We don’t have time to do all of this. And it should never, EVER become a chore.

    (Well. Unless your blog is down and chaos is happening and why is technology so haaaaard?!?!?)

    I’m sorry you’re feeling run down. Particularly when it comes to #NewBlogger101! But I’m glad you’ve recognized your need and you’re taking a break. Post when you want. We’ll still be here. Always. <3 <3 <3
    Jackie B recently posted…Hiatus Update #3My Profile

  16. Best of luck with it! I would love to do this in theory, but in reality I’m someone who finds it almost impossible to break a habit once it’s established, and my habit is to make sure I have at least one review, guest post, interview, or something on the site every day.

    I want to get down to 1 post a day, but I’m afraid my views will drop if I do, so. ..aaaaargh.
    Lilyn George recently posted…Press Release & Trailer: Syfy’s HoverMy Profile

  17. I. Love. This. Post. Everything about it resonates with me. As a new blogger, you’d think I wouldn’t be sitting over here thinking about burn-out all the time, but I tend to overanalyze everything and I couldn’t help but notice a few things almost immediately after I started blogging:

    1. Blogging, while fun, takes away time from reading.

    2. Book blogging is not a paid job for most of us (and according to my research, it’s like the hardest blogging niche to somehow get an income from), and it takes away time from doing something I could be getting paid for. I want to break into freelance writing, so for me writing on my blog directly competes with writing pitches to potential paying clients.

    3. If you really want your blog to grow, it’s better to also be active on Twitter, which also takes a lot of time.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever googled “slow blogging”, but someone wrote an entire manifesto about it. I’ve decided to adopt that mindset for my blog, but it’s really hard for me to purposefully not go all out on something. I’ve also realized that I don’t have time to be on Twitter and blog hop, so I’m choosing blog hopping and commenting. I totally agree with what you said about that being the best way to show love (maybe you didn’t say that exactly, but I took that as the point ha ha).

    Personally, I actual prefer it when bloggers only post once or twice a week because then I can keep up more easily ha ha. My goal now is to just do the Sunday Post as my weekly wrap-up and one other post during the week, then blog hop on the days I don’t post (which is almost every day lol).

    However you decide to blog, you’ll be fine. You write compelling content and you’re so warm and friendly, so however often you post is totally up to you!
    Cahleen Hudson recently posted…The week of finishing no books, but starting lots of great ones!My Profile

  18. I do not have a huge, wonderful feature such as your #NewBloggers101 but I love this post with my whole heart <3 And I can only imagine the time, commitment and exhaustion. I am not able to keep up with the regular content, so I feel like you have rocked it at this point. The important thing is doing what works best for you, your sanity and helps you continue to enjoy this journey – xx
    Danielle recently posted…You Choose, I Read!My Profile

  19. YES! I agree that the way Marie goes about sharing love even with those like me who are not the most consistent commenter are stellar! She is my blog hopper role model. I actually struggle with the socializing part of blogging though I love to read what others think and to hear their opinions… So making content is a safety for me… But I’ve learned that you must do whats best for you and if writing is a chore then taking a step back and socializing is what you should do. Distance did always make the heart grow fonder… <3
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    1. Yup, agreed, she is also my model blog hopper 🙂 aw, that’s sweet about distance, and I guess you’re right 😀 I always do appreciate your comments, and I feel like you’re consistent for sure when it comes to commenting on my blog, haha 😀 and you always share my stuff! So I’m always thankful for that 🙂

  20. Yessss, so much time and effort is put into blogging & taking photographs that I don’t always get a chance to blog hop or comment. It’s something I’ll need to put time aside everyday for.

    Marie is honestly the queen of blog hopping hehe!

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