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State of the ARC #1 Introducing new meme!

I’ve been wanting to get started with this meme for a few months now, but didn’t have the time to finish the idea up. However, I have been walking around laughing like a little nerd about the name I came up with though – State of the ARC! How ingenious, Evelina.

But anyway! State of the ARC is meant to be a meme for tracking your ARC progress! I’m sure I’ll figure out the format I want to do it in, given time, but it will be at least monthly, maybe even bi-weekly, we’ll see! And I also want to give you all a chance to link up your own ARC posts! I know a lot of you do them already, so your post name can (and probably should) be whatever you want it to be, as long as you mention that you’re linking up with State of the ARC @ AvalinahsBooks, which is a fun way to share our ARC progress, challenges, wins, woes and mishaps – and don’t forget to include the link to this post! You can grab my picture too, if you want. Impatiently waiting for you all to hop along ❤ Let’s not forget we should all visit each other’s State of the ARC posts and comment. Have fun!

~ Current State of the ARC ~

So let’s see how many unread and unreviewed ARCs I have! My main sources of ARCs are NetGalley and Edelweiss, with quite a few old ARCs from Story Cartel (that I’m not going to read all of… don’t tell anyone) and a handful of old author-supplied ARCs. My main goal right now is to cut down on NetGalley ARCs, since the Story Cartel and author ones are so few in comparison and mostly so old. I’m not even taking into account the freebies. So here are my charts:

State of the ARC stats - August

As you can see, I have almost a hundred ARCs ready for the reading!

~ In The Works ~

Now let’s talk about the ones I’m either currently reading, or have finished and am writing a review for. This is so I could get a sliver of hope about my progress!!

The Punch Escrow The Growing Season Endurance: My Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery The Golden House Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Frontier Landscapes that Inspired the Little House Books

I’ve finished buddy-reading the Punch Escrow with Paul – we should be both posting an interactive review once we’re done! The writing in this book is great, quick and witty – reminds me of Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London series) and Matt Wallace (Sin du Jour series), and in general it’s one hell of a smart, sassy sci-fi book. The Growing Season was a great book about what happens to society once everyone can have babies – men and women alike. I read this book during my vacation and I’ll be posting the review in the beginning of September. Truly recommended! Endurance is Scott Kelly’s memoir of a year in the ISS (the space station), along with stories of his road towards becoming an astronaut. I’m enjoying it! Wish I could say the same about The Golden House, cause although it’s by a really famous author, I don’t feel like it’s for me. And last but not least – two non-fiction titles – Quackery, which is a really great book about all sorts of quacks in the history of the western world, and The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder, which explores the realities of life this writer’s family might have experienced at the time.

Out of all these, I would say, go for The Growing Season, Endurance, Punch Escrow and Quackery.

~ Let’s Get Motivated! ~

This part is meant to hype me up to read more of those stashed ARCs! So let’s see if I’ve got something interesting in there… If you’ve heard about these, I would love to hear your opinion!

The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me Red Blood, Yellow Skin  Wings to Fly

My reasons? The Foundling really excited me back when I got approved for it. But it’s a book about a child being kidnapped, and finally when I had time to read it, I felt too down for a story like that. I would love to finally read it though! Red Blood, Yellow Skin is a story of a girl’s survival in war-torn Vietnam, so that’s automatically interesting, if a little bit dark too. And I have a ridiculous reason for being motivated for Wings To Fly – I’ve had a beautiful Bookstagram photo for it for months!! And I just really want to use it already. LOL!

So that’s it for my State of the ARC this month! Please tell me about yours by linking your post in the linky. Just don’t forget to link back to this post and visit everyone else on the list, and… have fun!

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

68 thoughts on “State of the ARC #1 Introducing new meme!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you like it! For now – definitely monthly. I’m still not sure how the linky works or when I closes (don’t tell anyone! XD it just.. doesn’t say anywhere? I didn’t set it to any day, really), but the sooner you post and link up, the more people will visit your link too 🙂 also, maybe you could RT? I am so glad you want to participate, excited to see your post!!

        1. You’re a hero. I am behind and I still request 😀 #fearless (also #silly :D)
          I just request on NetGalley and Edelweiss, so not so many tips, except fill out your profile and hit the button xD

  1. If I only included my digital ARCs, I would have 72 unread. It sounds bad, but I read about 20-25 books a month, and a bunch are for next year. There are so many releases in Sept and Oct, but I am working on them. *I am not counting the ARCs my co-blogger got at BEA.

    1. How do you read so many xD it actually IS bad for me – I only read 10 a month!
      I also had quite a bit of ARCs for September, but still, my biggest problem is the super old rusty ARCs!

        1. You must be a very fast reader, to top it off, too. How long is your commute? Sorry if I’ve already asked 😀 my memory… 😀

          1. Well, I don’t read that much SFF (wish I did, but good stuff is tough to find). But yeah, 3 hours is a lot! I can see how you have a lot of time to read. Reading during a commute it easier too, because there’s literally nothing else to do 😀 at home it’s easier to get distracted.

  2. This is a great idea to get people looking at their pile of ARCs and (hopefully) reading more of them! HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MANY NETGALLEY ARCS!? I only have about 4… but you’ve probably been on there much longer than me XD Right now I’m actually trying to get through some Netgalley ARCs before getting back to my other reads.
    Elise @ Roaming Reader recently posted…Blogger Recognition AwardMy Profile

    1. 4, wow xD yes, I downloaded like 50 before I even blogged, before I knew what the ratio even was. BIG. MISTAKE. 😀 still suffering the effects almost two years later… lol!

    1. From all the answers, I feel like ARCs have suddenly gone out of fashion, cause everyone says they’re not requesting them anymore 😀 #allalone

  3. Ooh yay! Linkups are great fun. I actually confess though….omg I can’t even believe it myself…BUT I ONLY HAVE 3 NETGALLEY BOOKS LEFT. WHO AM I. WHAT IS THIS LIFE. If I actually get on top of my ARcs what will I even complain about all the time? Good thing I still have a room full of books haha. Ahem. Anyway GOOD LUCK WITH THIS!!
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Should We Actually Read More Underrated Books? Ft. Very Very Dramatic Pros vs Cons ListMy Profile

    1. I am so weirded out right now, cause I have opened my heart and soul to air out all the hundred ARCs that I have, and everyone else always says “OH YES MILLIONS!”, and suddenly… I’m the only one with as many? 😀 what’s up? The worst bit is they keep saying they don’t request ARCs anymore..? When did that go out of fashion? xD I am very honestly weirded out now 😀
      But thanks 😀

      1. Ok, I’d really love to take part in this, but being quite new to the blogosphere I’m not quite au fait with some of the terminology.
        So the idea is; I write a blog post about my ARCs, and the state of them. Within that post I link back to this blog post? Is there a particular tag to use? Can I tag or @ you as you would on twitter or something?
        thank you for your patience!

        1. Yes, it’s quite simple 🙂 you write a post, you can call it whatever you like, your format is also your choice. The only requirements are:
          1. You put a little sentence at the top, something like “State of the ARC is a monthly meme created by Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks and I am linking up”, and you put the link on my blog name, the link to the current State of the ARC post. Very simple! 🙂
          2. You come to my blog and submit your blog post link to the linky (at the bottom of the post)
          3. You visit everyone else that is on the same linky and comment on their blogs. The link up is meant to get us all to see and visit each other’s posts 🙂
          And of course you can tag me on Twitter when you post your post. I can retweet and your post then gets more views. So sure 🙂

          You might have seen similar stuff on my Sunday post, if you have noticed, every Sunday post I do begins with “I am linking up with…” 🙂 so it’s something like that! Every member says who they’re linking up with when they post.
          And it’s no trouble at all to explain, we’ve all been new 🙂 I just hope you want to and can join! The meme will be more fun once more people join up, this is just the first issue, so not many folks know about it. Next month it should be more lively!

    1. Yay! Thanks for joining 🙂 it’s hard to get a meme going at first, I guess 🙂 so I’m so glad you want to come play with me, haha xD
      I guess I can motivate you all simply by just having a huge ARC TBR? 😀 I guess that’s… good? 😀

    1. Oh, I’m glad you did 🙂 hope you get at least a few of those! Getting approved can be tough at first, so if you get denied for a few, don’t be discouraged. It takes time! Although who knows, maybe you’ll just get approved for most! Keep me posted about how you did, and I hope you can do the next linkup. I am planning it for the last week of August so far 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m so happy you’re interested. Thank you 🙂 I am planning the next one for the last week of September, so feel free to link up with either one 🙂 I hope it’s going to be loads of fun for everyone.

  4. LOVE this idea for a monthly (that’s my vote) meme Evelina! Don’t feel bad about your “State of the ARC” since I am not fairing much better lol Out of 76 ARCs, I’ve read & reviewed 22, have 7 read but not reviewed, and have 47 ARCs left to read & review. I would love to cut this number in half by the end of the year… but that is probably a little ambitious lol

    1. Yay, thanks! Yes, I’m also thinking it doesn’t need to be more than a monthly meme. It mostly makes sense to catch up with your reading stats once a month 🙂
      Wow! You’re THE FIRST ONE to have numbers almost (almost!) like mine! Come and join the meme when you’re back to our little world, as I think you’re still taking a break, right? Thanks for dropping by during a hiatus, especially 🙂
      P.S. started to read the third Anne yesterday!

  5. I got you beat, Evelina, don’t worry 😉 I have 197 ARCs to read on my kindle right now. Quite a few of them are unsolicited, though, so I don’t feel too stressed out about them.
    The ones I have requested is a whole other story, though, as I have a lot of those, too. And some have been on my kindle for a very long time.
    I do try to play catch up every now and then, but I don’t really have a plan, as I’m a total mood reader.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Weekend Wrap-up #202 – First Week of SchoolMy Profile

    1. You’re THE FIRST ONE who said that! XD thank god I’m not alone 😀 and you’re a seasoned blogger too! So it’s not just me and my newbie problems, lol 😀 (although it could be a point of discussion whether I’m still a newbie at nearly a year, or not :D)
      If it’s unsolicited, I totally get it! I mostly worry about NetGalley ones that affect my ratio though. Well, you know all of that well, I’m sure 🙂

    1. Well then, buckle up and join in for the last week of September! 🙂 setting a challenge always helps. I’m thinking that maybe I need to set a challenge for each month too… I’ll think about it and maybe put it in the next one 🙂 should be around September 27th.

  6. Pft, I love your meme title. Keep it. It’s amazing! And it definitely made me giggle. 😉

    I love all your charts– I wish I could get the Infogram plugin to work for my blog! Alas. I really need to do something like this. Perhaps I’ll join you in the future? I don’t read my ARCs often enough since I have so many book club books to keep on top of. It’s dangerous. I have double digit books to review and I don’t even use StoryCartel or Edelweiss yet! I am trying to stay away from it as long as possible, honestly… but who knows how long that can last?

    As far as link-ups are concerned, do you want a stand-alone post for this? I might join you monthly, but I’m not great at this sort of recurring meme. Would it be cool if I included this in my Month in Review posts? What else do you hope to add to these going forward?
    Jackie B. recently posted…Snow CrashMy Profile

    1. I’m glad it made you giggle 😀
      Actually, I’m going to have to ditch the infogram plugin ;_; because it turns out you can only have ten different ones for free, then you have to pay. So I’ll just be making a picture and uploading it now 🙂 oh well!
      Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t get into Edelweiss xD it’s like double-NetGalley, especially because IT HAS NO RATIO. I’m not sure they can even see what you download!
      Yeah, you can totally join for just the one time. Whatever you like. You can link the Month in Review if you want, as long as it links up to my post and as long as you talk about your ARC progress in it 😀

  7. Great idea! I have only 5 recent ones though that I hope to work through this month, haha. But it is good to get a handle on the arcs. Sometimes that can get so out of control. I was glad I was aware of that before I started blogging, haha.
    Annemieke recently posted…Dancing Out of August 2017My Profile

  8. After reading people’s comments, I feel so horrible about all the review copies I have. I’ve reviewed 265 out of 621. Four were DNF because I couldn’t get through them. So that leaves 356 to do. Of course, some of them are ones I didn’t request, but I still plan to read them…someday.

    I’m thinking about starting a project to read a little of each one to see if I even want to continue. I could probably knock out a lot of them by DNFing the bad ones, because I made the mistake at first of saying “yes” to every author who asked me to review a book. There’s a bunch I’ve gone back to, over and over, and haven’t been able to get through.

    I guess I shouldn’t feel too, too bad because my blogging partner has like over 500 just on Netgalley. I have no idea how many she’d have if you counted all her author sent books, Edelweiss, Library Thing, etc.. Probably more than she could read in her lifetime, lol.

    So don’t feel too bad about your 100. I wish I only had that many!
    Jen @ BTH Reviews recently posted…Top Book Release Picks for Today – September 5, 2017My Profile

    1. Hey, come on – unsolicited review copies are different!! You never asked for them 🙂 they shouldn’t go in the count, or maybe should have their separate count. It’s not fair to shower books you might not care about on you and expect you to just gobble them all up.

      But that said, it’s a huge number 😀 I have a lot too though! And I’m sure you’ve been blogging more than me. But maybe this is exactly why you should join State of the ARC 🙂

      Also, I agree about the DNFs – I have friends who post reviews for DNFs, simply by giving no star rating, but stating the reasons why they DNFed in the review (Goodreads, no need to review on blog even). This could solve your problem. I see no reason why you should torture yourself through a book just to end up giving a 1 or 2 star review? Maybe it’s best to just give it a DNF and say why?

      1. I agree that the unsolicited shouldn’t count. That’s why I gave them a separate column on my spreadsheet. I just included in the total because they are still on my list of books I’ve received for review, for now at least. I started a challenge to purge my TBR, which will take care of some of the review copies. And I’ll still participate in the State of the ARC. I also have some challenges in mind for myself for what I call “prep books,” which are all the books in a series that I have to read before I can even get to the ARC I have. If I can keep moving slowly forward in the series, maybe I’ll eventually get to the ARCs. Another challenge I’m thinking about is to deal with all my ebooks, especially the free downloads.
        I don’t usually write 1 or 2 star reviews. What I used to do is stop reading and tell myself to try again later. But, I’d never actually do it. That’s why DNFing is probably a good idea. Just get them off the list, which is what my TBR Purge Challenge is mostly about.
        Thanks for getting me motivated!
        Jen @ BTH Reviews recently posted…TBR Purge ChallengeMy Profile

        1. Yes, exactly. That’s why DNFing is important 🙂
          A separate shelf for unsolicited… good idea 🙂 I’ve also received an unsolicited ARC this week, so I was wondering how to feel about that and whether I should count it towards my stats xD
          My pleasure to keep you motivated 🙂 I’m very happy to hear that you’ll join State of the ARC!

  9. Wow, this is so much 🙂 I would definitely try to write a post as soon as possible. I am under a huge NetGalley pile myself 😀 And thank you for following me, at least I got to know and see your beautiful blog.

    1. Thanks! You are very welcome to join this post at the end of September if you want to try and shrink your own NetGalley pile! 🙂 I’ll have another linkup. Thanks for visiting 🙂

        1. I will be posting it at the end of each month, to look at your monthly progress 🙂 so you can post yours at like… the beginning of the month, and look at last month, and link up 🙂 for example, I post on 30th or something similar, so then you can post on the 1st and you look back on the month 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like it, please join in the next post that is coming up on the last week of September! Would love to have you in the link up 🙂

    1. Yay! You’re making me super happy! I will be doing one on the last week of September 🙂 I’d be so happy if you joined too.

  10. I love this idea. I will try to have a post ready for the next link-up, which I figure will be at the end of the month, right. I’m a little worried though. At a quick glance it looks like I have like 93 old ones on NetGalley and 9 current and that doesn’t count any physical ARCs I have laying around. Good news is I know I wrote a review for one that i just haven’t submitted yet.

    1. It sounds like you’re the perfect candidate for the linkup then! Yes, the next issue will be at the end of September 🙂 something around 27-29, can’t give you an exact date quite yet because I am having such a difficult month I haven’t got any time for the planning! Whoops.
      Glad you already have one review down though!

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