Discussion: Crave Book + Buy Book = Put It Away? Or how do I finally start reading that one??

Now I know this is going to resonate with some of you strongly. Jackie @ Death By Tsundoku has a whole blog named after this phenomenon. Cait @ Paper Fury has mentioned to me time and again the intricacies of her delicate relationship with Gemina as well. I could pull up more examples, but you all know what I’m talking about here – this post will be about the phenomenon of craving a book first and then… somehow never getting to it?

So I’ve decided to look at it through the seasons of the book. Yes, I’m just trying to be fancy here.

sir cat

In more simple language, I mean to go through the stages we all experience when this phenomenon takes place and see how much you can relate. Mmkay? So let’s go.

Stage 1. Crave book madly

give it to me

We go through this stage regardless of us being able to get a book later on or not. It’s one of those we just must acquire. Our lives depend on it, and help us God if we don’t somehow make it possible for ourselves to obtain the dream.

Stage 2. Invest time/money into getting book

throwing money

Once we finally make up our minds we’re getting it, no matter what/how much it costs, we waste no time to get to action. It’s as good as ours now.

Stage 3. Embrace book, Bookstagram it, dance with it

disney princess dance

I would venture to say that this could be the happiest moment you’ll ever have with the book. You caress its beautiful pages and cover. You carry it around with you as if it was a wee lass, entrusted to your care. You pet it like a kitty. Might as well dance with it when the shades are drawn. NOBODY WILL KNOW. But you don’t start reading it. Oooooh noooo, not yet. Have you no decency?

Stage 4. Stare at book for 2 weeks

I've got my eyes on you

This is the bit where it starts getting confusing. You wanted the book. You have the book. You are not reading the book. What..? Your system doesn’t quite compute, but you are too puzzled to fight yourself over it. So you try to just wait it out. “The time will come.”

Stage 5. Fail to start reading it

But the time doesn’t come! It’s been a month, maybe… Maybe even more! You’re getting truly uncomfortable now. You’ve taken all the possible Bookstagram pics from any angle you can conceive of, you’re tweeted every single detail about it (…and how you crave to start reading it, any day now…), but… The time just doesn’t come. You quietly put the book away. Lest it stare at you at night. And silently move away from the shelf. #theshame

cone of shame

Stage 6. Wonder about self

This bit should really happen to any single one of you who still has a #bookworm heart. If some of you don’t reach this stage after leaving the book all alone like that, then… You either deserve respect, or pity. Cause either you’ve dealt with your bookish conscience so well you don’t need no man… err, anyone telling you how to live. Or, you just don’t have any #bookish heart anymore.

grinch heart

So these are the stages of getting a craved book, but never reading it. Have you experienced those? Maybe I missed one? I want to hear all your opinions of it. And share my post please!

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

82 thoughts on “Discussion: Crave Book + Buy Book = Put It Away? Or how do I finally start reading that one??

  1. Yes, yes, and YES!! This is so accurate. Many times I have bought a book in the sheer craving of “I NEED THIS DESPERATELY NOW” and then….and then….I look at it sadly on the shelf and feel like a terrible book owner, especially if I end up peering at it over the pages of my current read. Totally accurate gifs too, I feel your book craving pain!

    1. Oh the guilt, right? 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I bet a lot of us could relate to this problem 😀 although really, it’s a problem we all sort of enjoy having? Haha 🙂

    1. Haha, yes 😀 you could basically do a test that determines if a person IS a bookworm, or not. And this is pretty much the only question it needs 😀 “Do you compulsively hoard books?” Haha 🙂

  2. Oh, these are definitely the stages. I’m so guilty of this. My preorders of ACOMAF, Frost Like Night, Windwitch, and The Rose & the Dagger are all still sitting on my TBR.

    So why do we do this? Well, in my case, I think there are three related reasons:
    1. I hate hype. I think even my self-hype makes me weird about a book.
    2. I’m anxious. I’m scared of feeling so much (because honestly, fictional people/animals/aliens make me feel WAY more than real hoomans). Or I’m scared of the story ending. Or maybe stuff I don’t even know.
    3. I like stuff in lightning-fast intense stages. Like, I’ll read an entire 6 book series over one weekend, but heavens help us if I have to space that over 7 years. I do the same thing with TV shows. Watched 2 straight seasons of Jane the Virgin in a week or something stupid, but haven’t touched the third season yet.

    Those are my working theories, anyway. So now I try not to think much about a book before it comes out. :/

    1. My editor just ate my comment. I don’t even know how. I’m so mad I can’t even!
      Anyway, I was saying that I am also the same about the hype. Although the hype is right a lot of times? But I will still somehow avoid hyped books. Although I wouldn’t say I am anxious, it’s not that. It’s more like… my brain goes through a process of “need book – buy book – task done – case closed” and just takes the reading out of the equation 😀 I think that’s it?
      I never read the entire series in a sitting though. Partly because often I just don’t have the next one, have to wait for it to be either published or just to go on sale xD but even if I do have them, I just don’t want to run out. So I’ll specifically make gaps. Like take a year before reading the other one or so xD

    1. Thanks 😀 only 20! I have 550 😀 well, 500 ebooks and 50 real ones, which are mostly old books, like my mom’s or grandma’s. So not really my solicited TBR so much.. But the ebooks! 500 xD So I think you are really OK 😀 haha. I think that’s the smallest number I’ve heard, actually, I am proud of you 😀 you actually must read what you buy! (eventually. As you can see, I probably have a problem. 5-0-0.)

  3. I can sort of relate… but not completely. I do sometimes crave books, but I either buy them or borrow them from the library or put them on my wish list so someone can give them to me. To be honest, I’ve been buying a lot fewer print books new in the last few years; I’ve been buying more Kindle books (because of either print size, lack of shelf space, or—the most frequent reason—they go on sale.) And I buy used books at the library booksale. So there are only a handful anymore that I crave and have to spend the money to buy in print. (Also, half the authors I used to collect in hardcover are dead. So no new books, darn it.)

    But the bit about the book sitting around unread? Now that, I can totally relate to. I’ve got about 10 library books sitting around unread, half of which I’ve renewed at least once. I’ve got boxes of books I bought at the library booksale that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I need to go on an ARC moratorium and read my own books!
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…R.I.P. Thomas-cat (Sunday Post – 7/09/2017)My Profile

    1. I also have wayyyy more kindle books. They’re just easier to buy and shelve, especially when I live in a place where I’d have to ship stuff, expensively. But they still count! Unread books anyway. Do you know how many kindle books you have? I have about 500 xD whoops…
      That’s too sad about the dead authors 😐 what authors are they?
      You’ve got 10 books, I’d say you’re fine 😀 like I said. I have 500 :DDDD (I’m not even counting the library books! But it’s good that my library will only let me check out 5!)
      And yes, don’t the ARCs always get the first go? It’s kind of silly like that, but that is sound bookworm logic.

      1. Oh, I’ve got hundreds of Kindle books I haven’t read! I haven’t counted, but probably around 800 unread books. Total Kindle books are over 1200, but some are books I’ve read before but wanted to own. (I do a lot of re-reading, and I’m a relatively fast reader.) However, I really ought to stop buying Kindle books, because I’m not sure I can ever read them all!

        The 10 books I mentioned are print books from the public library, which I also need to read so I can return them!
        Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…R.I.P. Thomas-cat (Sunday Post – 7/09/2017)My Profile

        1. Wow! You actually beat me at the number 😀 impressive! Yes, I know what you mean, I’m also almost sure those ebooks could last me the rest of my life!

  4. I totally know what you mean! I think there’s a real collector’s mentality to it. The thrill is in the collecting and once you’ve got it, it’s on to the next alluring thing. I used to be the same way with DVDs, when that was a thing. Nowadays it’s my Netflix watch list that’s huge….

    1. Yeah! Your brain goes like “now that’s taken care of” and you won’t even consider that you’ve still got to read it 😀 it’s like… Kind of like squirrels with their little acorns, I guess? Some they don’t even remember they’ve stashed. Maybe it’s some old evolutionary mechanism…

  5. I think the problem with me is I stumble on a lot of books I want all at once, so when I get them, I think about how much I want to read them in a longing crush-y sort of way. The reason I don’t, though is because I have other books to read that are older. So, the problem becomes always reading older books instead of new ones. I mean, I was so psyched to read Tampa by Alyssa Nutting. It was everywhere in the news. It was mega controversial. Ugh…her new book just came out a couple of days ago. Oops. I’ve found two things really help! #1 do NOT accept books for review if you already own a crap-ton of books. #2 Make a Goodreads category for books you want to buy. If you revisit that list later, sometimes the charm of a book has worn off and you can remove it from the list.

    1. 😀 didn’t you ever think you should kick the responsibilities and just read what you fancy? 😀 I think that would be a little more enjoyable.
      I don’t accept review copies though, cause I don’t get asked. I need to request myself… And am denied most of the time. So if I’ll request 10 books, I’ll get maybe two – in that sense it’s not so bad. Except those times when something twists in the world and they ALL suddenly decide to approve you (sometimes happens!)…… Then it’s a different story 😀 but that doesn’t happen too often.
      I guess you could still change that to “don’t request books when you own a crapton”. But when it’s ebooks, it’s not like they take up space… And I would just be so unhappy if I didn’t request xD
      And my whole to-read shelf of GR books is only the wishlist (I have a separate category of ones I already own). I don’t just go and throw them out as much, but I make the final decision when an ereaderIQ update comes my way that it’s now on sale for like 2 dollars. Then if I don’t really like/want/remember I just remove it from the list.
      BTW, thanks so much for sharing my post on Twitter 🙂

      1. You’re welcome! It’s funny, so I had to share. I especially love the fancy kitty. For me, my brain always thinks “you have these other books you need to read first.” I think it does that so I don’t get too carried away with buying books, but you’re right that the e-reader makes a difference. They go into a cloud space and I don’t feel guilty about it! Ack!

        1. Yes! The read first thing 😀 I think that’s my problem. I DO feel the cloud book guilt though! But that doesn’t get in the way of me still not reading them xD

  6. This is so terribly accurate! Buyers remorse to a point. When we react to visual charm and mass mentality… it makes me crazy when I do this! Great post ❤️

    1. Thank you, Dani! 🙂 I find I don’t react to visual charm that often, cause I mostly buy ebooks (alright, sometimes there is.. a little.. of that too :D) but for me it’s mostly just overhyping myself, and it tends to run away with me 😀 like, if I get hyped about two books, then I will instantly get hyped about 5 more that I see that day 😀

    1. Nahhh, not trash, just like all of us other bookworms 😀 I am still confident one day I’ll read them! Don’t lose the faith 😀

  7. Oh yes, this does sound familiar! But I have an excuse, personally. I’ve always considered myself a book collector, and sometimes you just don’t READ the books you collect. You just don’t! You have to buy a “reading copy” (like a paperback) and only read that. But many times I’ve been so excited about a new book and yep, I never got to it for whatever reason. Sad:-(
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday [256] – KILL CREEK by Scott ThomasMy Profile

    1. That’s a good reason! 😀 except I don’t know if you can do it with ebooks that much? Because I mostly own ebooks 😀 so I don’t know if I can get away with that excuse 😀
      Thanks for dropping by, Tammy!

    1. Oh! That’s so cool, Danielle! Thank you loads 🙂 that’s very sweet. I will try to find a spot for it in my blog calendar 🙂

  8. WHY IS THIS SOOOOOOOOOO FRIGGIN ACCURATE! Not gonna lie this happened to me with Illuminae! I got my aunt to buy it for from US and when I got it I ended up bookstagramming & tweeting about it & reading it 3 months later. This happens with me LIKE SO MUCHHHH! I love this post!! Now I gotta tweet this post! XD

    1. 😀 I know what you mean, this was happening to me with Gemina. I think with Gemina though, it was this… anxiety of starting? Like, what if I don’t like it? I loved the first one, so what happens if this one isn’t as great?? Haha. Maybe you also felt hype pressure?
      And thanks! I’m so happy you loved my post 🙂

  9. Hahaha! Great post and I can definitely resonate with this. There’s been so many books I’ve wanted for ages and ages, finally got and then they sit there on my shelf for months. Some even YEARS.

    1. Years, I know, right? 😀 I’m glad the post hit the spot. It’s good to know you are not the only person doing this 😀

  10. If and when I hit stage 4 (and I don’t read the book within two weeks of buying it), chances are low (probably around 30%) that I’ll ever read it. Knowing this about myself, I try to only buy when I have definite plans of reading the book immediately. Of course, “try” is the operative word here, because my Kindle app will attest to my book hoarding hobby.

    1. 😀 Kindle books are just so easy to get, and they don’t make you feel, uhm, responsible for them. Cause you don’t really see them on a shelf… They’re there, but not really. You don’t know how many volumes you have. Maybe it’s that?
      I still maintain that I WILL read all my kindle books 😀 (let a girl dream!)


    What is this madness?! This is how I ended up in this predicament in the first place. I more or less have nightstands and end tables which are purely piles of books (don’t worry, we have lots of coasters in the house). I have a book I acquired from Blogging for Books back in MARCH I haven’t read. Oh, the shame! And I do it with ARC’s too. Why do you think I don’t share my NetGalley badge? Because otherwise it will tell you the sadness which is my TBR ARC pile. So embarrassing considering how many books a year I read. O_o

    The real question is this: How do we get out of this loop?

    I know my biggest problem is that I’m a mood reader. I just want to read what I want to read at that moment. And I end up with a billion books because I go on ARC requesting sprees, or pre-order a billion things, or reserve books at the library like mad. I’ve gotten a lot better about spending dollars when I shouldn’t, but mostly because the piles of books are blocking the doors to leave my house, meaning I can’t work. Oops.

    1. See, maybe THIS is where I’m lucky? Because:
      1. I can’t sign up for blogging for books – they will only accept people from the US/American address
      2. I don’t really get print ARCs, Mother Europe again
      3. I don’t really buy paper books cause EUROPE and I want to keep eating for my money, thank you, shipping
      So I basically just end up with ebooks, which is good in the way that IT DOESN’T TAKE UP SPACE??
      (Which reminds me. Gotta put some new ones on my kindle. Got a lot of ARCs last night… NetGalley spree again D:)

      Wait, I don’t quite get why you don’t share your NetGalley badge 😀 it’s not like it states your feedback ratio? (Which is probably higher than mine anyway cause all you people are so much more responsible! Mine’s 39% currently, I think – that’s the highest it’s ever been :D)

      Yep, I’m a mood reader too. But hey, I don’t blame myself for it. My hobbies are there for me to enjoy 😀

      Books blocking doors :DDD that was a winner.

  12. YES, there are so many unread books on my shelves that I was dying to read…but now that they’re out I never got to. One of my biggest struggles right now is getting to sequels. Before I started blogging, I would binge read whole series at a time, which I loved to do. Now I’ll read and love the first book, but then wait a year+ for the next and have a hard time getting motivated to start it. A huge part of this is definitely how so many books come out each month and having hardly anytime to read during the semester due to classes and work.
    Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger recently posted…ARC Review: NoteworthyMy Profile

    1. Somehow I have less troubles with sequels, I just get more motivated about them. But then again, I don’t read a lot of series at all, so maybe it’s that? But I know what you mean! I always get overwhelmed with the many super awesome ARCs I get my hands on, and then just don’t know where to start. I want to start everywhere!

  13. Loooooove this. No truer words have ever been written, I tell you what. I have SO many books on my shelves that I could not buy fast enough. I idolized them for months leading to their release and jumped for joy when it was finally time to acquire them. Unfortunately 99% of the time I was in the middle of another book when I buy it and promise I’ll read it next. Then that never happens…. I don’t understand this phenomenon AT ALL but alas, it happens so many times.
    Christine recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday (40): Little MonstersMy Profile

  14. This is a humorous post, but one laced with bitterness. The sad truth is that there are so many books and so little time! I know that is a tired saying, but that does not belittle its accuracy.

  15. I do this all the time! I’ve been training myself recently to just wait to pick the books up at the library instead of spending more money. I think my mentality is, well I bought the book so I can wait until I finish some library book or ARC/review request book that has more of a deadline. Then I just… Don’t always end up going back to the book I bought because I’m hyped for something else.
    Jamie recently posted…And I DarkenMy Profile

    1. Yeah, you got it spot on with that mentality. I think that’s exactly it. I can’t turn to the library though! Our libraries don’t get relevant books for years, they don’t even get translated at all sometimes 🙂 (libraries don’t get many books in English here, I live in Lithuania) And then there are all the ARCs!

  16. Ahhhhhhh excellent post! The relatability factor is strong with this one lol I am so ridiculously guilty of this… EVERY. DAMN. Month. I buy a ridiculous amount of books that I am super excited to read, then I just don’t read them…. BUT they are still nice to look at…. Seems reasonable right? I think I classify myself as a “book hoarder” at this point 🙂

  17. HAHAHAAHAH OMGGGG this is sooo accurate!!!

    Just bought a few books 2 classics that I craved reading the original and full version of Peter Pan and The Little Prince (even though I have re-read the later one for like 20th time!!) and I bought also Neil Gaiman’s The ocean at the end of the lane and The fault in our stars. Now these were books I was craving for however after having them in my possession I just went through all the stages you have soo accurately mentioned. Although I must say that last month I finally read The fault in our stars!!!! But the rest of the book I am afraid will need to wait …. I am such a terrible person I knooowww

    Awesome postttt

    1. Thank you! Haha, maybe you will read The Ocean if I tell you you should? Cause you totally should that book was amazing, so absolutely wonderful. It deserves your attention NOW xD

  18. This happens to me quite often, I blame all the other books I also want to read real badly. There are just so many good books out there and it’s hard to get to them all. And thus it happens often books I am really excited about stay on my shelves unread for a long time. I also have this problem that I like having some unread books that I know I am going to enjoy and often keep a few books like that for the right moment.
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #239My Profile

    1. Yeah. I guess the good part is when you get reminded you were super hyped about it and then you read it, and it’s like a surprise all over again? 🙂

  19. This is a very curious phenomenon, isn’t it? Although I don’t understand it at all, I have certainly experienced all these stages before! I think Stage 7 for me might be “Read book five years later” 😛

    1. Haha, accurate! 5 years later though, only if you’re lucky 😀 (Yes. I have books that have been on the TBR for longer. Shame on me!)

  20. Hahaha oh my goodness STAHPPPPP this is much too accurate to be fair. I do this all the time. Well. Not ALL the time because I am fairly poor as a lowly student (just imagine the damage I could do with a real paycheck…*shudders*) but I probably do this more often than I should and even more often than I want to admit haha
    Esther @ Queen of Fantasy recently posted…#ChocolateFlavoredBooksTagMy Profile

    1. Hahaha 😀 that’s the reason I WILL SIMPLY NOT put my card on Amazon! I always ask Bf to get me a gift card and pay him back! XD that way I can’t just buy anything I want and I need to watch it xD he laughs 😀

  21. Omg haha I’m loving that fancy cat. He is the fanciest of all cats. Sir fancy cat, I deem him! Also, I definitely do carry around a new book with me like it “was a wee lass entrusted to my care” Your phrasing on that point is spot on 😀
    I’m really bad about this when it is a super hyped up book, or when it’s sequel!! This increases ten fold when it’s a super hyped up sequel.
    HOWEVER, I actually read BOTH Illuminae and Gemina in this month, and I must say I am incredibly proud of myself. This is a rare thing. I’m shocked. Honestly though, I should’ve waited because now I have to wait until March until Obsidio and I am UPSET WITH MYSELF.

    1. I am also incredibly proud of you! It actually WORKS to read series in one go (I’ve also read the first two His Dark Materials books in a row this month, and I’ll be starting the third). When you can, that is! (OBSIDIO, I’M LOOKING AT YOU.) BTW! Did you see the new pretty cover? Isn’t it gorgeous??

  22. I concur with this totally!
    I am not too sure why we do it?
    I do not think that you have missed any, however, I have been known to have kept a book for so long, that it got all dusty and then found its way into the charity shop, because I just could not get into it after all that!
    weirdly enough alot of Alexander Bracken books, Passenger being on of them.

    1. Aw man! Having a book go back without being read is just.. ouch! I don’t think that’s ever happened to me though, but that’s mostly because most of them are ebooks and you sort of… keep them 😀 it’s alright if you try and can’t get into it though. DNFing is an option.

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