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[Weekly wrap-up] Sunday post #61 You Know You're Doing "Well" When You've Got ONE Post Scheduled

So I’ve had a touuuuuugh week. After the horrors of last Sunday’s failed https installation and my blog going offline for a while and refusing to give me any peace of mind, I have had a really tough week. Both mentally and health-wise – is it any secret that stress leads you to health troubles? But I seem to have been able to mostly get back on track. Been really busy as well, both with our family’s Etsy shop, as well as just work and all other stuff. The week just flew by meanwhile!

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Just one of my latest photos for the shop

I have a funny story to tell though. I have this really tough client at work, he’s so mean that I actually told my people I won’t be working with him anymore and they can just charge me the hours I worked for him and we’ll call it a day. Of course, my company’s nice, so nothing of that sort ever happened, they just switched it the project to another person (and now I feel like I owe that person an indescribably big quantity of beers). It’s seriously such a toxic client, you couldn’t imagine. But that’s not the story! The actual story is kind of funny. So basically, anything that could possibly go wrong with this client – it just does. I’ve never had SO MANY problems come up, and not just because he’s a douche. Technical problems too. It’s almost like the thing they say about “if you’re putting bad energies into it it won’t work” is actually true with this guy and anything related to him. Actually, he’s so mean, I’ve nicknamed him Mr. Dickface in our private conversations. So this week, we found out that we can’t run his ads, because his website is infected with malware (for all his bitching that we’re unprofessional, now look who’s talking.) And so I got the support team look into it, and lo and behold – his website is infected with something that keeps putting, errr, male stamina pill links on his site. I just thought that it was immensely fitting to the name I gave him. I could not stop laughing yesterday, I swear. Mr. Dickface has tr*sted p*lls all over his website. Couldn’t be better. (I’m using the asterisks to avoid spam commenters finding my blog…)

So yep. That’s the story. That’s about it for my week. That’s the highlight xD

~ We Need To Talk About Some Books I’m Reading ~

I’ve started a really cool book last week. Not gonna blurb it to you, go see it on Goodreads – but it’s this tale set in Japan, and it’s got some magical realism, or just connections to paranormal folklore. It’s really cool! I’m about halway through, and so far, it’s very original, not cliched at all (something you’re always weary of when you’re reading Western-written books set in Asia!) and just really engaging. I would love to see some opinions from Asian (particularly Japanese) book reviewers for this one – if any of you want it, I’m sure I could get you in contact with the author.

Spinning Silk

~ Last Week On The Blog ~

Last week I posted two reviews – Vicious by V.E. Schwab and a companion review for Real Life Super Heroes – both books you should really consider reading! Also, on Friday, we returned to a #NewBloggers 101 post about a bookish social network called Litsy and why you should join it.

vicious real life super heroes  litsy

~ Coming Up Next Week~

Next week we will have an angry review of a popular series that didn’t bother to include any women or PoC (The Strain series) that I was immensely pissed off at for being stupid about this and actually, many other things. So you might even enjoy that review. I struggled to finish the series JUST SO I could write that review. You know what that means 😀 also, we will have State of the ARC #10, and on June 1st, we’ll have a blog tour stop for No Fourth River – an ode to domestic abuse survivors, a real story you really should read.

the strain series  
no fourth river

~ Little Book Haul ~

It seems I really have this under control! I hauled no books this week at all!!

~ In The Bookish Community ~

So how has your week been? And what are you reading? What did you haul?

As usual, I’m linking up with the Sunday post meme at Kimba’s book blog and Stacking The Shelves over at Tynga’s Reviews.

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Tânia @MyLovelySecret

I’m so sorry your week was bad. Mentally this week was tough for me as well – I did have a break down. Too much stress doesn’t do well to anyone.

Haha, that is a funny story. Also, karma in the works. Toxic people are no good. They just make one’s life more stressful.

You made me so excited about Spinning Silk. Magical realism and paranormal folklore? Se in Japan? Adding to my very long wishlist.

I hope you have a better week Evelina.

Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog)

LOL! I know what it’s like to deal with rude clients and customers. Glad karma bit him in the butt! Stay cool for the week!

2 years ago

You must be happy the week is over and that client has been reassigned. It’s interesting the way the universe is paying him back. >.< Here's to a better week ahead!

Jenea’s Book Obsession
Jenea’s Book Obsession
2 years ago

Awe, I hope you have a better week ahead, stress is the worst. I’ll have to to check out Litsy now. Have great day! 🙂

Stephanie Jane
2 years ago

Yay for the karmic Mr Dickface story. What goes around?!
I haven’t heard of Litsy before so will take a look. Can I manage another social media outlet?

2 years ago

I’m sorry you had a bad week 🙁 all this GDPR stuff has been such a nightmare. I originally couldn’t switch to https either (and actually ended up changing hosts…but not just for that reason lol)

Haha sounds like karma got to your delightful client there 😛

Congrats on hauling no books! I hope you have a better week this week 🙂

Brian Joseph
2 years ago

So sorry to hear about your week. Stress can indeed make illness more likely. It can be so difficult to manage. Toxic people are a bane on society. I am glad that you got away from the person that was causing stress.

Bee (Quite The Novel Idea / Novel Ink)

Sorry you had a tough week! That story though. XD Karma’s a bitch. Hope you have a better week coming up!

Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra

LMAO at that story. Talk about karma!

Oh man, I still need to read Vicious. It has been on my shelf for way too long and I love everything by Schwab so no clue what I’m even waiting for.

I hope this week is a better one for you in every way!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Glad you got your blog issues settled. It can be so painful to figure out stuff like that. And I’m glad you managed to get away from your terrible client!

Mary @StackingMyBookShelves!

Sorry it was such a tough week and the douche at work. LOL. Ughh it can be like that sometimes. I hope this week is better! Happy reading!

Mary my #Sunday Roundup #20!

Sophie Eloy
2 years ago

Bwahahaha yes your story was funny. Fate is a b@tch LOL Now do tell me are you on https now? Or did you stay in http? I wish you a better week Evelina!

2 years ago

Mr Dickface sounds like he has had his just desserts! How hilarious:). I hope the coming week is a lot easier and congratulations on not adding a single book to your TBR pile:)

Laurel-Rain Snow
2 years ago

So glad you got rid of the toxic client…and I love that story!

Enjoy the upcoming week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Chloe @ Book Dragons
Chloe @ Book Dragons
2 years ago

Eeeek need to remember to stop by and read that review for No Fourth River! And I got Litsy, I’m also in the process of starting up a bookstagram on my second account, I’m terrified xD

That client though girl xD nice nickname, I’d probably have called him worse knowing me haha, hopefully you have a less stressful week; we also need to try and get our brains together and brainstorm for a joint post at some point 🙂

Sarah @ All The Book Blog Names Are Taken

I am sorry to hear of the stress in your life recently! Stress is definitely a health-wrecker; I started getting terrible migraines in the last two years due to a bunch of really shitty things all happening at once. Now that the stress is much more manageable now though, the migraines have stuck around. I am slowly trying to lower MGs of migraine meds that I take as a result, because let’s face it, taking prescription meds kind of sucks. I hope things continue to get better for you and I am most excited for this month’s State of the… Read more »

2 years ago

I’m sorry it was such a tough week. Here’s to a better one ahead! Anne – Books of My Heart

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Haha, Mr. Dickface, indeed. That sounds like karma biting someone in the . . . um . . . man parts. I’m sorry about the website problems. All the GDPR stuff has been endlessly frustrating. I hope this week is better for you.

JJ @ This Dark Material

Yessss, I already can’t wait to read your angry comments about The Strain series!! I expected so much more, especially with del Toro’s name on it. I’m so sorry you’ve had a stressful week and that the one client was being so awful! It sounds like he got the perfect karmic comeuppance though 😉 At least he isn’t your problem to deal with anymore? That seems worth a couple of after work beers 🙂

2 years ago

Oh noo… yeah, i had this happen! Before we knew it was actually anxiety caused, I lost so. many. time. at the Er for stomach problems. Hopefully you’re feeling better now, love ! xx

ahahaha, just what he deserve ! that’s a not-too-bad ending for all the trouble he gave you ..

2 years ago

Aww sorry it was a tough week! Great story though ha ha! Sounds like a wee bit of karma to me lol… 🙂

The strain review sounds like it will be fun! And Spinning Silk does sound intriguing.

Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

I’m sorry that you’re having problems with your client. Hope things get better.

2 years ago

Sorry you’ve had a tough week. I hope you’re feeling better now? I’m glad your company was supportive about the toxic client and that’s hilarious what happened to his website. Spinning Silk sounds great, I will definitely check it out.

Aimee (Aimee, Always)
2 years ago

HA. I would love to have laughed at you about your client. xD Sucks that you had to put up with him, but at least you got a good laugh out of it. Spinning Silk sounds SO unique. I can’t wait for your full thoughts on it!!

– Aimee @ Aimee, Always

2 years ago

What is up with May? It has just been rough huh? Sending you so much love <3 I am crossing my fingers that June plays much nicer for us both. I am mentally and physically tapped! I was rolling about your story and the horrible client. My nonhubs has one very similar at the moment. Of course, he is a business consultant and cannot drop them (oh how I wish he could) but I feel your plight with such people and had to laugh at the soundingly deserved irony of his "virus" 😛

2 years ago

I am just thankful you had the option to drop him! And I can always go for sushi. I am finding that to be a comfort for me of late. Who know? Here is to better clients, more sushi and ice cream <3

2 years ago

Hah! That story is hilarious. I’m glad you don’t have to work with the client anymore though. He sounds awful. Sorry about the rough week in general though. I hope this upcoming week is a lot better!! 🙂


Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

Oh too funny about the jerk client! Sometimes karma is pretty entertaining! Sorry to hear about all the technical difficulties but hopefully they’re all straightened out now. The book you’re reading sounds awesome. I haven’t read nearly enough magical realism but what I have read I’ve loved. Have a great week!

CG @ Paper Fury
2 years ago

UGHHH that client sounds like a true nightmare. I’ve had a few horror stories with customers wanting specific orders on my etsy and then NEVER being satisfied. But that was back in the day when I didn’t make them pay first.I have since definitely learned my lesson ha. Anyway I know yours must be way more irritating and hard to handle, but I’m glad something about it made you laugh this week though!! And aHHH VICIOUS I LOVE THAT BOOK. Which reminds me that I want to buy the new edition and just found out it is freaking $50 in… Read more »

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

Haha, lol 😀 That story is really funny and I guess that kind of people deserves that. I really hate when we have a rough client. They don’t only give us stress but also leaves negative effect on our lives. I am glad you shifted to another project and God bless that new member working with that client 😀

And well done on not collecting any book. You are doing really well. I hope this week is better for you 🙂

Jackie B
2 years ago

Spinning Silk? Must have. It sounds like all my favorite things! Japan. Magical Realism. Surprises and new content?! YES PLEASE

Oh, the trials of Mr. Dickface. I’m glad that he was able to screw his own pooch a bit. That must feel kinda good, honestly. I’m glad you had that small victory.

I hope this week is better! I’m here for you. <3

2 years ago

i like your story w ur painin the ass client! that made my night

2 years ago

I have Spinning Silk too (because of you) and I am looking forward to read it as soon as I finish the book I have from library.

So glad to hear you no longer have to work with Mr. Dickface! Cheers for less stress and for that funny story! Ha ha!

Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

Love it! Sometimes karma is just the best and a person who is the worst gets something like male stamina pills on his website when their such a dickface. I don’t blame you for laughing about it, I would be too. And Spinning Silk looks cool, I think it’s the cover and the awesome title so I’m off to check what that’s about.

Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

Sounds like that client got what he deserved, haha!