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[NewBloggers] How Nicole @ FYFA Keeps Her Tweets Organized With TweetDeck Another One Of Those #NewBloggers 101 Instructional Posts!

Welcome to another instructional post for #NewBloggers 101! This time I have one of my favorite guest posters, Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction, over for a guest post again – this time to tell us more about how she uses TweetDeck to keep her tweeting in order. I myself know nothing about Tweetdeck, so I was very excited about this post! So one more thing before I relinquish the stage – if you want to find the other #NewBloggers 101 posts, just expand this list:

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Over to Nicole!

Evelina asked me to write up a post about how I use TweetDeck, and I was happy to oblige. I’m certainly not an expert, but I’ve found that TweetDeck helps me a lot with several aspects of my blogging, so I thought I’d share my limited wisdom 🙂

TweetDeck is a fantastic tool that helps me keep my Twitter feed organized and manageable. I don’t use it for everything (for instance, a lot of times I just use the regular Twitter app on my phone), but it makes certain things SO much easier! So what are some of the benefits of TweetDeck?

Benefit #1: Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, this is one of the main benefits of TweetDeck. I actually don’t use this feature because I only have one account. But those of you who have both a personal and a blog account will probably love this. You can see all of your Twitter feeds in one place. No more switching back and forth between accounts!

To add a new account to TweetDeck, you’ll just want to click the ‘Accounts’ icon at the bottom of the left-hand column. Then select ‘Add another Twitter account’ and follow the instructions to authorize the account.

Benefit #2: Schedule Tweets

Another huge advantage to TweetDeck is that you can schedule your tweets. In my Sunday Posts, I have a feature where I announce other bloggers’ birthdays and blogoversaries each week. Whenever I can, I also like to send them a tweet on their special day to let them know I’m thinking about them. But I can guarantee if I had to remember to do it on the actual day, I’d mess up most of the time. But on TweetDeck, I can write a tweet and schedule it to go up later! There’s an easy-to-find ‘Schedule Tweet’ button once you click the ‘Tweet’ button, and you can choose a date a time for the tweet to go up. For me, this is a HUGE benefit!

Evelina butting in here: I have written a post before about another way to schedule tweets, you can check it out here:

social media and networkingA featured image for the post that is being shared

Benefit #3: Add Columns for Lists

You can add columns for each of your Twitter lists. Your Twitter feed can get more than a little overwhelming when you follow a lot of accounts. One way to make it more manageable is to add some accounts to lists. I have several lists, including Publishers, Authors I Love and Blogger Friends. These lists help me make sure the tweets I really want to see don’t get lost in the shuffle.

You can easily add someone you follow to a list by clicking on their account name and then clicking on the ellipsis next to the Following button. From there, you select ‘Add or remove from lists’ and then you check the checkbox next to the list you want them in (or you create a new list, if you don’t have one yet.)

add to list
An image example of adding a user to a Twitter list

TweetDeck allows you to make separate columns for each of your lists, so you can easily see posts from each of them:

tweetdeck lists

A screenshot of TweetDeck in action

Benefit #4: Add Columns for Hashtags, Twitter Chats, and More!

You can add columns for lots of other things besides lists as well. Here are the types of columns you can add:

tweetdeck columns

A screenshot of the available columns types in Tweetdeck

Of course, there are the standard things like having a column for your own tweets (User) or your Notifications or Messages, but I also find the Search Results columns really useful. I’ve used this feature to add a column for the #Let’sDiscuss2018 hashtag so I can keep track of when people are tweeting about the Discussion Challenge that I run, and I also have columns for several useful writing hashtags that I want to follow.

The Search Results column can be a great way to follow a Twitter Chat as well – I find it much easier to follow a chat in a column on TweetDeck than I do on Twitter itself, especially because I can still see other things that are going on in Twitter if I want to.

(There are also other columns you can create that I’ve never tried. For instance, Collections. I don’t know how that one works, so feel free to mention it in the comments if you use it!)

Benefit #5: Filter Within Columns

Another great feature is that TweetDeck makes it simple to search for things within your columns. I use this often – especially when I’m looking for pre-order deals to include in my Sunday Post. You can filter by Keywords or Users:

filter tweetdeck columns

An example image of how to watch for certain keywords on TweetDeck

Just in case you’re wondering how to access your very own TweetDeck, you’ll be able to find it here!

Well, those are the major TweetDeck features that Nicole uses regularly. I hope you’ve learned a little something about this great tool. Are you a TweetDeck user? Do you know of any great features that Nicole didn’t mention? Let us know!

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(Danielle) Books, Vertigo and Tea

This is interesting for sure! Very informative and well written I think I will stay away from Tweetdeck haha. I have enough with scheduling directly through the blog now and cannot see this as something I would want to add to the mix. I don’t do multiple accounts or lists and my posts automatically tweet when the are scheduled to go up. But I can see how it might be beneficial for someone with much more going on.

(Danielle) Books, Vertigo and Tea

Yeah it is not for me. But I will keep it in mind for others

JJ @ This Dark Material

I use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets whenever I have a new blog post go up, but I haven’t really explored a lot of the other functions! I’m particularly excited about the ability to add columns of follower lists, since it’s hard to keep up with just my blogging friends sometimes. Bookmarking this so I can reference it in the future 🙂 Thanks for all the helpful tips Nicole, and for continuing this series Evelina!

Jenn @ Bound to Writing

I’ve heard of Tweetdeck but have never used it. It sounds so simple and would make everything so easy. Thanks for the information! 🙂

Ashley (What's Your Story

Tweetdeck def seems like it would help me utilize Twitter more–I used to be on twitter all the time and now coming back to it I feel like a stranger to how it works.

This is a great series, I’ve been reading through some of the other “how to be organized” posts and there’s a lot of super helpful tips. Thank you!

Kaleena ★ Reader Voracious

This is an interesting post! I use Hootsuite personally for twitter at work, but for my personal twitter account I prefer to not schedule my tweets. I should… but I have too much going on as it is haha.

Ellie @ Books at the End of the Alphabet

How did I not know that you could schedule tweets in TweetDeck?! Time to start using that again! Thanks for such a helpful post!

Jane Ryder
3 years ago

I use TweetDeck to manage my clients’ accounts and schedule stuff, but I hadn’t even thought about exploring any of its other features. Great intro to the things I’ve been missing, and now plan to try out!

3 years ago

Fabulous post! I absolutely adore TweetDeck and use it to schedule a lot of my posts for reviews, tours, posts etc. It’s such a lifesaver. They didn’t use to allow us to add pictures to tweets and I’m so grateful that has now been updated. Definitely saves me lots of time!

3 years ago

I’ve pretty much always used Tweetdeck the whole time I’ve used Twitter. I used it for many of the reasons mentioned here when it wasn’t even owned by Twitter. I love having the different columns to show me different “streams” I was on Tweetdeck at least 4 years before I used Facebook. So when I first got on Facebook, I couldn’t figure out how to control my streams. I used groups to do some compartmentalizing. Anyway, great post on my favorite – Tweetdeck. Anne – Books of My Heart

Anna @Adventures with a Book Nerd

Tweet Deck sounds like an awesome tool! I’ve always hated how the tweets I actually want to see get lost in my feed, so being able to make different lists would totally help. Great post! 🙂

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today, Evelina! I hope it’s helpful to your readers!!

Brian Joseph
3 years ago

I use Twitter a lot. I once used TweetDeck. I stopped for technical reasons thaf had almost nothing to do with TweetDeck itself. Those issues are long since past. I need to reinstall it and get back into the swing of things.


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Wendy @ Falconer's Library

Great post, which is no surprise. I’ve used Tweetdeck only for Twitter chats, and didn’t know how to schedule tweets with it. Thanks, Nicole and Evalina!

Holly Bond
Holly Bond
3 years ago

I’ve never heard of tweetDeck before!

3 years ago

Tweetdeck is something I’ve been interested in for quite a while, seeing that I’m with Blogger and post promotions need t be posted manually and sporadically as well. I had no idea it was that feature heavy though, thanks for much for the informative post girls, off to explore how I’ll be able to use it to improve my blogging ♡♡♡

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

I’ve never heard about Tweetdeck before, but I’m so glad that you got such a lovely guest blogger to explain it all to us! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to schedule Tweets but never knew how, now I can finally get on board with that and do other cool things!

Amanda @Cover2CoverMom

I am an awful twitter user. It just gets so overwhelming! I didn’t realize there was a tool to organize all the chaos. Thank you for the tips!

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

This is a nice and informative post. I have heard of TweetDeck but have never used it before and I don’t think that I would in near future. It’s just that I am too bad with scheduling and I don’t even use buffer correctly. I don’t want to add an extra tool for now. But this is something which is really helpful.

Dani Eide
Dani Eide
3 years ago

Great guest post! ♥️ It has so many features. Maybe not right now, but I do plan to separate my Twitter account in the near future. Knowing such a powerful tool is out there means sooner rather than later.


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