The more you #blog, the less you #book Or how the time you spend blogging is its own Ouroboros

So before you become a book blogger, you always think that book blogging is the fun stuff unicorns are made of, writing about the thing you love most – books. What could be better, right?

Initially, that’s what I thought too. And I still think it’s awesome, don’t get me wrong.

Rocking unicorn

But there’s one strange thing that happens when you start blogging. I think it will be easiest to express it in the form of a graph, so take a look:

more blog less books

For those of you who have allergies to math, and that might be the majority of will you because you’re all literature lovers, I will elaborate. Now, let’s go at it from slightly farther away. If you have a book blog, what is it you blog about?

Yes, yes, I know – nobody needs to be a genius to get this one right. BOOKS. You blog about books.

Right. So then, forth comes a natural conclusion. Want more blog posts? Read more books. SIMPLES.



Because the more time you devote to your blog, the less time will be left for your books.

So where’s the problem? Clearly, if you read more, you should be able to produce more and better content for you posts, right? Right, I guess, but turns out, blogs and their paraphernalia (Twitter, Bookstagram, Goodreads) are delicate creatures which need a lot of care and love.

cute puppy maltese

Your blog will cry if you don’t spend time with it. It’s like your cute little puppy.

Except it will not sleep on your bed, but that’s a different matter.

Point is, if you <i>don’t</i> spend that time on your book Twitter or Goodreads, you blog will suffer. So you stop playing candy crush and play Twitter instead.

candy crush

So this lack of time, this horrid devil, will not let you read more books. It will devour your book time for you. IN FACT, it will eat itself. Hence the Ouroboros in my post subtitle.


Epic, huh.

So beware, kids. Being a book blogger has you deal with an immense balance of power.

So make sure you’re ready for it before you start.