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[NewBloggers] How Nicole @ FYFA Keeps Her Tweets Organized With TweetDeck Another One Of Those #NewBloggers 101 Instructional Posts!

Welcome to another instructional post for #NewBloggers 101! This time I have one of my favorite guest posters, Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction, over for a guest post again – this time to tell us more about how she uses TweetDeck to keep her tweeting in order. I myself know nothing about Tweetdeck, so I was very excited about this post!…

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So You’re An International Book Blogger? DON’T GIVE UP! You ARE Needed In The Book World

In light of the things that have been going on in the book world, I feel like international bloggers might feel horribly betrayed and unappreciated right now. We’ve seen our share of sad posts already (I will agree that I feel incredibly sad too because of what’s been going on), and we need to keep seeing those and putting them out…

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