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Ridiculous Twitter-worthy Cringe Guy Story, View Records Broken And Then Some Books Sunday Post #86

So this has been a pretty exciting week for the blog! Thank you so much for completely breaking all records of my all time best stats!!! Everyone was so excited about the Real Publicist Advice: How To Get Review Copies Approved? that I got double or even triple views compared to my best day ever before this. Considering that my stats have been super low this month because I’ve been posting less, I can’t believe a single post brought me back to the ‘good stats of yore’, heh! Thank you so much for your visits, and just in case you haven’t read the post yet, here it is:

real publicist advice on how to get review copies approved

 ~ If You Came Here For The Laughs Though… ~

But anyway, I also have a story for you! It’s one of those stories you post on Twitter with a facepalm emoji and have 20k women retweet it, so I think you’ll enjoy it. I went out with friends yesterday, and it was kind of a big group of people, most of which I didn’t know, but there was one friend we hung out with for most of the night, and she’s one of those truly empowered women – nobody gets to tell her what she should do (she’s really awesome!) Anyway, we were talking with the people at the table, and there was this guy on the other side of it, part of the group we were talking to. I can still not quite figure him out 😂 this is the main character of the story here… So he started off with introducing himself as ‘free’ and explaining that he doesn’t use social media. Okay man, good for you… After that, he started telling us about how he’s the SENIOR salesman in his company. Stress on senior, repeated several times, and the look on me and my friend’s face was like ‘are we missing something here..? We are supposed to be impressed now, right?’ (I think this is a good time to tell you that I am in charge of the production side in our company, which makes me the second in line after the boss, and she is basically running the entirety of the events in the second biggest city in Lithuania. She is the boss of the old town of the city. Basically.) Anyway! Seeing as how we’re failing to be impressed, the guy keeps on going about his seniority as a salesman, until my friend finally breaks and starts asking him all sorts of questions, which went pretty much like, ‘Alright, Mr. Senior, now tell me how many percent sales is it exactly that you make more than the other salesmen that they made you the senior one?’ Surprisinly (or not so much), I don’t recall an answer to this question. (At this point, by the way, we didn’t just continue being unimpressed, we started addressing the guy with a comic version of the word for Mr. Senior in Lithuanian – unfortunately, it doesn’t translate well into English though! I maintain it was not childish and quite neccessary at this point 😂 either way, I don’t think the guy picked up on our sentiment.) Now, I don’t remember whether the NEXT PART happened right after, or did we talk about other things for a while, but this is the good part! I just know that they went outside to smoke (I don’t smoke, but I kept them company) and we all stood around in a bigger circle of people, so there were more of that guy’s friends. Now this is the part that really makes the story, because maybe the Mr. Senior part wasn’t all that unusual 😂 anyway, they’re all standing around, the Mr. Senior part conveniently dropped because we didn’t seem impressed, being pretty senior ourselves, I guess, so the guy takes another tack. With a little help of his friends. (At this point, I really don’t understand WHY it’s so important to impress us..?? We’re not single, we’re friends of friends, there’s no way we’ll even be interested in you, also factoring in the part that’s going to happen next..? I am confused.)Anyway, they start talking about how he’s ‘free’, right.Liberated! The way he doesn’t use social media (big wow!) When I say ‘free’ though, you have to know that in Lithuanian, that has a ring of ‘single’ to it. So as the guy mentions that word a couple of times, a friend of his comes to his help, seeing no reaction from us, and starts going on about how he’s actually taken and he’s been holding down a relationship for a looooong time, at least a few years. I mean, when I say that, it doesn’t sound like anything unusual, but you kind of had to be there and see the WAY that friend said it. With awe and reverence, and I think we were supposed to drop at the guy’s knees and congratulate him?? Not just that he’s a Mr. Senior Salesman, but that he’s also this incredible Super Guy, who has somehow held down a relationship for a couple years, WOW right??!!

A GIF of a dog, blinking in confusion, which perfectly illustrates me and my friend’s faces at that point

Now I am pretty clueless in social situations. I don’t actually know what my friend thought, I’ll have to ask her, I guess, but I was confused AF at this point 😂 at the same time, I kind of want to refuse to believe that that group of guys ACTUALLY wanted us to applaud the guy for… being a person..?? Because apparently, if you’re a guy, being a person is now an achievement..? I just…? WHAT? 😃 I can believe one ridiculously self-absorbed guy would think these ‘achievements’ enough to be applauded, and hell knows – maybe he gets women drooling over him every day and just expects this kind of treatment or something (although in this case, I worry about these women that surround him…) But the fact that an entire group of guys somehow thought he was an outstanding specimen who should be applauded just completely floors me 😃 (and could maybe suggest to you the state of guys here and why my boyfriend comes from another country.) Maybe, JUST MAYBE, the meaning of this entire interaction somehow escaped me because I’m socially clueless. You tell me 😃

Oh yeah! And I forgot to mention that at some point, when my friend was talking about her friend who needed a date, the guy asked ‘Tell me how good looking / hot she is compared to you. Better, worse?’ 😃😃😃😃😃 I REST MY CASE. (I have more saucy details about that loooooooong relationship, but I’m not allowed to share them here. Message me personally, if you’re dying of curiosity!)

Anyway. Onto the books! ‘Nuff gossip 😃

 ~ What I’ve Been Reading ~

My reading has been suffering this week because it was a busy and difficult week for me, so I’m only going to feature this one book – as the only ones I’ve been reading were Agents of APE and The Winter of the Witch, which I talked about last week. Agents of APE is a lot of fun! If you can recall me talking about Coco and Chanel the other week, this is part of my unexpected venture into chick lit territory, again! Same author as well. (By the way, review copies are still available I guess, so you can message me for the author’s contacts.) I chose to read this one because everything else by Donna Joy Usher was fun and very well written, plus a scifi chick lit? Never even heard about a genre like this! Have to try. As it turns out, this is a book that’s incredibly hard to put in just one genre – and I’m not sure if I’d even call it chick lit at all. It’s more like… urban fantasy, except we have aliens instead of demons? Loads of fun, anyway. I’m enjoying it! The book comes out on January 6th, so I’ll be talking more about it on that day.

[ Goodreads ]

~ What I’ve Been Bookstagramming ~

It’s kind of ridiculous that I’ve actually prepared a few Bookstagram shots the week before but just didn’t post them this week. I often do that! Do you do that to, or is it just me..? Anyway, so I don’t have much of anything to share, apart from the photo that isn’t even mine 😂 but it was incredibly popular on my second Instagram (compared to my usual number of likes there, I guess), so I’ve stuck it here on the post. This is a pic taken by my boyfriend! He bought me a gift. Hufflepuff pride! I have also signed up for Noura’s Harry Potter readalong in 2019, so this will be PERFECT:

~ What I’ve Been Talking About ~

Last week was a super exciting week for #NewBloggers! Click the images to see the posts:

#NewBloggersWelcome real publicist advice on how to get review copies approved

~ What I’ll Talk About Next Week~

I’m not entirely sure I’ll definitely be posting three posts next week, but I’ll try! First of all, true to the Christmas spirit, on Christmas Eve I’m posting a gratitude post for all those wonderful bloggers who made my 2018 wonderful 💗 then we also have a review for Winter of the Witch (which I might end up postponing, we will see!) and the State of the ARC #17 with a new bingo for 2019!

gratitude 2018 winter of the witch

~ What I’ve Been Hauling ~

So how has your week been? And what are you reading? What did you haul?

As usual, I’m linking up with the Sunday post meme at Kimba’s book blog and Stacking The Shelves over at Tynga’s Reviews.

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Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

LOL some guys are just SO incredibly clueless! And why would he think that being the SENIOR salesman is so enticing? Didn’t he realize none of you ladies cared? *shakes head* (And yes, I need more details, please!)
I wish you a beautiful, peaceful, and joyous holiday, Evelina! Happy reading, and downtime!

CG @ Paper Fury
2 years ago

omg to that story!! Like you said…applause for being, um, a human?! The bar seems so low these days if anyone seemed socially clueless, it seemed like that guy! Agh.

I hope Agents of Ape continues to be excellent! and it is hard to squish in reading time atm isn’t it?! I’m so behind haha.

2 years ago

Ohh, Winter of the Witch seems good, especially seeing that rating. Can’t wait for your review 😀 And OMG, can we book bloggers even thank you enough for the review copy requesting post? I guess not, so thank you! <3

THAT STORY is hilarious XD XD I mean, guys now-a-days think they're being sooooo good and sooooo nice and the best guy on Earth by simply being a…person 😀 Exactly! As if that's a choice and they should be congratulated for walking on the right path–like being a senior and being off social media. LOL.

Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

Oh dear, some guys… lol.

I hope you have a lovely Christmastime!

Clo @ Book Dragons
Clo @ Book Dragons
2 years ago

Well….apparently we missed the notice hand out that we should now be congratulating men for just being human. Does that mean we should bow down to them for breathing? Is that now something that’s deemed impressive? xD Geez that was amusing and also totally ridiculous, honestly in situations like that my sarcasm just kicks into overdrive which usually helps. They don’t like the sarcasm directed at them, I can’t figure out if it’s because they’re unsure, of what I’ve just said. Or if it’s because they rarely have a decent comeback xD

The Repvblic of Letters
The Repvblic of Letters
2 years ago

Hello! First time poster here. ‘The Blue Castle’ is one of my absolute favorite books. I read it every year. It’s such an interesting ‘escapism’ read too when you know a bit about the life of the author. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m looking forward to your gratitude post to discover new-to-me book bloggers.

Happy solstice!

2 years ago

Next he’ll want an award for breathing. SMH. At least you had something to laugh about.

Laurel-Rain Snow
2 years ago

Oh, wow, when you were telling us about that guy, I remembered someone I once knew who was so full of himself like that…such a turnoff! And it sounds like the guy in your story never really got a clue at any point. Funny story! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your holiday and your books. Thanks for visiting my blog.

2 years ago

ROFL I am also clueless but enjoyed your “gossip.” Who knows what they were thinking? I’ll be interested to hear if anyone can clue you in. I love your present. I am soon to start The Winter of the Witch. I’ve been dying for it and have the audio now but I am just finishing up a few 2018 things first. Anne – Books of My Heart

2 years ago

Ugh, that dude… How had he kept his GF for years? Is she chained to the radiator or something? 😀

Stephanie Volkmer
2 years ago

Ohh my word…like…that story just had me laughing…and then I explained to my sister why I was laughing and she started laughing…like dude slow your roll

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JJ @ This Dark Material

That story is RIDICULOUS! I can’t stand guys like that, either. And yay for a new bingo in State of the ARC! I totally fell off the wagon the last few months, but I’m ready to hop back on in 2019 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you thought of Winter of the Witch, whenever your review goes up ♥ I’m posting mine after Christmas too, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a finished copy!

2 years ago

I so loved your post about getting ARCs! Now going back to your story it’s been a long time since I tried to understand male brains LOL Merry Christmas Evelina!

2 years ago

omg I bet he couldn’t spell “oblivious”! some people ‍♀️

dang your boyfriend seems awesome … mine only takes food pictures, group selfies, and random blurry shots for snapchat streaks

looking forward to the next state of the arc, and I hope your holidays are awesome! ❤️

2 years ago

Oh my gosh that story. 🙂 The kicker for me is he asked your friend to compare “hotness”? Wow, stay classy dude *rolls eyes* Sounds like he should not be allowed anywhere near alcohol for one thing. But seriously… yes that is bizarre in ANY country lol. It’s funny I was just reading something in The Atlantic about how dating has changed with thr advent of social media and dating apps- how people don’t “meet” the same way anymore and some people just don’t… do social interaction well (and I don’t mean being introverted, more like inappropriate stuff- like this… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Some guys just need to impress because they are either narcissistic or they feel inferior. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference. But I’d go with low self esteem on this guy, since he had to be rescued by his friends. I tend to feel sorry for those types. Must be a miserable existence.

2 years ago

Oh my goodness… I had thought/hoped those types of conversations were no longer endured by women at parties – I’m fortunate in not mixing with those sorts of dickheads, these days! I love the look of Agents of APE – I look forward to reading your review. Have a wonderful Christmas!

2 years ago

LOL…some guys are just strange. Hope you have a great holiday and a great week!

2 years ago

Ugh, some men are just weird. Give him a dirty look the next time you see him!

Ara @ Open Pages
2 years ago

Why are men like this OMG. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that? I’m still ???? trying to process what you had to go through.

Happy Holidays! Hope they are joyful and wonderful <3

Laura Thomas
2 years ago

That’s such a weird encounter. Makes me think he was socially awkward and didn’t know how to join in and also might have felt threatened by all of you beautiful, empowered women. But what do I know. Men are from Mars, right. LOL

Rums the Reader
2 years ago

Wow! this is definitely a twitter worthy story and it was so entertaining to read as well. It’s so bizarre how clueless some people can be and they’re unable to read the room at all! I haven’t been posting much this month either due to work and it’s always so encouraging when a post you’ve worked hard on gets a great reception. Thanks for sharing! x

Camilla @Reader in the attic

This story was priceless and also so terribly common! That guy is that kind of man I wouldn’t even touch with a stick. It also became creepy whjen he started to nominate the relationship.Please, update in case of other interaction.

Daniela Ark
2 years ago

oh man! that guy LOL! Unfortunately too many like him around! Congrats on your booming stats 🙂

Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku
Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku
2 years ago

Ugh. Men. Sometimes they are the absolute worst. Or, in the case, boys. Certainly boys. Why do they think this is cool? *cue eye roll* I’m glad you’re branching into new book genres! Well, maybe not “new” per se, but less common. I’ve been doing that too! I recently read the first Cormoran Strike book, The Cuckoo’s Calling, by JK Rowling — I mean Robert Gailbraith. 😉 It was sooooo good. I really enjoyed it. And I’m not a mystery kind of girl! I’m super excited for 2019 ARC Bingo! I will admit, I was a bit anxious we wouldn’t… Read more »

Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku
Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku
2 years ago

Yes! Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym that Rowling was using because she felt that editors weren’t holding her to a high enough standard. She wanted people to buy her books because of her writing, not because of her name. And she wanted to be challenged to be a better author. I think that’s brilliant. They are powerful mysteries. Or, well, the first book is. I am looking forward to checking out the rest this year! I only have 8 more ARCs to read from NetGalley! I have a handful more from authors directly, but my goal is to break up… Read more »


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