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[Weekly wrapup] We’re All Readathoning! #24in48 Sunday post #67

So last week itself was nothing to speak of, but the weekend – oh, the weekend! Some of you might know that this is the weekend ofΒ #24in48, a readathon, and it’s still going! So my update will be super short because I’ve got reading to do and fun to have! My ‘score’ doesn’t exactly stay the same, so I won’t be updating you how I’ve been doing, but suffice to say that I’ve already reached my goal for the review copies I wanted finished, so I’m rejoicing πŸ˜€

~ We Need To Talk About Some Books I’m Reading ~

One of the books I finished this weekend wasΒ The Spaceship Next Door by Gene Doucette, AND IT’S A MASTERPIECE. It had the right amount of everything – mystery, thrill, adventure, wistfulness and humor. It had amazingly fleshed out characters and a wonderful plot that was told in a way that kept you glued to the book. And it might just be me, but there were parts I was a little bit too chicken to read at night – although it’s not meant to be a horror book at all, before the resolution of the mystery, things got… Mysteriously creepy. Anyway! I will be reviewing this book sometime in August, but you should absolutely mark it as to-read or put it on a wishlist NOW.

The Spaceship Next Door (Sorrow Falls #1)

~ Last Week On The Blog ~

Last week we had a review of a mythological thriller with a great premise, but middling delivery calledΒ The Anomaly and finally!Β A discussion post about whether ARC reading is sort of like school reading for the summer used to be. You can click the banners to check out the posts:

anomaly by michael rutgerΒ Β arc reading is like school reading

~ Coming Up Next Week~

Next week we will have a review of one of the sweetest books I’ve read this year (will mend a bad mood for sure) – The Girl Who Chased the Moon,Β and a buddy read review ofΒ Six of Crows (loved it!) along withΒ Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books.

girl who chased the moonΒ Β six of crows

~ Little Book Haul ~

Thankfully, I didn’t haul all that much this week! Considering my readathon reads, hopefully I will have hauled less this week than I have books finished πŸ™‚Β Altered Carbon had a super high rating from most of my Goodreads friends and it was on sale, so there were no doubts there, and one of my favorite authors, Catherine Valente, has recently had a baby (or is currently… having one. I’m sorry for my inability to follow events…) and she thanked her readers for helping her out through Patreon cause that is the only thing that allowed her go on leave to spend time with her baby. Which is what prompted me to go buy her book to support her (plus! Space Opera!!) So you should go buy it too or maybe even visit her Patreon and pitch in. Catherine writes wonderful stuff. If you’re at a loss, my favorite isΒ Deathless and I will not cease to recommend it. I’m also not paid to do this, just in case you’re wondering. I just really love what Valente writes <3

Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs #1) Space Opera

Sorry for the slightly boring update! Gotta go back to the readathon though πŸ™‚ So how has your week been?

As usual, I’m linking up with theΒ Sunday post meme at Kimba’s book blogΒ and Stacking The Shelves over at Tynga’s Reviews.

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Cam @ Camillea Reads
3 years ago

It’s been a week(s) of sickness for me, unfortunately! I did get to buy a few books this week because there was a sale at the local bookstore!! I’m glad I managed to finish reading Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik this week because it was amazing! You HAVE to read it, Evelina!

P.S. I look forward to your Six of Crows review :O

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

Good luck with the Readathon! It sounds like a lot of fun, but I just finished a week of Readathon-ing with the Biannual Bibliothon, so I didn’t participate πŸ˜€ Will you participate in the Dewey’s Summer 24 Hours Readathon next week? πŸ™‚

3 years ago

Wow The Spaceship Next Door sounds good! Glad to know about that one. And good luck with the readathon! Congrats on hitting your goal already. πŸ™‚

THanks for sharing about Catherine Valente, and hope you like Altered Carbon!!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

I’m glad you are enjoying the readathon. I got distracted from reading yesterday, and I know today will not be any less busy, so it looks like the 24in48 will be more like 2in48 for me, and that’s just a normal day.

Jenea's Book Obsession
Jenea's Book Obsession
3 years ago

Wishing you luck on the reading challenge! Enjoy your new books as well. πŸ™‚

Brian Joseph
3 years ago

You have made me so curious about The Spaceship Next Door. I look forward to your full review. Have fun with he read – a – thon. Congratulations on reaching your goal.

3 years ago

I hope the readathon is going REALLY well. I’ve read The Frequency of Aliens, which is the sequel to The Spaceship Next Door and you’ve sufficiently inspired me to go and track it down:).

3 years ago

Hahaha you are excused to go back to the readathon! Reading asks time LOL

Mary @StackingMyBookShelves!

I love when they can get you glued to the book. I love creepy and this sounds really good. I will have to pick up a copy of The Spaceship Next Door! Good luck on your challenge! Have a wonderful week!

Mary my #SundayRoundup #28!

3 years ago

Good luck with 24In48. That is quite a challenge. I admire all of you partaking in the challenge.

Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

I’ve been meaning to read Deathless, so one of these days I hope to find time Good luck with the read-a-thon! I’m on vacation out of town so I couldn’t participate.

3 years ago

Your updates are never boring haha! I always want to know all things <3 I hope the readathon went well in the end and was stoked you kicked the headache to pull through. I am so looking forward to finally buddy reading in September! Bring on Space Opera haha. That cover for The Girl Who Chased the Moon is stunning!

3 years ago

I always think I would love to read-athon but the timing never works out. I’m traveling or I’m working on the weekend or something. One day I will.
Enjoy your books! I’ll have to look into Deathless. Anne – Books of My Heart

3 years ago

How awesome of the fans for helping Catherine spend time with her baby. That’s great. Good luck with the readathon – Yay for reading all the review books you wanted!


3 years ago

im excited to see what you thought about six of crows!!

Barb (boxermommyreads)

I bought Space Opera for my Kindle when it came out. You’ve TOTALLY sold me on The Spaceship Next Door and I haven’t even read your review. Your excitement must be contagious.

Aj @ Read All The Things!

I’m doing the readathon, too, but I think I’ll only make it to 12 hours. I saw your Twitter updates, and I’m very impressed with how much you were able to read. Have a great week and enjoy your new books!

JJ @ This Dark Material

Ooo, I’m behind, I still need to read your discussion post! Really excited to read your review of Six of Crows next week. I wound up very disappointed by the Grisha trilogy, so I never bothered picking up the other duology. But I see so many good things about it in the book blogging community…which means of course I caved and bought both books not too long ago Glad to see you gave it such a high rating! Hope you have a great week, Evelina πŸ™‚

3 years ago

I had the week from hell which included hitting my knee, scraping my shin and stubbing my toe. Other than that it was all good πŸ˜‰

Good luck with the Readathon!

Laura Thomas
3 years ago

Good luck with it and I can’t wait for an update on what you did get read!

Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

The Girl Who Chased The Moon sounds good and the cover is so gorgeous!
I’ve never read Altered Carbon but I’ve seen some of the show on Netflix. I’m curious how close it is to the source material.
Have a good week!! πŸ™‚

Jackie B. @ Death by Tsundoku

Pft. I love this update. I’m a huge fan of short and sweet recaps, honestly. There’s so much we could be talking about, but let’s get to the meat of things, shall we?! πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad that you met your reading goal! That’s awesome!! I have never participated in a readathon like 24in48 or Dewey’s, but I do occasionally participate in Bout of Books. There’s something super fun about telling everyone, “Nope. Sorry. I have to read tonight.” XD I love it. But, I will admit, it’s hard for me to make time. Good for you!! How many books… Read more Β»