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[Weekly wrap-up] Busy And Exhausted, But Happy Sunday post #65

Wooooow I’ve been so busy this week. First of all working 12 hours a day to make up for my free days, and then taking three days off to participate in the biggest nationwide song festival ever – it was part of celebrating 100 years of Lithuania, so it was a very big and exciting thing (although these festivals happen every 4 years and I also took part in the last one). We were singing with thousands upon thousands of people, and I actually ended up near the camera, so I’m one of the hundred or so people who had actual facetime on TV xD if you’re curious what I was participating in, you can see a little bit of me hereΒ (it starts with another woman, that’s not me xD I’m wearing blue, among all the girls who are wearing blue and holding hands) and then again hereΒ (it might make you watch an ad first, sorry xD) And possibly more, but I don’t have time to search today xD anyway, for all those who don’t want to watch the video, here’s a photo of the girls from our group (the boys were taking the pic xD), but I still suggest tuning in to the video for at least a minute! Because you will have an idea how LARGE the event was πŸ™‚

A photo of my choir girls, all wearing blue performance clothes, flower wreaths and smiling or laughing [removed]

Due to the fact that I’ve been SO busy with all this preparation, rehearsal and performance stuff, I won’t be sharing a lot of stuff with you this week! I am also sorry that I have not really visited a lot of you for Sunday posts or even replied the comments – I just physically haven’t had time, because we leave in the morning and come back exhausted after like 10 PM. But I will catch up, hopefully, sometime next week. I’m sorry if I fail to visit you this time again! I am visiting my extended family this weekend. But I swear I’ll be back and visit everyone back from your comments πŸ™‚

~ Last Week On The Blog ~

Last week we had aΒ #NewBloggers guest post by Nicole @ FYFA, whom I want to thank again for this wonderful guest post. If any of you have been wondering how to reach that next level with your Twitter account, check out her tutorial about Tweetdeck. Aside from this post, I also had a review for a lovely middle grade book calledΒ Sarah & Katy and the Book of Blank. Read all about why I liked it here.

tweetdeck book bloggersΒ Β sarah and katy and the book of blank

~ Coming Up Next Week~

Next week I am posting A LOT of mini reviews and hoping to lure you in with the fact that it includes an itsy bitsy review ofΒ Obsidio, and also we’re welcoming the third batch ofΒ #NewBloggers!

mini reviews 1Β Β #NewBloggersWelcome

~ Little Book Haul ~

I hauled just the one last week! Yay πŸ™‚ it’s kind of funny, but I guess I’ve been too busy to haul? You need to be online to do that, I guess xD mostly…

Killing It

~ In The Bookish Community ~

Well, since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t actually been reading blogs this week, but I’ve got this awesome post from earlier that I wanted to share but wasn’t able to:

Avery @ Red Rocket Panda discusses healhy and unhealthy relationships with books, which is incredibly relevant in our ‘toppling TBR’ community vibe

So how has your week been? And what are you reading? What did you haul?

As usual, I’m linking up with theΒ Sunday post meme at Kimba’s book blogΒ and Stacking The Shelves over at Tynga’s Reviews.

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3 years ago

Oh wow… just wow!!! No wonder you are shattered… What an AMAZING experience. Allll those people singing together. It looks so joyful and euphoric – I find it so moving watching it. Didn’t you all make a wonderful noise together?? Thank you for sharing – you look beautiful, btw…

3 years ago

Happy weekend! And congrats on your choir work- that sounds awesome, and yay for celebrating Lithuania!

Have a super week!

3 years ago

That event sounds and looks wonderful! Singing together is one of the best experiences of life! I’ve been in choirs before and I grew up in a very musical environment, and I miss those so much!! I envy you a bit now I am also happy for you. Singing is awesome!

CG @ Paper Fury
3 years ago

Ahhh that’s so awesome the choir went well and that you got to join in! I looove your flower crowns. And omg I can imagine the intense amount of busyness going on?! Also your teeny tiny hauls at the moment are are amazing Inspiration to us all. (Says me who is in deep trouble with my TBR but ohhh oops.)

3 years ago

What a wonderful experience you were a part of, and I love the robes and headpieces. You all look fantastic!

Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

Wow Evelina! That was beautiful and literally gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing, I’ve never seen anything like that. Do you live in that forested area, or did you travel there? Its so gorgeous!

3 years ago

How fun that you were near the camera! That is always fun. Good luck with any blogging catch-up.

Anna @ Read and Repeat

The song festival sounds so amazing! Totally worth the exhaustion, I bet πŸ˜‰

3 years ago

That looks like an amazing experience for you all. It looks like a huge event.

3 years ago

It must have been just fantastic Evelina! I wish I could have been there.

JJ @ This Dark Material

The festival looks like such a fun time, and how cool that you were on TV! I hope things calm down just enough for you to catch your breath and relax soon πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great week Evelina!

Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

That looks like so much fun! Well done you. πŸ™‚

Stephanie Jane
3 years ago

I’ve just been watching those videos. What an incredible event to be a part of. Such a huge choir singing together must be a fabulous experience, and no wonder you’re exhausted. Take a few days to relax if you can?

Mary @StackingMyBookShelves!

Sounds like you had an awesome week – minus the makeup hours! I love the choir! Go you guys! Have a wonderful week!

Mary my #SundayRoundup #26!

Laura Thomas
3 years ago

I knew you were busy doing something as I didn’t see you much on the internet. The song festival sounds amazing. So many people!

My Sunday Post

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Wow, you’ve been busy. I saw some of your videos on Instagram, and it looked like you were having fun. I love the flower crowns. Have a good week.

Anna @Adventures with a Book Nerd

That sounds like an amazing experience! I can’t watch the video right now, but I will totally be back to see you singing! Have a good week, and happy reading! πŸ™‚

3 years ago

How fun! Love the photo of all you girls – I’m sure you’re having a blast. Sorry about having to fit in tons of hours to get time off though!


Luana @Bookstormgirl
3 years ago

Ahhh that’s so cool! Loved to see you in the videos!

3 years ago

Wow, that event looks impressive !! Hope you all had fun, and all so pretty in that picture xx

May you enjoy the rest of your trip πŸ™‚

Kaleena β˜… Reader Voracious

What a fun and amazing experience, especially to have been able to get your amazing face on tv! Don’t even worry about not blog hopping – you have been SO BUSY and you do so much for the blogging community and deserve some downtime. I wouldn’t worry about catching up on what you missed, you’ll be behind forever! I hope you have a relaxing week!

3 years ago

I didn’t know Lithuania had a song festival, too! Just watched a part of ours on TV (or was it the after-festival show? I didn’t really understand) and there was this song about the Baltic States with verses in Latvian AND Lithuanian and Estonian, so I thought of you, haha. But yeah, ours is every four years, same as yours! Now I wonder whether Estonia has one, too…..!

3 years ago

Oh wow, I did not know any of this. The more you learn!

Kyra Morris
3 years ago

Ahh it sounds like you had a lovely time at the song festival! <3

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

*squish hugs* Sounds like you had a lot of fun despite being stressed and preparing for your performance. Also you look fabulous.

Lashaan Balasingam
3 years ago

Wow. You must be sooooo exhausted. You need a break! And that’s soooo cool! You were on TV!!!! Y’all look amazing. πŸ˜‰

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

Looks like you had lots of fun at the festival!! πŸ™‚ It definitely looks like a cool event and wow you’re a little bit famous now, being on TV and all πŸ˜‰ I cannot wait for more Newcomers Posts soon! πŸ™‚

Louise Nettleton
3 years ago

Those costumes are just fantastic. What an amazing experience. πŸ™‚ Sounds as though you’ve had a busy week.

Amanda @Cover2CoverMom

Oh my goodness! You an your choir friends are all absolutely stunning! Love the performance outfit & head piece. I wish I had a talent for singing, but alas I do not. Hopefully this week you were able to recover from everything. I need to pop over and read that guest post!

Olivia-Savannah Roach
3 years ago

You live life at 100 miles an hour all the time! I’m impressed with how much you manage to get done. The song festival looks huge but sounds like it must have been a lot of fun! But yeah, extra work time does sound intense DD:

3 years ago

Being busy is so tiring but I’m glad you’re happy!

Lucy ~

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

Oh wow! I watched the video and the event was indeed big. I also watched your stories on Instagram. And you people look lovely. That blue dress is traditional dress of your country or was it just for the performance?

3 years ago

omg look at how happy and cute y’alla re!!

Dani Eide
Dani Eide
3 years ago

Celebrating ones birth place had to be joyful! β™₯️ What a rich experience to be part of something so big! You looked great making all that wonderful noise together!