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Sunday post #6 Bit of a slump, but we're okay!

Linking up with the usual crew for the Sunday meme at Kimba’s book blog.

~ On The Blog ~

This week I’ve posted a review about rogue mages! It was a fun read, as well as a fun review to write. I’ve also posted a review for Get Well Soon, but not on the blog – on Goodreads, and you can read it here if you want, but it wasn’t a great book.

Brother's Ruin by Emma Newman Get Well Soon Review

~ Reading This Week ~

The Finding of Martha Lost Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything Shift (Silo, #2) When The English Fall

Reading this week has been uneventful. Bit of a slump content-wise!

The Finding of Martha Lost comes out next week and I was super hyped about it when I downloaded it. Trains, books, lost people and items? Sounds wonderful! Alas. It’s just plain weird, incoherent (at least, to me), I hate the MC, and the worst thing is that not even secret rainbow-color-coded libraries are saving the book! Now that’s sad. I am super disappointed.

I’m also finishing reading Quackery, a book I’ve told you about before. And although I’ve had to skip a few chapters about middle-ages surgery and eating mummies, it has been a very informative and fun book! Truly recommended.

I’ve also been finishing Shift, or more like… torturing it. Or torturing myself to finish it. Gah… Also so disappointed. The first book in the Silo series, Woolhas been simply brilliant, but Shift has just been a grating, dragging grey slab of boredom with wayyyy too many pages. I am disappoint, son.

When The English Fall has been the only gem this week! I’m loving it so far. Unfortunately, I have started reading it a little too early, cause it only gets published like a month later, so I had to pry myself away from it, but I’m totally loving it so far. It’s about these people of the old ways (not certain, Amish, something else?) living on while an apocalypse happens to the rest of us, although it’s not really affecting them, cause their entire world doesn’t hinge on electricity. So far it’s an amazingly written story, gripping from the get go. Can’t wait to be done with all the others and get back to this story.

~ Next Up On The Blog ~

Next week I will have a review for The Finding of Martha Lost, and I can promise you it will be fun. I didn’t like the book much, but I have plenty to say about it! In a pretty sarcastic way!

I’m also joining the Anne of Green Gables Readalong! If this book has been on your shelves for much too long, just as it’s been on mine, you can join us for the rest of the year here (link on the picture). Jane at the Greenish Bookshelf is hosting it and I am quite excited!

~ Little Book Haul ~

M: Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster Things to Do When You're Goth in the Country: and Other Stories
Doing a little book haul again, cause I got approved for a few cool books again. I think you should see them. M is a title I’m very excited about, because it’s non-fiction, and it’s the story of the man stories like James Bond were based on! Incredible that such people exist. So curious to read this book. And Things To Do When You’re Goth In The Country just seemed so wacky a title, I just had to go for it, even if I don’t go for short stories much. It’s all about being different in places where the different are not accepted much. I had to check it out!

~ On The Blogs~

This week I found a delightful blog by Louise at Genie Reads! And she has shared something very relevant to most of us – how we struggle with requesting too many books! Here’s a post about Killing the Request Button on Netgalley.

~ General Rambling ~

This time I don’t have anything in particular to share, because I’m finally having a cozy weekend to share. So instead, I’m going to share a quote I LOVED from Felix Yz by Lisa Bunker, a book I will be reviewing soon. It’s super diverse and I urge you to check it out! It comes out June 6th and I’m sure you will love it.

How has your week been and what are you planning on reading next week?

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Geybie's Book Blog
Geybie's Book Blog
4 years ago

Sorry that you didn’t enjoy some of the books you read. Glad that you’re at least enjoying some of them. Anyway, Thanks for sharing the post about NetGalley. I’m having a fear of that website. I’ve only requested two books so far. Thanks for giving me advice about it. It’s a fun site but it’s scary, to be honest. It’s like a trap. Hehe..

Have a wonderful week and happy reading, Avalinah.

I love your name. Beautiful.

Megan @reading away the day s

Anne of green gables has been on my TBR for years I really want to get to it soon. Have a great week.

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

I think I might read Ann of Green Gables with my homeschool Language Arts class this coming year. I don’t think I ever read it when I was young! Hope you have a great week!

Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog
Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog
4 years ago

Well at least there was gem in your reading this week!! Love the quote you shared 🙂 Have a great week ad happy reading!

Laurel-Rain Snow
4 years ago

I’m curious about that Anne of Green Gables Read Along. I’ve been itching to reread some of my favorites, and continue with the series, as I missed some of the books.

Enjoy your books this week! Thanks for visiting my blog.

4 years ago

Bummer about Shift! Hate it when a series w/a promising start goes like that. 🙁

I am kinda curious about Brother’s ruin though after seeing your review earlier in the week.

Good luck with the readalong! Goodreads has so many awesome groups, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface, you know?

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

It’s so frustrating to read books we look forward to only to find them rather lacking. I’m glad you’ve found some that work really well for you, though.
Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading 🙂

4 years ago

A bit of a hit and mix week but looks like you are on the up swing. I don’t know if I’ve ever read Anne of Green Gables. Might be time to try.

Cait @ Paper Fury
4 years ago

Ooh that book from the quote sounds really good and I should check that out further! And I’m seeing stuff about Anne of Green Gables EVERYWHERE at the moment. Is it because of the tV show reboot?! I’m guessing. My sisters are always talking about it on Facebook but like I read the first book when I was 12 or whatever and I didn’t even care. No dragons, probably.I’m so terrible hahah. I’ve been reading a TON lately and getting through a lot of library books which is good! I’m about to start When Dimple Met Rishi which I’m excited… Read more »

Aj @ Read All The Things!

I’ve always meant to read Anne of Green Gables. It’s a classic. I really should have read it by now, but I haven’t. So many books, so little time. Have a great week!

Nathan (@reviewbarn)
4 years ago

I would like to take a run at Quackery, it is exactly the kind of pop non fiction I love to read. And NetGalley? I never hesitate to press the button on NetGalley. I have a horrible review rate and it has not once affected my requests that I can tell. People are allowed to change their mind!

4 years ago

Yay! Welcome to the read along! I’m so glad you are enjoying Anne so far. 🙂

Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium
Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium
4 years ago

lol I have an issue refraining from NetGAlley too so I should check Louise’s post 🙂 I think you mentioned Felix Yz before and I added it to GR! 🙂

Jackie B.
4 years ago

Reading slumps are the WORST. There’s nothing like a slew of uninteresting novels to make you sad and lethargic. I hope your upcoming reads are more engaging! Do you feel like you are at a point where you need to jumpstart your reading to get out of the slump? Or are you moving along steadily? I also read Louise’s post on Killing the Request Button– it’s some great advice, but I’m so bad at NetGalley! I request far more than I read. Shocker. For example, I wished for Felix Yz since you recommended it. I hope I get a copy… Read more »

4 years ago

Happy to see you are joining in on the Anne of GG read along! Have you started yet? I am about 90% through and cannot wait to talk about my AoGG feels 🙂

Di @ Book Reviews by Di

Argh. I’m so sorry – I’ve been off the blogosphere (totally offline in fact!) after a computer failure. 🙁 I’m only just getting to do the rounds now to try to catch up on THREE WEEKS. Yikes. Anyways.

I’m sorry to hear some of your recent reads have been kind of fails! That’s never nice.

Love the quote you shared! Thank you!!!

Savanah | Off-Color Literature

I LOVE these weekly updates you do! This is so fun.

Quackery sounds awesome! I’m totally going to have to look into it.

Thank you for sharing that quote. Omg. It is SO amazing that we’re seeing more and more of this in MG lit. That makes my heart sing.