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[Weekly wrap-up] Sunday post #54 A Quiet, Lovely Week

This has been one of those calm and slow weeks! I am also *mostly* done with the taxes… Some of you might know what an ordeal that can be. And also, spring is finally upon us, so things are looking good. Some more stuff about this week:

  • I have not hauled any books whatsoever this week. NONE. None!!
  • …but can you imagine?? NONE.
  • I can’t either.
  • I think I’m also reading 8 books at a time, HALP
  • Anyway, I’ve joined a fun readathon, #25inFive, and while I suck at taking actual photo check-ins, I’ve been reading all weekend!
  • I’ll also be joining next week’s Dewey’s pre-readathon, where you are supposed to read 1000 pages in the whole week
  • Also, Dewey’s sign-ups are finally open, have you signed up yet?
  • Me and boyfriend went out to a restaurant yesterday in celebration of the two years of his being here, and we actually read a book to each other interchangeably, while eating. It was really cute. I should really learn to take more pics!
  • I also caught up with a lot of you on Twitter last week, and I’m very happy about that. It seems we are all drifting somewhere now, most of you are busy with school, maybe it’s just the season. I miss the talks!
  • The #NewBloggers 101 series is slowly winding down, and while I still have posts planned, I am getting slighly tired of juggling the guest posts, so it might be that I’ll insert one or two unrelated discussion posts these coming fridays. We’ll see! It also feels like a weird crossroads, cause it was such a big, lovely project – but now I’ve got to search for new directions.

And that seems to be all! What is new with you?

~ We Need To Talk About Some Books I’m Reading ~

So this week, I finally read that sequel of All Systems Red, and I must say, it was JUST AS AMAZING as the first one!! I can’t wait to share my review with you all, it will be on May 7th, I’ve already scheduled it, and it’s full of enthusiasm. For those who would love to start this series, is actually offering the book for free now (sadly, only in US and CAN, it seems…) Maybe some of you can grab it – here’s the tweet with the link.

Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries #2)

~ Last Week On The Blog ~

Last week I posted a review for Happily, a very different Cinderella retelling that I can truly recommend, and Sugar Money, a heart-breaking, but factual novel based on a real story of slaves trying to escape in the 18th century. Both are recommended. And I also have to thank Aimee @ Aimee, Always for her wonderful #NewBloggers 101 post about Bloglovin’.

happily chauncey rogers  sugar money
quick guide to bloglovin

~ Coming Up Next Week~

There should be three posts next week, but the guest poster for #NewBloggers is late, and I don’t want to ask her again, so I might just do some discussion post or tag for fun (I’ve missed my discussions anyway!), so I can’t tell you right now what I’ll be posting on Friday. Let it be a surprise 🙂 as for the other two posts, we’ll have Doorways in the Sand, a great (and a little wacky) scifi, and The Lost Castle, a nice historical novel told through three different perspectives and timelines, which I really loved.

doorways in the sand  the lost castle

~ Little Book Haul ~

~ In The Bookish Community ~

Sarah @ Written Word Worlds talks about why ARCs should decode to “Actually Reviewers Crying”

Dani @ Perspective of a Writer talks about why she says no to audiobooks

Austine @ Novelknight talks about how we determine blogging success (and that we shouldn’t use this label)

Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra talks about how important it is to find your OWN voice in blogging

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction talks about how she’s bored of blogs with only reviews and nothing else

So how has your week been? And what are you reading? What did you haul?

As usual, I’m linking up with the Sunday post meme at Kimba’s book blog and Stacking The Shelves over at Tynga’s Reviews.

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3 years ago

Reading to each other. How adorable are you! You have been getting lucky with your books. I love when all my reads are solid like that. Good luck with the taxes and have a great week!

Anne Clarence
3 years ago

I am OFFENDED at how you feel so out of place for not getting reviews in one week (if you feel like that, where would I be?!).

*Just kidding haha please don’t hate me*

And I saw your post checking on us! That was so nice of you. I know I didn’t have time to reply yet, but it really touched me (you’re such a nice person). No wonder you’re so popular among the blogging community (hehe).

Have a great week!

Laura Thomas
3 years ago

I think I’m reading about the same amount of books at the same time too. LOL That sounds like fun with you reading to each other. And I’ve enjoyed all of the posts with tips for blogging. Found some new bloggers to follow and learned some new tricks!

3 years ago

No book haul? Is that a record? 😮 haha I hope you’re enjoying those 8 books you’re reading!

Have a great week 🙂

Chloe @ Book Dragons
Chloe @ Book Dragons
3 years ago

Ooo congrats on not hauling at all! I ended up hauling…11 books xD 7 are in one series and 4 are in another although amusingly they’re all by the same author – that wasn’t planned. I’m currently reading two books but I think I’ve hit a bit of a reading slump so we’ll see if I end up finishing either of them this week or I jump to another book to read xD Have a great week!

Michelle @Because Reading

I need to check out the read-a-thon for dewey this week. I didn’t even realize they had a FB group!
I am so awkward when it comes to talking to people on twitter, I don’t know why. I am socially awkward in person and for some reason it shows more on twitter than Facebook.

I hope you have a great week, Evelina! Happy Reading!

Michelle @Because Reading

I meant to say Goodreads group lol, I didn’t know they had one….they do have a facebook group, that one I joined. Sorry I confused the two! 🙂

3 years ago

Aw eating and reading to each other is so cute! Enjoy your week, I can’t wait till the 24 Hour Read a Thon too.

Brian Joseph
3 years ago

Happy Sunday.

Reading out loud to others is s cool thing to do. I have never done it in a restaurant though. Any plans you can do it in peace is a good place though.

Reading eight books at a time is impressive. I am able to handle two and find it difficult to go beyond that.

Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

I wish I had time for readathons, but I don’t right now. 1000 pages in a week is just not possible unless I stay up late, but then I would be tired and fall asleep anyway, lol. Good luck, I hope it’s fun!

Anna @ Read and Repeat

I can’t believe they are giving away All Systems Red! (for US/Canada peeps) I’ve been wanting to read that book for a while, guess I have no excuse now 😉

3 years ago

Zero again, wow! I do not have that kind of self control (as seen by my haul this week, haha)

Laurel-Rain Snow
3 years ago

Congrats on your two years together, and that outing sounds life fun.

Enjoy the upcoming week…and thanks for visiting my blog.

3 years ago

Always great to be and share with fellow readers especially loved ones. Leaning towards doing the Dewey again this year, but partially as I can’t make it through 1am.

JJ @ This Dark Material

I LOVE that gif for your zero haul 😀 Good luck with your readathons! They aren’t quite my thing because I know as soon as one started I would want to do anything but read. I really seeing my friends do them on Twitter, though, since everyone is so productive 🙂 You and your boyfriend are too cute! That was the Pullman book, right? I really need to branch out from His Dark Materials and read more of his books. Hope you have a wonderful week Evelina! ♥

Tânia @MyLovelySecret

Calm and slow weeks are good weeks. But taxes are a huge headache. Those may ruin a good week.

I think I’ll take a look at Dewey’s read-a-thon. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to join it, but maybe I’ll squeeze it in my schedule.

While you didn’t a haul a single book this week, I went overboard this week. I’m pretty sure this week I got more books than all my combined hauls since the beginning to the year. *hides in shame*

Wishes of a great week. 🙂

Sophie Eloy
3 years ago

Not so bad for a week Evelina! Damn 1000 pages in one week? Well that should be doable LOL

Vi @Inkvotary
3 years ago

I am bad at writing reviews at the moment too. Seems that some of us have a slow start getting in again. So don´t worry!
Best wishes

Joann Downie
3 years ago

Not sure if I can do the readathon, I don’t have/use twitter, and am just learning instagram, but I don’t think I would do so well in this one. However you got some great books, and good luck with the readathon!

Mary @StackingMyBookShelves!

I am sure you will find a new direction. I hope you have a good week reading. Maybe you can stagger the guest posts out and then have more time to start something new. Anway, happy reading!

Mary my #SundayRoundup #13!

3 years ago

Wow, 8 books at once? Two is the most I can do and one usually has to be an audio for me. I’ve always wanted to sign up for the Dewey readathon, but I just haven’t had time. I hope you have a great week!

3 years ago

I’ve never done a read a thon but this seems like fun. I think it’s sweet that you read to each other. I hope you have a great week!

Jennifer | Book Den
3 years ago

I’m glad to hear the sequel to All Systems Red is amazing. I just got the first one so I’m really looking forward to finding out what everyone has been loving about them.

Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

Wow, no new books, I’m so proud of you! 😛 But 8 books at once?! Giiirl, you crazy. I’d be so confused, haha. Reading to each other at dinner does sound really cute! Have a great week 🙂

Anna @Adventures with a Book Nerd

Oh my god relationship goals right there. I’m jealous! You better keep that one close to you! XD

I’ve honestly been really bad about keeping up with the Blogging 101 series, but what if you started having people write about how they first got into blogging? Like, they can talk about what they’ve learned and how they’ve changed because of it?

Have a great week! 🙂

Anna @Adventures with a Book Nerd

Of course! It would be interesting to learn more about some of my favorite bloggers! 🙂

Aj @ Read All The Things!

I’m so excited for Dewey’s! Also, congrats on not hauling any books. I can’t seem to accomplish that. Books just keep showing up at my house! I hope you have a great week.

Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous)

Wow. I wish I could multi-task like that. I can barely read a book and listen to an audiobook around the same time. I end up getting things jumbled and mixed up. I used to love chatting on Twitter but it I lost interest in it once everyone seemed to only post political stuff or drama. I miss the days of just sitting on Twitter and chatting books or having actual chat parties on there.

Tiffany Chiang
3 years ago

I’m so proud of you for not splurging on books!! Also, you and your boyfriend are such #goals <3 Where can I find a boyfriend who supports my reading habits??

3 years ago

definitely nothing wrong with not getting any ARCs good time to catch up on your other reads 😀
Your blogging posts are awesome for new bloggers out there so great job 🙂

Carole @ Carole's Random Life in Books

Yay for not adding any new books to your pile this week. I really need to take some notes on how to actually do that 🙂 Taxes…blah. I need to finish up all of my stuff…really just send in a check. I hope you have a great week filled with lovely books 🙂

3 years ago

Aw that’s cute about reading together- how nice! Nothing better than being able to share a passion with a significant other. 🙂 Ooh has spring hit in your area? We’re still cold here, sadly. It’s quite annoying.

I’m glad to hear that Artificial Condition was good, I loved the first book. I’ll have to go o ver there and grab it. Can’t wait to see what you thought!

3 years ago

Enjoy your upcoming readathons. The pre-readathons sounds like a wonderful opportunity to get through at least two tomes. You and boyfriend are so adorable together, I enjoy reading about your outings. Have a wonderful day Evelina 🙂

Maureen Bakker
3 years ago

Doing taxes can definitely be an ordeal. I always feel such a relieve when they’re done. Good job on getting no new books. I already bought one this week, and it’s only Monday morning. So I’m not doing as good. LOL!
Have a great week and happy reading.

Cahleen Hudson
Cahleen Hudson
3 years ago

First of all, you and your boyfriend are so cute. Reading to each other for a date? Hold onto that one!

Secondly, I soooo want to do a readathon, but I know my kids would ruin it for me. I only want to commit if I can succeed. Happy reading!

Barb (boxermommyreads)

Sounds like you had a nice anniversary celebration. I’m looking forward to your review of Doorways in the Sand because I’m admittedly drawn to weird and wacky reads. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Bee (Quite The Novel Idea / Novel Ink)

Yikes, taxes. xD I feel for you. Also no books at all?? That’s amazing. Go you! But also, why??

3 years ago

I’ve already signed up for Dewey’s readathon and will be signing up for the pre-readathon too! It will be fun reading with people in the blogosphere 🙂

Thanks for the shoutout!

Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

Congrats on the two years! You two sound like a cute couple.

And I totally feel you on the taxes–ugh.

Hope you have a great week!

Dani @ Perspective of a Writer
Dani @ Perspective of a Writer
3 years ago

ooooh I didn’t get a pingback that you shared my post! But THANK YOU so much!! Audiobooks are so controversial, who knew?!

That is too cute! You and your BF reading and eating together!! <3 Congratulations on not hauling any books! I find it really quite hard… I'll have to look at that readathon, thanks for sharing.

Jamie @ Fantasy Book Chick
Jamie @ Fantasy Book Chick
3 years ago

Hope you enjoy the books you are reading and find some new ones. Have a great week!

Anna @ The Bibliotaph
3 years ago

Just signed up for the readathon – thanks for sharing!:)

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

You both are adorable, aren’t you? 🙂 I wish my husband too could show only a little interest in reading 😛
It was nice to catch up with you too on Twitter 🙂 yes, everyone seems busy. At least you know where I have been busy 😛

Good luck with all those readathons. I can’t manage to do them, however. Also, I think you have provided enough content for #newbloggers series so now it’s okay to squeeze in some other discussion posts 🙂

Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

I’m always amazed when you say you hauled no books, it sounds like witchcraft to me, I am incapable of not buying books it seems. And you’re reading loads to! I am jealous. And you and your boyfriend at the restaurant sound so cute, what a great meal out! We should all be so lucky. I hope you have a good week.

3 years ago

No books this week? Wow… I struggle to remember what the feels like even though I try every week to behave, lol.
Have a good week!

Aimee (Aimee, Always)
3 years ago

8 books at a time!?!?! Girl, how do you do it! xD And gah, reading to each other is definitely super cute. Thanks for having me over this week. ♥

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

WOW – not a single book, Evelina? I just don’t get how you do that. I keep adding more, more, more every single week!
It does sound really cute – you and your boyfriend reading to each other <3
I hope you're having a great week. Sorry to be so late again.