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Sunday post #18 Going on a vacation - sorry if I'm slower at being social!

Linking up with the usual crew for the Sunday meme at Kimba’s book blog.

This week I’m going off to vacation, woo! Sorry if I’m a little slow with the blog hops and visits, don’t know how my data will be. But I’ll try to visit everyone nonetheless. Wish me luck on my trip to the woods!

~ Last Week On The Blog ~

Two posts as usual – one you all seemed to love or just plain be interested in about if spoilers are okay in book reviews or not, and another post for the review of The Fifth Season, in its entire epicness:

spoilers in book reviews the fifth season

~ Coming Up Next Week~

Here’s what you should expect on my blog next week:


~ Vacation Reading Plan! ~

I am so excited, I’m finally going for a vacation! So I *just might* have more time for reading, or at least I’m sure hoping to! Which is why I’ve devised this reading agenda with wayyyyy too many books to not fail it:

The Subtle Knife (His Dark Materials #2) The Growing Season Practical Magic (Practical Magic #1) The Golden House Happiness: A Memoir: The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After

As I’ve just finished The Golden Compass (alas, no review yet), I have continued with the series straight away and dove into The Subtle Knife. I am planning to finish this one for sure. Then there are certain ARCs on firesuch as The Golden House, Happiness and The Growing Season. And if I want to start properly with The Rules of Magic, I should start Practical Magic this week too. So, as you can see, I’ve basically got my own vacation #readathon! (wish me luck…)

 ~ General Rambling ~

This photo has been quite popular on IG this week. I got these lovely flowers from a workmate – aren’t they just so Bookstagram-worthy? Will have to take more pictures before they wilt. Also? The Golden Compass was amaaaaaazing.

Have you bought or received any awesome new books? And how has your reading week been?

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I can’t wait to read your discussion coming up this week! 🙂


Have a happy vacation. I love The Golden compass too. Actually I like the first book the best, the second book lesser than that and the third book even lesser. But dont let me discourage you. Most people feel the other way round.


Enjoy your vacation and don’t worry about visiting. I use to do that on vacation too, but we all need to just unplug once in a while.


Have a great vacation, and hope you get lots of reading time. 🙂 I need to go over and read that Rogue rant since I have a feeling I’m going to agree (aka where was she in the last movie and why??) lol.

Have a great week!

Megan @reading away the day s

So many great reading picks for your vaction. Have a great time 🙂

S. C. Flynn
S. C. Flynn

I have been in a 4 star phase recently as well. Lots of good books!

Liz Scanlon

happy holidays! have a good time and hope you’ll have time to read some grest books! ☺

Anne Clarence

THE PHOTO IS BEAUTIFUL! Such a shame I don’t have Instagram. Have a great week!

Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

I have to get to The Fifth Season asap! I have only read great things about it. Practical Magic is also one that I NEED to read. Huffman has such a unique style! Enjoy your vacation 🙂


Oooh I love your bookstagram photo!! It’s so pretty. I just love the pop of colors on the one side. All your new books look great. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on them. Hope you have a fantastic vacation filled with lots of good books! 🙂


That is a beautiful picture. I love Instagram and looking at everyone’s pics, but I sort of suck at the whole composition and taking pictures thing. I don’t like clutter, and therefore, do not have a lot of stuff that is not needed, but all the best bookstagrams have a lot of stuff. It’s such a struggle. Have an awesome vacation. I hope you come back fully rested and recharged.


Oo have fun on your vacation! Vacations can either be great for catching up on reading, or they can cause you to fall drastically behind on your reading schedule so good luck 😉

Laura Thomas

Huh, my comment disappeared. LOL I hope your vacation is a blast. Have fun and don’t worry about unplugging. It’s good to take a break and fun when you get back to it. We’ll be here:)

Jenea's Book Obsession

Unplug and I hope you a great time on vacation! You have some really good books to read while you’re on vacay too. 🙂

Jenea’s Book Obsession’s Sunday Post

Laurel-Rain Snow

Have a great vacation week!

I love the floral display for IG. Thanks for sharing, and I’m curious about your upcoming discussion posts.

I’m curious about Happiness and The Growing Season.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy your reading.

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

I’ve had the Philip Pullman trilogy sitting on my shelves for literally 10 years or more. I keep thinking I will read them someday. Maybe this fall, I’ll finally get around to them.

Enjoy your rambles in the woods, and I hope you get the perfect amount of time for reading. Happy vacation!


What beautiful flowers!!!! Hope you have a great vacation!


I started Fifth Season earlier this year and just could not get into that prologue. So I put it to the side for a bit and have yet to pick it back up. I keep hearing amazing things though and I really, really want to read some by this author.

Barb (boxermommyreads)

Enjoy your vacation. I read Practical Magic years ago and enjoyed it, although I liked the movie a bit better. I’m interested in reading the new prequel.

Elise @ Roaming Reader
Elise @ Roaming Reader

The picture with flowers is gorgeous! Wish I had photograph skills like that 🙂

Literary Feline (Wendy)

I hope you enjoy your vacation! I can’t wait to read The Fifth Season. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I love that photo–flowers and a book . . . Heaven! Have a great week, Evelina!


Have a great vacation! 🙂

I gave your Bloglovin’ a follow!

Check out my Sunday Post at El’s Book Reviews! I truly appreciate it!

Hope you have a great day!

– El @ El’s Book Reviews

Geybie's Book Blog
Geybie's Book Blog

Oh wow, happy for you. Enjoy your trip. Have a wonderful week, my friend. Take lots of pictures!


Yaaaayyyyyy for vacation!! Enjoy! 🙂

I just love His Dark Materials. Those three books had a great influence on me and in some way they defined who I am. Will from The Subtle Knife was my first bookish crush (I read them when I was pretty young so I liked Will as he was older and serious and just perfect haha). But I still find Lyra super annoying for some reason…

Love those flowers <3 !


Great reviews…some things I need to check out. Enjoy the vacation!

Maureen Bakker

I hope you’ll have a great vacation and get the reading done that you want! Vacations are just the best for reading!! Atleast for me 😉
Have a great week!

Karen Blue

Yay for vacation! I actually have a 5 day stretch coming up later this month (when my mom has her surgery) and I am hoping to get caught up on reading and blogging. No promises though (lol). I hope you get some relaxation in this week!

Cait @ Paper Fury

Oooh those flowers ARE super gorgeous!! And I’m so glad you enjoyed The Subtle Knife!! I need to read that…*glares at ominously looming TBR pile* Also I hope you have a lovely vacation!! I haven’t been collecting so many books lately since I’ve moved and don’t have my library…so maybeeeee my TBR will shrink one of these days.However I did recently get copies of Rules for Thieves, The Near Witch, and Saints & Misfits! So I’m pretty excited about all of those!


Your discussion post from last week sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out next. Those flowers sure look pretty, I can see why you used them for a picture. I hope you’ll have an awesome vacation!

Jackie B.

Ugh. All the technology hates us. I swear we are both cursed. I KNOW I wrote a response to this on Sunday. Then I stopped by to see if you had responded. BAH. All the lies of technology make me sad. Your blog is SO HOPPING! I don’t know how you keep up. I can barely keep up with my own and it’s not nearly as smokin’ as yours is. Keep up the great work! These discussion posts are super great. I love them both. I don’t know how you come up with all these great ideas. I cannot wait… Read more »


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