State of the ARC

State of the ARC #1 Introducing new meme!

I’ve been wanting to get started with this meme for a few months now, but didn’t have the time to finish the idea up. However, I have been walking around laughing like a little nerd about the name I came up with though – State of the ARC! How ingenious, Evelina.

But anyway! State of the ARC is meant to be a meme for tracking your ARC progress! I’m sure I’ll figure out the format I want to do it in, given time, but it will be at least monthly, maybe even bi-weekly, we’ll see! And I also want to give you all a chance to link up your own ARC posts! I know a lot of you do them already, so your post name can (and probably should) be whatever you want it to be, as long as you mention that you’re linking up with State of the ARC @ AvalinahsBooks, which is a fun way to share our ARC progress, challenges, wins, woes and mishaps – and don’t forget to include the link to this post! You can grab my picture too, if you want. Impatiently waiting for you all to hop along ❤ Let’s not forget we should all visit each other’s State of the ARC posts and comment. Have fun!

~ Current State of the ARC ~

So let’s see how many unread and unreviewed ARCs I have! My main sources of ARCs are NetGalley and Edelweiss, with quite a few old ARCs from Story Cartel (that I’m not going to read all of… don’t tell anyone) and a handful of old author-supplied ARCs. My main goal right now is to cut down on NetGalley ARCs, since the Story Cartel and author ones are so few in comparison and mostly so old. I’m not even taking into account the freebies. So here are my charts:

State of the ARC stats - August

As you can see, I have almost a hundred ARCs ready for the reading!

~ In The Works ~

Now let’s talk about the ones I’m either currently reading, or have finished and am writing a review for. This is so I could get a sliver of hope about my progress!!

The Punch Escrow The Growing Season Endurance: My Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery The Golden House Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Frontier Landscapes that Inspired the Little House Books

I’ve finished buddy-reading the Punch Escrow with Paul – we should be both posting an interactive review once we’re done! The writing in this book is great, quick and witty – reminds me of Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London series) and Matt Wallace (Sin du Jour series), and in general it’s one hell of a smart, sassy sci-fi book. The Growing Season was a great book about what happens to society once everyone can have babies – men and women alike. I read this book during my vacation and I’ll be posting the review in the beginning of September. Truly recommended! Endurance is Scott Kelly’s memoir of a year in the ISS (the space station), along with stories of his road towards becoming an astronaut. I’m enjoying it! Wish I could say the same about The Golden House, cause although it’s by a really famous author, I don’t feel like it’s for me. And last but not least – two non-fiction titles – Quackery, which is a really great book about all sorts of quacks in the history of the western world, and The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder, which explores the realities of life this writer’s family might have experienced at the time.

Out of all these, I would say, go for The Growing Season, Endurance, Punch Escrow and Quackery.

~ Let’s Get Motivated! ~

This part is meant to hype me up to read more of those stashed ARCs! So let’s see if I’ve got something interesting in there… If you’ve heard about these, I would love to hear your opinion!

The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me Red Blood, Yellow Skin  Wings to Fly

My reasons? The Foundling really excited me back when I got approved for it. But it’s a book about a child being kidnapped, and finally when I had time to read it, I felt too down for a story like that. I would love to finally read it though! Red Blood, Yellow Skin is a story of a girl’s survival in war-torn Vietnam, so that’s automatically interesting, if a little bit dark too. And I have a ridiculous reason for being motivated for Wings To Fly – I’ve had a beautiful Bookstagram photo for it for months!! And I just really want to use it already. LOL!

So that’s it for my State of the ARC this month! Please tell me about yours by linking your post in the linky. Just don’t forget to link back to this post and visit everyone else on the list, and… have fun!

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Is this gonna be a weekly or monthly meme? Like weekly or monthly a new linky gadget? I really wanna participate cause it sounds so good! ❤


This is such a great idea!! Hopefully I will start getting some ARC’s so I can participate 🙂


If I only included my digital ARCs, I would have 72 unread. It sounds bad, but I read about 20-25 books a month, and a bunch are for next year. There are so many releases in Sept and Oct, but I am working on them. *I am not counting the ARCs my co-blogger got at BEA.

Elise @ Roaming Reader
Elise @ Roaming Reader

This is a great idea to get people looking at their pile of ARCs and (hopefully) reading more of them! HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MANY NETGALLEY ARCS!? I only have about 4… but you’ve probably been on there much longer than me XD Right now I’m actually trying to get through some Netgalley ARCs before getting back to my other reads.

Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

I love this idea!! I might try to do a post for next week!

Laura Thomas

I’m not requesting any new ARCs. I do have some that authors sent to me since I receive all of their new books. I could count those on two hands. And there’s no real due date for reviewing them. Looks like you have a bunch:)

Cait @ Paper Fury

Ooh yay! Linkups are great fun. I actually confess though….omg I can’t even believe it myself…BUT I ONLY HAVE 3 NETGALLEY BOOKS LEFT. WHO AM I. WHAT IS THIS LIFE. If I actually get on top of my ARcs what will I even complain about all the time? Good thing I still have a room full of books haha. Ahem. Anyway GOOD LUCK WITH THIS!!


Omgosh you have so many ARCs! I’ve been stressing over five?!


I hate being overdue on books so not to make you feel stressed but I think I would be crying into my keyboard right now. I have two books overdue and am stressed by that!

Di @ Book Reviews by Di

My post is ready to go live tomorrow! 🙂 I’ll link up as soon as I get a chance. 🙂

Your ARC pile looks TERRIFYING! Wow! But NG can do that to people. I hope you manage to bring everything under control one day soooooon!

Good luck!

Anna Pittman

A new link up is fun! I have to say, I never requested ARCs before…but I just sent out my first batch of requests! I’m very excited 🙂 I’ll have to join the next link-up when I have a bit more ARCs to talk about.

Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra

This is such a great feature. I’ll try to get a post up for this first one, but if not, I’ll definitely join in next month.

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Amanda @Cover2CoverMom

LOVE this idea for a monthly (that’s my vote) meme Evelina! Don’t feel bad about your “State of the ARC” since I am not fairing much better lol Out of 76 ARCs, I’ve read & reviewed 22, have 7 read but not reviewed, and have 47 ARCs left to read & review. I would love to cut this number in half by the end of the year… but that is probably a little ambitious lol


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Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

I got you beat, Evelina, don’t worry 😉 I have 197 ARCs to read on my kindle right now. Quite a few of them are unsolicited, though, so I don’t feel too stressed out about them.
The ones I have requested is a whole other story, though, as I have a lot of those, too. And some have been on my kindle for a very long time.
I do try to play catch up every now and then, but I don’t really have a plan, as I’m a total mood reader.


Love this idea!!! I, too, have some serious blogger shame about the number of past due ARCs on my net galley account….

Jackie B.

Pft, I love your meme title. Keep it. It’s amazing! And it definitely made me giggle. 😉 I love all your charts– I wish I could get the Infogram plugin to work for my blog! Alas. I really need to do something like this. Perhaps I’ll join you in the future? I don’t read my ARCs often enough since I have so many book club books to keep on top of. It’s dangerous. I have double digit books to review and I don’t even use StoryCartel or Edelweiss yet! I am trying to stay away from it as long as… Read more »


[…] Evelina over at Avalinah’s Books has started a series of posts called State of the ARC. The idea behind the post (and future posts) is to keep track of your To Be Read list, Advanced […]


Great idea! I have only 5 recent ones though that I hope to work through this month, haha. But it is good to get a handle on the arcs. Sometimes that can get so out of control. I was glad I was aware of that before I started blogging, haha.

Jen @ BTH Reviews

After reading people’s comments, I feel so horrible about all the review copies I have. I’ve reviewed 265 out of 621. Four were DNF because I couldn’t get through them. So that leaves 356 to do. Of course, some of them are ones I didn’t request, but I still plan to read them…someday. I’m thinking about starting a project to read a little of each one to see if I even want to continue. I could probably knock out a lot of them by DNFing the bad ones, because I made the mistake at first of saying “yes” to every… Read more »

Sim @Flipping Thru the Pages

Wow, this is so much 🙂 I would definitely try to write a post as soon as possible. I am under a huge NetGalley pile myself 😀 And thank you for following me, at least I got to know and see your beautiful blog.


I love this idea! I am really disorganized when it comes to books!

Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books

I freaking love the name STATE OF THE ARC. Too cute. I definitely will be bookmarking this so I can do my own post & join in.


[…] am so happy State of the ARC took off last week – well, at least a little! I already can’t wait for the next issue that […]


I love this idea. I will try to have a post ready for the next link-up, which I figure will be at the end of the month, right. I’m a little worried though. At a quick glance it looks like I have like 93 old ones on NetGalley and 9 current and that doesn’t count any physical ARCs I have laying around. Good news is I know I wrote a review for one that i just haven’t submitted yet.

Savanah | Off-Color Literature

This makes me feel so much better! I’ve been stressed about mine but I’m nowhere near 100 hahaha! I love this idea, Evalina!!


[…] State of the ARC meme was created and is hosted by Avalinah over at Avalinah’s Books! […]


[…] State of the ARC meme was created and is hosted by Avalinah over at Avalinah’s Books! […]


[…] State of the ARC meme was created and is hosted by Avalinah over at Avalinah’s Books! […]


[…] of the ARC meme was created and is hosted by Avalinah over at Avalinah’s […]