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[HP Anniversary Week] Is Ron Weasley Actually… Just A Major Dick? Discuss With Me!

So, okay. The headline might be a little strong? But I got your attention, didn’t I! So before we get carried away, let me tell you why I’m posting about this today – Margaret @ Weird Zeal is having a Harry Potter Anniversary Week! To celebrate, she’s doing posts all week (you’ve probably seen some already!), and I’ve decided to join the Wildcard pick. It’s because I’ve had the outlines of this post for ages, and now I get to share with you all!

Disclaimer: this post might have spoilers from Goblet of Fire!

Now then. Confession time.

  1. I have not read the whole HP series yet. (Update: I now have, and yet, I am not the biggest fan of Ron, although I’ll let you have this much – he does come across worse in the movies!)
  2. Before you start rolling your eyes and staring me down, it’s because I was such a hipster as a kid! It was way too hyped. I wasn’t gonna read a hyped book. That’s who I am 😂
  3. Around the time I was in uni, Harry Potter started airing on TV and there was no avoiding watching it. I saw the first few movies, and…
  4. Then a boyfriend at the time took me to the Deathly Hallows. Part One. Straight after the lovely phase where the kiddies are small and the problems are… also small… SO I WAS CONFUSED, TO SAY THE LEAST. You could say me and HP didn’t have a linear relationship!
  5. Eventually I watched all the movies and decided to read the books, because the hype might be onto something.
  6. But I’m taking it slowly, beacuse I don’t want to just, you know, RUN OUT of HP books. I know the story already. But I can’t unread the books.
  7. Which is why the last book I’ve read currently is The Goblet of Fire.

And we come to the point of this post…

Ron seems… kind of like a dick so far.

I know he’s actually pretty cool in the movies, and even if he’s *a little bit* of a dick in the Goblet of Fire movie… I have not found this to be the case in the books! I am SO disappointed with Ron in the books, oh my god!! And now I just want to tell you why.

And also… Currently, I think there are two possibilities of where this could go:

  1. Ron stays a dick throughout all the books and I’ll just hate him
  2. Ron redeems himself in the further books that I have not read yet

You are welcome to tell me which you think is the case, since this is an opinion thing, so you’re not exactly spoiling me! Plus, I know what happens in the movies, so I know the plot pretty well too. What I will be finding out is the actual tinges and shades of the way the characters act.

But anyway. Why do I think he’s such a dick in The Goblet of Fire?

Well, many reasons. Let me just enlighten you then.

He’s a real dick to Hermione.

A GIF of Hermione taking off her shoes after the ball and crying on the stairs

I mean, I know he’s supposed to be a teen and not even realize she likes him, but seriously. How much more degrading can you be towards a friend? Ron shows his worst side by not believing that Hermione can score ANY sort of date at all, not even considering a good date (which she does, actually). I could have elaborated more right after finishing the book, but sadly, I didn’t draft the post then. I just know that at the time I was reading it, I couldn’t believe that after all this, she would STILL go for Ron. It’s kind of sad that she does. So far, Ron is gearing up to be an emotionally abusive partner, and I could say I am not on the side of this pairing right now.

A GIF of Hermione shouting at Ron to pick up the courage and ask her before someone else does

He’s incredibly insensitive to the owls!

Not even talking about Errol, which is an old owl and should be respected for all the work he did for his family. Ron just fails to treat ANY of the owls he employs in this book any good. I can NOT respect a person who has no love and respect for animals. Disgusting.

A GIF of an owl turning its head in a questioning manner

Hagrid’s crisis: Ron just wants the cake

Did you notice a little something about the scene where Hagrid’s crying in his cabin, after Rita Skeeter publishes that vile article about his folks? Everyone wants to make Hagrid feel better, cause naturally, they love their friend. Ron though? Ron’s just in it for the cake. He literally just asks for the cake as Hagrid’s crying. What a poor excuse for a human being. Tsk.

A GIF of Ron Weasley, giving an excuse of “What? I’m hungry.” and Ginny staring at him

He’s vain and he lies

Ron has such an odd understanding of his own self in relation to others. Throughout the whole book he tries to make himself look better by telling stories about things he never did (like during the lake episode and others). I know this must stem from insecurity, but it’s utterly disgusting. How do Harry and Hermione even tolerate his crap? I would just be rolling my eyes all the time. Or if I’m his friend, at least trying to tell him to finally grow up and start acting like a person.


He leaves his friend in his time of need

Well, I don’t really need to talk about this one though. It’s largely what the book is about – how Harry feels abandoned, and in part it’s because his best friend is… well, being a dick. He won’t take Harry’s word for things – he’s just jealous he’s not ‘popular’ – which Harry isn’t, with all the hate talk going around. Ron is jealous of the life he THINKS Harry is living when he really doesn’t. And he won’t even believe it when his friend says he never wanted any of it. Ron is acting inexcusably as a friend – he’s being incredibly selfish and shallow.

A GIF of young Ron Weasley, doing a ‘huh?’ motion

So these are my reasons. You know, when people say that Ron is just a scoop of the ‘ordinary’? I don’t think so. Or I certainly hope that the ‘ordinary’ people are better than this (which I think they totally are). Ron is not ordinary. Ron is pathetic. At least in book four! So I can only keep hoping that he actually gets better in the other books! Don’t hold this against me, if he does 😀 honestly – I was a fan of Ron Weasley myself, in the movies – but so far he is not making an impression on me in the books!

What do you think about Ron? Are you a fan of his, or do you also not like how he acts in the books? Give me your opinions and counter-arguments!

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3 years ago

Oh, fear not, i still haven’t read Harry Potter at all. Haven’t even seen the movies… 😀
I was 14 when book 1 was new, and everyone in my school went nuts about it. I was like “nah, it’s too mainstream”… hehe. Since then i just simply can’t be bothered.

Loved the little analysis of Ron tho… 😀 you presented it in a way that it’s almost like i know what’s going on.

3 years ago

Yup, at all 😀 Maybe when i retire i’ll read it… i have so many series unfinished, so i’m restricting myself. Hehe 😀

Ivyclad Ideas
3 years ago

I liked Ron, but please remember that I was 8 when I started reading them and I don’t think I was older than 12 when I finished. I don’t know if I would now. I reread the first one not too long ago and I still liked him in that, so…

3 years ago

*take a deep breath* WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN’T READ THE ENTIRE SERIES YET?! Phew. Got that out of my system. Take your own time, sweetie. Or not. JK. I actually think Ron is a great character. He’s always been second best, both at home and school. That can explain most of what he does and how acts in certain situations. As for him thinking only of eating while Hagrid’s crying? He’s 14. Cut him slack, yo. I actually really like Ron because of how flawed he is. I love my flawed af men and Ron is definitely it,… Read more »

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages
Reply to  Shruti

I haven’t read the HP series yet 😛 I have read only the first book, but hey I have watched the movies 😀

7 months ago

So THAT explains why you hate Ron so much. I’ve heard of a lot of people who hate Ron, and those people haven’t even read two books of this 7-book series. In the movies, they take out a LOT of things from the book. For example, Ron may have been rude to Hermione here and there, but he was a CHILD. Plus, when Hermione was being tortured by a villain in one of the books, Ron was screaming, crying, begging to be tortured instead of her. They just didn’t show it in the movies. The movies downplay how loyal and… Read more »

DJ (@MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape)

It’s okay! I still haven’t read the book yet either! I stopped mid-way through Goblet of Fire when I was 11 or 12. Not because I didn’t like them! But because, you know, attention span of a child XD

Have seen all the movies though, and I watch them each and every single time they are on TV.

3 years ago

It’s ok if you haven’t read the whole HP series yet. I’ve only read them once in my senior year high school and I don’t remember every single detail lol. I can watch the movies over and over though, I never get sick of them lol. Ron. Ron. Ron. He’s pretty much a dick and a flake the entire series, sorry lol. Especially in Deathly Hallows 1. OOOH I HATED him then OMGG lmao. But yes, he was an even bigger dick in GOF. Like Ron, you’re with Harry 24/7 so you would have known if he’d initially put his… Read more »

Laura Thomas
3 years ago

I liked Ron in the movies. Guess I missed some stuff. Never read the series though. I have them but just haven’t had time. They are so huge.

3 years ago

I see where you’re coming from and you make some excellent points. But I also think a lot of it is his age and lack of maturity of how to deal with his emotions – he was always behind someone in his family (prefects, quidditch captains, A++ jokesters, all were talented and good at magic) and now he’s behind his best friend…that’s pretty rough. I honestly think he gets better as he matures and learns he can be his own person and to appreciate what he does have. Those insecurities pop up now and again but for the most part… Read more »

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

Hey, don’t worry about reading the whole series. Probably you know that I have read only one book? (Well, I have mentioned it many times on my blog) 😛 But I guess, it is quite okay if we haven’t 😀

I guess, I liked Ron in the movies, can’t say about the books. But, secretly I wished that Hermoine would end up with Harry 😛 But lol, these writers. But overall, he was kind of a good character. I don’t know if my opinion would change after I read all the books 🙂

3 years ago

Okay I have a lot of thoughts on this subject!!! Yes, Ron is kinda a dick in the earlier books, but he grows SO MUCH in the course of the series, it’s incredible. That’s one of the reasons that Ron is one of my favorite characters, because he develops so much! And I really love him because even though in some of the books (*cough* goblet of fire) he gets upset about being overshadowed by his “cooler” friends, he eventually becomes okay with it and learns that he doesn’t need to be the most famous person in the room to… Read more »

(Danielle) Books, Vertigo and Tea

Ah, I cannot read because I am like the last person on Earth who has not made it through this serie

Lashaan Balasingam
3 years ago

I am in the same boat as you, Danielle. 😀 😀

(Danielle) Books, Vertigo and Tea

Haha well at least I am in good company

Sahi K
3 years ago

Wow… someone who kinda feels the same as me about Ron.., I’ve read the series multiple times and Ron does redeem himself a little (maybe) but I never did understand all the love for him., I’ve always been Team Hermione because she is brilliant and an amazing friend.. and I really think she deserved better…

Jenn @ Bound to Writing

I totally agree! Ron is one of my least favorite characters so far in the book and I’ve only read up to The Prisoner of Azkaban. I hope he’ll redeem himself. Also, I’m not a big fan of book Hermione either, but she is growing on me.
Also, if it’s not obvious, I haven’t read the whole series either. The movies, I’ve seen, but the books I just started this year. 🙂

3 years ago

I laughed so loud when I saw this post in my inbox. I will confess, I have not read any of the HP books, and I don’t see me ever reading them, but I did enjoy the films and my visit to the Wizarding World.

Resh Susan
3 years ago

Oh no! I like Ron. I think it was more of how most boys behave when they are younger. (completely agree with the Hermione part. He was too heartless 🙁 . ) Would you be reading the whole series any time?

3 years ago
Reply to  Resh Susan

OMG my heart breaks seeing this post. I LOVE RON!! And I know that he’s a little insensitive, but in Ron’s defense, he’s just clueless. That’s what teenager does, I think? .

3 years ago

Love this post!! It’s so true and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought he was a complete jerk! I totally get the whole “middle child” feeling and “my best friend is famous and I’m not” but seriously, there is no excuse for being such a horrible friend. Great post!

Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf

It’s okay that you haven’t read the whole series yet. Yes, Ron is a total dick, especially in Goblet of Fire. I tend to believe that he is flawed and an okay friend for Harry, but I sometimes really like reading Ron!bashing fanfiction. I haven’t reread Goblet of Fire in a long time, so I’m not too clear any more about Ron’s actions.

Anne Clarence
3 years ago

Maybe he’ll get better? I mean, or else the whole fandom logically would hate him to the death, but they don’t, so I’m assuming he redeemed himself (I never read the HP series, so I’m just guessing). But you definitely succeeded in capturing my attention by calling Ron a dick XD, you’re becoming a YouTuber Avalinah, good job! (haha I’m joking I’m not insulting don’t hate me!)

3 years ago

I haven’t also finished the HP series XD God I had never noticed this much evil-ness in Ron

Aj @ Read All The Things!

I love the series and have read it a zillion times. Ron was never my favorite character. His behavior is realistic, but yeah, he’s kind of a dick. He makes some really stupid and selfish decisions. Sometimes I just wanted him to go away.

3 years ago

I love the HP series, and yes, Ron can be a bit of a thick, insensitive twat especially in the 4th book, but he grows out of it.

3 years ago

Haha I love this. I do really like Ron, though he’s definitely a bit of a douche bag throughout the series. I think he grows up more in the books though. He’s not as brave as Harry or as smart as Hermione, and I think that makes him feel like he doesn’t really belong – kind of like he feels with his huge family – so he doesn’t always say or do the right thing. I think he gets better at this as he gets older though. I don’t know what book it is, but I love when Hermione says… Read more »

3 years ago

I have mixed feelings about Ron. You make some excellent points about him. He is definitely very immature and jealous in the early books. He does develop a little in the further books, I’m still not sure he deserves Hermione! But I can understand why he is the way he is. It’s not easy being the ‘sidekick’ and he sees Harry getting all the things he has dreamed of (money, attention, etc.) I think it would be weird if there weren’t some tension between them at some point. Despite his flaws, I do think he has a good heart.

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts


JK. Still love you. No pressure to read the rest, no pressure at all.

So I never watched Goblet of Fire and I think I ignored Ron 95% of the time while reading it. I was a huge fan of the Weasley twins more than Ron, so maybe my ignoring him (I didn’t even notice Ron liked Hermione and vice versa) is my subconscious saying he’s a jerk???

CG @ Paper Fury
3 years ago

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST RIGHT NOW. YESSSSS! I AGREE SO MUCH! Everyone always raves about Ron, but I absolutely despise him. Like yeah he’s really selfish and insecure, which he takes out on other people which is gross, but it’s the whole “oh he’s mean to a girl so he likes her!” thing that is just toxic masculinity. And people think it’s cute? He’s literally rude to Hermione at every chance…I can’t even. Hermione is my queen and I have zero forgiveness for anyone who is mean to her.And Ron never redeemed himself for me either…bleh.


[…] week Margret over @Weird Zeal had a Harry Potter Anniversary week. Well Evelina @Avalinah’s Books wrote about Ron. It may be an unpopular opinion but how she describes Ron in the Goblet of Fire is […]

JJ @ This Dark Material

I have never liked Ron! I do think that he comes off a little bit worse in the films than in the books, but for me he never quite grew out of the whiny, selfish traits that put me off of him in the first place. (He does get a couple of decent moments in Deathly Hallows, though, which may help redeem him in your eyes ♥) And I completely agree that Hermione is too good for him! Even JKR voiced her doubts about that decision, although she hasn’t had the greatest track record with post-pub opinions and clarifications, so… Read more »

3 years ago

haha this was actually a fun read.. i need to reread the series its been so long

3 years ago

YIKES! Thank goodness I haven’t read any of the books, because it would have been a DNF. You already know how I feel about emotionally abusive peeps. I did, however, see every single movie, and have tons of memorabilia dedicated to all things Harry Potter. Ron was pretty cool in the movies. Ironically, I have the books just to say I have them.(lol) Hugs…RO

Iris @ Hoard of Books
3 years ago

I like Ron. I always have, and I always will.
But… I will admit that he is a bit of a jerk sometimes… He’s rude to Hermione, and his petty jealousy of Harry always gets on my nerves. But I love him anyways. And also I DO truly think he gets better. Not hugely – he’ll always be a flawed character – but I feel like he does redeem himself in the end.
And I love him either way.

Louise Nettleton
3 years ago

‘In it for the cake’ 😀 This is a brilliant post – so much discussion!. I don’t think Ron is a dick, but then I read the books from 9 onwards. In that scene with the cake, Ron is 13 or 14 years-old. He may be childish but he is technically a child.

3 years ago

I haven’t read any Harry Potter books and I barely remember the movies.

Cee Arr
3 years ago

Yeah, no, Ron is that friend that no-one can remember why they hang out with them, and they act like sh**, but familiarity is comforting and they’re occasionally funny, so no-one can be bothered to get rid of them. That’s my theory anyway! XD

Monthly Review – June 2018 – The Last Page
3 years ago

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Sarah J.
3 years ago

I liked Ron until I read the book series when I was in high school. He became more problematic for me as a character because he completely dismisses his friends’ emotions and places his own above them. I also think he is just as much of a bully as Malfoy at times, particularly to his friends and members of his own house. He is one of my least favorite characters and I have no problem telling people that. Haha

Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

I think it’s safe to say that Ron is a dick throughout the entire series. He has moments of non-dickdom but his personality doesn’t change.

P.S I loved this post! lol

Jackie B.
3 years ago

Hahahaha!! This is PRICELESS. I totally agree with everything you’ve written here. But, I think that’s because in The Goblet of Fire Ron is going through the roughest part of his puberty. He’s learning so much about himself and the people around him. Why is this important? Because in Order of the Phoenix, it’s HARRY’S turn to be a dick. He’s completely insufferable. I don’t think readers could have dealt with both male protagonists going through that at the same time, do you? Besides, this means Ron is in a better place to support Harry as the journey continues. Also:… Read more »

Wendy @ Falconer's Library

I think Harry is pretty awful too, honestly. They are both suck jerks to Hermione in the early books, and they both wallow in their own misery in the middle books without a single clue as to how others might feel. I do give Ron some slack for being the little brother/less talented friend though. It’s hard to always feel second best and still have a great attitude. He definitely has his moments of coming through for others when it comes down to it though. And I feel that he does grow by the end of the series.

Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA

YES! Ron is my man! He’s actually my favorite character and while he is a dick sometimes, he does have his awesome moments. It’s really interesting how he has changed through the books and while a lot of people think that his and Hermione’s romance was forced (JK Rowling said she wanted to pair them together no matter what, but it’s weird that she didn’t write that in the books), I think they are destined to be together. In the Deathly Hallows you will see that he is indeed a dick but will redeem himself in the end.

Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

So I’m hella late to commenting on this post so don’t sue me but you’ve not read all the books! You have good reasons but I am justifiably shocked everytime someone says they’ve not read it because this series was my childhood and I can still read these books repeatedly now. I admit I am not Ron’s biggest fan all of the time because he is a terrible person, but he does have moments of redeeming himself. He is not always a good person, he is jealous a lot, and I hated how he acted in book 3 cutting Hermione… Read more »

Katisha @ Reel Literature

Don’t feel bad about taking this long to read the books. I didn’t read the books until I was well into my 30’s, and that was AFTER I saw the movies, which I didn’t watch until I saw a preview for part 2 of Deathly Hallows and thought “I want to see that!” “I am not on the side of this pairing right now.” YES!!!! Not now, not ever!!!!! Although I’m glad she didn’t pair Hermione with Harry, I wish JK Rowling would have never made Hermione and Ron a thing. Ron doesn’t deserve Hermione! Yes, Ron is terrible in… Read more »

Katisha @ Reel Literature

Yeah, the pairings in the end were really cliche, but I guess we shouldn’t expect much for a book dedicated to children. LOL I also would have preferred if J.K. had not done the marrying your school sweetheart thing either. And I really like the idea of Hermione and Neville!

Laura Canino
Laura Canino
9 months ago

I like ron. He’s very well characterized. I like him also for his flaws. Moreover in the books he’s so funny and I think his sense of humor is genuine. It’s actually one of the thing I do prefer of him: his straightforwardness! He’s so outspoken! and I always liked the “non conventional characters” even in other series. In the last book he saves Harry ‘s life and destroyies the horcrux. then he realizes he had no reason to be jealous of Harry (just read “the silver doe” dh 19th chapter). I’ve always liked ron from the very first book… Read more »