#NewBloggersWelcome!! September Newcomers – Edition #5 Welcome Our Newest Batch Of Book Bloggers

Hi everyone! I’m back today with a new batch of book bloggers you need to get to know! Let’s welcome them into the community with a warm hug. At least… figuratively 😊

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~ How Does This Work? ~

Every month I will introduce people who are new book bloggers and want to get featured. If you know a new blogger who would like to, please have them get in touch with me – through Twitter or my contact form – and I will get them set up! Ideally, it would be people who have only been blogging 1-2 months, sometimes just under 3 months. They can also reply this tweet:

~ Introducing The Most Recent #NewBloggers! ~


~ Sam @ Nox Reads ~

Sam/Nox blogs at Nox Reads – Nox Reads because she ❤️ Harry Potter! She mainly reads YA fantasy. She adores the magic in the stories, the amazing adventures that they go on that she can only dream about. Of course, her favorite series is Harry Potter, but she also loves The Lunar Chronicles and The Raven Boys. She thinks they have amazing characters! Her favorite book, aside from series, would have to be Fairest by Gail Carson Levine – this story came at the right time and has a great meaning to Sam/Nox emotionally.

She created a book blog for a simple reason – like most of us, she doesn’t have many bookish friends. She also hasn’t read a lot of the popular YA books, so she wants to learn more about them and express her own opinions on them when she does read them. Sam/Nox is an English Education major and she loves animals, books, Tumblr and music. She’s from the US and she’s got a historically rich ancestry: she’s mixed-Mexican, African-American and Caucasian.

Sam/Nox thinks that everyone in the community is very friendly and supportive, and she’s discovered a lot of cool blogs since she joined our ranks. So get to know her better and go see her blog, Twitter and Instagram and also read the post she’s most proud of – Ten Books Tied to Specific Times.

~ Julia @ Julia Swoons ~

This is Julia and she blogs at Julia Swoonsshe loves romance books and she’s constantly swooning over her fictional boyfriends ❤️ Romance is her jam, and it’s mostly paranormal romance, although lately she’s been going for some reverse harem books (one lady with several boyfriends). Some of her favorites are Perfect by Adell Ryan, Unmerciful by Cat Miller, Supay by L A Boruff, Their Vampire Queen series by Joely Sue Burkhart, and The Hijinks Harem series by CM Stunich and Tate James. She thinks these ladies know how to write sexy men and badass females!

Julia loves writing, and also loves writing reviews, which she used to post on Amazon, until one day she got banned from there! Totally by mistake as well (it’s fixed now!) It was driving her crazy, so she decided she needs her own special place to express her opinions – and that’s how she started her blog. There’s only positives in doing that – she can now use her own form of colorful language 😜

In real life, Julia works for an insurance company in the US. She’s married and has a beautiful daughter, and she’s also got a Bachelor’s in Communication and Women’s Studies. Julia thinks the community is lovely! She was worried that nobody would care about what she has to say, so she was pleasantly surprised. Everyone is wonderful, and the authors are amazing too. She loves sharing her reviews. So go check out those reviews on her blog – she’s especially proud of this one, and also visit her Twitter and Facebook page, plus check out what books you both like on Goodreads.

~ Eline @ Lovely Audiobooks ~

Eline blogs at Lovely Audiobooks. She says there’s no big story behind her blog and its name, she just loves blogging about audiobooks ☺️ and they are almost always about love! (Eline is into romance just like Julia.) She mostly reads contemporary or paranormal romance, but she likes fantasy too. Her favorite author is definitely Debra Dunbar. She loves the Imp and Half-Breed series. Eline loves books with strong heroines – not the kind who run into danger blindly, but ones that make smart decisions and know what they want. That’s because she doesn’t have much patience for bullshit and unbelievable situations in books, or situations that overcomplicate things. She also insists on her Happily Ever After!

Eline is a huge fan of audiobooks, and she started her blog because she realized that there are very few blogs, dedicated specifically to audiobooks. So she just went for it! She thinks the narrators add a whole new later to experiencing a story. She says that a narrator can pretty much make it or break it for a story!

Eline is a spoonie (she has chronic fatigue due to an auto-immune disease). It greatly impacts her offline life, but online physical impairments don’t really matter, so she has found it simply wonderful in the community. She’s found some amazing people and read some inspiring blogs. Eline wants to give back to the community – she is experienced with self-hosting, wordpress and html/css. So if any of you have any questions, you can always ask her. You can contact her through her blog, her Twitter or Facebook page. Also, don’t forget to maybe follow through Bloglovin’ and check out her Pinterest or compare books on Goodreads. She’s also got a handy audiobook guide post!

~ Wormy @ The Bookish Wormy ~

Wormy blogs at The Bookish Wormy. Why Wormy? Well, apparently when William Herondale from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare called another character a lightworm, she couldn’t stop laughing, and so this inspired to name the blog Bookish Wormy as well. Wormy likes most scifi and fantasy because they’re so full of imagination. She also likes plain old science books and biographies because they can teach you a lot. Her other favorites are the ACOTAR series (she finds it entertaining) and Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman! Adventures of a Curious Character. (I still need to read that one.) How did Wormy decide to start a blog? It was a boring August day and she was just sitting with her books, when she had an idea that blogging could be… fun. She wasn’t part of the community before, but she did watch a lot of booktube!

Wormy is a biology student and she likes books, games, science and animals. That’s her in a nutshell! To get to know her better, please go check out her blog, Twitter and Pinterest, and see if you have a lot of books in common on Goodreads.

~ Susan @ Novel Lives ~

Susan is the founder and writer at Novel Lives. She says she designed her blog name as a play on words – she loves the double meaning it creates – the word novel being both about books and lives within them, as well as novel, as in unique or out of ordinary lives that we all hopefully live everyday.

Susan reads primarily YA – she’d given up reading [literary / adult] fiction when she went to grad school. While she was studying, she read nothing but non-fiction and education, history books. The first fiction books she picked up were The Girl on the Train and Thirteen Reasons Why. And that opened the doors for her – she started reading books like The Hate U Give and Where It Ends (she says, you might as well have renamed it This is Where it Begins!) Then she discovered Scythe and Thunderhead. And then it all led to Six of Crows and the Crooked Kingdom. The list could go on! Similar to me, Susan avoids romance books though, as it’s often a trigger for her.

Susan’s best friend Lisa actually had a wildly successful [non-book] blog, which inspired Susan to start as well! Someone close suggested that she should start a blog – because she reads so much, and that’s just how it got underway. When she started, she had no clue how it would work at all, but she is learning bit by bit every day. Susan lives in the US and worked in education but recently had to leave work due to a disability. She hasn’t had a big taste of the blogging community yet, cause her blog is so new! So go check out her blog, Twitter and compare books on Goodreads. And here’s a post she’s most proud of!

~ Bookish @ Bookish Creation ~

Bookish blogs at Bookish Creation, and that’s obviously not her real name, but she’s chosen it as a pen name for the blog (which will also help her keep any books she publishes in the future a separate matter from her blog identity!). She’s been using this pen name ever since she was in college. She loves talking about books and creating new things, so that’s where the blog’s name comes from. The photo she uses is also not actually her, but one that reminds her of a place she used to live.

Bookish mostly blogs romance. She loves paranormal and she’s a big fan of a well done dark romance. She’s getting into historical now though! Her favorite dark romance would be Tormentor Mine by Anna Zaries, but she loves other stuff by the author as well. Her favorite paranormals are Dark Curse, Dark Carousel and Dark Ghost by Christine Feehan. Another favorite of hers is To Enthrall The Demon Lord by Nadine Mutas. Her all time favorite author is Christine Feehan.

Bookish fell in love with reviewing when she was in college. She got a degree in creative writing, so she had to do a lot of it at that time! She got started with blogging thanks to Addicted to Romance, who was super helpful with things. Bookish didn’t know a lot about the community when she started off, but she feels it’s a lovely place and everyone’s very helpful. She’s also still learning the ropes of the blog and blogging itself. Right now, she’s working on getting published and also on her blog. Her WIP is a paranormal romance, and she plans on writing romance in general. Other than writing and books, Bookish adores baking (chocolate and flour flying everywhere…), thinks yoga and coffee are life, and also loves horse riding. And did I mention she’s basically in love with Disneyland? That’s a favorite family pastime for Bookish. Anyway, she would love to connect with you all, so go visit her blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, Pinterest and Youtube, or compare books on Goodreads.

~ M. Hashmi @ The Chronicles of a Fantasy Writer ~

M. Hashmi blogs at The Chronicles of a Fantasy Writer, and though I normally don’t feature writers in my #NewBloggers posts, M. Hashmi blogs a lot of book reviews and bookish discussions and doesn’t just blog about writing alone – which is why I’ve decided to feature her along with the other newbies! M. Hashmi says that the blog didn’t start out as anything intentional – she just wanted to connect with like-minded individuals and share her bookish love. Her favorite reads are fantasy fiction – anything from superheroes to wizards. It might not be surprising then to hear that her favorite read is the Harry Potter series, although she’s trying to branch out a lot more. Her favorite author though is Khaled Hosseini, although it’s a bit if a contrast to the general feel of her blog.

To begin with, M. Hashmi didn’t read a lot of blogs – she’s more of a Vlog person, so she did an entire year (a year!) of research before deciding to start a blog of her own. She wanted a Vlog initially, but realized she wasn’t comfortable in front of a camera. In real life, M. Hashmi is a med student by day, writer by night. She’s been working on her WIP since being twelve! But she’s only recently been seriously thinking about getting published. She’s also an amateur artist, and if you’ve seen her work on her Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know she’s good!

M. Hashmi is still a little bit intimidated of the community because of the sheer numbers of people, but she’s been welcomed so warmly that her hopes are soaring. When asked what posts she’s most proud of, she says they’re all like her babies, so she can’t give us less than three! One is about Hermione, another is about Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter and another one is a discussion about what makes a book terrible. Go visit those, and also don’t forget to check out her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, Tumblr and blog.

~ Kat @ Novels & Waffles ~

Kat blogs at Novels & Waffles, and the reason it’s called that is because she wanted something that was memorable, catchy, and described her well. None of the names she had felt like The One (I know the feeling.), but then she stumbled upon this one and instantly loved it (breakfast food + books? Yes!) The rest is history. Kat primarily reads and reviews YA fantasy, although she does read some other genres too (like YA Sci-Fi or YA Contemporary). Fantasy is her favorite because of the world-building and being able to go to worlds where anything is possible. Some favorites of hers are Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicle series.

When asked about how she got into blogging, Kat says, ‘Well, fasten your seat belt folks, because this is gonna be a looooooong story.’ It all started with Goodreads where she’d occasionally check people’s reviews to make a decision on a library haul. And one of those days she thought, why not try it herself? She started posting reviews on Goodreads tentatively (Kat is shy!), then did some more research and found Bookstagram, which is INTENSE, according to her, and that led her to the wonderful world of blogging. The reasons she’s decided to take the plunge and start one herself are because she’s a young mother who lives abroad and needs a good hobby to purse, and well as her undying love for books and wanting to share her opinions.

So where is Kat currently living then? Japan! (That’s so cool!) She’s originally from the US, a very active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and her other hobbies include studying Japanese, setting binge watching records on Netflix, singing Disney songs at the top of her lungs, and of course, demolishing breakfast food (like waffles!) She thinks the community is angelic and kind!! Everybody is sweet and supporting, and she thinks that’s really refreshing. So let’s visit her blog, Instagram and Goodreads. One of the posts she wants to share with us is about how to get your hands on English books if you live overseas!

Have you met any of September’s newbies yet? Go give them some love!

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Such a wonderful post, it’s so great you’re taking the time to write about us 🙂 Thank you so much for being there for the newbies and helping us find our way around!!

Jenn @ Bound to Writing

Welcome everyone!


Thank you for introducing so many!!! I already followed KAT and will now go to follow the others 😉

Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

Welcome everyone!!!

Bookish Creation

Thank you so much for the introduction. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the community and following all these beautiful blogs. Also this post has been the best birthday gift. Thank you.

Kat @ Novels & Waffles

Thanks so much for mentioning me, Evelina! All the effort you put into making us new blogger feel welcome is so appreciated! Welcome to all of the other new bloggers as well *waves*


Welcome newbies !! xx
I find alot of us came into blogging as they don’t have any bookish friends .. it’s okay ! we all have each other now, the more the merrier ! 🙂
I had about half followed already, but went ahead and followed the rest

Laura Thomas

thank you for sharing all of these! I’m off to meet some fellow word lovers:)


Welcome to the new guys and I love the support you offer them, but now I have to visit their blogs and get to know them better – although the intros you give them are great (you should write people’s about me and ask for money! I want to be first on the list, ha ha!)

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Wow, there are a lot of new bloggers. Welcome, everybody!


[…] #NewBloggersWelcome!! September Newcomers on Avalinah’s Books – she always helps and spread the love for new bloggers and I admire her a lot for this, so I am sharing it forward because we all need to welcome these new bloggers! […]

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

Welcome to all the new bloggers. I think I already checked Kat the other day. I will look for other now 🙂


Welcome to the community everyone! What shines through about new bloggers is their enthusiasm for books and reviewing, I absolutely love it and it helps older bloggers like myself find a new passion for blogging as well. These posts are brilliant Evelina, you put an incredible amount of work in each one and the community as a whole really appreciates your love and compassion for bloggers, it’s beautiful ♥

Daniela Ark

Love this feature! Welcome new bloggers!