#NewBloggersWelcome! Edition #9, February 2019 Come Meet The Newbies!

It’s that time of the month again – time to meet our newest batch of book bloggers! I am always so happy to introduce yet another bunch of new people, and it seems we’re never short of them. I really hope a lot of these people I introduce today will stay on in the community for years and years to come – and to you all I say Welcome!!!

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~ How Does This Work? ~

Every month or so I will introduce people who are new book bloggers and want to get featured. More info in this tweet:

~ Introducing The Most Recent #NewBloggers! ~


~ Kaitlyn Gosiaco ~

This is Kaitlyn, and she’s got like the coolest blog name, considering how her domain is spelled – kaitlyngosia.co – I love it! Not everyone’s name can fit into a domain name, so I really love what Kaitlyn did there. Anyway, she loves reading YA and NA, but she doesn’t say no to middle grades either. Fantasy is her ultimate favorite, but she also has a soft spot for contemporary romance. Kaitlyn says she’s also a sucker for political intrigue, retellings and any book with enemies to lovers, or best friends to lovers trope. She loves morally grey characters, badass sharp-tongued women leads, and cheeky and humorous guys! Some of Kaitlyn’s favorite authors are Victoria Schwab, R.F. Kuang, Tahereh Mafi, Marie Lu, and Rick Riordan, but she also loves books with Asian fantasy elements in them, as well as shoujo and shounen manga. Kaitlyn’s been in the book scene for a quite a while, she’s had a Twitter and even Tumblr for quite a few years. She tweets about all the relevant stuff, like book fandoms, diverse novels, PoC authors… And her Tumblr is for bookish graphics and GIFs. However, it’s only this year that she’s finally picked up the courage, as she puts it, to start her own blog and bookstagram.

Kaitlyn was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, in a Chinese-Filipino household, but she’s currently studying in New York (New Media and Digital Design.) She would love to work in publishing or design, and New York seems to be the perfect place for that. Someday, she is hoping to get to make bookish merch and promo posters for authors of color. And aside from professional dreams, Kaitlyn is obsessed with frozen yogurt, red and blue sour patch kids, and Philippine mangoes (it’s safe to say that anyone who’s ever tried a mango should be obsessed with them though. Me included!) Kaitlyn thinks the book community is super welcoming! She feels very motivated and accepted, which I’m really glad to hear. So give her some of your love as well, and visit her on her blog, Instagram, TwitterTumblr and Goodreads. As for some posts Kaitlyn is really proud of, she points out this one about the King of Scars signing and launch party, and also this gifset and this edit she made for Hafsah Faizal’s upcoming release We Hunt the Flame, and Elizabeth Lim’s Spin the Dawn. Go check them out!

~ Lorraine @ A Reading Brit ~

Lorraine blogs at A Reading Brit. (By the way, this lovely image of hers was created by none other than our beloved Tecsie!) She mostly reads scifi, paranormal, urban fantasy, high fantasy, crime/thriller, YA, but she’s open to reading most genres, really – although she would say scifi is her favorite. She’s a bit obsessed with space, she says (like me!) – she even recently got into Star Trek. She also mentions that her love for paranormal stories must’ve come from growing up in the time of Twilight. Some of her favorites include The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers (YES! Also, she mentions that she was looking for something like Mass Effect, and I must really agree that it did feel a lot like it!), Parasitology Series by Mira Grant and of course, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. Lorraine says that her blog basically came into existence with a ‘poof!’ She just had this “I am going to do this” sort of feeling. She actually tried blogging back in 2016, but it never went anywhere, but it seems this time the blog gets a real fresh start. At first she was thinking of only posting reviews, but now she’s discovered that posting about all sorts of other bookish stuff can be fun too!

Lorraine lives in South West England and she is half English and half Scottish. She lives with is blessed with three dogs! 😍 Her passions are reading, gaming and Netflix binging. She’s also a sports fan (Chelsea FC, Toronto Maple Leafs and Red Bull Racing in Formula One.) She’s also passionate about animal charities! Before starting her own blog, however, she did not know much about book blogs – only Bookstagram. She’s loving what she’s seen so far! It seems like a really supportive place, and although the publishing community seems a little crazy, Lorraine finds it incredibly interesting to find out how things work. You can learn more about her on her blog, Twitter and Goodreads, and if she had to share one post of hers, it would be this review of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. So go check it out!

~ Sara @ Curvy Constellation ~

This is Sara, and she blogs at Curvy ConstellationFunnily enough, the blog name has nothing to do with books! It’s just because Sara wanted to have a blog named that way before the idea of the blog itself was born. It’s because the word ‘curvy’ describes her (and she’s very proud of it), and ‘constellation’ stands for her fascination with stars and the way they make up all those shapes when you look at them at night. Sara mostly loves reading contemporary romance, fantasy, paranormal, mysteries and thrillers, as well as YA. Her favorite authors right now are Colleen Hoover and Jennifer Armentrout. She loves how Colleen Hoover develops her characters, and Jennifer Armentrout was the first author she picked up in the paranormal/scifi section, and she could never put her books down!

Sara joined Goodreads in 2017 and soon found out there were so many book blogs. That got her started on writing her own book reviews on Goodreads – after that, came the natural step of switching to a blog. (Also, she says blogging helps her get on top of her spelling!) Sara is from the US and lives in New York with her husband. She’s currently an Administrative Assistant/Office Manager at a local retail store. She is also a coach at a Youth Cheerleading program. She loves taking walks, cooking and spending time with her husband. So far, she feels very welcomed in the book blogger community, and she’s floored by how big it is! But at times, it’s a little scary because she feels like she’s got no idea what she’s doing yet. But she’s glad there are so many helpful people! So let’s go visit Sara’s blog, Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads. Oh, and here are some reviews that she’d like you to read!

~ La Femme Livresque @ A Reader To Whatever End ~

Meet La Femme Livresque @ A Reader To Whatever End! (The name of the blog is a reference to one of her favorite couples of all-time, Aelin and Rowan from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. Fans will understand!) She reads mostly fantasy, fairytale retellings, romantic suspense, and occasionally diverse contemporary romances and historical fiction, and likes both adult and YA reads. Some of her favorites include the Throne of Glass series, ACOTAR trilogy, Shatter Me series, The Lunar Chronicles, Outlander series, Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda and Geekerella, and her favorite authors are Nora Roberts/JD Robb and Linda Howard.

La Femme is from India. Aside from her hobby of reading, she also loves writing and has wanted to become a writer since being 11 years old. Currently she’s working on her very first novel! She also loves cooking and baking, and might even share some recipes sometime on her blog. La Femme loves bookstagramming, since it’s an easy way to connect with bookish people even if you’re shy, but she’s always wanted to blog as well. However, she didn’t realize how much the blogging community has grown lately! So this year, she’s decided to just take the plunge and start blogging herself. She’s very glad she did, because she already feels like she’s made a lot of nice, warm and welcoming friends. So let’s visit her blog and add her on Instagram and Twitter. And here’s a post she’d love you to read – the top 10 literary couples she admires!

~ Alyson @ From Cover to Cover ~

Alyson blogs at From Cover to Cover. She mostly reads literary and crime fiction, and she’s particularly interested in translated books, although of course she ends up reading a lot of original English language fiction as well. She is a translator from German to English, and that might be why she is keen to read books from all over the world (although she says, she is especially fond of German language fiction, understandably so, being a translator from German!) Reading around the world is a great way to travel, according to Alyson – and I absolutely have to agree.

Alyson is from the UK, and as I’ve already mentioned, she translates books, also proofreads and edits them, and she works part-time for the magazine called New Books in German. She’s passionate about getting more translated fiction released in English. And of course, Alyson loves learning new languages. Anyway, she used to work in publishing as a fiction editor, but left to be freelance in late 2018. So she’s always known about the Twitter bookish community and really kind of wanted to become a part of it, because the relationships between bloggers seemed really warm. She says that everyone seems friendly and encouraging, especially to newbies! So she’s very happy to become a part of this community. If you want to follow Alyson, check out her blog here, and follow her Twitter here. Also, this is a post she’d like you to see.

~ Ri @ Throne of Books ~

Ri blogs at Throne of Books, and the inspiration for the blog’s name comes from two of her favorite book/TV show series – Throne of Glass + Game of Thrones! Ri mostly reviews YA fantasy because she finds it most relatable in terms of where the characters are in their lives. But she would also love to see more NA books discussed in the blogosphere, because there’s such a big gap between YA and adult books at the moment. Some of her all time favorite series include Throne of Glass and Six of Crows! She enjoys the unique storylines, relatable characters and the vivid storytelling that the authors are able to create with their writing styles.

Ri is from Australia and is currently studying Law at university. Aside from her academic and work life though, she likes shopping, reading and watching Netflix. She’s really passionate about reading and TV shows, because they can teach you so much! She plans to share a lot of her opinions on her blog about them. Anyway, the motivation behind creating the blog was that Ri often found herself with a lot of bookish opinions and thoughts, but nowhere to put them! So she spontaneously created her blog at like 1 AM with a lot of motivation and energy. That’s when she discovered the bookish community! She thinks everyone is so nice and always willing to help her make her blog better. So let’s visit Throne of Books here, and also follow Ri on her social media: her Twitter and Instagram. Also, this is a post Ri would like you to check out – it’s actually her first post!

Have you met any of these newbies yet? Go give them some love!

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La Femme Livresque @ A Reader To Whatever End

Thank you so much for the feature, Evelina! And it’s so nice to meet so many newbies like me. ☺️


I love this feature!

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Welcome, new bloggers! I’ll have to check out From Cover To Cover. I need to read more translated books.

Laura Thomas

Thanks for continuing with this feature, Evelina. I’m excited to go meet these new bloggers:)

Caro @ bookcheshirecat

I love this feature so much!! I’ll be checking out the blogs immediately 🙂


Welcome everyone and happy blogging!


Following most of them now! Once again thanks for this feature Evelina!


This is such a good blog post idea, I’ve just followed some really awesome new blogs now thanks to it!

Jenn @ Bound to Writing

Welcome everyone!!

The Repvblic of Letters

These posts always make me feel less alone! Like Alyson (instant follow!), I am multilingual and have recently remade a blog. Starting over isn’t easy, especially since I’ve never really blogged for an English reading audience before! Blogger 101 has been a game changer btw! I’ve just finished writing my first book review policy! — btw, I would love to read something similar for buddy reads, I know you have experience in the different forms they can take!

I’d also LOVE to be in your march Edition! Everything posted pre-2019 is an archive from my last blog