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Sunday post #24

So this past week? Let us try to solve this as a mathematical problem (*gasp!* don’t run away yet.)

  1. First of all, every day there is work to do till 8.30.
  2. Secondly, there is roughly a metric ton of fatigue.
  3. Thirdly, I think time has shrunk? (Must be some weird quantum effect in action.)


How much reading will the subject do, given these conditions?


That’s why I’m sorry if I didn’t visit your Sunday/Monday post last week! I had such a hard time catching up. Thankfully, I had a few posts scheduled, and I have an exciting announcement this week! I’m finally getting my co-blogger to join the rig, and you will be hearing from him next Friday! So excited!!!!! More info below.

~ Last Week On The Blog ~

This week I’ve posted two reviews and no discussion, as like I said… Tough week! Here they are:

I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

~ Coming Up Next Week~

Hopefully, next week will be a lot more interesting. First of all, I’ve got the long overdue tag that I should have done ages ago! I promise it’s funny. And the most exciting thing next week… Is the introduction of my co-blogger!! (AKA my boyfriend.) I promise you that post is even funnier! Cause if I’ve ever made you laugh, that guy’s got me in stitches every day. Humor is what he does. Also, he will be reviewing fantasy on my blog, which is something a lot of you like, so I thought you would be excited as well! Keep a look out for that post on Friday.

Sunshine award Introducing my co-blogger

~ Currently Reading ~

Right now I am buddy-reading Attachments with Jackie @ Death By Tsundoku, and we will be reviewing it on both of our blogs in interview form again! Those reviews are always fun, aren’t they? I will also soon start In Case I Go and The Rules of Magic. Reviews to come in October.

Attachments In Case I Go The Rules of Magic (Practical Magic 0)

~ Little Book Haul ~

I also hauled three books this week. I am pretty excited about the two first ones – But My Brain Had Other Ideas is a kind of book I like to read for understanding disability and people who have suffered trauma better. I’m also really excited by Central Station, which has been nominated for, well, a load of stuff (NPR Best Book of 2016, Amazon Featured Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Book, Guardian Best SF & Fantasy Book of 2016 Longlist, British Science Fiction Award 2016, Best Novel 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee…) So to put that out there for all you sci-fi fans, it’s currently up for request on Edelweiss.

But My Brain Had Other Ideas: A Memoir of Recovery from Brain Injury Central Station The Shell Keeper

~ General Rambling ~

Share your Facebook pages with me please! I would like to follow you. And just in case you want to follow me too, here is my link. I suggest replying on the tweet, cause other people in the follow train might follow you too. And RT, if it’s not too hard. Thanks!

~ In The Bookish Community ~

Last week I saw so many good posts! It’s partly that I blog hopped quite a lot and read a lot of your Sunday posts, and you people shared some wonderful links! Some of there are older than a week, and you might have seen them, but I still take great pleasure in share a wonderful article or two. Enjoy!

This was my find of the week! Shruti @ This Is Lit Blog shares a ridiculously funny discussion post about the 7 types of reviewers! You HAVE TO read this one. I promise you, there shall be laughs. Lots of those.

Jennifer @ BTH Reviews shares 5 ways to get free books! Most of these will be known to a seasoned blogger, but for any of you new people out there, this is a great article! Even having blogged for one year, I found one service I still didn’t know.

Karen @ Kissin Blue Karen shares a post about how she finds new books and specifically new releases to put on her TBR. I didn’t know at least one way of finding out about new releases, so it’s a really useful article.

Jennifer @ Busy Being Jenniffer shares something important to all of us – Sh*t You Should Know About Blogging: Giveaways have Rules! By which she means LEGAL rules. Go read it. It’s important.

As usual, I’m linking up with the usual crew for the Sunday meme at Kimba’s book blog, also with Stacking the Shelves at Tynga’s Reviews, Book Date for It’s Monday! What are you reading? and Mailbox Monday.

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

86 thoughts on “Sunday post #24

  1. I have Rules of Magic…and two more ARCs to read to get to it.

    Attachments was the first book I read from Rainbow Rowell…and it was one I enjoyed. I read it four years ago!

    Enjoy…When you visit my blog, you’ll find my FB and other connections in the top of the sidebar.

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted…AUTHOR’S HOME PAGEMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I remember you had The Rules of Magic too. We both got the magical email 🙂
      I loved Attachments! Such a 90s book though, I felt very nostalgic reading it. Did you?

  2. As we have discussed already: Gurl, I feel you. This week has just been 100% craziness. Why don’t people understand that we need downtime for reading and blogging? I think we need to put our heads together and invent a time-turner. I’m just saying. 😀

    Yay for pre-scheduled posts! I am super excited that I have most of today to sit around, blog hop, write reviews, and schedule posts! I really hope that I can start to get ahead of my schedule. Work is just so crazy right now, I want to just sit around and do nothing but blog instead. Oops! I used to be ahead of my posts by about a week but I lost that with my Croatia trip. Just gotta get back on the horse!

    YAY FOR CO-BLOGGER! That’s super exciting. I’ve always wanted a co-blogger, but I’m far too unorganized myself to make it happen. But it would be magical. Perhaps that’s something to consider in the future? Anywho– I’m glad that your BF reads a variety of literature compared to you. You do read fantasy– but not High Fantasy with elves and orcs and all that. At least, as far as what I’ve seen. Either way, I’m super excited to get to know him! I adore me some fantasy. 😀

    I have SO many thoughts about Attachments. But, they will have to wait.

    As always, reading this post makes me want to join in the fun! Perhaps some day I’ll get my stuff together enough to link up here. Baby steps. 😉
    Jackie B. recently posted…#AnneReadAlong2017 : Anne’s House of DreamsMy Profile

    1. I have actually quit working at 6 today. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. I even wrote a blog post!
      Although during this crazy time I feel like I’ve only been writing reviews and doing memes, and now I feel like the blog is pretty boring, but the bad thing is that in October I have no free slots to even write any kind of discussions! Because there are just so many ARCs, and they all fall on the same month, grah!

      Yes, it’s common knowledge that I want the time turner 😀 I keep mentioning it in like every second comment and post I write xD

      I actually don’t know how the co-blogger thing will work out, but I’ve given him a WordPress user and shown him the ropes, so maybe he can figure it out 😀 I’m sure formatting will still present issues at the start, but it should give me more time in the end 🙂

      Hm, nope, my Bf doesn’t read a variety of literature compared to me 😀 he, um… Doesn’t read much at all xD he only went back to reading when I set him up with that voice app. But! He does read the genres that I don’t read, and that’s the great bit. Yes, High Fantasy is just not my thing (although I do play D&D, so what gives?) I hope he can fill this hole in the blog.

      And you should totally link up 🙂 you think too little of yourself. If you’d see some of the posts that are being linked up, you’d worry less 🙂 the idea is just to state what you’re reading and what you’ve hauled. I guess it’s the blog hop that’s the hardest part 😀

  3. I am looking forward to meeting your co-blogger AKA boyfriend! There are only a small percentage of male book bloggers around the blogosphere, which I feel is a shame! I follow a few male book bloggers, and they always give such a fresh new perspective, which I appreciate. It’s so wonderful you & your BF share a love for reading. My husband and I are polar opposites, so I am a reader while he is a TV watcher. We are a great team, but sometimes I wish he shared my love for book 🙁

    1. Yeah, there are definitely few 🙂 I am always excited to see one. My boyfriend reads nowhere as much as I do, but lately I’ve rekindled his love for reading, so that makes me happy 🙂 we are none of us TV watchers! Although he is a gamer, and I am a… game watcher, at best 🙂 I know what you mean. I had almost lost my hope as well, but look how it turned out 😀

  4. It’s very cool that your boyfriend is taking such a keen interest in your hobby. I hear you on the time. I’m always so exhausted during the school year that blogging and reading time is hard to come by. Hope this week is easier. I love Attachments. It reminds me of the chick-lit books I loved in my early 20s. Happy reading!

  5. As to your #3 from your intro, I’m about 96% certain that the clear shrinking of time is a direct result of common core math.

    It’s cool that your boyfriend’s going to be joining your blog. I’m always a little bit jealous of people with significant other’s who read.

    Hope you have a fabulous week.
    Katie @Just Another Girl and Her books recently posted…#SneakPeekSunday – Calling Major Tom by David BarnettMy Profile

    1. 😀 common core math, huh 😀 someone’s got to do something about it!
      My boyfriend didn’t read too much cause of lack of time, but then I set him up with a voice reading app! At first, he laughed at me, listening to my mechanical lady reciting the text back to me as I was doing chores… Now it’s what he does himself 😀 and loves it! I can’t believe it worked out like that 🙂
      Thanks, have a great week too!

  6. I can relate with the busy schedule. Now that the kids are back in school, I actually have less free time because it’s more running around for me! Always busy, busy, busy.

    I’m not familiar with any of those books. Congrats on getting your boyfriend to co-blog with you!

  7. Yay for some help with the blog! I look forward to “meeting” your new co-blogger. I understand the struggle to find time for everything all too well. I followed your FB page. I started on recently, and am still learning my way around it. It only took me a few years to break down and create one. LOL

    I hope you enjoy your new books! Have a great week, Evelina!
    Literary Feline (Wendy) recently posted…Weekly Mews: Let the Fall Routine Begin! (And New Books & My Sick Cat)My Profile

    1. Yeah, somehow I’ve noticed that Facebook pages for book blogs are always the least-loved medium. Don’t know why! Possibly cause Facebook is now mostly for paid ads, and that’s that. Oh well 🙂
      Thanks, you have a great week too!

  8. I used to have that day shrinking thing, but not anymore. When I did, I used to do what I can and what I wanted. I had to let some things slide so I didn’t lose my sanity. I hope you are loving Attachments. It’s probably my top RR book (Landline is the other).
    Sam@WLABB recently posted…Sundays with Sam – The Sunday PostMy Profile

    1. Yeah, you are right about that. Otherwise you just end up breaking/weeping/shouting at someone 😀 that’s not… always good, haha.
      Landline is another one of Rowell’s? I should check it out 🙂 yes, I loved Attachments!

    1. Yeah, such a tiring week, wasn’t it. Yeah, hopefully 🙂 seems like I’ll be having a better week work-wise already, so maybe I can get more time for books, actually 🙂
      Have a great week, Laura!

  9. Time is our enemy and is working against us- I’m convinced of this. 🙂 Congrats on your co-blogger/ boyfriend joining the blog- that should be fun! And attachments looks like such a fun book- I do want to read it. will watch for your guys’ review.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #212My Profile

    1. Oh dear, well, not feeling like reading even if you do have time is worse, in a sense 😀 because then you kind of feel guilty about it! So that’s too bad for sure.
      You have a great week too 🙂

  10. A co-blogger? YAY, I can’t wait to read his posts! Also, But My Brain Had Other Ideas sounds like my kind of a book! I better check it out.

    Oh and thanks for the shoutout!

    1. Yeah! I am also very excited 😀 and that book should still be available on NetGalley – but you should rush, cause it’s being released in like several weeks… So you better grab it now 🙂

    1. Yeah, the book was great – what I loved particularly was all the 90s love and nostalgia 🙂 so different from books today in such a hard to point out way!
      Thanks, you have a great week too 🙂

  11. Attachments has been on my shelf for ages. I need to read it one of these days. Hope you have a lovely week.

    1. I mean, who else will, if not the people who read things like The Punch Escrow 😀 yes, let’s come up with a way to solve it xD

  12. Time definitely seems to shrink some weeks! I hope it expands for you this week and you get lots of reading done. 🙂

  13. Evelinah!
    I *think* this may be my first time visiting your blog. It’s so nice here. I’m a fan of the color scheme, and overall feel of the place. Dude, don’t even stress about not reading enough, because, I haven’t been reading AT ALL. That’s pretty embarrassing, because I don’t work. But, I have had this flu/cold thing for two weeks now, and my mental illnesses have been kicking my butt for three months. So, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Oh! Co-blogger! Fun. I am very curious as to what kinds of fantasy books your boyfriend is going to discuss! Should be really informative and helpful, since I know many of us are trying to read more diversely. PS: interview style reviews? I am so excited to see that in action!

    1. Hiya! Yes, it might be the first time – although I’m sure I’ve seen you on twitter and linkups before! 🙂 so welcome, glad to have you here! And I’m so happy you like it here. I’m very thankful to my friend who fixed my theme – she did a wonderful job and I’m so happy with it.

      Well, illnesses and flu is definitely reason enough to not read! I mean, when you have a headache and can’t properly breathe, probably, reading is not much fun. Have you tried a reading back app? It reads a book for you. It’s so much easier when you have a headache! I can give you more info if you’d like to try. I know it has made my chores into something I actually LIKE doing o.o haha

      I hope your mental illnesses leave you in peace though. I know what’s that like. Tonight’s a bad night for my anxiety as well. Oh well, what can you do 🙂

      As for what kind of books my boyfriend will be reviewing, there’s a post coming up this Friday that will tell you more 🙂 he’s planning to review The Witcher books soon though, cause he’s working his way through them right now.

      Thanks for dropping by!!!

    1. I know right, the entire bookish community must now be jealous of my Bf xD (wanna be more jealous? He makes great cheesecake.) XD #sorrynotsorry

      #couplegoals indeed! To be fair, I didn’t really expect it to work at all, it surprised me a lot 😀 I guess I had hope because he used to love reading before videogames invaded his life, lol.

      Thanks for visiting, my dear 🙂 I haven’t dropped by your blog in too long! Sorry!! But at least there is twitter, you are right 🙂

  14. I hope you get more reading done this week – The Rules of Magic looks great and I haven’t yet cracked and got hold of it. What fun to have a co-blogger – it sounds like a great idea:)). And I LOVED the 7 types of blogger article – many thanks for the link. I hope you’re having a great week and many thanks for visiting:)
    sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

    1. I actually just started The Rules of Magic today 🙂 it’s so much more flowing than Practical Magic – you can feel the years of change in Hoffman’s writing. So far, it’s a very pleasant book to be reading 🙂

  15. Yay for getting a co-blogger! How exciting that your bf is willing to participate in your blog. My Miguel doesn’t even read mine, which is probably a good thing. Lol! Anyways, I am looking forward to your dual reviews!
    I did request Central Station, thanks for the tip. I also requested The Rules of Magic last week, but I haven’t heard back yet for that one.
    Thanks for sharing my link! I hope we both find some time to read this week. Life is just so busy. Have a good week!
    Karen Blue recently posted…Review: THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine ArdenMy Profile

    1. The thing is, I don’t know if my Bf read mine either before he decided to participate xD but then he started reading and just had that bright idea… and here we are 🙂
      The Rules of Magic is probably a lost cause by now – they must be over quota because we requested back in April, I think, and received invitations at maybe May or June. So it’s probably gone now 🙂 sorry! But maybe you can still get it 🙂 and I sure hope you get Central Station.

  16. That’s awesome that your boyfriend is going to be your co-blogger! What fun! It gives you a break and gives you something to do together. I do think time is shrinking. I don’t have nearly enough of it! You’ve shared some great posts. I really enjoyed Karen’s and now I’m going to go check out the others ones you linked. Have a great week!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – My Fall TBRMy Profile

  17. I think you are right – time has shrunk. At least for me too. Lol.

    I should reread Practical Magic! I love it! I also have The Rules of Magic, so it would probably be a good idea to read Practical again for that reason too. Did that sentence even make sense? Lol. Too little sleep, too little coffee over here!

    Have a great week! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

    1. I started The Rules of Magic today, and it says it can be read as a standalone 🙂 but I suppose for getting into the feel of it, it’s certainly a good idea to reread. Especially if you loved it 🙂

      You have a great week too 🙂

  18. One thing you forgot in the formula for reading hours in a week…I subtract tv, and that’s huge. People have no idea how many hours they spend watching tv! It’s astonishing.

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