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Dark Southern Thriller About Family Secrets – Or Is It Really? Burying The Honeysuckle Girls by Emily Carpenter

Check out on Goodreads Get at Book Depository ★★✬☆☆  2.5 stars Good, important topic. Nice suspense. Okay execution. Almost unbearable characters. I guess it was alright? This book has been lying around on my Kindle for at least a year. It’s one of the first NetGalley eARCs I’ve downloaded, and to be honest, the premise sounded fab: Althea, fresh out…

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July Stats Fever! And Sunday post #17

You know what! It’s the end of the month already! Has anyone been informed? Does everyone already know??? I mean… Maybe they sent the memo and I wasn’t there… This month just caught up with me. I was not informed! But despite that, I finished 11 books and caught up with my yearly challenge! Just barely. (And we won’t mention that…

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Sunday post

Sunday post #16 What a busy week!

Linking up with the usual crew for the Sunday meme at Kimba’s book blog. Another week has passed, how time flies! I’ve been relatively off the Blogosphere, due to being busy (honestly? I don’t even know what I was up to!), but nothing of the consequence happened this week. Apart from this (click through to see the full tweet and the…

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What Happens To A Pacifist When He Has To Fight For His Family? When The English Fall by David Williams - not your traditional apocalyptic tale

Check out on Goodreads Get at Book Depository ★★★★★  5 stars I find myself struggling to start this review. Because the book was just so unbelievable, I find myself at a lack of words. What would it be like to watch the end of the world as a bystander? As someone who has always thought that living that way was…

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