winter of the witch
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Why I Loved The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden Incredibly Dark, Centers Around Women's Issues And Has The Strongest Protagonist Ever

I am so lucky to have been able to read The Winter of the Witch before its release! I have been following this series ever since I started blogging, and I have to say, I think The Winter of the Witch is the best installment. This doesn’t happen very often! We all know that it’s usually the first book that’s the best, and…

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gratitude 2018
Book blogging

Bloggers Who Made My 2018 Awesome! A Gratitude Post

It’s almost the end of the year again – another wonderful year of blogging. Last year, before the very end of the year, I wanted to give everyone a push towards the positive, especially because at that time the whole internationals situation was developing, and so I came up with this post here (I’m sure it could motivate you this year…

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real publicist advice on how to get review copies approved
#NewBloggers 101, Book blogging

Real Publicist Advice On How To Get Review Copies Approved The Interview You've All Been Waiting For

So today I’ve got a secret agent under cover who wants to answer some of your questions about publishing and especially requesting books! Namely – on how to get review copies approved. Why a secret agent? I mean, since when have people in the secret services been working with publishers? Well, okay, maybe it’s a little simpler than that. It’s someone…

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what i ve been reading
Book hauls, Sunday post

Real Publicist Advice on Review Copy Approvals (Post Pending!), Some Truly Emotional Reads And A Tough Week Sunday post #85

This has been quite a hectic week. I don’t know what is it with me, but I just can’t get things done. I’m not particularly tired, I’m just unmotivated! I’ll sit down and scroll through social media (I swear, it’s never been a thing that bothered me), and I’ll just stare at nowhere… Hours later, I realize I need to…

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what would boudicca do
Non-fiction, Women's

Reasons to Read What Would Boudicca Do by Beth Coates and Elizabeth Foley And The Women In It That Have Inspired Me

Despite championing the cause of feminism and equality, we often find ourselves hazy on a lot of achievements by women – especially non-contemporary women. Why is that? Perhaps because history is written by the winners, and those who rebel have often been erased. Well, the book What Would Boudicca Do? sets out to right this wrong, and it does it…

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November Stats Fever
Book hauls, Sunday post

What I Loved Reading In November Monthly wrapup

Even though I blogged less, the reading has been surprisingly good this month! I think the main reason why I because I’ve stopped requesting ARCs so much, and I now mostly read my backlist TBR titles. And they’ve been surprisingly good! I’ve got so many 5 stars this month, I can’t even. Although I must admit, I’ve also been really…

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the eleventh trade
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A Book That Melted My Heart – The Eleventh Trade by Alyssa Hollingsworth Building A Future On A Broken Past, Healing Through Music And Community

My heart is so full right now. I’ve just closed the book, and my heart is both crying and singing in joy. It has been a while that a book has moved me so much. But The Eleventh Trade is one of a kind and I know it will remain in my heart forever. It’s one of those books you…

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