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A Magical [Toy] Store On An Island? Count Me In. Omnia by Laura Gallego

This book was amazing.

I know it’s really weak and shitty of me to start a book review like that, but just… believe me. This book was so stunningly amazing, that I’m not sure I know what more to say about it? The feeling of reading it comes close to what I felt while reading Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom, The Graveyard Book and maybe The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own MakingIt’s just such an immensely satisfying middle grade fantasy that you’ll never want it to end. And it’s written in a very flowing, complete and rich way that while reading, you won’t find your mind wandering or asking questions – you’ll be fully immersed, like when watching a good movie. Your mind won’t really be yours anymore.

What is this book about? Nico, a schoolboy, accidentally gets rid of his sister’s favorite toy, and seeing how much of a calamity that turns out to be for her, he decides to get it back at any cost. Omnia, a store not unlike Amazon, sells anything, and I mean literally anything (this is part of the magic of this story!) Nico finds a similar toy, but… he can’t seem to be able to buy it. So, he decides to sneak into the warehouse and sort it out. Little does he know what he’s signing up for… Little does he know that Omnia is not just a store. Omnia is more like a secret crazy world that has been there all along, but nobody really noticed them for who they really were.

I’m clearly not going to just tell you what happens next. So I’m thinking I’ll give you a list of what I loved best about this book! Let’s start with that!

1. A Magical Store

Haven’t we all dreamt of a magical store? At least, a magical toy store..? I have sure as hell both read enough books about it and watched enough movies. Although enough is clearly not the right word here. Because it’s never enough???

Toy store or not, this one’s extremely magic. Other dimensions and aliens magic! Middle ages and Roman helmets magic… And even if toys are not the only thing it sells, we will surely spend some time in the toy department. This is kids adventures we’re talking about, after all. All of the little devices, all of the wonderful things they have, make and sell, as well as their incredibly built world, society and rules… All of that was unbelievable to read about. I want to go back!

2. A TARDIS-like Toy Warehouse

Back to toys and all, but hey… A toy warehouse that is… bigger on the inside? Where have we already heard this??? And just how much do we love it?

3. Aliens And Time Travel

Okay, so… Now you’re just thinking it’s a Doctor Who novel. But it’s not! However!!! If you are a Whovian? You’re going to love this. It is basically like a long lost episode of Doctor Who, except maybe minus the Doctor, and just the companions, trying to work their way out of things? (In fact, I know the episode you’re thinking about. Cause there was an episode like that. I swear to you, it’s NOT like that one!! LOL)

4. Since We’re Talking About Multiple Fandoms

Are you noticing something? It’s not just a wardrobe store. It’s a whole ‘nother magical world store/country on an island. That you can’t quite leave when you’re there. And it’s got talking fauns and beavers canary people and these other really cool aliens that I can’t remember the name of. Any of you Narnia fans out there? Knock yourselves out.

5. Great Writing

It’s really needless to say after all that, probably, cause I bet you’re already hooked. But as I’ve mentioned before, it’s written beautifully (and it’s also translated beautifully!) The story flows without gaps, and since it’s a middle grade read, you will probably be done with it in a few hours. However, when you are done, you just feel like you’re all empty inside, cause you’ve clearly not had enough. I wish it was longer! Or that it had sequels! Being immersed in such a cool world is really all I want from books. MOAR BOOKS LIKE THIS ONE, PLEASE!

6. Let’s Compare

It’s always easier to imagine what is the book going to be like if I give comparisons. I’ve already mentioned a few books that this one reminded me of. Let me expand the list!

Lantern (Lantern #1) The Graveyard Book The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland #1) Karlsson on the Roof (Karlsson på taket #1) A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet #1)

I thank AmazonCrossing for the review copy I received in exchange for my honest review. You can support this blog by buying the book from Book Depository.

Have you read this one? Are you going to check it out, if you haven’t?

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

25 thoughts on “A Magical [Toy] Store On An Island? Count Me In. Omnia by Laura Gallego

  1. Awww this books sounds like something I would totally enjoy!! And c’mon magical toy store??? Bring it onnnn I want ittt. Time travel??? I always wander the amazing worlds the books have gave me the opportunity to visit so totally up for that as well.

    Glad you liked this I am so going to check it out!!
    Lin recently posted…7 IN 7 READATHON DAYS 2-5 + MINI REVIEWSMy Profile

    1. Yeah, the canary people were totally cool 🙂 well, there was just one. And there were these… like dog people? All aliens. All very cool 🙂

    1. Yay for another Whovian! Seriously, this book was so awesome – it didn’t have any DW references at all, but she just kept writing about similar stuff! And all in the same place. I experienced bliss xD

  2. I don’t really read middle-grade books, but too often I hear people rave about some of them out there. This one sounds absolutely enticing and the whole magical story thing reminds me of some great movies I’ve seen as a kid. I’d definitely give this a shot if I ever run into a copy on sale! Fantastic review, Evelina!! 😀

    1. Thank you!!! I’m one of those weird people who usually can’t tell a middle grade book from a normal book 😀 to me, they’re the same as any other book 😀 this one isn’t ‘kids level’ when it comes to the writing or the style. It’s just normal style. I guess it’s only the subject matter that’s middle grade, but even if it’s that – being kids-safe is all it is, I’d say 🙂 other than that, it doesn’t feel like a kids book much. It’s a kids story as much as Shrek or Toy Story was – which is to say, simply for the whole family 🙂

  3. Oh man oh man ohmaaaaaan! This is definitely a book I need. A middle-grade adventure story which has Whovian elements?! YES PLEASE.

    Now. That Doctor-Lite episode you are referring to… Turn Left? I will admit, I do love Donna as a companion. She might be one of my favorites…. O_o <3 you.

    Now… what on earth is AmazonCrossing? The Googles are disappointing me. Help me understand!

    1. Yes! You definitely do. Imagine my feels when I picked it up and realized it’s been sitting in my NetGalley folder FOR A YEAR. I was so sad! It’s such a great book. More than that, I told Marta (The Somewhere Library, the one we buddy read Red Rising with) about this and she said, oh yeah, Laura Gallego is a Spanish author and she’s great! You should read more of her books! Maybe I should get a Spanish one by her, because not a lot are apparently translated. Although the translator did a great job here too. I would LOVE to read your review of this one, so please please please read it!!!

      Donna is EVERYONE’S favorite :DD are you kidding me? Donna is great!

      donna mate

      AmazonCrossing is probably one of those Amazon-indie publisher thingies. Amazon has a few branches like that where it publishes books. I think it’s that 🙂 it’s just the name the publisher had on NetGalley.

      1. YAY! So many of my friends around here look at me like I’m absolutely crazy when I say that Donna is my favorite. She just feels the most genuine of all the companions. Not only does she know who she is, but she is also the one who is the truest to herself. I feel like she challenged the Doctor more than any other companion to be more than he is. And I LOVE that.

        I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t looked at when I requested/downloaded some of my NetGalley books— I have three coming up on a year! Unacceptable. I really need to work harder on this.

        And thanks for letting me know AmazonCrossing is a publisher! Brief internet research shows it’s a project to get books translated into other languages; they just publish those books too! I’ll have to keep an eye out for more from Gallego! I love reading books in translation, but I’m always worried that I’m missing something.

        Wait. You’re fluent in Spanish, too?!
        Jackie B. recently posted…#AnneReadAlong2017 : Halfway and Giveaway!My Profile

        1. What, honestly? Like everyone I know loves Donna best! She’s got the spunk and the sass! And she’s ginger too! She’s just completely amazing. And her whole story, with THAT ending… She’s definitely one of the best fleshed-out characters in the whole of the new series. It’s also great that she’s like the only one who didn’t quite have him as a love interesting. That’s really refreshing about her.

          You have three coming up on a year on NetGalley. So, try and think this through now. That time I told you that I have 106 copies, out of which I’ve reviewed 42. Most of those are downloaded in 2016. Now DO YOUR MATHS 😀

          Which is why you can join my monthly-ish new meme for monitoring your ARC progress! I hope it can help motivate us all.

          Nope, I’m not fluent in Spanish. I’ve got a year of Spanish learning (on my own) on my back, but I can’t really speak, I can just… write and figure things out, watch videos, read some books. Speaking is always the last bit. Didn’t I tell you I more or less spoke 7 languages? Okay, less now, but at one point I knew seven. I’ve had a background in way more than that though. But now they’re all rusty. I could get around with Spanish if I reviewed, cause it’s so similar to all the other European languages (English included). Now Korean – that’s gone. Regrettable, but oh well. At least I can still read it, even if it doesn’t make much sense anymore. Maybe when I’m old I’ll get back to it 😀

          1. That paragraph about Donna? It convinces me we are soulmates. I adore you.

            Haha. I’m so glad that I’m not alone when it comes to ridiculous ARCs. This State of the ARC will hopefully help me keep my ARCs at least top of mind!

            I love how between all our comments we just circle back to the same things over and over again. XD I love that you know (knew?) seven languages! You’re right that you’re focused and motivated and a hard worker. This alone shows that, but your blog also proves it. You’re a worthy role model.
            Jackie B. recently posted…Snow CrashMy Profile

          2. If you ever visit, we are rewatching the Donna season 😀 many popcorn bowls! And no, but seriously, you ARE visiting one day. Start saving pennies xD

            I don’t know if I said, but the next State of the ARC should be on the 27th. I hope that helps you plan 🙂

            Awww, thanks! You always say such lovely things and totally make me feel better about myself 🙂 <3

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