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Blogoversary!!! *fireworks and explosions* P.S. Technically It's Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will have blogged for an entire year! I am so excited!!!

I feel so incredibly thankful to you all! Thank you everyone – all of my awesome bookish friends, for being here with me this year, visiting me, commenting on my blog and sharing my news and posts, sharing my interest in the same books and basically, being my friends! I guess I should also thank all those amazing publishers who sent books my way, and all those authors who signed my copies, did interviews with me and all that! Thanks for making this year fun!

I know there is still a long way for me to go in making my posts more interesting and fun for you to read, coming up with more memes and linkups and generally inspiring bookish conversations, but I feel like I’ve done a lot this year! So let’s look back…

(I’m trying real hard NOT TO make some bad pun about grabbing a cup of coffee and diving into the flashbacks right now…)

My One Year Of Blogging

year of blogging

That’s my year! And you know how I feel about it? Good. Great, even! I’ve spent this year thinking, hey, some girls who are still in high school have bigger audiences than me – they’ll get 500 followers in 3 months? What is this magic, right??

But now when I look at this picture… Hey, I didn’t do half bad myself. I may have a nearly full-time job, and so less time for blog hopping and posting. I may not read as much YA as those popular young bloggers, so I have less people following (Don’t get me wrong though – good for them! I am impressed, not dismissive! It’s amazing and wonderful if you’re a teen and have 500 followers!) Maybe I don’t read the most popular stuff, maybe I don’t even get bookmail because I live out in the boondocks – but I have a really great audience (yes, you!) because I get so much feedback, so many awesome long comments from all of you, you’re not silent lurkers! You talk with me, you support me, you recommend me books! And there’s nearly 300 of you, through various channels! Clearly I could have done worse, right???!!! So when I look back now, I think – I’m proud of my blog. And it’s fine if it takes me another year to get to that 500 – it’s not about that. It’s about being friends with all of you wonderful people ❤️ 

I hope you all stay with me through year two as well!

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

108 thoughts on “Blogoversary!!! *fireworks and explosions* P.S. Technically It's Tomorrow

  1. CONGRATS on reaching this EPIC milestone!!!! I wish you much continued success & fun on your blogging journey! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! You run everything so well and comfortably, I honestly thought your blog had been around for more than a year. Keep up the good work! I hope mine will be in as good a shape when I hit 1 year.

        1. Yeah, you’re right, sometimes social media does the trick 🙂 then there’s that whole thing about free wordpress blogs getting organic traffic and us having to struggle with all that technical stuff. So yeah, you are right 🙂

  3. CONGRATS! You did so much in one year. I’ve been blogging for seven years and I haven’t done as much as you did. You should be proud of every post you have written and how much you accomplished. I’ve only found your blog last month, but I’m completely in love with it. <33 I have so much fun reading your post – always waiting for a new one.

    Happy readings & wishes of another great year of blogging.
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret
    Thannya @MyLovelySecret recently posted…Halloween Book Bingo. Friday the 13thMy Profile

    1. Thank you! Seven years? Wow! That’s LOADS! I didn’t know you blogged for that long. I don’t know, sometimes I feel like it’s not enough for a year, cause I know people who do so much more. But I guess comparisons are never good for you, are they 🙂
      I’m so happy you love my blog so much, thank you! This kind of stuff makes it absolutely worth it 🙂 <3 *hugs* thank you!!!

      1. Yes, I’ve been blogging for seven years, on and off. I started blogging in Portuguese (the interaction became ver little after a few months) and two years ago I decided to blog in English to reach/meet more people. I understand what you mean and I’d like to do so much more as many bloggers do, but I’m just happy that I can write a few post with the chaotic schedule I currently have (I must confess that when it comes to time management I’m awful).
        Thannya @MyLovelySecret recently posted…Halloween Book Bingo. Friday the 13thMy Profile

        1. Wow, 7 years! I… I can almost not imagine that 😮 that is so impressive! I bow my head to you, blogging master 🙂
          I can understand though, how blogging in another market / another language might not have good stats and a big community. It mostly just makes sense to blog in English, because then nationality doesn’t really matter. My country only has maybe 2.5 million people, so I had no illusions of blogging in my own language 😀 I knew I would need (and want) to blog in English 🙂
          Time management + blogging = very difficult, yes – I agree. I think I will post a post about blogging and time management sometime 🙂 maybe I can share my ideas of it, cause a lot of bloggers struggle and wonder about other people’s strategies. Might be a useful thing to blog about 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Evelina!! The world needs more readers like you. You are the joy of life and so dedicated to reading and your love for books really shines through! The readers’ sphere is lucky to have you:)

  5. Congratulations Evelina!! I think you did so good!! I love the “only sometimes” YA bloggers… they are the best… I guess what I’m saying is YOU ROCK! What a wonderful year you have had… with working on top of it all…!! <3 May the next year bring you much increase…

    1. Thank you so much, Dani! Needless to say, I also really LOVE your blog, even if I should drop by much more! But you know, life and work 🙂 thank you for being my reader and my friend <3

    1. Thank you! It definitely took work 🙂 but hey, other people get 800 in a few months. It’s all relative, I guess 🙂 at least half the struggles were technical though! You’re self-hosted too, so you probably know what I’m talking about 🙂

  6. Happy One-Year Blogiversary!!! Your first year sounds like it went extremely well! I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog, and I’m looking forward to becoming one of your not so silent lurkers.

    I just celebrated my first year of blogging too. I also have a full-time job, so I understand how much harder that makes blogging.

    1. Thank you, and nice to meet you! Very glad you stumbled upon it, and I do hope you will come and talk more often 🙂 I’ll drop by yours as well! Oh, you’ve just had your blogoversary too! Congrats 🙂 yeah, it’s like.. having a second job, pretty much. But I guess we wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t enjoy it, right? 🙂

  7. CONGRATS, EVELINAH! I’m so happy for you! You’ve done a lot in one year! The follower count doesn’t matter. Looking through the comments, it’s obvious that you’ve made excellent friends (including yours truly! ) That’s what matters. Keep being this amazing! ❤️ 🙂

    1. Thank you, Shruti! You’re right in the sense that the followers I do have are so nice, they always talk with me and always come back. So it’s in the quality, not the quantity 🙂 and I’m glad to have made friends with you too, right before I hit the one year mark 🙂 how long have you been blogging, BTW?

      1. 1 year and 5 months! Let’s hope we never abandon our blogs! That’s my constant fear—that I’d run out of things to write about.

        1. Oh, so you’ve been blogging longer than me 🙂 but only by a little! I can’t believe I found your blog like a month or two ago only xD I don’t think we’ll run out of things to write about 🙂 there are always new books to read, after all 🙂

          1. I guess it’s because my presence was always limited to WordPress. I only recently joined twitter and that’s where you probably stumbled upon my blog. xD And you’re right, there’s so much to write about.

          2. I think I actually saw a post link of yours shared by someone, maybe even on their blog 🙂 I think I only followed you on Twitter later! I don’t even know. But it was that hilarious commenter post with names and I absolutely loved it 😀

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I’m glad we “met” for sure, I think that comment thread with you that we had a month or two ago must’ve been the longest one I’ve ever had 😀 I definitely enjoy it! Sorry if I don’t visit often enough 🙂 thank you for being my reader and my friend!

  8. Happy Blogoversary Evelina (and now to Ebil too 😛 ). I am really glad that I found you and your blog on this blogosphere. I really like your blog and appreciate your efforts that you take for your blog. You have really done an amazing job. I wish my blog can also be successful as yours after a year 😀

    Cheers and all the best for your next year 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sim 🙂 I’m really glad we “met” too! 🙂 (I say “met” :D) thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I’m sure your blog will be even more successful! You have such a great blog theme and visuals, I absolutely love it. I only got my theme fixed like… after a half a year of blogging 😀

  9. I’m so glad you acknowledged that people aren’t silent lurkers. Some bloggers measure success in followers. I have almost a thousand followers, but most of them are spam. Some are those “follow for follow” folks, which I don’t do. No chatting, no following for me! I keep blogging for the conversations (though that’s not why I started).

    1. I guess I measure success in followers too, up to a point 🙂 but it definitely wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t have those lovely friends who come and comment, and write best of comments that are a mile long 🙂 love those the best!
      BTW, sorry I haven’t been commenting on yours, but I had nothing to say about the last two topics, haha 😀 I do still read you though 🙂
      I guess even if most of your followers are spam, the good thing is you have a high number and the publishers will be more willing to give you books, which is why I care about the number 😀 especially cause I’m international and it’s already harder to get approved.
      Why did you start, BTW? I’m supposing, judging by the theme of Grab The Lapels, it was just so start dialogue about those topics?

      1. I started Grab the Lapels after I was particularly angry about a book I read for a review for a different publication. The book was so painfully sexist, but the author had connections to the publication’s founder, so it was suggested I publish my very negative review elsewhere to keep the waters calm. At the time (2013) there was a lot of noise about women not being reviewed or reviewing even half as much as men, so I stick to women only. Also, my studies focus on small-press publishers and writers, so getting review copies isn’t hard. In fact, I got so many initially that I was a year behind publication dates. That wasn’t good. Thus, I only take reviewer copies on occasion these days. If I decided to head back to the small-press writers and publishers, it would be easy, but that’s not for me right now. A quick way to run out of blogging steam is to only review books sent to you. You resent that you can’t read what you want.

        1. It seems like it’s changed since 2013, hasn’t it? That’s really good. And yeah, that sounds sad about having to post it elsewhere. But I guess it worked out cause that’s how you started Grab The Lapels? It’s definitely awesome to have a theme to your blog. And it’s a worthy theme as well.
          You’re absolutely right. You still need to be able to pick what to read. That’s why I love NetGalley – I’m the one that pushes the button. I choose 🙂

          1. Basically, every holiday and every time I feel my Spidey senses tingle I buy more books. Thus, I’m mostly reading what I’ve bought when I’m not reading books from authors or publishers. Oh, and I also buy books when I go to readings. I have three creative writing degrees, and that means I was required to go to a lot of readings. Books, books, and more books!!

    1. Thank you so much Nicole 🙂 I really appreciate your support and how much you do for other bloggers, like all the linkups and tech info posts, and the blogoversary calendar. I’m so glad to know you 🙂

  10. Huge congratulations on reaching your first year anniversary with the blog. It certainly doesn’t have a ‘new blog’ feel. And it’s a testament to you and the strong relationships that you have built that it took me AGES to scroll down the looong list of comments to get to post my own. I’ve been blogging since forever and a) it took me a LOT longer than a year to get to 200+ followers and b) the thing I’ve taken away from doing this is that it isn’t about the numbers, not really – it’s far more about the people who keep coming back and you enjoy interacting with. And this is a blog where there is always a warm welcome:)

    1. Thank you!! I am so happy with all the congratulations too, I can’t believe it’s been only a year and so many people came here to say congrats to me 🙂 thank you for being one of them! Haven’t visited you in a while though, haven’t seen you in Sunday linkups, have you not been doing them lately? Or maybe I just post mine earlier and don’t get to see you?
      Awwww thank you! That is such a lovely thing to say 🙂

      1. I managed this week’s though I did miss a couple when I was struggling with flu – and then fell behind with the comments – you know how it is!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! And we love you too <3

    I can totally relate to the stuff you said about not having that big an audience as compared to few others. I have been blogging for 3 months now and I can clearly see that my blog's growth rate is comparatively slower. This doesn't, however, upset me because I know that 1. I don't read the popular books and 2. I am not very regular with my blogging. Lately, I have become more engrossed in issues of real life and that means that I will have less time for the blog. Which is bad but thankfully all the lovely people who follow my blog won't complain and understand 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Well, at 3 months I doubt I had even 1 follower 😀 but it was slightly harder for me, because… First of all, two months in, my server literally died, my blog went offline, and after that? The email function was broken for three more months, AND I DIDN’T KNOW. Which means, nobody could sign up for my newsletter. Nobody got comment notifications. My blog was dead to everyone, basically… 🙁 I was devastated when I found out, and it still took a while to fix it. Gah! Second, I am self-hosted, which means, I do not get featured in WP Reader’s Discover function – free blogs do. So I had to work for all my distribution myself 🙂 but I feel like I have earned my place cause I have so many friends in the bookish sphere 🙂
      Yes, real life gets in the way of blogging a lot! And consistency takes time, I have also only become consistent after I hit like 6-7 months, I think. And now I actually post 3-4 times a week, which is something I never expected to do 🙂 so I think you will also be consistent one day. It’s a matter of time and habit 🙂 keep blogging! Glad to have you among my blog buddies 🙂

  12. Congrats!!! And your stats are impressive!! Think about it, you are on more than one social media platform. And you are rocking all of them!!! I think you nailed it when you said that those long comments are really what makes this blogging business worthwhile. The real connection between readers, even if we don’t read the same books all the time.
    Just taking time and letting people know they are not alone out there in the blogosphere.

    Cheers to the next year!!!

    1. Awww, Corina, thank you! Such a lovely thing to say. Well, my stats on Goodreads have been dropping, but that’s simply cause I’ve been hanging out with my blogger buddies much more than with my Goodreads buddies, so something’s gotta give 🙂 but you’re right, I do a lot of social media, and the only reason I can keep it up, I think, is because I work in marketing and it’s part of my job, so I know the efficient ways of doing it. Lucky like that 🙂 but thank you, I’m so happy you see it like that. A splash of positivity for today 🙂
      Yes! Long comments FTW!!!
      Yes, the funniest bit is that we can all still manage to talk about books even though we read different ones 😀 it’s one of the wonders of the blogosphere 🙂

  13. Happy Blogoversary! In one year you have managed to become one of my most favorite bloggers. I love your site. And hey, you should be really proud of yourself for getting almost 300 followers in hour first year, it took me a bit longer than that. Here’s to many more!!!
    Karen Blue recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up #142My Profile

    1. Awww Karen!!! <3 that is such a beautiful thing to say, and it warms my heart! I am so glad you love my blog. I have not been working in vain 🙂 I hope I managed to get your mood up on a stormy day at least sometimes, cause essentially, that's why I blog 🙂 to try to make reviews fun, funny and cheerful. Mostly cheerful 😀
      Here's to many more indeed! I am so happy to have you as a blogger buddy 🙂

  14. WOOHOO!!! Congrats on your blogoversary!!! This is a HUGE deal! One year old, huh? I love it. 🙂 You’ve done some great work this year. I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us going forward. You’re right– it’s not about how many followers you have. It’s really about the connections you make. And I’m so glad you somehow found me in this wide wide world of bloggers. <3 you.

    Keep up the amazing work!!!
    Jackie B. recently posted…Poison StudyMy Profile

    1. Thank youuu! I am also super glad we met. Next year though? I think I will actually set a lower goal for books to be read… and will post more discussions. Cause this reading goal is killing me 😀

      1. I can completely relate. Did you see my most recent discussion post, around setting and breaking goals? I am not cutting down my reading goal for this year exactly, but I am trimming down the goals I’ve set for myself. I need to respect my own needs a bit more. I have definitely been sacrificing sleep, exercise, and social time with my friends in order to blog/read. And that hasn’t been healthy for me. #Selfcare

        Anywho– this next year will be amazing for us both. I cannot wait to see all the magic you are going to put together! And perhaps, I might even be a bit of a part of that. When is our next buddy read? 😉
        Jackie B. recently posted…RingworldMy Profile

        1. Actually, I have not seen that post cause I’ve been absolutely crap at blog hopping due to work 😀 well, you know how that goes. That’s a 404, by the way, but I will find the post 🙂
          The funny thing with the reading goal for me also… It’s that I don’t really need to read that much. I don’t even have that many slots on my blog anymore! I don’t have TIME or OPENINGS to post those reviews anymore. And I could do with more discussions. So less books next year it is 🙂
          But! Nevertheless. It was good to make this lofty goal. I have learned from it.

          Do you remember if we said we should read anything specific for our next buddy read? I think we might have. But I can’t recall it. Cause I’d totally be willing 🙂

  15. You’ve done epic! Congratulations on your blogiversary. Sometimes I wonder at the magic of people gaining so many followers but I remind myself that I mostly don’t stick to one niche and also post reviews for a lot of smaller self-published titles so that’s okay. AND I think the most important thing when it comes to blogging is the comments and audience, because the discussion is what makes a community. And you’ve done that wonderfully 😀
    Olivia Roach recently posted…September Wrap Up 2017My Profile

    1. Thank you! Yup, you are right – I also don’t stick to a certain audience, or a certain genre. But that wouldn’t be fun 🙂 I want to keep being me, after all. And thank you again! <3

    1. Thank you so much! And also thank you for being a wonderful blog buddy for most of this year 🙂 I’m so glad I can basically wreck your TBR xD it means a lot to me! 😀

  16. OMG CONGRATS that’s so fantastic and exciting and you SHOULD be proud!!! That’s super impressive and 500 followers is insane to get to. There’s always going to be those crazy people who somehow manage to post every day/read 200 books a year and therefore end up with ~1000 followers in a year (yeah okay, I have a couple in mind), and we may never be those people, but obviously we’re all different people and that’s part of our personalities as bloggers. And our personality is what readers are here for, right?
    Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you and I hope that you are very proud as you should be! ☺️
    Amy recently posted…The Fall-time Cozy-time TagMy Profile

  17. Congratulations!

    I have been bogging for years but I couldn’t even reach half of your accomplishments lol. Wish you only the best and smooth sailing blog journey!

  18. I am late here and I apologize, but HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! It’s so, so great that you’ve been blogging for a year and feel like keeping on going. You really have a beautiful blog and I hope you’ll want to share your love for books with us for a long time 🙂
    Congratulations on the followers and all that you’ve accomplished in a year. I love how you are about numbers in that post – everyone reaches “big” numbers, different kind of goals in different time frames, and it’s so important to remember that, no matter if we reach 20, 200 or 2000 followers in the same time frame, it’s just numbers. IT’s SO important and so much more fun to just blog and have fun while blogging, that’s for sure <3 Blogging really is all about loving books, sharing the love and making friends <3 <3
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Favorite, anticipated books and some other bookish questions answeredMy Profile

    1. Thank you for such warm congratulations 🙂 yes, I think it’s the communities and the friends that make the most of it! I can only hope I can keep all these lovely connections for at least another year 🙂

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