5 Ways To Have Book Related Insomnia Or just another way to make your life harder, but so, so much sweeter

As you might have noticed, I have finally started writing discussion posts. It’s been a loooooong time that I’ve wanted to actually start, so I’m glad the huge list of ideas on my little notebook app is finally being put to good use (Hint: there are so much that I can’t actually see the real life stuff I wrote down on it.)

So this time, I’ll be talking about all those hours of sleep you’ve missed because of a book. Raise your hand if you have! (Of course you have. I can basically hear the chorus of you all shouting “aye!” from the future through the vortex of time while writing this.) Top Five Ways To Have Book Insomnia!

1. I’m reading such a good book I can’t pry my eyes or my heavenly soul from it

Well, okay, let’s be obvious here. Of course it was going to be this one! Do I need to elaborate? Every single one of you who’s reading this right now has been through this. Isn’t it great??? Not the next morning, though.

But it’s much more interesting to talk about all the other ways to not be able to fall asleep. Shall we?

2. Books are just so nice to think about, let me not sleep for 2 more hours

So you had to go to bed earlier. Perhaps you have an exam or a class tomorrow. Or a class to teach (as is usually my case). A smart person goes to bed early before such occasions, but you still find yourself twisting and turning, because you couldn’t have you just one more chapter and it’s really killing you to find out what was going to happen.

Really, wasn’t it worth it to just stay up and die in the morning?

You know it was.

3. Should I request that one or not? And the other one?

I don’t know if you have this one, but I sure do. Trying to keep my TBR below absolutely insane soul crushing amounts is hard as it is, so I try my best to think my decisions through when I request.

I mean, I’ve been trying. As of lately.

So what I’m saying is, that often when I look through NetGalley in the evening, it just stays with me, and I keep wondering, should I get that one? Or maybe I should just let it go? That has kept me up more nights than it should have.

I mean, some people don’t sleep because they’re wondering if their crush will like them. Just sayin’.

4. God save me, how should I start/finish that review.

I don’t know if you’ve had that one. Oh, who am I kidding, you totally have. I’ve heard more than one blogger complain about the fact that they don’t know how to even start this or that review. I struggle with this at least once a week. I’ve also noticed this correlation:

review easy to write

For those who don’t like maths and graphs: the better the book, the more scream-inducing the review writing process will be. I’m sure most of you will agree with this. NOW DON’T WE JUST WISH THERE WAS A SOLUTION FOR THIS??

5. Raging at <insert here>

There are quite a few things we could rage about. Be it a bad choice made by a character, or someone killed off that you really think shouldn’t have been, or even a terrible love interest of the MC. Heck, I’ve stayed up because of raging about bad sequels! (Although I will admit, the one that keeps me up most of the time is the terrible love interest or some really transparently bad romantic behavior of a favorite character!)

So, do you stay up a lot because of books? And what are your most common reasons? Share with me!

I’m Evelina and I try to blog about books that matter, with a bit of fun there too! Disability and equality will be topics you see a lot, but there’s also a lot of scifi, fantasy and… GIFs. I’m also the proud founder of #ARCsAnonymous.

37 thoughts on “5 Ways To Have Book Related Insomnia Or just another way to make your life harder, but so, so much sweeter

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    2. Update: I have installed the share buttons! Thanks loads, again, for the head’s up!!! Now you can share any and all posts you like 🙂

  1. I sometimes can’t sleep if I read a heavy story (maybe thinking of it, or just being scared afterwards 🙂 ) But all these things you write about happened to me hehe

    1. “Heavy” is a good word for it 😀 but the same works for exciting stories too! At least for me. Any story, really, that plays like a movie in your head 😀

  2. Oh yes, I have most definitely lost sleep because of books! Usually because I don’t want to stop reading them lol. But I am also plagued with indecision sometimes about whether to request a book or not and have prob lost sleep just thinking about books too!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Random Musings: My Supernatural Sims House Update (2) (AKA The One in Which I Let All 8 Sims Loose at the Carnival)My Profile

    1. For me, yup, it’s probably those two most often as well! Inability to stop reading (yesterday… yawn…) and constant thoughts about requesting. Or, ooh! When the Edelweiss newsletter arrives 😀 it always arrives late in the evening! I’ve been known to open the newsletter and scroll through it while my boyfriend is trying to fall asleep and I’m like GIVE ME A MOMENT… 😀

    1. Uh, that sounds bad! You use a lot of eye drops, probably, huh? That sucks. But I’m glad you can do your reading in the morning. That is a schedule I could not do 😀 I’m one of those owl-people. I’ve tried waking up and reading, but it gets so bad where I just can’t control eye movement anymore and they start looking all over the place and the text runs away from me, and then I flop back asleep 😀 is it light enough already by 3-5.30? You probably go to sleep really early, don’t you 😀

      1. Yep. Prescription drops twice a day and OTC drops 4 times a day, plus 3 supplements hoping they will improve the “quality” of the few tears my eyes produce. Yes, I go to bed early, between 9 & 10 each night.

  3. I would say 2, 4, and 5 are my case these days. I stay up writing and rewriting the order of book reading and reviews. I change the lists every week as my interests change. Not sure why I write them in the first place lol.

    I also love raging in general. So raging + books = many hours of not sleep.

    The best way to write a review imo is to just bang it out and forget it xD it’s been working well so far. But sometimes I feel I don’t do the book justice, even if it’s a book I didn’t particularly like. I always want to be fair but fairness is a lie.

    Recently realized that teaching books is a great idea. I’ll be teaching in the fall to ESOL speakers in a uni and I realllly hope they don’t find my selections too boring. If you know any good short stories/short story anthologies do let me know cuz I’m still adding material haha
    Sarabi recently posted…“Say it Loud, ‘I’m Black and I’m Proud.’”My Profile

    1. Oh, I can understand list love! Lists are made purely BECAUSE LISTS. There needs to be no other reason 😀

      I used to also bang out reviews and forget about them. But then I started the blog and started paying more attention, and now I just can’t 😀 it’s really quite funny. But then again, I now look back on my oldest reviews and think they’re shit compared to current ones xD so maybe it’s not so bad that I take longer now? I’m a bit of an overachiever. I never let myself do badly, unless I totally hate what I’m doing xD

      What books have you already picked? Unfortunately, I’m not good at short story recs xD I barely read short stories myself. But you know, there was this one creepy/dark/yet cute short story collection I absolutely loved. Here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1724582225
      It’s one of my early reviews though so I don’t know if it’s very good xD but the book is!

      1. I’ll have to check that out. Right now I’m confining myself to books that are highly portable and that I can read quickly. I also have to avoid China’s banned books list which is unfortunate because most of my faves are banned/questionable lol. I have Death of a Salesman on the list. I might do The Little Prince and Of Mice and Men. I also grabbed one of mom’s ancient (okay… theyre from like the 80s haha) short story anthologies and will try to read them on the plane or during my first couple of weeks.
        Sarabi recently posted…“Say it Loud, ‘I’m Black and I’m Proud.’”My Profile

        1. Oh my gosh, right, you have to work with that! Would have never even thought of it, lol. Hey, what about The Three Body Problem? It’s legendary in China. Not short stories – it’s scifi, and it’s Chinese. IT’S BRILLIANT.
          Oh, definitely do The Little Prince. I’m trying to think of more but absolutely can’t think of anything xD

  4. Yes to ALLLLL OF THESE! In particular numbers 1 and 4. There are so many times David has come to bed to find me asleep with my face in a book. Then he comes to take the book away and I (apparently) say, “Reading.” and I don’t let him take the book. But I don’t actually get up… I’m just still sleeping and defending my beautiful book.

    As for number 4– I think one of the reasons I’m soooo behind on book reviews is that I have a few of those life-changing books I still need to write reviews for. I sit down and I just end up staring at the screen. It’s infuriating! Then at night, I try to think through what I’d actually write for them and nothing comes to mind. Nothing.

    I would add that prioritizing my TBR, deciding what books to read next, also keeps me up at night. I am involved in so many book clubs I have to make certain I plan my reading accordingly. It can be a real challenge! I sometimes will find I can’t go to bed without double checking where a book is in transit from the library, or when my next book club is, or I’m anxious about being able to sit down and make time to read this ARC before publication… SO MANY STRESSORS!
    Jackie B. recently posted…#AnneReadAlong2017 : Halfway and Giveaway!My Profile

    1. For me, it’s the funniest when I am trying to hang on my last bits of consciousness and read on my kindle. And I’m reading. And I’m reading. And I’m reading… I am sure I’m reading. And yet the next time I blink, the kindle’s screen is off xD as sleepy as I might be, I do know that the kindle ONLY switches off after ten minutes!! That’s usually the place where I stop lying to myself and turn off the lights xD

      Prioritizing! THAT’S A GOOD ONE! I’m not sure I actually do that (so much for me knowing what’s even on my TBR xD), but it’s a good one in general! I don’t know how you manage those book clubs though, honestly. I can’t deal with even a single one usually xD I MUST BE A FREE SPIRIT what about all the ARCs

      Also, I won a giveaway today! But I’m not sure what it even is yet cause I came back to basically Armageddon and been doing damage control for like… up to now, it’s 9:22 xD (Bf got an expensive PC rig and we put it together and it doesn’t work. ‘Nuff said)

      1. Part of me masochistically loves pushing myself far past when my body wants to sleep in order to keep reading. I’ve done that for absolutely terrible books just because I love the feeling of reading late into the evening. It’s wonderful. I’m glad that I’m not alone in that!

        I love trying to manage my book clubs, actually. It’s a lot of fun seeing if I can convince one book club to read a book I recently read from another book club, or I know I will be reading in the future, or one from my TBR. It’s a good game. I like to consider how I might convince them of such things, or which books they are the most likely to agree to read. I’m so sneaky.

        YAY! I’m so glad you won a giveaway! I always get so excited when I win them. They are the bestest. 😀 Did you figure out what it is yet? 🙂
        Jackie B. recently posted…Snow CrashMy Profile

        1. Yeah, you’ve got it!! Even if it’s no special book, the feeling of reading a book into the night is wonderful. Like your cozy, private alone time.

          Did I figure out what now? 😀

          Also, do you do your book clubs in real life, or are they online? How do you do them? I find that even a Goodreads group read is too much for me to cope with xD

  5. Yes that graph pretty much sums me up! I get the ‘kill me now’ vibe when struggling to get started on a new review! It’s been a while since I sat up through the night reading though…too many aches and pains these days in poor Chuckles bones!

    1. Haha, yes, I’ve never actually properly sat through it! 😀 I will still give up at around 1-2 AM. I just can’t go on 😀 but it’s totally woooorth it. I’m not a morning person any of those days, really, so I can accept being more zombie-like the next day. Most of the time. Most of this week, actually. Cause I’ve been staying up reading The Punch Escrow 😀

  6. What keeps me mostly awake and reading is that I simply can’t put the dratted thing down because once I turn the light off and lie there – all I’m thinking about is what happened next. So I might as well read on… Luckily I don’t need much sleep these days!
    sjhigbee recently posted…While the Morning Stars SingMy Profile

    1. Exactly 😀 I actually read till I simply pass out. And if I’m not particularly sleep (or lucky) that night.. that doesn’t happen. And THEN I’m in trouble 😀

  7. I sleep really good, so I wouldn’t say I have insomnia. I am guilty pf staying up later than I should to read just a little bit more. It is a real problem sometimes. Great post!
    Karen Blue recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up #135My Profile

    1. Thanks Karen 🙂 yeah, I wish I could say that! I’m not a good sleeper. Once I get to sleep, it’s all fine, but the *getting to sleep* part… That’s the one I hate.

  8. Bwahaha..so many yeses. I have two reviews to write and all I want to do is read. I am usually always sleep deprived because no matter how busy life is, I need to read and gosh darn it, if it takes until 2 am to do, so be it.
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Demolished by Cathryn FoxMy Profile

  9. hahah none of the above! my binged Harry Potter books because if I let it go my mom or brother would take it and not let me have it until they are done. So to avoid that, i stayed up alllll night to finish it.
    PS i linked from caffeinated
    Ailyn Koay recently posted…Her Book Boyfriend ReviewMy Profile

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